Norwich City 0 Wolves 2

You can’t accuse either side of not playing the game the right way.

The ball was zip-zapping around the Carrow Road pitch all evening and with space to aim their passes, Wolves always looked the more likely winners.

Two goals could easily have been three, four or five if a small selection of the clear openings created had been despatched.

But too many times legs got tangled, defenders got back or the final ball simply wasn’t good enough. I feared the worst.

Norwich were busy and always on the edge of breaking through so when Leo Bonatini’s ninth goal of the season finally arrived it mercifully prevented a grandstand finish.

Wily Boly’s early header was a welcome bonus ball and his presence in the back three immediately makes Wolves a more imposing proposition.

Not only does the giant Frenchman look a foot taller than everyone else, but his calmness in possession is like having another midfielder on the pitch. Quite handy for our style of play.

He also made a superb last ditch intervention to toe poke the ball over his own crossbar with Cameron Jerome poised to score his inevitable goal.

Ryan Bennett isn’t as fancy but barely put a foot wrong all evening, so those two should feel confident of keeping their places for the Fulham game.

N’Diaye brought to the midfield what Boly added to the defence – raw power and calmness on the ball. I’ll forgive him a few awful misses. He powered up and down all night, which freed up Neves to pull some strings.

It wasn’t our star midfielder’s best night as too many passes went astray but in the spells of possession when the team looked at it’s more imperious, he was inevitably at the epicentre.

Jota and Cavaleiro were both typically dynamic and mobile, stretching Norwich on the break and giving Wolves endless menace.

With Helder Costa still looking a yard off the pace and notably uninterested, it’s hard to look beyond those two at the minute.

Bright was strong and skillful in his cameo, but again wasted a wonderful chance of his own creation, getting his pocket picked at the crucial moment.

Nuno’s got to be pleased though. Players seem to be able to drift in and out of this side without the overall quality suffering.

That bodes well for the long winter ahead. If we’re built for distance as well as speed, I can’t see anyone overtaking.


  1. Tipton Exile ( Keep the faith for Carl) says:

    As predicted normal service was resumed.

    PL here we come


  2. Jackomac says:

    Excellent job well performed and Saturday is forgotten. I still think Norwich will be the side that follows us most closely into the final run in. But with a division that presents the crazy scenario of three games in six matches the final outcome becomes more of a lottery than it should be. The more I see of Nuno the more I realise how seriously he takes this mission. Without histrionics or shouting blame he is going to drag this side over the finishing line if he has to.


  3. Jackomac says:

    Three games in six days – sorry.


  4. Franko says:

    A good performance by Wolves which shows a lot of character after the defeat to QPR.

    I agree that Helder Costa appears to be playing as though he would like to be somewhere else, and he offers the team very little at the moment.Yes it will take time to get up to full speed after his injury, but there seems to be more to it than that.What a shame after last seasons performance.

    Its rumoured this morning that Everton have made an approach for Nuno. God please don’t let this happen.Come on Mr Shi lets see what your made of.



  5. pauluswolf says:

    Horrible rumour that Everton have spoken to Nuno – hope he sees the Wolves job as a better overall prospect.


  6. DancesWithWolves says:

    Nuno is on the Everton shortlist. Alllardyce and Dyche are among other names mentioned . Nuno is the superior coach in my opinion. Potentially the Wolves job is bigger than Everton’s. All the same, Its out of our hands. Anyone who does well at Wolves, Nuno included, is in the shop window. That’s the reality. When did a Wolves manager/coach last get poached? God Knows! Success brings its own problems.

    I think Nuno will stay and show we are a bigger club than Everton next season in the PL. The championship title is worth having on his CV as well.


    • DancesWithWolves says:

      The crucial time will be the international break coming up. Everton will want the new coach in place then.

      I would like to also nominate David Wagner for Everton. As a long shot, I would also nominate that well-known survival specialist, Tony Pulis, although I wold prefer him to go down with WBA.


  7. sevlow says:

    Glad they proved me wrong, again! Great win and now we go on to Friday and Fulham at home on Sky.

    I have been worried about how successful Nuno has been and it comes as no surprise that other clubs, looking for a manager, are sniffing around. I hope Nuno sees Wolves as HIS project and hope he see’s Wolves as a club with such massive potential that he will want to see it through.

    Loosing Nuno would be unthinkable and disastrous.


  8. Marney says:

    Option 1. Keep all your young team together, backed by owners , win the league, have an open bus tour of the city and get carried to epl on the crest of a wave to attack the top six next year
    Option 2 , break the whole project up , lose a chunk of respectability, try to pick up the basket case that is Everton with their overpriced squad, risk relegation and the rest of your respectability whilst you lose your job
    Mmmmmm tough one that
    In Nuno we trust
    The strength is in the pack


  9. Kendalwolf says:

    Well said Marney. Nuno, the squad, and the fans have won nothing yet.


  10. basherbaz says:

    No way will Nuno be interested, fancy having to manage Rooney (past his sell by date).
    Who the hell scouted/choose Bonatini ? 9 goals and 4 assists, we have in the past chastised the wolves heirachy for the recruitment but we cannot complain now.
    In Nuno and Fosun and Mendez we Trust.
    Redrow signs down – NOW
    Money Shop – OUT (Change Sponsors as soon as we can)
    Liquidator – BACK (or at least think of a new song we can play – any ideas ?)


  11. HershamWolf says:

    To basherbaz, how about the chorus to “Nothing’s gonna stop us now” by Starship; “…we can build this dream together,
    Standing strong forever,
    Nothing’s gonna stop us now…”?


  12. It was bound to happen………Nuno has turned Wolves from a laughing stock to possible Champions in what four months.
    His style of play is exciting and a joy to watch so its expected he will have admirers. But looking on the face of it the Everton job looks appealling there in the Prem: they have great support and have money now……….BUT take away there Prem: League status and there’s nothing to choose between Wolves and them.

    In fact they are a shambles at the minute, if Nuno goes there he won’t have a pre: season to get players in and mould a team thats playing like they’ve never seen each other before. The best he can hope for is to get to January which is never the best time to buy when you are in the mire……as use Wolves fans know only to well.
    Where as with Wolves he has the squad the financial mussle the squad he has shaped and moulded into a tight well organised together unit and most importantly top of the Championship compared to third from bottom of the Premier League with no prospect of an up turn in results.

    I believe and hope Nuno stays, and I think he will he has worked to hard to gamble on a posible short term boom or boost that is Everton at the minute yeah he could go there a keep them up be also he could go there get relegated and get the sack after all its only just November and everyone will say ” well he had plenty of games to save Everton ”

    It’s a no brainier and I think Nuno…….I hope Nuno will see that.


  13. Bedford Wolf (glass half full - bottle half empty!) says:

    Wolves much bigger than Everton. Nuno ain’t daft. He knows a good thing when he sees it and he can see the future glory of Wolves.

    Like me today – the sky’s the limit!



    • The Witley Wanderer says:

      Happy birthday Bedders, have a good un.


    • StuWolf says:

      Happy Birthday young Bedders, did you go up said Burj Kahlifa. I took the express lift to the viewing level, Iv’e been up All the previous tallest buildings in the World (twin towers included) but that one is something else.

      Anyway you enjoy your day and get back to lift us up to greater deeds to come with the Old Gold & Black.


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Happy birthday Dave. I am unable to get down on the 25th now as I will be in Linlithgow. Enjoy the day and hopefully I will catch up with you sometime soon.


    • sevlow says:

      Been at your Lego box again? That is impressive !



    • Twixfix says:

      Happy birthday old boy ….. and when I say OLD …BOY DO I MEAN OLD…
      Always nice to become of ‘Pensionable age’ …. have a great time in Dubai….


  14. AmberWolf says:

    Fantastic result and if we could only convert 50% of our gilt edged chances Clive would be top of prediction league right now. It should have been 5 or 6 in reality.

    There is one thing that is beginning to worry me a little for a side that plays such wonderful football we do concede a lot of free kicks, and Saiss has already had to miss a game through suspension. We had 4 Yellows last night, 1 against QPR hence Saiss not playing, and 3 against Preston, 1 against Sheff Utd, 3 against Barnsley, 2 against Forest, 1 against Bristol City and 1 against Millwall. Plus 1 red for Coady as well prior to that.

    Think we need to practice our tackling, and not argue too much with the Ref’s who have on the whole been shocking, awful and a joke.

    Everton can sod off, Nuno will stay and guide his pack to the title and the Premier League next season. Just imagine how good a side we will be then with 2 transfer windows to come and being in the best league in Europe.


    • StuWolf says:

      Amberwolf, 80% of those fouls last night were given to Norwich, (out of sympathy I think) by another Shite referee. Norwich players fell like nonepins at the brush of a Boly challenge and then their team mates harrassed the man in black until he produced a card.

      Shit refs.
      We only get shit refs.


  15. The Everton approach is a worry but I don’t believe he will go .He is on the crest of a wave with full financial backing and a squad he has honed with a very full and thorough pre season .Any objective view would say stay .If we get promoted he is in the PL anyway .If not he may well go .An Arsenal fan I know thinks he could be a replacement for Wenger next year .An offer from a club like that would be too much to resist !


  16. Lowves says:

    Why should he drop down a league, figuratively speaking, when he can fill all his dreams at wolves?
    No brainer!


    • StuWolf says:

      Saw Carmen last night, were you hiding in the loo?

      Great match to watch if you exclude the missed chances.


      • Lowves says:

        We looked for you but couldn’t see you anywhere; we were in row V seats 1 and 2 crushed against the wall by the hotel. Good game, although we were nervous all the way through up until the second went in, unlike your horrendous journey we floated home!


        • StuWolf says:

          We were in hh at the back on the same row as Blake, aka LA Wolf, had a chat to him.
          We saw Carmen and waved to her but too many folk in the way, after that the game was so good we thought sod you and now youv’e told us about your nice trip home, double sod you.

          Perhaps see you Friday, then your off to Cyprus. If we don’t catch up, enjoy it.



  17. Clive from Houston says:

    First off, Happy 65th to Bedders.
    Now you officially have an excuse to be a miserable, forgetful dirty old man.

    I duly paid my fiver yesterday, and to be honest, never gave a thought to anything but a Wolves victory.
    Fair play to Norwich, they are not a team of cloggers, they tried to play football, but were just no match for Nuno’s Wander kids!

    Regarding Everton.
    The press is having a laff.
    The only reason Nuno is being mentioned is because we are top of the league.
    Next thing will be Warnocks name being bandied about.
    No club is too big to get relegated, as Everton are about to find out.
    Fosun has a ten year plan, money is no object, and Nuno is a big part of it.
    There is not a single reason he would want to move up there.
    To badly paraphrase an old John Lennon quote, Everton are not even the best team in Goodison.
    F0e and wb


  18. DancesWithWolves says:

    Nuno has rejected Everton apparently. Smart move from a very smart guy.

    The big worry for the future is Arsenal. We are the pass masters of the Championship. We play the Arsenal way. Nuno is class personified and for a club like Arsenal, integrity is vitally important. Still, I believe Nuno will at a minimum see out his three-year contract with us. After that, who knows, it depends how high up the PL we are!

    Interesting snippet I heard recently. Sheikh Mansour originally had considered buying Wolves at the time he was after Man City. If true, that’s a massive what-could-have-been moment.


  19. Clive from Houston says:

    I think its a “thank dog he didnt buy us” moment.
    We are going to eclipse all the mega rich clubs, all our young talent will be the envy of the world, and Wolves shirts will be the best sellers of the universe!
    Talking of, a few months ago I went to my local “soccer” store, to see about a Portugal shirt, and whilst there, I enquired about a Wolves one.
    I was told that when we were last in the prem, the club was approached about sending some over, and they declined!
    Moxeyism at its best!
    Jeff, take note.
    USA is a huge market, and as we want to be a world brand, should be tapped immediately.
    In the Houston area alone there are six branches of my local shop, plus all the nationwide sports stores.
    With our name, our “in your face” logo, and club history, it’s a no brainer.
    And I humbly offer myself as United States marketing manager, which I am sure would mean lots of UK trips for consultations, sales meetings etc!


  20. spikeyboy says:

    I second that nomination


    • StuWolf says:

      It will never happen.
      He’s keeping his head down over there in case HMRevenue spot where he’s living. Clive Hill isn’t even his real name, it’s Montague Caruthers, Tory party financier and backer for Maggie Thatcher. When it went tits up he was off.
      I vote for Stevie Biles, Bromptonwolf, anyone that can dupe us bloggers to nick the Prediction league would be a solid bet for fleecing those dollar hungry Yanks.


  21. theDOOGooder says:

    Glass empty.
    Everton approach Nuno through Mendes.
    Mendes advises him to take the job.
    Nuno takes it and wants his staff and players to go with him.
    Mendes uses his influence to unsettle our Portuguese stars and they move on.
    Back to square one and mid table mediocrity.
    Fosun try to replace him without success, lose interest and pull the plug.
    The end.

    Glass half empty.
    Nuno turns down Everton knowing there will be a better offer coming along soon.
    We get promoted but when Nuno and Mendes eventually jump ship, we are sucked into a relegation struggle.
    The end.

    Glass full and brimming over.
    Nuno, because he is a man of honour, highly intelligent and insightful, sees that his present position holds a much greater potential for lasting success than moving to the second team on Merseyside and stays.
    We walk this league, gain promotion and with the help of Mendes and his men, secure a place at the top table where we stay until the Old Gold Angels come down and carry me off to see The Doog, Waggy and all their chums.





  22. Paulcooksleftpeg says:

    Great win clean sheet think thats 7 in league two points a game record well on course
    Heard nuno has said he wouldn’t move even for the best team in the world
    That is because he is at the best team In the world. Keep it going boys next up Fulham who are a lot better away this season but we should beat them well


  23. Wolfman Jack says:

    I’m ignoring the ‘Nuno to Everton’ stuff – it ain’t going to happen. Why would it – surely not just for the money ?
    As for last night I thought it showed exactly what Nuno is about. Fixed the problems of last Saturday by bringing in Boly and N’Diaye to add some steel. Bennett also took no prisoners.
    Had the defence sorted such that Ruddy was barely troubled. Thought N’Diaye was superb throughout – ran all night and then some more.
    Only two minor issues; we need to give away less free-kicks in our half and we need to finish off our counter-attacks more professionally. Both are simply about making the right decision at the right time and I’m sure Nuno is working on it even as I type this.


  24. Clive from Houston ( We are all with you, Carl) says:

    Gotta tell y’all again, have a read of Southbank Resistance’s latest blog.
    Fuckin’ priceless!!


  25. Cotswold Wolf (stay strong Carl) says:

    ‘re Nuno and Everton. Don’t think it will happen if only because of the tie between Fosun and Mendes who of course is a big mate of Nuno’s.


  26. theDOOGooder says:

    I’ve just seen this review of the game from a Norwich fan.

    Very articulate and unbiased.

    Mind you, he should know what he’s talking about, his name’s Mike Bailey!



    I have just send in e mail to Kim Jong Un requesting that his next missile test is aimed at Goodison Park. Let that be a warning to all you Ken Dodd types.



    Bastard predictive text….


  29. Mark G Davies says:

    Just got back off the train from Norwich this morning, feeling pretty pleased and smug about how the team played last night.
    Boly & Ndaiye (apologies for the spelling) showed why they should be picked for every game ahead of Saiss and Miranda. Bennett was rock solid as well. These two big physical guys take the pressure of our ball players, and the only disappointment was the number of chances we missed, particularly in the second half.
    I must say credit to the city of Norwich, the walk from my hotel to the ground past the station down a car free paved avenue with countless bars and restaurants was a delight, probably the most pleasant walk to a ground for many a year.


  30. Cannock wolf says:

    Just read that The Greasy Weasel received a £720,000 pay-off after “working” at Norwich for only 7 months!!!!!




    • Basherbaz says:

      Well Norwich soon sorted him out took us 16 years, Delia must have dug deep to get rid, is he still at Burton ?


      • Twixfix says:

        I think so …buts it’s an unpaid role …mind you that won’t stop him dipping his fingers in few pies …allegedly


  31. Johnok says:

    Great to get back to winning ways.
    Nuno made the changes and they worked a treat,it shows he’s not aversed to change when given the choice.
    Just goes to show the squad is good enough when changes are required..great to see The big man score the opener to settle the nerves, then it was all one way so I gather.Onwards and upwards UTW.


  32. StuWolf says:

    Response to Everton approach,

    (Everton? FFS yown avin a Giraffe)

    No money no prospects bo ambition.

    Give it a rest.


  33. StuWolf says:

    Well that was a feckin delight and a trial in the same day. 12 hour round trip by Coach with a driver who’s claim to fame was he don’t like doing football trips as he’s never ever done one, and he then set about feckin proving it.

    16 official coaches from Wolves travel club, plus about 8 from other supporter groups set off in convoy, (impressive sight), our knob head driver chose to sit behind every slow moving vehicle en-route to Norwich whilst all other coaches sailed passed. Sore arse time, suffering Artic icy blast conditions because some wag decided to ask him to put the air conditioning on whilst sitting at Molineux. He hadn’t got the gumption to turn it off until I went up and kicked him the back of the neck when Jen de Wolf turned cyanotic and waxy skinned at 33*C.

    After a 4hr 15 minutes trek we went and stretched our legs for couple of hours and Wolves duly took our minds off the pins & needles in feet and legs.

    So back home,
    Now again, he reiterated “that he don’t do football coaches” and went about proving it, despite the whole feckin coach screaming at him not to turn right at the crucial moment, he duly followed a (Norwich coach) youv’e guessed it…… Right.
    So we spent 3/4 of an hour circling Norwich housing estates and factory units. Twat.

    So then his piece de resistance was driving off up the Kings Lynn road which is 30 miles East of the road we were supposed to be on to Cambridge, with no cut throughs back to the A11 and the right road. So when we eventually got back on track we got to Rugby on the M6 to find it closed, we were diverted via Hinkley on the A5 and arrived back at Molineux at 2-30am.

    The only saving grace is, there were coaches arriving after us as the A11 was closed in parts we’d missed and the A14 was also a problem. But we got in the house at 3am. TWAT.

    The best part was, when they came round for a collection for the driver, half the bus pretended to be asleep and Jen de Wolf finally got rid of the now useless £1 coin some twat had duped us with. Hope he has as much fun trying to get rid of it as we did.

    Dedication and devotion to the Wolves gets stretched at times.

    Oh yes, the match was great!
    Rant over, on to Friday.


    • theDOOGooder says:

      It’s always moan moan moan with you isn’t it?

      He was obviously working to a cunning plan which got you home before the other coaches which didn’t go back via Lands End.

      And slipping him a dud pound was the final insult.

      I’ve a good mind to tell him where you live so he can get his revenge.

      Although he’d probably get lost looking for you.


  34. Midfield Wanderer says:

    So what was different from QPR on Saturday?
    Well, in the first ten minutes I saw the ball on the deck more than it was for the whole 90+ minutes at QPR as both sides tried to play football. Clearly Ollie had not heard Brian Clough’s adage that “if God had intended that football should be played in the air, then he would have put grass in the sky”.
    Secondly, it was a highly disciplined and professional performance. Everyone defended as a unit, and the team showed some real steel both in midfield and defence, as well as being highly organised.
    It looked as if they had another couple of gears to go through if needed.
    Thirdly Wolves were a class apart in quality. The Norwich paper’s answer to Tim Spiers, one Mike Bailey, put them down as Championship Winners without a doubt.
    Willy Boly, apart from being a commanding presence, is a consummate footballer. I was in the diametrically opposite corner to the Wolves fans, and was able to observe Boly at close quarters in the second half. His reading of where the ball is likely to go next is superb, and he always makes himself available for team mates. However, where he was really outstanding was when Norwich players tried to put the squeeze on him, and completely unruffled he rolled or chipped the ball to a colleague. A lot of Wolves moves in the second half started with him getting out of a tight corner with nonchalant ease.
    As others have noted, a bit more accuracy in the box and this could have been 3 or 4. What is exciting, is that this side is still developing, and ‘ere long they will “do a Clive (5)” to some unsuspecting outfit. I just hope I’m there when it happens.

    First time I’ve visited Carrow Road. Nice city, nice ground, very good crowd (26,000). Can’t be all bad as they saw through the pieman and gave him the old heave-ho in short shrift.

    With Fulham always looking to play football, Friday looks like a treat in store.



    Agree with that Midfield W. Fulham should be a treat Fri night. Without doubt the best footballing side I saw last season. That 4-4 the highlight of an otherwise poor season. Crowd around 26000? And a song for Nuno. ‘don’t go, don’ t go. Don’t go away. Please don’t go, don’t go. I’m begging you to stay’. If that doe work. Nothing will. Roll on Friday!


    • Cheesy, last year we were shite at times & against Fulham we were shittier than shit, but after going 1:0 up, then 1:3 down at half time, our ode mucka Geoff said & I quote “I can’t take any more of this shite! It’ll be 1:6 or more at full time! I’m fekin frozen & pist off & I’ve had a fekin nouf!!”
      And with that he actually pist off back to the pub.
      Next match he hung his head in shame and has it rammed down his throat from time to time, as you do! Still makes me laff now….


    • Larry Talbot says:

      Bugger that Cheesy, we are Wolves, we don’t beg anybody!

      Believe me, Nuno might be many things but stupid ain’t one of em. He knows he’s on to a good thing at Molineux so worry thee not. Even rats don’t jump onto sinking ships, so why would the best boss Wolves have had since Barnwell?

      Won’t happen, mate. So sleep easy.



  36. Listened to the commentary and I’ve now seen the whole thing on WolvesTV. We looked composed and determined throughout the match and only the ref persistently blowing up for nothing fouls broke up our flow.
    Boly was immediately back to his imperious best and has to be first name on the teamsheet now he’s fit again. Bennett too impressed, as did N’Daiye and the usual suspects of Jota, Neves and Bonatini were constant thorns in Norwich’s side. Cavaleiro was as frustrating as only a good player can be. We all know what he can do, but he fails to do it far too often.
    Costa’s form is a major worry though. He does little to warrant a run in the team, yet it’s difficult to see how he will return to last season’s heroics playing a few minutes here and there.

    Looking forward to Friday and what should be a humdinger against Flum. On the tele too. Brill.
    This whole Nuno to Everton thing has been pretty well squashed. Can’t say I’m surprised.
    I read that, on recent results in league and cups, we are now the eighth best team in the country. And we’ve hardly scratched the surface yet. 🙂
    Oh, happy b’day Bedders. Always nice to spend your b’day somewhere exotic. Good on ya.


  37. Clive from Houston says:

    Houston Astros 5
    LA Dodgers 1
    Finally got my score right.
    World Champions!!
    Very big deal over here!
    Happy in Houston


  38. Bedford Wolf (glass half full - bottle half empty!) says:

    In response to numerous scurrilous rumours I have been asked to clarify something.

    I am NOT 65.

    I am a mere pup of just 16.

    Mind as your command of numbers starts to go when you get older I am probably actually 61.

    I am though NOT 65.

    I repeat I am NOT 65.

    And I still have a full head of hair, all my own teeth and can walk unaided. Unless I’ve had a few drinks of course when the walking bit might become a tad tricky.



    • The Witley Wanderer says:

      Don’t worry Bedders you don’t look a day older than sixty four.


    • ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

      Pity I can’t say the same as regards a full head of hair. Happy birthday for yesterday Bedders.



    Rick rack. I was praising Fulham more than us. The best footballing side I saw last season.



    Really looking forward to Friday nights game now after that hard fought win over that lot from Carrot Road. Even my two grandsons, staunch Chelsea fans, want to come over and see why I am so happy so far this season. They even suggested a ‘kick about’ pre match so I am cleaning my boots ready for the challenge and providing the ball.


  41. Steve Showcase says:

    It was such an important 3 points and obviously kept us on top …the positve abscence of DB stood out a mile to me
    Anyway great result how we gave away 3 points to QPR after taking the mickey in this match I do not know..


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