Reading 0 Wolves 2

Groundhog Day is a film I’ve often described as being akin to watching Wolves.

Rarely has the comparison been used with flattery in mind.

Year after year we’ve endured one insipid performance after another, with an occasional upset victory cheering us up every now and then.

At times, it seemed as if there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

That has been provided in spades, however, by the promotion chasing juggernaut assembled by Nuno and co.

They too are a predictable bunch, the key difference between them and their predecessors in old gold being they can’t stop winning.

It’s a quaint feeling being a Wolves fan nowadays, with each victory carrying an alien sense of inevitability.

Yesterday, we were put to task by a Reading side that appear as talented as they are limited.

And yet the scoreline would suggest another leisurely afternoon for the league leaders.

The old adage goes that the best teams can win games without playing well and, though I’m not usually one to indulge in cliches, the saying is ringing true at present.

We play some breathtaking football at times, but our resolve when under pressure is just as impressive as our swashbuckling play in the final third.

After being subjected to years of calamitous defending by various coaches, it’s a pleasure to see Wolves be able to cope with onslaughts in the manner in which they did yesterday.

Ryan Bennett, Connor Coady and Willy Boly were in imperious form, particularly during a second half in which the Royals had plenty of chances to level the score.

John Ruddy, meanwhile, had arguably his best game since joining the club, keeping the home side at bay with a string of crucial saves.

As we all know, such solidity provides a platform from which our creative forces can do damage and both goals were once again pleasing on the eye.

Diogo Jota’s through ball to Ivan Cavaleiro was a thing of beauty, as was the latter’s ensuing shimmy round the opposition goalkeeper.

Matt Doherty left it late to prosper from some sumptuous build up play in the game’s dying embers, no doubt prospering from some tired Reading legs as he slotted cooly past a hapless Vito Mannone.

It all seemed rather routine, and quaintly poetic given the opposition had former subjects of ire in their ranks.

Jon Dadi Bodvarsson and Dave Edwards always gave their all for the club, but they’re a million miles of the standard required to play in this current vintage.

Whether this air of invincibility will prevail over a notoriously bruising winter period remains to be seen, but promotion is currently looking an elementary task for this side.

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  1. theDOOGooder says:

    I’m normally a glass half full sort of person.


    Reading 0-2 Wolves

    Pulis Disunited 0-4 Chelsea.

    I need a bigger glass!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Marney says:

    When asked “will there be a celebration this spring time in wolve , punxsutawney phil said “ you bet your left nut there will “
    Groundhog Day indeed Rasmin , We will hit 100 points this season imho , we haven’t even played 3 of the bottom 4 yet , but we will in the next couple of weeks,
    These are the days my friend


  3. Brilliant victory showing resilience as well as attacking flair .If we do make the promised land these two aspects combined will make Wolves a side capable of holding their own even against the top sides as was seen in the performance at the Etihad .Fosun will surely add more talent but keeping Nuno is more important than any of the players in my view .I don’t believe that could be said about any Wolves manager in the past few decades .I only hope my Arsenal supporting friend who covets Nuno to replace Wenger is the only one !


  4. basherbaz says:

    Just need to keep on rolling, Leeds should be a good game COYW


  5. Marney says:

    Spot on nick , Nuno is the glue , the last time I was this confident as a wolves fan was just after watching us get beat at villa park by Arsenal ( again) in the semifinal and John barnwell he’d just taken charge , he said after the game he would build a club that these fans deserve, next season , Andy grey and Thomas from Everton joined , he courted micheal platini ffs before he was top drawer and plans of a super stadium were around at a similar time
    Then. A horrific car crash scuppers the whole momentum, you couldn’t make this shit up !
    Well we are on the brink of that and more I’m sure , bring it the feck on


  6. It is perhaps not fair to comment on individuals, given the huge overall quality of this victory. But in my view, the continued introduction of Bright is a major error, which detracts from the team`s performance.

    That Bright has vast potential is not in question. But at this time he cannot deliver. He is not a genuine goal threat, and his decision making is often poor. My take is that he should now be loaned out so that he can develop his talents away from the spotlight. We certainly need a more able back-up for Leo


    • Jackomac says:

      Mike, think of this time as an investment in Bright. An opportunity to get game time alongside such a group of excellent players and much more importantly the coaching support from one of the best coaches in Europe cannot help but improve Bright in all aspects of his play. By January we will have a more fully developed understudy for Leo. At that point Bright may be sent out on loan if Nuno believes this appropriate. In the meantime I have no fears that Nuno would risk ever risk result to aid player development. But as in so many other aspects I remain in awe of Nuno’s ability to maintain the involvement of the wider group, ensure praise is spread across the squad rather than pick out individuals, develop player potential and achieve results.


      • RickRack (Carlo you're still our No.1) Wolves says:

        Blind on Jacko, it’s been said before and will be for a long long time – In Nuno We Trust – it really is as simple as that.


    • RogerA says:

      I think Bright is there as the next best thing till January comes along then hopefully the lad will be loaned out to allow him mature.
      Talking of January as I did, I still keep thinking back to the Rumanian sports article where they played out our last day in the August transfer deadline day when we attempted to buy Jürgen Locadia and/or Denis Alibec from Steaua. Wonder if we go back for one of them or both ?


  7. Steve Showcase says:

    I agree extraordinary feeling that we’ll prob win -so so unlike before..

    The best for me is that we have a team of genuine skilful key players who can all put their bit in and change the game including Ruddy..

    My best thoughts are that Boly has kept out DB..Neves is almost up to the excitement of me watching Munro in the old days..and I think we have all got to admit ..the flamboyance of the Portuguese players generally are for all to see as in Cavs goal yesterday..
    Mr Mendes take a bow..

    Indifferent game yesterday for the team but fantastic goals Doherty has done well to shine in this lot and Costa dare I say is coming back to form..

    How good is all this at the top I might add ..Wolves apparantly 1-8 to go up..
    Then what would happen Fosun ?
    world dominance?

    Just as a side bit of fun there is a bloke down here in Norfolk who says he’s got 40-1 on Ronaldo one day coming to Wolves…
    But IS it fun?

    What is going on…


  8. Newark Wolves (There's only one Carl Ikeme) says:

    Just got back from Berkshire. If ever a 300 mile round trip was worth it, it was this weekend. The carnival atmosphere outside the ground before and after the game had to be seen – and heard – to be believed. Some of the Reading stewards were bemused afterwards and were saying “why aren’t they going home ?”. Great to meet up with Stu, Jen and the Bedford contingent of Bedders, BOG and Rhys Lightening who I have to say all seemed a little bit tipsy can you believe ? I think it summed up the atmosphere when I was asked before the game if I would take a picture of a lad and his dad. No problem but dad wanted a policeman in the picture with them. What did the officer do ? Not only did he agree to have his picture taken but he swapped caps with dad – classic. Brilliant weekend all round. Upwards and onwards and this IS the year.


  9. Clive from Houston says:

    Seems to me we need more of them pesky internashnull brakes, not less.
    Had to go to the emergency room yesterday coz my shit eating grin was that wide it split me face!
    Another clean sheet.
    Another three points.
    Another bald manager with egg all over his face.
    Another sandwell town defeat.

    We’re Wolveramptun, we’re top of the league, ay we??!!


  10. BARDWolf says:

    Thomas can we have a button on the Wolves blog that enters the text
    ‘Another two goals and another clean sheet’ and puts 2-0 to Wolves in the result.
    This would save me having to work out what to put in the predictions.

    Watched it live streaming and Wolves seemed to be cruising in second gear, guess this was because of the two week break, then when it mattered two brilliant goals and two brilliant saves.
    The Doc is greatly undervalued by the Irish, would be in my team everytime


  11. Twixfix says:

    We ain’t won nothing yet ….. but things don’t look too bad do they.

    Top of the League.

    Most goals scored.

    Best goal difference.

    Won TWELVE out of 17 games.

    Most clean sheets.

    Is there anything else that you could like more than that ..

    Not quite …. but Sandwell Towns’ doom and gloom comes close …. and Pulis ..well …yo Gorra loff.

    Them poor Baggies fans crying at the quality of football they’re having to endure …..

    Thankfully we watch Samba Footie now …. COYW


  12. ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

    A really gritty performance from Wolves, with two excellent goals to seal it. It’s a pity that the Channel 5 clips didn’t include the Costa run that preceded Doc’s goal.

    And so nice to return to the top of the table.


  13. The Witley Wanderer says:

    Fantastic day out, as you can see by the image below, taken by that renown international photograph Bedders and this was before the game. The footy was arwesome never in doubt my two nil prediction was icing on the cake along side sixteen other bloggers who also predicted 2-0. Come on you mighty Wolves.


  14. Bilstonian says:

    Great result, of course, but I totally disagree with the comment above about Bright Enobakhare. Sure, the lad is not the finished article by any means, but he’s what, 19? If you’ve watched him since he’s made his debut, you’ll have seen him improve match by match, and I’m sure will continue to do so.

    If he went out on loan, where would he go, Milton Keynes? No, he wants a first class coach, and class players around him, and he’s getting all this at Wolverhampton Wanderers.

    With careful nurturing, and full development of his potential, this boy will be a star in the Premier League next season – in gold and black.


    • I do not disagree with your general comments regarding Bright`s improvement and his vast potential. And, like you I trust that this potential will be realized at Wolves.

      But, it is surely the case that Bright is not yet ready for regular inclusion in this great Wolves` team. My point is that to have the opportunity now to play full games in a decent side — definitely not the likes of Milton Keynes– would enable Bright to develop his skills more quickly than by playing bit parts with us. Not least, I think this would lead to him having far greater confidence in front of goal. A clinical, confident and m more experienced Bright would be a very big asset for us next season.


  15. Jazzwolf says:

    For me the moment when IC used his studs to drag the ball back a few inches as he rounded the goalkeeper and left himself with the whole of the net to tap it into – to say nothing of the fact that the nearest defenders were fifteen yards away – said it all. Many players have the skill to try it on the training ground, but very few have the confidence in their ability to risk it in a match – particularly at a critical moment at 0-0 when a failure is going to dog them for ever after – as Colin Murray reminded Chris Iwelumo on Channel 5 last night. And this was just one example and we’ve seen many others – a first time lofted pass over the right shoulder straight to the feet of a team mate e.g. – of players for whom the basic skills are so naturally ingrained that they are free to do creative things with them.

    I make no apology for mentioning my personal favourite in this context… with a defender injured Peter Broadbent was playing in defence and when a ball that cried out for a route one trip to row Z came his way he brought it down from some height inside his own goal area and beat three men on his was out of the penalty area before providing an accurate pass to set an attack in motion. Then or now we should all be very grateful for skilful players and the fact that they are playing for us so that we can celebrate the joy of watching them.


  16. Clive from Houston says:

    Just seen the highlights, and gotta say, what two superb through balls, from Jota and Costa, for the goals.
    Equally, John Ruddy really earned his corn.
    Walking on cloud cuckoo land today.
    And my house is beginning to look like a house again!
    Life is good.


  17. Paulcooksleftpeg says:

    Another very good win three points clean sheet 3 on bounce I must of bloody loved this club all them years I thought we had a good chance of play offs at least but deep down I knew we wernt good enough
    Thankyou you fosun and nuno for making me proud to be a wolf


  18. Bedford Wolf says:

    Fabulous day out.

    Lovely to spend time with Matt, Barry and Shaun – London Wolves Loyal, Witley & Son – and meet up with Newark Wolves briefly after the game.

    Everything was great, the train jouneys, the beer, the pub, chatting to the legendary London Wolves Supportees Club founders Dave Slape and Stuart Earle, the mental Rumanian minibus driver with his love of very loud country & western music, the match, the performance, the result, the journey home, meeting up with 5 more Wolves fans from Bedford on the train back, the last drink in the pub at St Pancras before heading home. Left at 9am, got in at 8.55pm. What a day though!

    The Man Of The Match voting by our group of 6 was tight but went to Ruddy with Boly second and Saiss third. In truth though they were all great.

    By my reckoning we have now had 14 different goalcorers in all competitions this season – bet no other club can match that! Mind you no other club can match us at anything!



  19. Wolfman Jack says:

    Can’t work out John Ruddy. Two potentially catastrophic mistakes in the first 15′ and two world class saves in the last 15′. In between, calmness and consistency personified. Great to see Costa deliver a cameo of last season’s performances – on yesterday’s showing he could be getting back to his best. As for Boly, where do you start ? The power of a train, the poise of a ballet-dancer and the acceleration of an Aston Martin. Some player.


  20. The Premier League has developed a soft centre. It would be a great time to go up and it needs us. At the bottom you have got teams like West Ham, West Brom, Everton, Stoke – past there sell by date, stale, reduced to clear, stuck on the shelf with dinosaur managers. Meanwhile mid table looks like the old third division with managers that have all over achieved waiting for a bigger club so they can jump ship. Really this time there will be little to fear bring it on!


  21. StuWolf says:

    If Clive from Hastings and Bardwolf are happy with what they are seeing on the box, they should soare a thought for us poor bathplugs having to endure football the likes of we have not seen at the Molineux in my 55 years ofsupporting.
    What we have witnessed this season (so far) is light years from the crap we watched under Lamebert and kenny Jackoff, it’s difficult not to compare the results with Div 1 a few seasons back, we expect to win, ww expect to play better than the home team, week in week out, we expect goals. Never had I expected to see such good goals. I used to watch other teams on Sky, watch their goals and think, why the funk can we not hammer goals in, dance round the goalie and slot it home, chip the goalie from 60 yards. Well it’s here every week and every player is having a goood old go.
    Neves’s hammer shot to the top right corner.
    Doherty’s slammed in goal yesterday.
    Cavelerio dancing round defenders.
    Siass’s thundering header.
    Jota hitting the net so hard the fans cam behind the goal was put out of action.
    The list is endless, the pleasure is limitless and the future is fooking promising.

    Great to meet up with RikRak, Newark Wolf and Sue, all the regulars and more importantly, my Granddaughter loved it.

    We all fookin ate Leeds.


  22. StuWolf says:

    Happy days as a Wolves fan….


  23. I haven’t seen the game so will leave the analysis to those that have. I did listen to the commentary and see the brief Channel 5 highlights though so will comment only on what I know.
    Our game was lit up with flashes of brilliance but with a sprinkling of near catastrophic mistakes thrown in to stop all the Reading fans going home too early. The two goals were terrific. Simply terrific. The product of skill sets which are rarely seen at this level and probably won’t be for much longer. Even the much decried Matt Doherty got in on the act with a turn and shot which reminded me of Joe Mason’s effort against the bluenoses which still graces the Channel 5 title sequence.
    However, our defense was sorely tested, partly because of certain players pressing the self-destruct button. But some of the shot-blocking, last ditch tackling and goalkeeping was out of this world. Anyone who has a doubt about the commitment to the cause of our foreign imports should watch a replay of this. Especially as the second half wore on and the home team threw everything they could muster at us. But it was all to no avail and the Doc’s late goal was the icing on a very hard-earned cake.



    REASONS TO BE CHEERFUL : 5 more wins and we are safe. 13 more wins in the play offs. 17 more wins and we are up. The 2 goals yesterday were beautiful creations. We are going to get even better. NUNO is staying. The January window may see the arrival of more breathtaking additions to the squad. We have committed owners who won’t stop even if we get promoted-this is the first step in satisfying the Chinese ambition. We have nearly 19000 season ticket holders. The connect between fans and team is the strongest I have known since Bully, Mutchy and Thommo dragged us from the depths of despair in the late 80’s and brought the pride back to WWFC. Out of Darkness Cometh Light. The roller coaster is now headed in one direction and may reach cosmic levels in the next couple of years. The Shit are still shite. England beat the Aussies at Twickenham. And I am downing a few beers feeling absolutely smug about things at the moment. Glad to hear your house is getting back in order Clive. Everything is rather fuckin brilliant ay it.


  25. RickRack (Carlo you're still our No.1) Wolves says:

    I’ve been a wanderers fan for something like 45 years.
    During that time I’ve enjoying singing the virtues of us being the best team, although sometimes was left bemused when we purveyed some chants thinking “really?, are we that good?”
    Yesterday however, I decided to change my outlook!
    Yes, yesterday I now believe “we’re the greatest team the world has ever seen!”


  26. Larry Talbot says:

    I’m not certain, I mean, it’s not something you can practice really, but I think I might’ve died and through some miracle or just sloppy auditing from St Peter I’ve made it into heaven!

    For anybody with the Doris Stokes-like ability to receive this message, please tell all wolves fans that it’s feckin great up here…we win ALL THE TIME! I mean, even when we’re out-played we ain’t, not really; it’s like we let the other team have a good bash but then we stick the knife in at the end and it’s all Woah woah woah! It’s Nuno….etc.

    Bloody marvellous!

    Anyway, I’m gonna go see if I can find Beetlejuice, see if he’ll show me how to haunt Tony Pulis, it’s got to be worth a laugh, even if could only be for a short while.




    Great win by the boys Saturday ,even if, in my opinion, somewhat fortuitous. Hell, we do look good even when not at our best. Watched what must be the two ‘dirtiest’ sides in our league, Leeds and Boro, we will have to keep our cool against Leeds mid-week, hope we get a strong ref.


  28. kiwiwolf says:

    We got a full replay of the game on bein sport at breakfast time here in New Zealand, what a way to start the day. We certainly rode our luck to be still level 0-0 after 15 minutes but overall what a cracking game of football to watch. Teamwork was again the key to this victory with flashes of brilliance to remind those watching just how good Wolves can be at their best and all topped of with two goals as good as any others and better than most I have seen over the weekend. Deep Joy


  29. Just watched a video about our amazing second have comeback in 2003/2004 against Harchester United.
    Were any of you there?
    (Yes, I know)


  30. What a result, in years gone by I used to right the fixture off such was our bad record against Reading only the play off win in between countless losses at the Maj and Elm Park what a dump that was.

    I am finally starting to believe the the footballing Gods have said to themselves Wolves fans have suffered enough they taken everything we can throw at them , Moxey, Morgan and Dean Saunders and they still turn up home and away in there thousands it time to bring them in from the wilderness, its there time ……..God knows we deserve it.

    Great win, great fans great coach and staff great……great…….great.



    Good song in pub last night “We’ve got Pulis. Tony Pulis. I just don’t think you’ll understand. He’s a dinosaur. Ten men behind the ball. We just can’t take it any more’. Obviously a tribute to our beloved down the road.


  32. Lowves says:

    I don’t have more words to say on how thankful we are to the fans – to come to a stadium so many hours away, in the cold and rain.

    “You look to the stands and they are all ours, they’re all Wolves!

    “We are delighted with it and now we go back home knowing that we want that spirit of the wolves – the pack, everybody together.

    “Thank you to everyone for coming!”

    The word according to Saint Nuno


  33. Burbage Wolves says:

    Cannot really add much to the fantastic and insightful comments above, except……..I don’t think I’ve ever be more proud or more excited to be a Wolves fan as now!


  34. DancesWithWolves says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Robert Mugabe still there. Tony Pulis still there.
    I don’t know which is the more surprising.


    • RickRack (we’re still with ya Carl) Wolves says:

      I think most Chinese businesses will only announce that something has happened after it’s happened!
      Take Fosun with Paul L – once Nuno was in place they announced Paul L has gone & Nuno had been appointed.
      Therefore until Robert Mugabe has signed for Smethwick Rovers, they won’t announce Poohless has gone.
      Say we want Poohless in, say we want Poohless in.


    • RickRack (Carlo you're still our No.1) Wolves says:

      Koos like Mugabe has taken the job!


    • RickRack (Carlo you're still our No.1) Wolves says:


      LOOKS like Mugabe has taken the job!


  35. marin wolf says:

    Overslept so had missed the first 15 minutes when I got espn 3 picture up on my phone at 7.15am….and then voila, Cav waltzes the ball in….what’s not to like? then the half time highlights showed how lucky we were to be leading…but brilliant first half ( much more exciting if a tad less skillful that a typical PL game nowadays..but back to that later)

    Yes second 45 mins a bit less comfortable than ole ing around Villa….but then Helda Costa arrives and we’re 2 up because the whole team can play ( remember when our captain was Karl the crab Henry?) and Doherty as well.

    Still get a bit uneasy when I read that promotion is just a formality,…its not. BUT if this lot continue to improve.,the loanees get converted to permanent contracts and are enhanced by some more purchased ( not loan) talent then we will re enter the Promised Land with the ability to make a difference. So people will go to watch us because we are a pure footballing side with an instinct to attack..not crab it around Pulis style.

    Oh Happy Days..


  36. sevlow says:

    As I mentioned previously, I had to get tickets in the Reading end, still my daughter and I managed to remain ‘undercover’ and I don’t think anyone clicked that we were infiltrators. I yearned to be with the masses of Wolves fans but we have become so popular that getting a ticket was impossible.

    On to the game then. For the first 10-12 minutes the Wolves players did not know if they were on foot or horseback, Ruddy manged to get a touch to stop Swift from scoring in the opening few minutes. Then Ruddy kicked the ball which came off Barrow and went narrowly past the post. We weathered the storm and a great pass from Jota put Cav in to finish sublimely.
    A lot of pressure from Reading but our defence stopped everything they threw at us, though at times It was touch and go. Big WIlly looked class, Ryan Bennett looked more like a bouncer refusing people entry. He certainly puts himself about and gets stuck in.
    Second half was mostly Reading trying to break through and us on the counter, I was pleased when Costa came on and within a short time he made an brilliant run down the right side leaving Reading players dizzy. He did it again which resulted in Doc scoring a cracking goal.
    Ruddy made a brilliant one-handed stop which looked a certain goal, brilliant!
    Wolves were not at their best but managed to produce an ‘ugly’ win.

    A great reception for Dangerous Dave when he came on in the first half.

    I met Jeff Shi outside the Reading shop and had a quick chat with him, nice chap.

    Wolves fans were in great voice, both before and after the game. On the other side, the Reading fans were so quiet, giving no support to their players.

    So all in we managed to get 3 points with a under-par display, we won and that is the most importing thing.


  37. StuWolf says:

    Bye Bye Pulis, there will always be a place here at Molineux for a man of your calibre.

    Can you start with the toilets in the Southbank and then move on to the drains outside the Billy Quiet.

    Just remember as part of your job speck, you don’t talk to any of the players and don’t set foot on a single blade of grass.

    FOwb & tp



    Oh no. Smethwick have sacked Uncle Tony.


  39. Sea Pigeon says:

    Poor Dave Edwards. They say bad things come in threes.His beloved Wolves sell him. His beloved Wolves beat him. And now to cap it all it seems he’s got an excellent chance of having our Tone, he of the baseball cap, as next Wales manager! Oh dear…….


  40. Cotswold Wolf (stay strong Carl) says:

    Thank dog for Nuno. From day one he built from the back and how well that paid off on Saturday. Then he added class throughout the squad which means chances are created and then taken with panache. He has taken ordinary players and reinvented them as PL standard (e.g Coady and Doherty). Add to this he makes substitutions that affect the result, such as bringing on Costa. There is nothing this man can’t do. We are seeing a legend in the making.


  41. Clive from Houston says:

    Hope the shit appoint a manager who keeps them up, just.
    That way, three teams, with longers distances from Wolvo, will disappear, and we will have six of the easiest ever points from the shit, but more importantly, bragging rights, finally.
    And, if the fixture gods shine on us, we can stuff them late in the season to seal their relegation!
    Wales should appoint Dangerous as their manager, then he could make Bale to take a bath and have a shave….. if he is fit that is!!


    • DancesWithWolves says:

      Dean Shambles for Albion coach. Roger Johnson as captain. If they’re going down they may as well make a proper job of it…


  42. StuWolf says:

    Hopefully these are the extended highlights, with Costa’s two runs included.


  43. StuWolf says:

    Ah well it give you a link to it.


  44. DancesWithWolves says:

    Very few will be surprised at WBA.. Pulis, along with the likes of Big Sam, Mick McCarthy etc are effective at a certain level, but not beyond. They all have promotions on their CV but no relegations actually. Mick took Sunderland and Wolves up and was sacked when results eventually went south. Big Sam took West Ham up, also sacked. If you want good football, hire the right man and have patience.

    Ironically if West Ham are struggling in January then the nuclear option would be a when-the-shit-hits-the fan survival specialist like Pulis! As far as I know he hasn’t hit a fan…


    • Bedford Wolf says:

      I think Mick McCarthy would beg to differ given that he was also a successful manager at international level.


      • DancesWithWolves says:

        Yup, he did wonders with Ireland. Definite success. Decent bloke, I met him at an Irish charity bash after Roy Keane threw his toys out of the pram. Mick was dignified about it. I know who I’d rather have a pint with. I was thinking PL success though in my above post above and for that to be sustained you need more than Mick could bring. You need Nuno!


  45. Bedford Wolf says:

    Thomas – what’s going on with the Prediction League?

    Just had a look and the latest update was after QOR away with the maximum number of predictions possible at that time being 13.

    I have made a prediction EVERY match and yet for some reason I am showing as only having made 9 predictions.


    How can that be?


  46. Shame they would have been the first club to get Pulis relegated.


  47. StuWolf says:

    The Clown Prince of Bellend air


  48. Clive from Houston says:

    There must be a fair few fans who’d love to hit him……..


  49. Clive from Houston says:

    Actually, Dances, this morning he was beaten out of the shit!!


    • DancesWithWolves says:

      Beaten out of the shit, with a big fat payoff cheque up his arse!
      Crystal Palace will take note and send bailiffs in to collect what the shit from the shit owes them. What was the high court judgement, £3 mil plus? He lied to get his relegation bonus early and then he left the, in the lurch. He is stinking fish now.


  50. Old and Wise (JHP) says:

    I’ll be sorry for Welsh fans if they find themselves lumbered with Tony Pulis. Also wonder whether Moyes and Coleman are wishing they’d waited before taking on West Ham and Sunderland.

    On a brighter note, how fantastic to see Wolves are about 2 to 1 on the beat Leeds on Wednesday. Bookies certainly rate us.
    Meanwhile how about Fulham to beat Sheff Unt tomorrow, giving us the chance to go even further ahead.


    • DancesWithWolves says:

      I have a lot of affection for one of my local clubs, Fulham. The classiest footballing side bar Wolves. They are underperforming this season but I hope will come good at Sheff U. Fulham are also a better away side than home side, so they have a good chance of upsetting the Blades.

      We need to shake off Sheff U in the title race. They are annoyingly snapping at our heels all the time. Don’t they know their place?!! Go Fulham!


  51. Bedford Wolf says:

    My choice for the new Sandwell Shadow Dweller’s new manager would be Glenda Hoddle.

    He could do to them what he did to us.

    Stay living down South and drive up to the West Midlands on a daily basis thus proving his heart isn’t it, bring in a load of old has-beens and crocks and sick-notes – or just keep the bunch that are already there – think he’s better than everyone else and so not talk to anyone at the club from the cleaners upwards, introduce a mind-numbingly boring system of play that sends everyone to sleep – or again just keep the style that’s already there – and then without so much as 5 minutes notice bugger off somewhere else when his massive ego tells him he ought to.

    A marriage made in heaven. Relegation guaranteed.

    Failing that how about Dean Saunders?

    Terry Connor hasn’t been given another crack of the whip since his one brief foray into management so maybe he’s worth a shout?

    If not then how about the back half of the pantomime horse from this Christmas’s upcoming panto at the West Bromwich and District Scout’s Hut? Would do a decent job, better than Tony Clueless anyway.



    • DancesWithWolves says:

      Shame that clueless Pulis was sacked. In his last season at Stoke it was all going pear-shaped and they were dropping down the table like flies. My point is that when Pulis has been around for a while at a club (for a few seasons) things eventually turn nasty. But when he is brought into a failing club his short sharp shock tactics work, for a while… We will now never know if he would have relegated the Baggies. If they go down anyway he can always say it was because they sacked him. He’s been sacked just in time. Shame.


  52. Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

    Good report by Rasmin which summed up the game perfectly for me. As usual I was a bag of nerves, especially as Reading lay siege at times and I imagined this is what Custer must have gone through. But the defence, after a nervy opening, held firm and those saves by Ruddy were top drawer. Boly blocked everything with his man mountain frame and both goals were absolutely sublime.

    It was yet another excellent away day with Rhys and Bedford Wolf, great to meet up again with Witley and son, Matt, Newark Wolf and delightful wife after the game and also Chris Cox (Daventry Wolves) in the Nags Head, Reading beforehand – lovely all day breakfast guys. Another 6 fans had travelled from Bedford led by James and family plus Lukas a Polish lad who loves the Wolves and enjoys a drink………! We travelled back with them all smiles and happy faces and we even had time for another pint plus egg, chips and gammon at St Pancras to round off the day. Add on the pasting handed out to Smethwick Town and England beating the Aussies at Twicks and it was the perfect day.

    As an aside Chris started Daventry Wolves around 1976 and I first travelled with them on a coach to Boundary Park during the 76/77 promotion season.

    It was a night fixture in March 1977 so I asked for the coach to pick me up on the New Inns pub, Monmore Green which was down the road from the factory – about 400 yards away. I excused myself from work by stating I had a dental appointment.

    However just as I was about leave the office and stroll down to the pub car park the bleeding coach pulled onto the factory car park, all scarves and singing and 7 pint “party” cans.

    “Mobile dentist?” my then boss enquired. He smiled – he knew me far too well frankly – but he was also a keen football fan (Walsall) and understood. Last time I was economical with the truth!!
    Going bright red I clambered aboard the coach for an amazing evening – Wolves won 2-0(Daley and Sunderland) and consolidated their grip on the top slot.

    Back to Saturday, nothing really to add to the report bloggers, except the scenes outside the Madejski after the game were amazing with Punjabi Wolves banging the drum and a party atmosphere ensued with flares and all sorts of dancing about and singing 1-2-3-4 Cavaleiro etc etc . The local plod were somewhat bemused – as I was!
    Imagine the celebrations if we actually won something!

    Onto Wednesday evening and my pet hate Leeds United complete with their truly barbaric and philistine supporters are coming to town.

    Bad enough having them in our backyard but over the years I suppose I must have visited Elland Road around a dozen times or so. On one occasion in the mid noughties we actually decided to pay extra for hospitality (buffet in a marquee behind the East Stand and seats in the main stand sitting with the 70’s throwbacks complete with shell suits) and frankly it was like spending the afternoon in an asylum. (I had intended gobbing on the Billy Bremner statue decided this would probably have cost me my life……only joking).

    I would imagine a number of bloggers attended the 1-0 FA cup quarter final victory in 1998 when 6,500 Wolves fans filled the one end and we went berserk following the goal by Don Goodman. What a mental THAT was. Remember the aftermath….walking out of the ground….the missiles….the unbelievable hatred……Wolves fans having a right go back. Bloody madness but I class Leeds fans the worst behaved in the country simply because they have greater numbers than Millwall. Anyway I digress…

    Have a great week bloggers and enjoy the game on Wednesday – see you there. a 6-0 spanking will do nicely.

    All the best




    I’m in the mood for a Leeds massacre. About time we give someone a stuffing at um. Beware Billy Bremner. Take heed Don Revie.Fuck off Eddie Clarke. Just because we fucked it up for you in 72 doe mean you can come down to Wolverhampton with your ‘Yorkshire Yorkshire Yorkshire’ shite. BOLLOCKS. Worcestershire will fuck you off next summer any way. The only good thing to come out of Yorkshire is my old moms Yorkshire pudding. You strut about like you own the joint. Well fuck off Leeds. We all hate Leeds and Leeds and Leeds and Leeds and Leeds…… We all fuckin hate Leeds. YO boys in for a massive lesson on Wednesday. Have A nice journey down and home the only thing nice you will get is the A38/M1 junction and that is shit.



    Well. Within reason.


  55. Marney says:

    A worrying trend developing in Yorkshire recently described by the chief of police that the local youth with habits are now injecting orally to avoid detection, the new trend has been described as
    E by gum


  56. StuWolf says:

    Another trend eminating from the troubled youth in Yorkshire is similar to what the Chelsea lads used to do in the 70’s.

    Leeds fans wearing leather cloves with spikes in the knuckles, are spraying the drug on the spikes, then during a fight with our 8 year old fans, they throw flailing blows which when they land on the target inject the drug.

    This latest crase is being called “Eck E thump”


  57. Mark G Davies says:

    With December so close and another exceptional 3 points on Saturday, please allow me a moment chaps and in tune please – 1,2,3, all together now,
    “Oh Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to see the Wanderers win away” – again. Outstanding effort all round, from the lads on the pitch to the mass ranks of black and gold behind the goal.
    Never thought we`d lose despite the chances we gave them second half. Chatting to a few locals at the station whilst waiting for the train back to Brum, they all said we had real class all over the pitch – best side they had seen all year. Couldn`t argue with that.


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