QPR 2 Wolves 1

Fair play to QPR, I don’t begrudge them the win.

More for what they did in the second half than the first. They showed an increasing appetite to pile forward and muscle their way into the ascendancy.

That said, as the home side’s confidence grew, Wolves wasted two excellent chances to get themselves ahead but neither Bonatini or Jota could supply the finish.

If they had done, I think that would have been that, but instead Ian Holloway’s side continued to grow in belief and our defence are always vulnerable to those second phase crosses.

We won’t be the last team to see points disappear via Matt Smith’s forehead either and it’s a reminder to everyone that if you don’t maintain your standards, the Championship will bite back.

In the first half I couldn’t see QPR scoring from open play. Wolves were hardly razor sharp but it had the look of a game that would eventually turn in our favour.

They created little and were playing a high line. Cavaleiro and Jota both came close to breaking the trap and the latter dragged a shot wide after a good run.

But Saiss got caught in his own defensive third and Washington did well to lift the ball over Ruddy and squeeze the ball in at the near post.

The immediate equaliser via Jota’s unbelievable run and Bonatini’s bullet finish should have been the shot in the arm the lads needed a for a second half onslaught.

Instead it was QPR who came out firing and immediately saw a shot come off the bar.

Then came the missed chances in that period of the game that Wolves have been so effective this season and that profligacy was the difference between victory and defeat.

Any loss is painful when you’ve become accustomed to winning, but I don’t see this team embarking on a long winless run.

As Nuno pointed out afterwards, Wolves lacked intensity. I agree. Collectively they weren’t quite at the races.

A response is needed and Norwich away under the floodlights is a notoriously difficult challenge.

I suspect though, we will see that response.


  1. RickRack (We're still all with you Carl) Wolves says:

    Again with your write up Thomas and think that Nuno will work on this maybe with a hairdryer on order – but we can’t win em all…..
    We must all be a little like Ed Sherran today
    !I wasn’t expecting that”
    Onwards & upwards – Norwich can now take the backlash
    PS well done Citeh
    PPS very well done U17’s & he’s one of our own MGW


  2. Ferris says:

    It’s a marathon not a sprint and we’re going to lose games along the way. I agree this squad isn’t going to go on a long losing streak. Norwich up next bring um on


  3. theDOOGooder says:

    I suppose after the week that we’ve had, some sort of lessening of intent was inevitable.

    I thought that we would still have had enough to beat QPR though.

    A decent Premier League team should be able to overcome hoof it in the air tactics.

    Which shows we’ve got a long way to go yet.

    We might only meet footballing sides in the Prem (except for the obvious noisy neighbour of course) but we’ve got to beat a shed load of this type of team to get there.

    And, as yet, we can’t.

    Over to you Nuno.

    On a different subject.

    Call me old fashioned (you won’t be the first and almost certainly not the last) but if, as has been reported, some Wolves fans chose not to respect the silence before the game, they should be identified and banned.


    • There was still a big queue of fans coming into the ground during the silence (including me), people didn’t realise the silence was underway so there was a bit of noise. Nothing malicious in it


      • theDOOGooder says:

        Fair enough mate.

        We’ll blame the QPR organisational abilities.

        I wonder what would happen if they had gates of 30,000?


        • kingfisher says:

          The ground only holds just over 17,000 so crowds of 30k do not apply DOOGooder! 😉 QPR are trying (hard) to find space nearby for a new stadium but until then this is what we all have to endure… I have to disagree with your comments about QPR ‘hoofing the ball up’ as that is only prevalent with Matt Smith appears off the bench. Wolves lost the game in the midfield, where every Wolves player with the ball had at least two QPR players closing him down. Better organisational abilities and tactics won the day!


  4. spikeyboy says:

    Vinagre, boli, hause, norris, all should be in the team tuesday.
    Slight kick up the backside required,
    These are quality players who deserve their chance.
    Squad game says our Nuno so stand by what you say mate.
    Not a panic situation just a freshen up a and a bit of a reminder to those who may think they are irreplaceable.


    • Franko says:

      I agree with Vinagre,Boli,Norris and maybe Hause as necessary changes.Some players have not been stepping up to the plate of late.In particular Douglas and Miranda both of whom seem to have become complacent and in the case of Miranda prone to error.Also, Norris seems to me to be an outstanding keeper and whilst I like Ruddy, he too seems to be prone to mistakes recently.

      I think you could see this loss coming.The Preston game gave us a clue as to what to expect here.The physicality and cut and thrust of the Championship is something some of the Wolves players struggle with, and the Warnocks and Holloways seem to find a way to win.

      However,we have done remarkably well so far so lets look forward to Norwich with hopefully a freshening up of the team.



    • Chilts1 says:

      Totally agree to a man Franko – my exact same 4 who should be in the team on Tuesday night against Norwich.
      As Nuno said ‘ its a squad game ‘ and I think without over reacting, this is the time to demonstrate that statement !

      Come on you Wolves !


  5. Wolfman Jack says:

    No excuses. The referee was competent if lenient. QPR were competitive without being overly-physical and ultimately we brought about our own downfall by conceding (again, after PNE) two scrappy goals. Lost count of the number of times our passing wasn’t precise – too short, too slow – allowing their players to nip in and steal the ball. There is something vaguely complacent about our first XI at the moment – a sort of belief that if we keep trying to play nice football the opposition will eventually let us. Well, it ain’t going to happen and we need to knuckle down and find a way to get results against teams like these. As DooGooder points out above, there’s a shed-load of them waiting to have a go…


    • kingfisher says:

      Totally agree tactics employed by QPR and attitude of some Wolves players to this ‘in your face’ play. Look at the yellow and red cards issued against QPR and you will see they are mid-table on yellows and no reds; whereas Wolves are second worst offenders on 31 yellows and a red. So not a dirty side (btw Saiss was very lucky not to have got two yellows in the first half). Wolves met a QPR side that (for once) had all of them firing on all cylinders and Wolves had an off day. This result is a minor upset in promotional terms.


  6. Steve Showcase says:

    I thought that the Sunday morning feeling was a thing of the past…The old chestnut conceding when we shouldn’t and guess who was there not Boly…DB

    It’s as plain as light to me and he will cost us yet again in the future..

    We play like a PL side and then loose to QPR …quite disconcerting to say the least – history repeating itself…

    I believe we really are the best in the league
    but surely we must make sure of points against these moderate sides and not get out thought by the other manager…Holloway took the accolade with a smile and I hope that Nuno sees that.

    Embarrassing…and depressing ..
    Norwich will Not be easy I can assure you.
    Pissed off.


  7. We’re gonna lose games this season and that’s three so far. This probably the least expected of them. But even the best have an off day and it seems we conspired for pretty much the whole team to have an off day together.
    I tend to agree with Spikey that we’ve got plenty of quality waiting in the wings and we may well see some of them join the fray on Tuesday. I think even Willy would struggle with a big lummox like Matt Smith so the secret is to stop the ball coming in to him in the first place.
    Hey, our first eleven have done us proud for several weeks now and it would be spiteful indeed to name and shame any of them on the back of one defeat. I have every confidence that NES will make the necessary changes, or not, and Norwich will see us return to our irresistible best.


  8. Twixfix says:

    It’s a defeat …. but let’s look at the bigger picture.
    29 points from 14 games … you just can’t be overly critical and as others have said …we’re not going to win them all.

    This football make or break, is often about fine margins …. we should have scored at 1-1 and it’s a different outcome most likely….
    They scored and it’s game over.

    I will say, however, that complacency often creeps into players mindsets and we cannot afford to let it. …. coupled with some sloppy defensive play and suddenly the hill becomes a bit steeper.

    Maybe it’s time to throw in some players who deserve a shot at it …. Hause particularly, Boly coming back from injury, Vinagre and possibly Norris …..

    Whatever Nuno decides I’m expecting a much more high tempo effort versus Naaarwich than yesterday…


  9. Raydewolf says:

    Everybody calm down.
    I don’t believe in dropping guys after one bad performance.
    They should show that they’ve learned from it and come back stronger next game.
    If not ,then drop them..
    These games happen, I remember Newcastle lost to a very mediocre mid table Wolves team last year before going onto the PL.
    Nuno has always responded to any blips so far.
    Let’s see how Tuesday goes.


  10. I too am in favour of a shake up on Tuesday .The squad players have shown their quality against the best team in the country .I hope Nuno sees the good sense to make a few changes .Douglas and Miranda need to be out for sure .At least a draw on Tuesday would be ok and keep us moving forward .


  11. Basherbaz says:

    Think they all thought this would be a walk in the park (as did most of us from the predictions) but qpr played 3 at the back and on a tight pitch they but in a higher work rate.
    Tough game now Tues but the perfect chance to put things right. COYW.


  12. Clive from Houston says:

    I think we should now start a campaign to get Nuno out.
    He has turned our footballing outlook completely on its head, and we have absolutely nothing to bitch and moan about.
    How dare he introduce football into our language, and other stuff like skill, and passing to a colleague, and clean sheets, and excitement, for fuck’s sake?
    And to give us all nose bleeds from the dizzying heights of top of the league?
    Please, this man has to go.
    We have become so used to pathetic teams and excuses they became the norm, and to upset this applecart, well, its just not cricket!
    We lost to another team playing their cup final against us, and with the style, skill and totally liquid football we can produce, there are going to be many more cup finals before this season is over.
    Fortuneately, we are going to win most of them.

    The fresh air hovering over anything Wolves and Molineux related can be enjoyed even over here.
    Long may it last, I for one am loving it!!
    Imagine having that apopletic wanker from sandwell in our technical area!!


  13. Twixfix says:

    I just feel sick at the thought of him on the touchline ..
    In fact I’m projectiling now …….just for you Clivey…


  14. Johnok says:

    I said It wouldn’t be easy,but still thought we would come out on top that’s why i predictedb 2 – 0.
    Don’t know if fellow posters agree but sometimes we need to have something a bit different in our locker to unlock some off the team’s in this league .
    I for one think we need a big robust striker to batter their back four to allow our more adroit strikers to punish them.
    I’m sure Nuno has Sussed it out by now,because he’s no fool.

    As for the match we had enough to take all 3 points on a better day with maybe say better officials (not taking it away QPR who wanted it more for their manager) we had a stone wall peno that wasn’t given when their defender had his arm all over Cav in the box.
    I’m sure Nuno will have it sorted out come tuesday night.onwards and upwards.UTW.



    As long as we tick along at around 2 points per game I am content. We could have easily grabbed a point yesterday and maybe 3 with a refereeing decision and better finishing. We were never at our absolute best yesterday and I think Nuno and the boys are still coming to terms with the unique nature of the Championship. I firmly believe we can and will develop further as we go. As for yesterday, Pre match was spent in several drinking establishments around Carnaby Street including O’neills which had been seized by the invading army of Wolves fans. Inside and out. Followed by some humorous banter with a couple of QPR fans on the tube to the ground. Gallows humour summed them up(reminded me of how we were last couple of seasons). After match back to Leicester Square for a few more jars. Then train back to Wolvo for half ten and caught the end of the Anthony Joshua in the Billy Wright. Few more beers and finally home to bed and totally zonked out. Great day disappointing result but we move on. At least The Great Unwashed lost to Citeh!


  16. Lowves says:

    I don’t want to use the old cliché “a bad day at the office” but it was a bad day at the office, you can’t blame any particular player, they were all equally to blame, no one seemed to be at the races. Everyone was mediocre to say the least, but it’s going to happen throughout the season. Even the fans whilst not by any means quiet were not as roof liftingly noisy as we normally are. The referee and linesmen were, as per usual, diabolical, Jota having an elbow in the face three times to my knowledge without any punishment or cards issued. The secret is to come back as we will on Tuesday and climb back into our rightful spot at the top of the table.
    As for the comments on the previous thread about the noise coming from our end during the period of silence, I think it was coming from late comers entering the stand who did not realise it was going on, I don’t think there was anything malicious in it, if there was, they should be ashamed of themselves.
    Thomas, I normally agree with most things you say but I cannot agree with you not begrudging them the win, I will always, always begrudge anybody the win against our team.


  17. theDOOGooder says:

    I’m a bit confused by some people blaming the defeat on Danny Batth being in the team.

    I’ve just watched the highlights and, if you want to blame anybody, surely Saiss, Miranda, Bonatini and Ruddy were at fault between them for not coming away at least a point.

    But mistakes happen and it’s probably best not to dwell on them.

    The people who made them are fully aware of their errors and will hopefully learn from them.

    It doesn’t make them bad players.


    • I agree Doog, we’ve been winning as a team & must therefore must lose as a team too.
      One of the best things about being a fan is the opinions of each, there’s always division over players (unless your 1st name began with G & last ended in aville) but I’ve only missed one home game & taking in 3 away I reckon DB & Coady are the most improved this season.
      Nuno obv’s thinks the same based on his most recent selections.
      I’m also sure Nuno we choose the right team for Narwich & the remainder of the season.
      Perspective should also be given to where we are now in comparison to May 2017 – only 6 months ago.
      Onwards & upwards.


    • sevlow says:

      It don’t surprise me Doog. Loose a game and some of the players that were outstanding are now rubbish. Fickle fans or what?


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Hear, hear. I have not been a big fan of DB, but of late I have openly stated that he has been having some quality games and I am beginning to like what I see. I also do not feel he was at fault for our loss, it was more collectively a failing than a singular issue. IMO.


  18. Wight Wolf says:

    Least said about this game the better. Good to see a wolfcub winning the world cup, I know he didn’t do it all by himself but it was a great achievement. Bloody BBC cut short the programme and showed a gardening programme instead of the boys being presented with the trophy and celebrating. ?


  19. StuWolf says:

    24*C round the pool all day, getting excited by the minute as the day drew down to 5pm in Crete – 3pm Loftus road. Went snorkelling 400 metres off shore with my two Grandsons, can it get better?, I hoped so. Come 1645 Crete time, up to the room, hook up to QPR tv paid my £5 couldn’t get the shitty thing to work. So on to wolves tv paid another £5 for another funking one not to work, well p’d off by now, tried every illegal site known to man feck all, half time by now – find out it’s 1-1. Gnash, grinding teeth, kick the missus and Grandkids as they arrive in the room, “how’s the game luv” (feck off)

    Second half flew by in a heart beat between Twiitters twit Tim Spiers and jumpy stop start Jeff Steling on Sky sports, missed the feckin game jumping between everything.

    Reading all the reports on wolves news now and on the blog it seems I didn’t miss too much.

    Love this team,
    Love the manager
    Love conor Ronan.
    Hate feckin crap technology

    We lost, shit happens
    We move on to Tuesday, I’m back and will be there, no more missing games for holidays this season.
    Onwards & Upwards.

    WBA next away game set to draw huge support local coach company to supply special bus for the occasion…….


  20. Larry Talbot says:

    Didn’t go but from the comments I’ve heard so far it sounds like a case of coulda, woulda, shoulda…

    After the close call against Preston I reckon it might be time for a couple of changes to the first eleven, if only to gee up the lads who might be getting a little used to seeing their names automatically on the team sheet.

    I’m not concerned…yet, I reckon it’s too many years watching through my fingers in November which has got under my skin…but we should’ve blitzed QPR, I wanted it as a buffer against the long tour to Norwich…but it’s gone now so it’s up to the lads to rally on Tuesday, we can’t allow defeats on the road to become an option, Sheffield are looking too strong to let go.

    Deflated, need a result at Carrot crunch road.



    • kingfisher says:

      This is the Championship and, as everyone must know by now, the best teams lose to those in trouble and the strangest results happen! QPR have played for many games now without a proper back 4, using fill-ins such as Baptiste at RB instead of CB or Robinson at CB instead of LB; and have less than effective strikers. However, on Saturday QPR were (by far) the better collective side and that is why the (deservedly) won. Carping on about unseen fouls works for both sides (check out Saiss’ fouls in the game) so best to accept that over a season it all evens itself out!


  21. kiwiwolf says:

    A bad result for Wolves, we should be burying teams, like QPR, who are in the bottom half of the league. A tough week ahead with Norwich Tuesday and Fulham Friday so they need a sharp kick up the backside after this. I could take defeat against either of these teams but Saturday should have been a nailed on 3 points.
    Time to consider the future of Bright I think, for me we should loan him out in Jan, take the pressure off and see if he can perform at a lower level, if he does he will come back the better for it if not then???????. Gibbs White will need a rest after his World Cup exploits but he deserves his chance when ready.



    Still in a state of mild shock and disappointment. It’s been nice just lately actually looking forward to games without that nagging doubt about a decent performance from our boys. Now, for a short time hopefully, my stomach will be knotted up until Tuesdays final whistle against Norwich, a game I was well hyped up for and thought we would win. Not so sure after the QPR showing.


  23. spikeyboy says:

    I am beginning to wonder whether our set type of playing is becoming too predictable and although not a return to hoof it football we may need to have a second game plan .
    Quite what im not sure but sometimes we might just have to grasp the nettle and realise we are not getting anywhere in a game.
    Other clubs have done their homework on us, watched our defeats and come up with a viable game plan to stop us.
    It simply isn’t real to believe that jota or costa will produce the magic to unlock teams week in week out and as johnok said we probably could do with a big knock the barn door down striker sometimes throughout the season.
    Lets remember folks we may well play premier league football but we are in the championship and its a whole different ball game, with, it seems, a different set of rules .
    After all is said and done we are still doing very very well and if anyone can find a way around other teams tactics its nuno.


    • Wolfman Jack says:

      I totally agree that we need an alternative method of playing as 3-4-3 is very obvious to everyone now. On the other hand bringing in a ‘big, knock the barn door down striker’ will inevitably lead to us playing hoof-ball (aka %-age football) which we know will not work in the long run and certainly not in the Prem should we get there. Maybe a reversion to 3-5-2 might be the answer as our defeats have come against teams which have out-muscled or out-numbered us in midfield.


  24. spikeyboy says:

    Having said all that if we had put just one of those chances away on saturday it could well have knocked the stuffing out of qpr and the blog would be a whole lot different today.


  25. Gutted, gutted and gutted………why Wolves lost, my holiday is over and I’m back at the coal face tommorrow.

    Got back to Manchester this morning 02:30 and it was FREEZING ………already the hot Cyprus sun is fading into memory and those evenings sat at a bar in the harbour downing the local brew with the sun beaming down are now confide to history and just as I need to get a grip so do Wolves.

    QPR defeat is in the past just like my holiday lets make a better game to remeber against Norwich and look back on Saturday as a blip.


    • Lowves says:

      We’ll be there next week in the Pelican bar in the harbour refreshing ourselves for the rest of the season, back in time for the Reading game.
      The last time we were there a group of Swedes came up to me after noticing my wolves t-shirt shouting “ah John de Wolf” then proceeded to tell me what a great player he was, and telling me he would become a legend for us. We’ll I for one loved the guy.


      • StuWolf says:

        Good food in the restaurant at the Pelican bar, was always great fun to see said Pelican waddling around. We love Cyprus, always good holidays there.

        See you at Norwich tomorrow. 3 points tomorrow, with 3 more from Fulham would send you off just nicely.


  26. sevlow says:

    We lost. I guess because we have lost so few games it comes as a bit of a shock.
    I listened to the game and saw some highlights on 5. Did look like we should have had a
    penalty. Oh well, onto Norwich we march.


  27. admant says:

    Well that wiped the smile from my face … it wasnt so much the result it was the apathetic (or should that be pathetic) performance completely void of intent or quality from just about the entire squad that gets you scratching the head.

    So it is indeed only one poor performance and assuming it is dealt with swiftly not much more needs to be said really – except that I think there are a few players who now deserve their chance.

    In order of ineptitude:
    Ruddy, Douglas, Saiss, Miranda and Cav need to get some time on the bench to reflect on that shower, and Norris Vinagre, Haus, Price and Costa have more than earned a start after that gallant City performance .. Costa if for no other reason than he needs as much game time as he can get to return to form.

    Sure everyone can have a bad game, but it is only fair to utilise those in better form and give the underperforming player/s something to think about.

    Onward and Upward.


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