Wolves 2 Fulham 0

What a difference 11 months can make.

Last time Fulham pitched up at Molineux, the points were shared in an eight goal thriller which, although entertaining, said more for the quality of the opposition than it did the home side.

As Thomas rightly pointed out in his match preview, the Fulham of 2016/17 offered a blueprint for Wolves to aspire to.

Slaviša Jokanovic’s side oozed confidence when slaloming through last season’s ragtag equivalent, and few left the ground on that grisly December afternoon under any illusions about the gulf in class between the two.

When you consider tonight’s routine victory against the Cottagers in that context, it’s hard not to raise a wry smile.

If ever a game demonstrated the progress made by Wolves since the curtain fell on last season, this was it.

Nuno’s men were simply irrepressible in the first ten, claiming an early lead through Romain Saiss’ second goal of the season.

And though the visitors grew in stature after conceding, they were unable to prevent Barry Douglas and the increasingly prolific Leo Bonatini from combining for the second.

From that point on, proceedings were fairly routine in a bonfire weekend fixture low on sparkles.

Nonetheless, only the most hard nosed of supporter could fail to be impressed by the efficiency with which we kept our opponents at bay.

Whereas the Wolves side of years gone by looked flustered when put under the slightest amount of pressure, today’s group look capable of weathering almost all storms that come their way.

Even more impressive is the extraordinary confidence with which they move the ball, regardless of its position on the pitch.

For that we have to thank Ruben Neves, who is beginning to resemble more a gift from the heavens than he is a club record signing.

How such a supremely talented footballer has come to be plying his trade in England’s second division remains a mystery to me, but it’s certainly a sight to behold.

Tonight’s man of the match performance is arguably his best in old gold, especially given the technical dexterity of his counterparts in white.

Whether it was the ferocity with which he pressed when out of possession or the simple outrage of his passing range, there was plenty to laud the Portuguese for this evening.

Simply put, he makes us tick and keeping him fit has to be a priority for Nuno and his staff moving forward.

That being said, credit ought to be afforded to the performances of Barry Douglas, the provider of two sumptuous assists, and Willy Boly, who alongside Connor Coady looks by far and away the best of our current crop of centre halves.

However, as has been the case all season, this triumph was the result of a concerted team effort, one which leaves us sitting pretty at the top of the division irrespective of what our nearest contenders do tomorrow.

Only the boldest of match goer would have predicted that a year ago, a truth which leaves this writer brimming with optimism – albeit cautious optimism – about what’s still to come.


  1. BobbaWolf says:

    I’ve never felt so confident as a Wolves fan. We just appear streets ahead of every team put in front of us.

    We are at the start of something very special. Enjoy the ride.


  2. Wokingham Welsh Wolf says:

    Spot on Rasmin.
    Couldn’t go last night because of poor health but watched it on the box.
    I went to Carrow Road on Tuesday.
    The skill and confidence running through this young side is truly impressive.
    Nuno has instilled a great work ethic to go with this superb young TEAM who now love playing out from the back rather than resorting to the hoof ball of our most recent managers.
    Football has moved on and it’s great to be part of it under Nuno’s inspiring leadership.
    Happy days indeed.


    • Twixfix says:

      Wokingham ….

      Get yourself right for the End of Season …. “Into the Premiership Ball”

      Best wishes for yr health mate …


  3. Cotswold Wolf (stay strong Carl) says:

    Looked a pretty routine win which does indeed demonstrate the strides taken this season. Two goals from set pieces beautifully delivered by Douglas just crying out for smart headers which of course were perfectly completed. Then calmly see the game out with precision passing, alert pressing and intelligent defending. Football made to look easy.

    By the way two correct predictions back to back.


  4. sevlow says:

    It was just so easy. Fulham had no answer to our game play. I can’t remember the last time I saw ANY side destroy the opposition with such ease.
    They continue to surprise and delight me, and there is so much more to come from them. What potential they have!


  5. A terrific performance from our young side. Classy, composed, confident. And why shouldn’t they be. It’s beginning to look like no one will take the title from us, unless we decide to give it away ourselves. And NES doesn’t seem the type to parcel up too many gifts for the opposition.
    Great to have Boly back. What a towering figure he is for us. Superb in every department. Neves had a great game, in fact, they all did, so I’m gonna stop trying to pick anyone out.
    Full of joy this morning, despite a rotten hangover. Can’t wait for the next instalment of this fantastic season.


  6. ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

    Saturday morning, just chilling, croissants at the ready and iPad on the table. Isn’t it great to be a Wolves fan the morning after?

    Another highly efficient team performance, against a team we made look quite ordinary, which gave me my first correct score of the season. It could have been more but I’m not complaining.

    Yes, I’m pleased to see from the Sky interview how much at ease and contended both Neves and Jota looked. In a way, I’d prefer Neves not to go out on international duty, but hopefully he’ll get to see his wife and baby daughter.


  7. DancesWithWolves says:

    Good summary Rasmin. In spite of the one-sided nature of the match I didn’t think we really got into top gear; we just did what was required. It definitely wasn’t our best performance of the season. Fulham’s only chance came from the Ruddy error which KMac skied. Our defence was a wall of golden steel, leaving the Fulham forwards continually frustrated. Boly was immense.

    I had the score right at 2-0 as many of us did, but it was by some miracle that the margin wasn’t increased. The score flattered Fulham.

    Towards the end Bonatini visibly tired. We must be careful to keep him as fresh as possible until we can sign a second main striker in January. He looks on course for the Golden Boot this season. What a find he is, but there again you can say that about several of our players.


  8. a1wolfMalta says:

    We should start matches with Simply the best….wolves look awesome…they control…they attack with sense…they defend in numbers…no panic…..it is a very good Wolves team at the moment…….if we manage to take the easy chances that come our way we will bury teams…..we lose too many simple chances…but that is a part of the game…no complaining..this Wolves team is simply a joy to watch…..Come on Wolves….


  9. I’d agree Neves was MOM although Douglas got the Sky vote.

    Routine, efficient victory. We look a very good unit& Boly makes a difference particularly the way he can bring the ball out of defence.

    Can’t say a lot more top of the league, & looking good to stay around the top two. Almost underwhelmed!

    3 games in a week a tough ask & at times that showed in the legs of Bonatini, Jota & Cavaleiro.


  10. theDOOGooder says:

    It certainly wasn’t the our best performance so far but, if I had watched this match last season, I would have been waxing lyrical at the way we played.

    Talk about waxing – how great is it to have a ‘Full Brazilian’ under your belt?

    What a bloke that Bonatini is!

    As for the game, it was a clinical performance punctuated by little moments of magic. We got a bit sloppy for periods but Fulham were never going to hurt us.

    Great to see Douglas back to his best. He and Doherty are going to be a right handful for a lot of Premier League defences in years to come.

    Neves was at his most imperious, spraying passes about like Johnny Haynes in his pomp.

    Everyone gets at least an 8 out of 10, apart from Ruddy who dropped a clanger but got away with it.

    He only gets 7.99999.

    Here’s a list of ‘Must do’s’ for this season.

    Secure Bonatini on a long term contract.

    Get Diogo to sign on the Jiotted line.

    Manacle Nuno to his technical area so he can’t go anywhere.

    Win the League.

    Not too difficult!

    Although I predicted 3-1, before the game kicked off I saw that Paddypower were offering 9-1 on Wolves winning 2-0.

    I just couldn’t resist a fiver.

    I’ll take that over extra points in the Prediction League.

    And to conclude, a thought flitted briefly across my mind a couple of minutes ago.

    If – perish the thought and shame on me for even thinking it – Nuno did leave…
    Now we’ve mastered the art of passing the ball along the ground to a player in an Old Gold shirt…

    …Solbaaken anyone?


    • Old and Wise (JHP) says:

      Indeed ! Solbaaken had all the ideas but not the players who could/would play to those standards.
      We’re so lucky now that Fosun have bought us several top class players and a manager to encourage them to their potential.
      We must hope that Nuno and, especially the likes of Bonatini, Neves, and Jota can be persuaded to stay on for next season.
      I’m enjoying the ride,how refreshing after all those Tuesday nights watching desperate defending, and poor old Kevin all alone up front.


  11. Cannock wolf says:

    Perfect Wolves win last night
    My new Grand Daughter was born this morning
    Mother and baby doing well
    Going for a curry and a few pints later

    If Carlsberg invented week-ends ……………………..


  12. Clive from Houston says:

    Congrats Cannock.
    Suggestion for name:
    Nuno Ruddy Douglas Doherty Willy Ruben Diogo Bonatini Cavaliero Saiss Bright Connor Norris Molineux Cannock !!


    • Cannock wolf says:

      Thanks to everyone for the good wishes!!

      Clive – I will pass on your perfectly reasonable suggestion but I think that it will be a ‘hard sell’.

      For some reason they seem to be considering girls names – They live in Shrewsbury which is very nearly in Wales so, as long as they don’t choose Blodwyn I will be happy.



  13. The Newt says:

    We won’t win every game but it’s pretty clear to me that if we play to our full potential then we have the beating of every other team in the league.

    I had reservations in the summer with the managerial change and another influx of foreign players but I am quite happy to be being proved wrong so far.

    If we keep working hard and avoid injuries to key players then surely this team is good enough for promotion?



  14. basherbaz says:

    copied from an express and star comment;

    “• The Flying Winger •
    Bennett another shrewd signing, how we all cried out for CB’s and now we have quality in abundance.
    How we all wanted a striker no goals from the attacking players, now top scorer and a Brazilian.
    We all wanted an attacking midfielder now we have the best in the league.
    How we wanted a defensive midfielder now we have two of the best.
    We wanted players who could put in 90 mins instead of 45, now we have players who play several games in a week.”
    Think we all agree with that.
    It’s been a long time but now getting shorter to the success we all have hoped for.


  15. wwwebs says:

    We’ve waited a long time and I suspect we’re all struggling to believe our eyes but this is really happening. I’ve watched more exciting Wolves sides over the years but the excitement was generated by the jeopardy. Nuno’s Wolves are a whole different ball game. It’s almost like watching a different sport.


  16. Vladimir says:

    Damn, second time in a row predicting 3-1, second time 2-0. Ruddy out! Defenders out!

    Ah well, serious now: excellent win, not that specular I’d agree but will take that every day of the week. Nearly pissed myself with laughter on the various occasions when Fulham back line didn’t got a clue how to move the ball further than their penalty area.

    Both goals were superbly taken, delightful crosses too.
    Happy days! Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  17. Clive from Houston says:

    Damned computer feed froze/ died/bollixed up right as Hi Ho was playing before kick off.
    So instead of watching game I watched Paul Newman in Hombre.
    And I thought, he could be Nuno.
    Calm, cool and serenely confident in his own ability, but humble as well.
    Our manager is a gift from the gods, and so down to earth in his post match interview.
    We havent won anything yet.
    But, I have to disagree, 100,000 times over, Senor.
    You have won our hearts.
    You have brought us hope.
    The dark days of the previous clowns are a distant bad memory.
    Fosun were the instigators, but you, Nuno, have been the catalyst for the most exciting football a lot of Wolves fans have ever seen.
    I can only think of one ex player of the last 40 years, who would have fit into this current system.
    Can y’all imagine Bully rampaging on to the through balls we produce?
    I’m fuckin’ lovin’ it!!!


    • spikeyboy says:

      Clive i watched it on that link stu mentioned and it was ok apart from a few adverts popping up here and there it was a u.s link i think


  18. Sign of champion is they win games without breaking in to a sweat. The most pleasing thing s were are putting to bed all our previous hodoo’s ie: losing on the telly, losing after international breaks and beating bogey teams away like Norwich.

    And wait until the January window opens I think Fosun will be even more determined to get a top class striker in not because we desperately need one but just in case Bonni gets injured and because they can money is no object if it means promotion to the promis land.

    Well done to the players, Nuno, the back room team and last but not least the tea ladies……..you know who you are….!


    • StuWolf says:

      Spot on Paul.
      Those forgotten Tea ladies just don’t get the recognition they so rightly deserve, that Bromide stuff they’re putting in the tea is keeping Neves’s three legs firmly on the ground. He needs to concentrate with a young wife and new baby back home.


  19. spikeyboy says:

    Yeah agree , that QPR result does look a bit weird doesn’t it .
    Oh well we will conveniently forget that one.
    Everything is going unbelievably well and some pundits cant wait for the wheels to fall off our wolves wagon . Why do they dislike us ? who knows , who cares. let them carry on with their little digs and snide remarks .
    The ” its a long season and we will see where they are at the end ” bullshit some of them come out with gets up my back. Are these idiots so blinded with envy they cant see we are at last the real deal.
    After the QPR debacle they were straight in pointing their little girlie fingers “see see told they wouldn’t last ” well , having really shut them up i would now like us to completely rip this division to bits, create a new points and goals record and shove it right up their jacksies.
    Bloody wish i had a time machine to take me to next April .. but thinking again i would miss all the fun in between.


  20. Cotswold Wolf (stay strong Carl) says:

    Cardiff player sent off. About time!


    • DancesWithWolves says:

      Saw that Cotswold. Finally!
      Also that very early yellow card against Fulham put down a marker by the referee.
      The message must be getting home.


    • Larry Talbot says:

      Well that’s another 2-0 prediction in the bag. God only knows how Fulham escaped with only two up ’em but I’ll take it.

      I’m only repeating what most of you guys are saying really, but is anybody else out there feeling as stress-free as I do when watching our fabulous team these days? I mean, it’s just a bloody pleasure to watch. I wasn’t at QPR but I’m beginning to wonder if there might be some conspiracy theory that the real team was hijacked off the M25 and held at gunpoint while a team of lookalikes off Hackney Marshes lost the match in front of a stand of actors, our real fans in restricted view areas drinking and eating hallucigenics . Only then were Nuno and the boys released and sent back by the gang boss with a final: “You ain’t seen me, right.”

      So there you go, I’m vegging now watching fireworks out the window as opposed to on the hallowed Molineux turf and it’s great. No stress, only smiles. As Texan Clive put most succinctly….”I’m fuckin lovin it”



  21. A fantastic team, coached to perfection.

    A specific word about LEO. This guy is, for me, unbelievable. HIis work rate is astounding: he brings others into play with astute, measured balls even when under pressure: he has formed brilliant understandings with Jota, and Cav which are increasingly productive: and he scores goals — by the bucketload. Not since Bully have we had a striker with this natural poaching talent. This guy is the complete package.

    And just to think we were seemingly considering paying 12 million plus for nonentities such as Rhodes, before we signed Leo. I can only shake my head.


    • I think he was a very good teenage player who, somehow, fell through the cracks and ended up in Saudi Arabia. Image his pleasure when he was told he could move from a third world country to a second world country (come on, ask Clive)!
      He is certainly seizing his opportunity and good for him.
      As an athlete, he is probably relishing his good fortune.


  22. Like I said earlier, we are not really a Championship team. we are a Premier League team who is playing in the Championship because of last year’s team.
    This is evident most games.
    I am hoping that the league starts to realize that the attractive style Wolves are playing will bring in higher TV revenue and start insisting that the referees call the games like they are called in the Premier League and not continue to think it is acceptable to call games differently depending on what division you are playing in.
    Maybe Sky can give them a talking to since they are paying the piper.


  23. StuWolf says:

    I’m not going to comment on the game as I disagree with too many bloggers.

    All I will say is, “we were feckin AWESOME last night” give me that standard every week from now until May.
    Me, I will be one happy Bunny.


  24. Blame it on Bonatini, with his magic spell
    Blame it on Bonatini, because he plays so well
    Oh, it all began with just one little kick
    But then he also scored with flicks
    Blame it on Bonatini
    The striker for Wolves



  25. StuWolf says:

    Southbank resistance today,

    Absolutely spot on, a true Wolves die hard through and through. He’s living and breathing our past pain and Nu (no) pleasure.
    Please read it, made me proud that someone is printing a true reflection of our teams performances amidst all the gutter press snide remarks and back biting towards our success.


    The journey back from Molineux last night was a circular and twisted one. Talking about the match with friends as we walked back we were animated and loud. We didn’t have any plans at all where we should end up. We were concussed by what we had just seen. It was Post Traumatic Nuno Disorder. When you have watched football so beautiful and so refined it was a shock to the system, it makes your hands shake, heart swell, sweat to break out on your back, hope, love. It was a velvet club of beauty that constantly bopped us over the head as another pass from Saiss incised a feeling through our stand. Were we annihilated by it? I was. At times I was holding my breath a little as the whole team moves as one. Intent and passion was etched on that pitch with a theology not a message from Nuno himself. It was a display of such lovely football I was emotional. This morning I was weeping at a video of Nuno hugging Captain Coady. Emotional, warm, ripped apart by love. I had to get out of the stand as quick as I could last night because I knew there was going to be some element of emotion I couldn’t hold in. I wanted to grab people and ask ‘what was that I just watched?’. Yes, I wanted to weep in happiness and joy. I wanted to run on the pitch and ask questions as now the whole momentum we have has taken on metaphysical properties. It is starting to seem like this fairytale has sprung to life in front of us as we watch. It grabs your heart and fills it with love. Are we not entertained? It is more than entertainment now. It is possibly a religious awakening. For we all need that figure that will galvanise and provoke such feelings.


    • robin says:

      Well eat your heart out John Donne, here comes Stu!
      Emotional piece, but there is something tear wrenching, about our fairy tale turnaround.
      Nuno and, notably his best mate Jordes, have a plan.
      Build a young team to Premiership standard in the championship.
      Win the championship so the team, begin the following campaign confident.
      In the first year of their Premiership campaign get at least into the Europa Cup.
      I think that is their aim and with the team we have there is that potentiai.
      I cannot see Neves, Boly, Jota, Bonatini ,Coady, etc going anywhere, as I think they have all bought into,( along with Fosun who pay their substantial salaries), the Mendes/Nuno revolution.
      As far as I’m concerned the ‘hope’, so well expressed by Stu, resurrected by this ‘set-up’ is worth every penny invested by our new owners.
      Long may it last.
      As for Rubens Neves, as I said on twitter:
      ‘Poetry in Motion with the ball at his feet.’


  26. Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

    Let us consider the following guys
    It took Bill Shankly 3 years to turn round the fortunes of Liverpool
    It took Alex Ferguson around the same time to turn round Manchester United
    It took Jose Mourinho 2 years to get Chelsea a trophy
    It took Bill Nicholson 3 years to turn three years to turn round Tottenham Hotspur
    It took Don “the cheat” Revie 4 years to turn round mighty wankers Leeds United.
    It has taken Nuno Santo 16 games to turn round the fortunes of Wolverhampton Wanderers….. so by definition we have a manager better than the aforementioned giants of the English game! No hyperbole – no argument. I believe we “attained” 35 points after 33 games last season!

    It took just over 90 minutes for me to get home last night – exited Wolverhampton city centre at 10.10 – 11.46 home and putting the milk on for a cuppa hot chocolate. Incredibly the M6/M1 motorways were as quiet as the Hawthorns pigsty on match day. I was made up or what – soooooo happy and to cap it all at 10.00 on radio WM at 10.00 some wonderful northern soul and funk sounds which unfortunately started crackling just past Rugby.

    Yes we could and should have scored half a dozen v Fulham. Some of the approach play was a joy to behold and made the lonesome journey so worthwhile. Neves – what a class act that guy is. Douglas – what deliveries they both were!

    What is there not to like about WWFC at the moment? We are four points ahead and playing some wonderful stuff the likes of which we ain’t seen for eons. 4,000 travelling army to Reading – we are on the train for that one. Then Leeds – the detestable, shell suited for a wedding Leeds meatheads are coming to Molineux for a thrashing. Please – 6-0 for that one Wolves!!!!!!!! For me…..please just for me!

    As I write Sheffield United are drawing, Cardiff already lost, Villa losing, Birmingham losing, Shit losing, Derby losing. Of course it may all change…..but Wolves are the team of the moment. No hyperbole – no argument

    Have a great fortnight fellow bloggers – see you at the Madejski.

    Sooooo happy guys



    • Old and Wise (JHP) says:

      Nuno’s great, BOG, but he has a bunch of top class players courtesy of Jorge Mendes and the deep coffers of Fosun.
      I’m not convinced Nuno would be doing as well with the likes of old former stalwarts – no names – we loved them because they were ours, but boy did they struggle to achieve anything.


      • Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

        Fair point – although I believe Nuno would make a fair go of it. Coady and Doherty have been a revelation under his guidance as an example.
        Managers fall into all sorts of categories…
        Some managers change formation/tactics depending on which way the wind is blowing
        Some acquire players and then work out a system to suit
        Some have pre-determined ideas and bring in players to fit into their style of play
        Some are clueless from the very outset (by Jove we have had some of those – Dean Saunders to start with)
        Some pay out a fortune for individuals and leave them on the bench
        Some have favourites and no matter how crap these favs maybe continue to get picked week after week – we have experienced this scenario as well
        Some persist in playing players right out of their normal position
        And so on.
        Whether Nuno can consistently make a silk purse out of a sows ear we may never know.
        As you intimate he has been provided with funds to build a squad and pick a team based round his 3-4-3 formation – and it works a treat.
        Therefore I frankly could not really give a monkeys arsehole about his ability to manage a team without the Fosun (and Mendes) backing or even give it much consideration.
        He has been instrumental in putting Wolves firmly back on the football map and for that we should all be grateful and long may it continue.


      • Jackomac says:

        Norris, Baath, Coady, Hause, Bennett, Price, N’Diaye, Vinagre, Marshall, Enobakhare, Costa.

        Not a million miles away from last season’s team and apart from Costa not particularly acquired through Fosun funds. But still guided by Nuno to be the first side to stop Citeh scoring this season.

        Is that a bigger achievement than last season’s win at Anfield or winning the first division with record points when you have a bigger players budget than any other club in the division? Matter of opinion.

        But what we definitely agree on is that no matter how much your budget or how skilled your players they have to be organised motivated and provided with a plan that regularly overcomes the opposition.

        Nuno has worked with lesser budgets at clubs like Rio Ave. I think I have seen enough to convince me already that he is the real deal and would succeed relatively in any circumstances. But couple his ability with resources and we can see what happens. Let’s hope he continues to enjoy the challenges at the Mol for a long time to come.


    • Just one point BOG. Nuno didn’t take 16 games to turn us around. I was at the Leicester pre-season friendly and we were already turned.


  27. Twixfix says:

    I’m gutted…

    I said we’d muller them ….we did muller them ….

    I predicted a 4-1 and it ended 2-0 ….. in a one sided, totally controlled game when we could have scored 5 or 6.

    What on earth is Nuno playing at….

    Sack the board ….

    We love you FOSUN we do …. We love you FOSUN we do…..


  28. Clive from Houston ( We are all with you, Carl) says:

    Finally worked out how to put pix on here!


  29. Clive from Houston ( We are all with you, Carl) says:

    Thanks again, Mrs Doogle and husband!


  30. DancesWithWolves says:

    Van La Parra’s cracking goal beat WBA today.
    Leon Clarke scored 4 against Hull today. He also scored 2 against us.
    What’s going on? We didn’t want these players and now they are performing. Was it the coaching?
    It’s all ancient history now, nothing to do with Fosun, but I’m still wondering if we could have done better in the past.


  31. Steve Showcase says:

    Can you believe Leon Clarke ? ..Hat trick no less…

    He was a half blind uncoordinated donkey for us -perhaps it was our training at the time….?

    parallel universe?


  32. StuWolf says:

    Fulham game full 90 minutes……

    Courtesy of Fulham, ( their only contribution from yesterday)



  33. Steve Showcase says:

    Can you believe Leon Clarke ? ..Hat trick no less…

    He was a half blind uncoordinated donkey for us -perhaps it was our training at the time….?

    Is this a parallel universe?


    • Old and Wise (JHP) says:

      hat trick no less ? No, more, he scored 4 goals.
      I lost ££££ in the past betting on him to score for us !!!***%%


    • Steve there’s something in that how many players over the years have leftWolvems to go on and perform at a higher level just take Burnley for example in the top ten of Prem with how many former Wolves players.

      It was not just Morgan holding us back the coaching set up hadn’t changed since Merlin…!


      • Steve Showcase says:

        I agree..I Thought that KJ and the other bloke were quite appalling DB is virtually indoctrinated and is a gonner IMO ..can now just side pass ..was the master of hoof ball..I


  34. admant says:



  35. RickRack (We're still all with you Carl) Wolves says:

    Don’t you just love whats happening at the minute!
    Game against Fulham, well blar, blar, blar – I can’t add anything – it’s all been said!
    However, I want to share this with you’s – as it’s one of the reasons I love football, terrace humour and WWFC in particular – read on:
    We sit in the South Bank with a number of friendly faces, 2 of note are Geoff & Steve (there names have been deliberately retained in the hope they read this and piss themselves again!)
    At this stage I should say that Geoff & Steve & Graham (from the Steve Bull upper) all travel by bus to the Mol as they’re of the age that gives them free travel (therefore you may think they should know better!)
    Anyway, Geoff sits next to me & Steve about 8 seats away at the end of the row
    When we got there last night you could see Steve was the worse for wear
    Geoff says, “he’s been in the pub since 2.30pm and is as pist as a fart!” – far play, we could tell with his inability to sing, clap or chant in time and we were sure his eyes were off-side!
    Any Steve went missing at the start of the 2nd half and we thought he was having a snouze in the lav, but he was there at the end of the game!
    Then at 11.00pm last night Geoff send me the follwoing text:
    “You’ll never believe this!
    When we went to the bog at 1/2 time,
    Steve thought it was the end of the match and walked to the bus stop
    When we (Geoff & Graham) weren’t there he phoned Graham
    who told him there was was still 30 minute left
    So he managed to get back & tried to watch the last 15.
    Happy days!”
    Don’t you just love this football malarkey?


  36. Larry Talbot says:

    And when did we ever score from corners or free kicks?

    The best accolade I can give Barry Douglas is that he crosses that ball as hard and flat as Frank Lampard used to. Nuff said.


  37. The Cullis Dome says:

    Picking up on your point, Larry, I completely agree, how great to have someone who can hit an accurate dead ball. Over the years I have become inured to not expecting anything from Wolves’ corners and have always been amazed at how, even at the highest level, corners so rarely result in goals. England are a classic case of wasting them. But for top notch pros, shouldn’t it be one of the almost taken-for-granted skills? And one that can be practised? Remember Beckham. So all power to Barry Douglas, a left foot that the wonderful Waggy would have admired!

    Keep it going, Wolves! What a season!


  38. kiwiwolf says:

    Breakfast Time football here in Kiwiland, what a feast. By no means a glittering performance from what looked like some tired limbs out there but we never looked anything but winners. 2 cracking goals from set pieces with very little in return from a Fulham side made to look very ordinary. Apart from those on International duty the two weeks without a game should revitalise our team ready for the next series of games when hopefully we can open up the gap over the chasing group.


  39. Bedford Wolf says:

    On our way back to Engerland from Dubai. Gutted to leave our eldest son, his wife and our newest grandchild – and sad that we won’t see any of them till March/April next year by which time little Stanley, now 9 weeks old, will be 7 months. Call me selfish but I absolutely hate the fact that they live out here so we don’t get to spend time together apart from maybe once a year. My boy, Daryl, is Wolves through and through and I really miss him coming to games with me.

    To make it worse our plane is delayed by an hour and a half. Flipping British Airways!

    Being out here at this time of year makes me despair for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. I think we all consider it a ludicrous choice of venue and we all know how they managed to ‘win’ the tournament. Being here in November – when the 2022 tournament is due to start – and only 90 minutes away from Qatar makes you realise even more that the World Cup must NOT happen here.

    Qatar has no football tradition and no footballing quality. The weather is inhospitable – horrible and incessant burning heat. The Arabic and Islamic culture is totally alien to the Western world. Things that we take for granted like freedom of speech are outlawed. Add to that the fact that Qatar is currently ‘at odds’ with all its neighbours – and this is in the seemingly permanently unstable Middle Eastern region where ‘neighbours’ tend to be volatile.

    All in all I struggle to think of a less appropriate venue for a World Cup. Antarctica maybe? The Moon?

    We’re coming home, we’re coming home, we are coming home.




    Massive hangover today. Ears still ringing from Midlands Calling at Wulfrun Hall Wolvo. An all day punk fest with some of my heroes Ruts, Angelic Upstarts and Cockney Rejects amongst others. Coming back on the bus last night got in to an argument with a Shit fan who said Nuno is on his way to Everton. I said no he isn’t and congratulated him on the 1-0 defeat to 10 man Van la Parra inspired Huddersfield. His Mrs got him off the bus and I waved goodbye through the window. Good day yesterday. Shit. Vile. Blouse all lost and we sit top of the table for the next two weeks. FOWB.


    • Vladimir says:

      Aaaah, just checked the rest of the line up – Steve Ignorant, GBH…..I’m envious. Except for the hangover bit, obviously hah.


  41. Cannock wolf says:

    Putting aside all this Wolves chat:

    I just want to nominate a ‘Goal of the Season’ – I know it’s early for this but the screamer by Raj Van La Parra yesterday will not be beaten. I just thought that he struck it so well. tee hee !!!! 🙂


  42. Jackomac says:

    Just wanted to add a word in praise of Willy Bolt’s performance last night. It’s quite obvious that Willy has the physique to deal with the muscle side of defending, but I think that in some ways that diverts attention from the real skills he brings to the role.

    I have always felt that the very best defenders (and I’m thinking Bobby Moore) had such a gift of patience, timing and reading of the game that they seemed to attract the ball away from the opposition like a magnet attracting iron filings. There is somehow something in the psychological battle that almost causes the opponent to defeat themselves. No matter what attempt at trickery they try the defender bides their time and just relieves them of the ball almost without a tackle.

    Willy did that time and again on Friday and combined with his ability to ease people off the ball and the quality of his distribution, that was I felt a five star performance.

    Also very happy with the physical strength shown by all the team, including Bonatini who is a deceptively effective tackler for a striker.


    • Cotswold Wolf (stay strong Carl) says:

      Quite right Jacko. Anybody have the stats of goals conceded when Willy plays compared to when he does n’t?


  43. Clive from Houston says:

    The mythical “striker”
    Who is he?
    Who is he playing for right now?
    How many goals has he scored?
    How tall is he?
    Will he want to come to the Mol?
    Will he fit into our liquid football system?
    Does he have a quick football brain?
    Do our management team have a target or two in mind?
    The answer to all of the above is of course we dont know.
    I remember virtually everyone, especially our own E &S resident clown Dim Tim crying out for us to sign a “striker” before the window closed in the summer, and some are still bellyaching for one.
    So lets analyse what a striker is, and does.
    In simple terms, that even Dimmo Timmo will understand, he’s someone who puts the ball in the net.
    Yes its a net, not a fucking onion bag.
    A striker strikes, scores, and additionally holds up play for the team members.
    He scores with both feet, his head and other body parts.
    As long as the ball crosses the goal line, its a goal, a good goal, as there is no such thing as a bad goal.
    He attracts defenders, freeing up team mates to exploit space and score.
    He tracks back when needed.
    He’s a fuckin’ handful.
    Ladies, Gentlemen and Dim, I give you Leo Bonatini.
    The biggest compliment I can pay is that he reminds me of a young and raw Steve Bull.
    Top of the league after 16 games, better football than most of the rest of the country, the world is our lobster!
    To all of you still whining for the mythical “striker” I suggest you stop being typical, pre this season moaning Wolves fans, and fully appreciate and embrace what we already have.
    And to all you sandwell trolls who can read, and have sneaked onto this wonderful blog, have fun with pulisball.


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      I agree Clive, but ……………………….. we need another one like him too. Two Bonatini like CFs, now that would be just feking brilliant.


  44. Wolfman Jack says:

    Was it Fabio Cannavaro who said that a good tackle can be as important as a goal ? But far more important than one good tackle is a highly-disciplined, organised, structured, defence which obviates the need for tackles as the ball is returned to us by sheer pressure on the opposition.

    Friday was a convincing, comprehensive win in which we barely needed to get out of 2nd gear after the early goal and it was largely due to the work-ethic which Nuno has instilled in the squad. At the moment I’m not sure what gives me more pleasure – the possession-based attacking game in which we can go with long or short passes and circulate the ball at will or the looks on the opposition players faces as they gradually come to realise that they are not going to be able to break us down.


  45. theDOOGooder says:

    I’m sitting here grinning.

    Just polished off a lovely bottle of Mumms Pink Champers, celebrating the fact that it’s 18 years ago today that the PMDG’er made an honest man of me.

    That’s certainly a reason for grinning but not THE reason I AM grinning.

    I have just read about Warnock having a good old rant about referees not protecting his players against rough opposition tactics.

    What is that man on??!!

    Not Mumms Pink Champers, I’ll be bound.

    The term ‘What goes around comes around’ springs to mind.

    As does another less well known term.

    ‘Up your spotty botty Warnock!!’

    I’m off to crack open another bottle.


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Congratulations to both of you. See you soon


      • theDOOGooder says:

        Cheers Steve!

        Can’t wait for the Leeds game.


        • Brompton Wolf says:

          Are you coming up for that midweek one mate? I have two tickets, a mate of mine is coming down with me. He is a Leeds fan but is well behaved and will be sitting in the Steve Bull Upper ……. should be interesting lol.

          I expect us to be in APV around 1830-1900 hrs. See you there?


    • Twixfix says:

      Well Done you two ..

      Did you know that on the Weekend of your wedding The Mighty Wolves were thrashing the even Mightier GRIMSBY …3-0.

      And, And …AKINBIYI scored 3 Times …. I hope you enjoyed your weekend in similar vein….

      See you both soon …Mike and Lilian ..xx


    • ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

      Congratulations to you both. Looking forward to catching up with you and other guys and gals on the 25th.


  46. StuWolf says:

    I’m on the Vodka, so anything can happen in the next few hours, I can see apologies all round on facebook tomorrow, but, what the heck Weem Wolves fans, nobody truly understands us anyway.
    But whilst I’m still able to use the index finger on the iPad, well done Doog, what a lucky man you are. 18 years ago you won the Champions league in the partner stakes.
    Behind every good man there’s a great woman. (We Love you Sue)

    And on your theme, that means Warnock has nobody, because he’s a complete and utter doughnut.

    On the proud Grandfather stakes.

    Below is my 8 year old Grandosn playing today, respecting our fallen. What a brilliant example of youth of today making us proud. They were so good and respectful.
    (He’s No 2)

    Lest we forget.



    Just want to say how incredibly proud I am that Wolves remain the only team in UK AND EUROPE to stop Man City from scoring. 120 minutes doe forget. An achievement which as the games go by looks fuckin unbelievable. I am in love with all things Wolves at the moment. Love Nuno. Love Jeff Shi . Love Laurie whatsisname. Just bring the liquidator back and I will probably change my name to Wolfie McWolf face.


  48. StuWolf says:

    Cheeseburger. Just for you…….



      thanks stu. I think we are all a bit stunned at the minute by what is going on at the Golden Temple. I know I am. forty years of shite melting away in to the golden sunset….


  49. Brompton Wolf says:

    Respect. Lest we forget.


    • StuWolf says:

      You are everything that is good about this Country….

      Respect indeed.


      • Brompton Wolf says:

        See you on the 22nd mate, hopefully. I will be parking in my usual spot, and hope to be there between 1830 and 1900 hrs. If you do not feel comfortable at APV I will try and see if I can meet you outside NBB – I need to give you some dosh for the Man City ticket.


    • Twixfix says:

      Major Brompton …. Sir……. I salute you……

      Worthy and Proud…


    • ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

      Very impressive Steve. All respect mate.


  50. StuWolf says:

    From the slums of Maderia to Wolverhampton, the boys done good.


  51. Clive from Houston says:

    Much respect, and many thanks for everything you have done for the country.
    But it dont matter how many medals you have, I’m still better looking than you!!


  52. spikeyboy says:

    two weeks of boring shite coming up.
    i hate these stupid breaks !!!!


  53. DancesWithWolves says:

    Interesting feedback at Stamford Bridge yesterday during the Manure visit. It was like, well done Wolves. For what, I asked. Beating Fulham, was the answer. Such is the rivalry between fans in these parts that even a loss by Fulham is noted and a cause for celebration. I explained we hardly broke a sweat and could easily have doubled our score, but no matter. It’s not just local rivalry though, Wolves are making people sit up and take notice at the highest levels, especially after the 120-minute goalless Man City draw!

    As good as we all feel I can hardly imagine how Sheffield United fans are feeling. Just two points behind us with a team worth considerably more than the sum of its modest parts, they are the surprise package this season. It has to be all in the coaching. How can a seemingly journeyman striker like Leon Clarke be scoring for fun? Wolves and Sheff U have the two best coaches in the division.


  54. Clive from Houston says:

    Congratulations to Sue from Melksham, on such a long and trying journey!
    I think Brompto should take off one of his cookery medals and send it to Mrs Doogle, for putting up with himself for so long.
    Well done you two, see you at the promotion celebration……….. which could actually be in February!


    • theDOOGooder says:

      You don’t know the half of it Mr C from H.

      I work my fingers to the bone for that girl.

      And what thanks do I get?


  55. DancesWithWolves says:

    The Help Wanted ads are piling up. Everton and West Ham are looking, but there’s a dearth of available qualified coaches. West Brom are merely keeping an eye on things, only because the right candidates are just not out there. Pulis will survive the international break unless the Chinese owner gets panicky. Big Sam can probably take his pick from Everton or West Brom. Meanwhile, back at the Mol, we have one of the finest coaches in the country. And it’s not so long ago that many of us were crying out for Allardyce.


  56. Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

    We have all got more than a spring in our step these days Bloggers. It’s a bloody great leap!

    We have even been mentioned on the BBC – why the goals from Friday evening were actually featured on BBC Breakfast on Saturday morning! Can you believe it – the BBC waxing lyrical about all things Wolves? Mike Bushell the BBC Breakfast sports presenter actually said “can anything stop Wolves” or words to that effect. Incredible!

    In addition to all this, I think we are the only West Midland football club to have two world cup winners – Ron Flowers and Morgan Gibbs-White. How good is that guys?

    I had a wonderful weekend – a permanent fixed smile.

    Following a record time trip home for an evening fixture from The Mol to deepest Bedfordshire I awoke early still on a high (hence the BBC Breakfast article) and strolled off to the Robinsons Pool to engage the locals on all things Wolves banter. They all must be utterly sick of Neves, Bonatini, Coady, Jota etc BUT the spin-off is that our results are being monitored by all and sundry. Add on my Wolves towel hanging proudly whilst I had a shower (with some nefarious remarks echoing around) endorsing that we are the real deal at the moment.
    Saturday afternoon with Jeff Stelling and a beer or five as the new wife was out and about. Villa, Derby, Cardiff, Bluenoses, Smethwick Town all lost. OK Sheffield United won but we can’t have everything – Leon Clarke scored 4 – wonders will never cease.

    Four of us will be making the trip to Reading from Bedford by train and making for the Three Guineas pub on the station near the station concourse before catching the bus to the Madejski.

    Reading had an impressive win at Derby so certainly no pushover, especially with Stam in charge. However 2-0 again will do nicely.

    Then Leeds at home – no matter what Wolves just have to batter Leeds – 6-0 will do the trick please lads. They are on a dreadful run – no doubt their Neanderthal “fans” will rip the seats out of the Steve Bull Lower when the 6th goes in – so we should beat ‘em convincingly.

    Pity about the infernal international break whilst we are playing so well – not that I am unpatriotic or anything like that as I had an England supporters club card for years and went to France 1998 and Germany 2006 and my nephew and I even seriously considered South Africa 2010 – but I find watching them bloody hard work. Hopefully the national side can perform far better in Russia than the last few tournaments but we are technically so far behind the likes of Spain, Germany, Belgium and Iceland that it is difficult to imagine getting past the group stages again.
    Still the lunatics amongst the England supporters should have plenty of sport!

    Have a great week or two Bloggers.



    • The Witley Wanderer says:

      Bog, what time are you expecting to get to The Three Guineas ? Hopefully see you guys there.


  57. Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

    Hello Witley

    The train from Paddington is due to arrive at Reading station at 11.39.

    We will be going straight into the pub and probably catching the bus about 2pm. Its a fair run to the stadium (don’t believe what you read on their blog) but we should be able to catch an hour or so of Arsenal v Tottenham on Sky.

    See you there!




    Really enjoying Sandwell squirming about the place because we have a progressive manager playing sublime football. Oh how the times are a changing. The dinosaur Pulis making all sorts of shit excuses about ‘oh look at me. You were fuck all till I came’ Nuno in cruise control telling Everton to fuck off realising the huge potential at the Sleeping Giant. The backing of an international conglomerate with sky high ambitions and willing to put their money where their mouth is. The fact Nuno said no to Everton must surely give us a massive shot in the arm. Not often a premier club comes Calling and summarily dismissed. Fuckin av it Sandwell!


    • Cheesy, now although I’m a betting man, I reckon BET365 know a lot more than me about Football Betting
      So even the betting world seem to know we’ll run champions & that we’ll replace the shite next season in the Prem
      Looks like BET365 are sponsoring my season ticket next year.


  59. Sea Pigeon says:

    Well done RickRak but why only a fiver? Put your money where your mouth is next time!


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