Man City 0 Wolves 0 (Man City win 4-1 on penalties)

Bright Enobakhare is a special talent.

It’s 20 years since Robbie Keane summersaulted into the spotlight and this is the first time since a genuine attacking star has been unearthed.

We’ve got to love him, protect him, accept his shortcomings, forgive missteps and just keep encouraging progress. It will come.

Last night was an at once uplifting and chastising experience for the 19 year old, leading the line exquisitely against high calibre opposition but falling at the last with hero status agonisingly within his grasp.

Had he taken the final and most glaring of all his chances in the dying seconds of normal time we’d be talking about a win to eclipse anything Paul Lambert’s team achieved in last season’s FA Cup.

As it is we’re left nursing the mother of all hard luck stories as our brave warriors achieved the impossible and shut out Pep’s unstoppable juggernaut for over two hours of absorbing football.

They threw the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, the downstairs toilet and about £500 million of players at our second string and still couldn’t get through.

The excellent Will Norris only made two meaningful saves all night and one of those was a result of his own misplaced pass to Sergio Aguero, which says much about the efforts of the wall of old gold erected in front of our young goalkeeper.

Batth, Hause, Coady and Bennett (who more or less played at the back and rarely ventured above halfway) blocked everything and denied City any room inside the 18 yard box.

Price and N’diaye did an equally important job ahead of them, preventing the assembled masses from unloading in those pockets of space just outside the penalty area.

The one criticism of the first half was how cheaply possession was surrendered, but as the Etihad grew increasingly agitated Wolves began to acclimatise.

Costa, Marshall and the sensational Vinagre (who contained Sterling and manipulated the ball under pressure superbly) all marauded forward and were only a final ball away from kicking down the door.

Bright will take the flack for his hat trick of failures but Costa frittered away an equally presentable opening that he was unable to lift over the inspired Bravo in the City goal.

Our flying winger still looks well short of match sharpness but this was a step in the right direction. The minutes and the confidence garnered will hopefully be the launch pad for his season.

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His replacement down the right Connor Ronan, another player still months shy of his 20th birthday, belied his years with a performance of true maturity.

Yes there were a few misplaced passes when the out ball wasn’t always on but his overall contribution was huge. The awareness to know their left back’s legs had gone in extra time and continually run in behind shows his intelligence.

And intelligence is something that summed up this team performance along with grit, determination and a relentless desire to compete.

But those latter adjectives all suggest effort rather than ability and this monumental effort was as much about footballing capacity as any of those raw materials.

We should all have woken up buoyant this morning, safe in the knowledge we already have the depth and quality any team could ever need to compete in the Premier League let alone campaign to get into it.

We’re going places, make no mistake about it.


  1. Wight Wolf says:

    Sadly missed the game but was gripped by the radio commentary. Really love your last line Thomas, it really is time to believe.


  2. Fabulous performance.
    Proud to be a Wolves fan.
    Bright has a very bright future.
    Nuno, for sure, bit of a Zen Master.
    Well done everyone in the team.
    Let’s keep up our league form.
    Premiership here we come.


  3. Thomas says:

    As a complete aside, the Etihad is a great stadium. The video screens and the professionalism of the half time entertainment are something we should aspire to for sure. I’m sure Laurie was taking notes.


  4. Wolfman Jack says:

    Hugely impressive performance. The imbalance between the teams summed up by their bringing on a sub (Walker) who cost more than our entire squad. Bright was fantastic, tho’ no doubt he will be pilloried by some keyboard warriors for not scoring. This is some squad Nuno has put together and he is tactically light years ahead of any coach I’ve ever seen at Wolves. Summarised by the commentator on my stream who stated that Nuno’s team had ‘delivered a masterclass in defending’.


  5. DebenhamWolf ( thinking of Kemes ) says:

    A `What if?` which will live with us down the years; a tremendous effort; and didn’t we have to play with the same ball as City, Pepe?
    The next three games are going to be just as difficult and within a seven day period; we will need all our squad.
    Will be at the Norwich and Fulham games, so I’m hoping for the best.
    Hope when they restructure the ground that they can make sure the crowd is tight to the pitch. I have been reminded over the past few games as to how loud and intimidating a Wolves crowd can be towards opposing teams; memories of noisy times in the fifties and sixties which were on a different scale to modern crowds in the main. The Six thousand away fans out shouted the home crowd on the radio… Amazing support.


    • PeteRobbo says:

      “Didn’t we have tom play with the same ball as City Pep?”

      Well said that man. Really churlish stuff from Guardiola. Churlish and pathetic.


  6. Jazzwolf says:

    Thanks for a great write-up Thomas, I’m sure you’re spot on with your last sentence.

    Having seen the highlight video I? have some sympathy with Helda Costa – it looked as though the ball bobbled up to catch his shins and rebound further forward than he was expecting it to. Had it dropped where he was expecting it to it would have been fully under his control and he would have had a good chance of avoiding the goalkeeper. As it was it ended in a 50-50 ball between the two of them and he could only kick at it in hope.

    Still, we can look forward to the return matches next season. Onward and upward, well done the lads.


  7. e f wolves malta says:

    Nothing to be said except one word HEROIC……you made us proud.


  8. StevieBlue61 says:

    Well done lads, a well fought match. Even Chelsea didn’t bother us as much as your fellahs, you will not lose many matches this term and look forward to seeing you in the prem next season.


    • StuWolf says:

      Thank you chap, we are all thrilled with the stern test of just where we are in the grand scheme of things from last nights game. It shows what we are capable of if given the opportunity to rise to the PL next year.

      Very gracious of you to come on this site, Kudos to you mate.
      Good luck for the future.


      • StevieBlue61 says:

        I bull you not mate some of your lads would not look out of place at ours. That Bright, can’t pronounce his surname, has a very bright (ooh!) future in front of him. You also have a hell of a manager, he did his research well, which finished up in a game of 2 halves. If your lad had kept his bottle a couple of times (second one, he’d run himself into the ground), you’d have been in the draw instead of us.

        I can go back to the DOOG and Peter Knowles, what a side that was.


        • StuWolf says:

          If as one-of our bloggers say’s, you look at the likes you have amassed, you will see that you have the support of quite a few on this blog for your genuine magnanimous comments. As a blog we are open to anyone and everyone, in the main it is true fans that come on here but we do have the odd troll, which, whilst it gives us a giggle sometimes at other times it disappoints, (you lose faith in your fellow man so to speak)

          We had a guy who was from Cardiff come on saying “we needed to man up to the sort of kicking that the Cardiff players gave our team” it was so sad to see that this is what he truly believed , that we should pay a small fortune to watch his team stop a great game of footy by hacking down players just to stop an attack.

          Playing at the Etihad was a real bonus for our guys, this honestly and no bullshit was our second string team, only two of the team that started play regularly for Wolves, so we are so proud of the guys that did a great job Tuesday.

          I think I speak for everyone on this site when I say, “again a huge thank you” and we would love to hear from you again anytime in the future. Football has a terrible name in parts, but your sort of support and comradeship is always welcome.

          We truly hope your team go on from strength to strength and win everything before you, but only until next year when we hope to be competing on a level footing. I honestly have a genuine liking for Man City, fans from the local area supporting their team.



    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Thanks my friend. It is really nice for an opposing fan to come on say that. I have watched you guys play before today and certainly believe you have the Premiership title in the bag. Good luck for the rest of the season.


    • Thanks for that StevieBlue. Always good to here the view from the other side of the fence, as it were. Especially when it’s complimentary. 🙂



      Well done StevieBlue and thanks for your gracious comments. Personally I have always had a soft spot for Man City and regard them as the real Manchester club. Let us not forget that it wasn’t that long ago that City were in League 1, then rose to reach the tremendous heights they are currently achieving. The backing of rich owners helps and thankfully Wolves now have owners who are willing to to do whatever they can to see us back in the Premier League. We also have a visionary coach who likes to play attractive, attacking football but can also produce attention to detail if a ‘backs to the wall’ defensive job is required as per last night. The players (and fans who travelled) can look back at last night with tremendous pride. Trevor Sinclair (summariser) on BBC 5 live extra radio commentary eventually realised there were 2 teams on the pitch and as we went in to extra time was actually heard to say ‘it is end to end and could go either way’. Extraordinary as before kick off he stated City would win by 4 or 5 goals. Any way – all the best to Stevie Blue and good luck to City.


      • StevieBlue61 says:

        I was there when we were sh.. not very good, even when we didn’t have any money. If someone would have told me before the takeover, we’d have superstars playing for us I’d think it was City humour. Trevor Sinclair lives and breathes City, he hates the rags as much as the rest of the football world do.

        See ya next season.


    • Bedford Wolf says:

      Well said that man. By the way did you realise that we actually put out, in effect, our second string side having made 9 changes from Saturday? Just wondered as precious few reports I’ve read today mention it.


      • Kendalwolf says:

        Well said Bedford. Today James Ducker of The Daily a telegraph has written about ” How to stop City”. He talks about a weakened City side, which cost millions and wh brought on three more multi million pound players in extra time. There was no mention of a massively changed Wolves side. The answer to his question lies very much in the way Nuno set up his team, but just as importantly how well drilled Wolves players are, and that means every man in the squad. There is now a feeling that any first choice player can be replaced by another who will understand precisely what is expected and will have the skills and motivation to play his part.


    • Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

      Thanks for the comment Stevie – greatly appreciated.

      Hope City score half a dozen on Saturday to maintain your push for the title.

      All the best for the season both domestically and in the Champions League.


    • Newark Wolves (There's only one Carl Ikeme) says:

      What a top bloke you are mate. A proper football fan who can compliment the oppossition. All the best on winning The Premier League and the cup and we look forward to coming back to your magnificent stadium next year. I think that you will see by the amount of likes on your comment that the fab Wolves fans on here appreciate genuine fans from other clubs.


    • someblokeontinterweb says:

      Back in the 1960’s most of us midland team supporters always had an eye out for a London club, caose that’s the capital, now me for some reason always liked Citeh but your team is your team. I will always be Wolves through and through and on Friday night our darts night I will be wearing my shirt again. COYW.


  9. ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

    Thanks Thomas. So proud of the boys – and the travelling support was magnificent. It’s a case of what might have been had one of those chances for Enobakhare or Costa been taken.

    I totally agree that Bright is a talent to be nurtured. I listened last night on a combination of Wolves tv and Sky Sports, where Alan McInally was gushing over young Enobakhare. I heard that Nuno had his arms around Bright late on in the game, trying to console him.I remain convinced that he will get the very best out of him.


  10. basherbaz says:

    Echo the above words wolves malta; “You made us Proud”

    Now back to the everyday muck and bullets, COYW

    Redrow signs – DOWN
    Money Shop – OUT
    Liquidator – BACK


  11. DancesWithWolves says:

    Brief test message as my first one earlier threw up a Java script error and was lost in cyber space/ Don’t know if a one off but if this appears then it was.


    • ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

      I had a similar issue. In the end I copied my text and pasted it on to a reloaded Wolves Blog.


  12. Sleachy says:

    A wonderful performance, and so unlucky not to win it in normal time!

    Guardiola’s sour grapes about the ball did cheapen the occasion somewhat. Look forward to his reception at God’s Golden Acre next season!

    As much as we look like the real deal, there’s still a lot of season left for things to go tits up. I think we will do it, but we still have to win all those games inbetween!

    Onwards and upwards!


  13. Brompton Wolf says:

    Amazing, totally amazing. The boys did us proud.

    Our whole squad is awesome and this game alone has just confirmed to me that our progressive development since Nuno has taken the helm is vast. I said it before the first ball was kicked this season that this is to be our season and the more matches we play, the more I am believing that.

    When you also take into consideration we are still developing and are not the finished article, I cannot wait to see our progress in the Premiership next season. When we go up, we will stay up, and I am also extremely confident that we will never come back down. We are Premiership standard already, we proved that last night …… with our second string.

    We are amazing, we are awesome, we am Wolves ay we!


  14. theDOOGooder says:

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about.

    It was only Man Citeh.

    And it was the wrong type of ball for the poor little mites.


    I can’t believe that a manager of such reputation and standing (not to mention talent and tactical genius) could have come up with that as an excuse for not putting eight goals past us.

    What a joke!

    And I also can’t believe that Trevor Sinclair could put in such an abject performance on BBC Radio 5 Live.

    What is that bloke on?

    And who the hell is Nuno Santo Esparto?

    On a more serious note, I don’t think I have ever been prouder to be a Wolves supporter. Every one of them gave it their all. We should have bloody well won for God’s sake!

    I can’t criticise anyone and I won’t even try to pick who were the outstanding men of the match because they were all superb.

    One thing I’m sure of. To my dying day, I will NEVER forget last night.

    On an even more serious note:-

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Clive from Houston
    Happy Birthday to you!


  15. StuWolf says:

    Again, thanks to Stevieblue61, who was gracious enough to compliment our team after last nights heroics.

    I was fortunate enough over here on holiday in Crete to get the game, and in excellent quality it must be said. I used “” through Google, it gave me an annoying 5 minutes when it dumped everything in extra time buy came back on after the 5 mins and I was a happy chappie.
    Anyone not going on Saturdays or not able to have wolvestv because you live in the uk, here is a great a
    Ternarive. The commentary was excellent and the bonus is, is that it’s free. When it asks to subscribe just click no thanks and Bob’s yer Aunty Nuno.

    Great game, I personally think Conor Ronan was outstanding, but as you all know I’m very biased towards him as Iv’e followed his progress for a few seasons now. Bright should have nailed some of those goals but hey, the kid was magnificent, dancing around trillion pound defenders like he does it in his sleep. I also whole heartedly agree, the ball did take a horrible deflection off Costa’s shin which resulted in a miss too.

    I’m a happy camper, delighted with our second string giving Man City a hard time, second half we were our new Wolves and the passing was exceptional at times.

    So, it’s done, we move on, let’s take this league by storm, if that’s the back up to our first team, life’s not too shabby at all.

    At least we won’t have to face that ball again for another year ,if it hadn’t been for the ball, we would have won 4-0 and not lost 4-1.

    Eerie isn’t it Pep.


  16. It’s a really great performance and result and as much as even the most optimistic supporter could have hoped for. Two second strings faced off, although their second string contained Aguero, Jesus, Yaya Toure, Sterling, any of whom would stroll into almost any other first team in Europe. Then to bring on de Bruyne, Sane, Stones and still not dent our defense shows exactly how well our boys were protecting their goal. And creating too. We had all the really ‘goalden’ chances and if just one had gone in, we’d all be flying today. Well, I am anyway.
    Quick word for Will Norris. Absolute star in the making. Yet to concede for us and for one so young looks calm, composed and brave.
    Bring on QPR. No team should hold any fears for us now.


  17. StuWolf says:

    Happy Birhday FOwb.

    Long may your lum reek,old fart.
    QPR 1
    It has to be……


    • Bedford Wolf says:

      Are you sure its Clive’s birthday? Surely when you get to be as old as him you stop having them? I mean he’s not going to get anymore cards from the Queen now is he!


  18. Lowves says:

    Horrendous journey up to Mankychester due to a fire in a Chinese takeaway warehouse (make your own jokes up) started out at 4.00 got into the ground 10 mins to kick off.
    Great game that just needed that little bite that would have been provided by Jota, he would have taken them apart!
    All ungracious Guardiola could do was talk balls.
    Well done all the lads you made us proud……yet again!


  19. Just brilliant.

    It`s probably not fair to pick out individual performances so complete was our overfall performance, but based on last night here`s a prediction. Next season when we are playing — and winning regularly –in the Premiership, HAUSE will be recognised as the leagues outstanding central defender. Stones ? ? What must Hause now be worth. ! !


  20. I do feel it’s a tad ungracious of senor Guardiola to find an excuse in the ball rather than just accept that his mega-bucks side were out-fought and he himself was out-thought, by the magnificent NES.


  21. ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

    Happy birthday Clive! I hope you are enjoying a champagne (perhaps, better still, IPA) day.

    Oh yes, FOWB.


  22. Bedford Wolf says:

    I think it is very important here to reiterate that we put out essentially our second string side with 9 changes from the team that beat PNE. And yet against the likes of Aguero, Sterling, Jesus, Bernardo Silva, Yaya Toure etc we held a Manchester City side 0-0 over 120 minutes. At their ground. A Man City starting line up that cost a staggering £276,800,000 – or an average of £25m per man. A Man City side who hadn’t failed to score this season in the Premier League, the Champions League or this Caraboa Cup.

    Having read the BBC website report and several national newspapers and seen no mention of any of that I thought it was important to say. If you read most reports and you didn’t know you would think that our first team managed to scrape a draw with THEIR reserves by pluckily defending for 120 minutes.

    One report barely mentions us at all but just goes on about Pep Guardiola moaning about the ball being too light so it was impossible to score any goals!


    p.s. bring on Holloway’s hapless Hoops!


  23. theDOOGooder says:

    I see that we might still go through on the ‘Too many subs used in extra time’ rule.

    It’s a bit like the away goals rule but totally different.


  24. Vladimir says:

    Never have I felt more proud, calm or relaxed by a defeat.

    Though, was that really a defeat? No way!

    Wolves are the winners.

    And by this I do mean WOLVES – the team (take a bow, lads!), Nuno, Fosun – and last but definitely not least! – those 6,000 magnificent (AND LOOOOUD!!!) traveling fans.. In short, all of us, because WE’RE WOLVES!

    p.s, Excuse these cap locks, I’m not shouting but there’s no other way I’d be able to express my excitement thinking about last night.

    p.s.s Will be a double over ManCity next year. Plus there’s also the FA cup…how sweet would it be if Bright scores the winner over them at Wembley in the final? Karma knows its ways.


  25. Bedford Wolf says:

    1967 Ronnie Allen
    1977 Sammy Chung
    1983 Graham Hawkins
    1988 Graham Turner
    1989 Graham Turner
    2003 Dave Jones
    2009 Mick McCarthy
    2014 Kenny Jackett



  26. Newark Wolves (There's only one Carl Ikeme) says:

    Well, what a 26 hours that was. Newark Wolves left home at 10:00am and had an unusually hassle free journey to Wolverhampton. Also, unusually, we were allowed in our hotel room early too. After a couple of drinks in our room we headed to The Sunbeam pub for lunch. Anyone who has time before a game try this place, excellent food and service at very good prices. Loads of Wolves fans in there having a pre train pint. Moved back to The Novotel for free drinks (part of the Wolves deal) and then went to catch the coach from Molineux. Great that they had opened The North Bank bar and it was so nice to walk in and get served easily, unlike a Saturday matchday. Boarded coach 3 to Manchester which, due to the roadworks on the M6 and the fire near the stadium took 3 hours to get there. Met up with Steve (aka Brompton) in a very impressive stadium I have to say. Wasn’t allowed a drink in the ground (Mrs Wing reigned me in) but we had had a sneaky bottle of red wine on the coach. The game was unbelievable Jeff and like Bedders has said, this was our reserves against millions of pounds worth of talent. I said to Brompton (who never stopped smiling) at halftime that we would win and we came oh so close. The Wolves fans were awesome from start to finish.But, it wasn’t meant to be. At least the journey back to Wolves was a bit quicker and we were in bed for 2:00am. Breakfast then back home in Newark for 12:00pm – 26 hours of doing what I love. Following Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club with my wife and friends such as Steve. We have in the past two seasons played away at Stoke, Liverpool, Southampton and Manchester City and conceded just 1 goal. Bring on The Premier League cus we aint scared of anyone. Got to go and repack my case now as Newark Wolves are heading back to Birmingham Airport for a piss up, sorry, sight seeing tour of Dublin. My Wolves song used to be the rollercoaster one but I have changed it to one by Rod Stewart. It is called “proud” – because that is what I f*****g was last night !
    It was only Manchester City, not Leeds 🙂


    • Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

      Hi Mr and Mrs Newark.

      Wow what a day or so you had! In between last minute “panics” (such as my crappy speech) I managed to grab a few minutes with Sky and Alan McaNally who seemed to be willing Wolves on. He nearly had a coronary when Ekonbakhare was clean through in the closing seconds of the 90 minutes!
      I watched the penalties on Sky with hands in front of eyes behind the sofa.
      By all accounts an excellent performance backed by a 6,000+ following so well done to all.
      Four of us are travelling to Reading on 18th November – train to St Pancras from Bedford then underground to Paddington and onto Reading.
      We will be eating/drinking somewhere in the town if you are around.
      All the best


  27. It’s funny how so many people, including Pep, were saying how irrelevant the game was but are now so immensely proud of the team.
    And Pep certainly seemed wound up near the end of the game when he was discussing strategy with his players.


  28. sevlow says:

    If my heart was doing overtime on Saturday, last night my blood pressure was sky high and I thought my head would burst at times! 🙂
    Had done a reccy on my box so I had backup channels in case the one I watched went belly up.
    Was fortunate to find a decent feed via bein sport from France. So we had French commentary which I liked much better as I did not understand a word of it, so no shite from the commentator 🙂

    At times it reminded me of the Alamo and Rorkes Drift. The amount of defending we did, particulary in the first half, was non stop pressure on the defence.
    We were magnificent! The players gave their everything, there was nothing left in their legs/lungs or any other part of their body,

    Brilliant just brilliant!

    A massive shout out to the Wolves fans at the match, they were heard all through the game.
    Well done to you all!


  29. Jackomac says:

    Some of the abbreviated match reports cause me to question whether the authors were actually at the match or just gathering headline points from elsewhere. But from what I can gather Alan McInally on sky grasped the enormity of what was happening at the Etihad. This included achieving a defensive shutout and the emergence of Bright.

    Having lived and worked in Stockport for several years I also have a soft spot for Citeh, I always felt they had the real supporters in Manchester. A mate of mine who is a fellow wolves supporter and !Ives a few miles outside Bristol attended heart attack recuperation sessions with Eddie Large. When he found out that my mate was a wolves fan he said that it broke his heart when his favourite ever Citeh player joined Wolves. Guess who Stu? Yes of course the legendary Waggy.

    I’m sure the average Citeh fan will have been impressed with our performance last night even if the national media press play it down. But as Nuno has said, that was last night and now we have more work to do.

    Everton and Leicester would be stupid if they haven’t noticed the achievements of Nuno. When was the last time we had a manager that was interesting other clubs or who were poached? But no need to fear, we are under new management and their mission hasn’t moved out of first gear yet.


    • DancesWithWolves says:

      Exactly. Thank goodness Nuno has fully signed up for the Wolves “project”. It is Fosun’s aim to make us great again. In the whole scheme of football history we are bigger than Everton and Leicester. No way would Nuno jump ship. He and Mendes have a special relationship as Nuno was his first “client”. Mendes must be rubbing his hands in anticipation of our PL future.


  30. wwwebs says:

    You take one of those chances and you’ve got them queueing up to get their name on your shirt. These are the fine margins that define careers and sadly, I fear, this was a career defining moment for Bright Enobakhare… close but no cigar.

    On a brighter note (pun inteded, sorry) Nuno has Wolves so well drilled that we can take our reserves to the invincible Premier League leaders and not even concede in 120 minutes. I look forward to the days when we won’t be thrilled with a 0-0 draw but right now this is huge. We already demonstrated we’re the best team in the Championship. This result suggests even better times are just around the corner.

    These are the days my friends. We hope they’ll never end.



    From looking at the highlights on telly I can see why Pep was upset about the ball. I think Pep may also have observed the following which may help to explain why the ball didn’t go in the net: 1. The goal posts were the wrong shade of white 2. The flood lights were set at the wrong lux level thus affecting his players vision 3.The arrival of a squirrel on the pitch just before kick upset his players preparations 4. The squirrel was the wrong shade of grey 5. The squirrel was once the pet of Lionel Messi and this upset Pep who wished he was in the City team and able to score preventing needless extra time 6. The smoke from the fire over the road caused mild asthma amongst his squad causing breathing difficulty 7.Raheem Stirling’s mom had a cold 8. The grass on the pitch was 2mm too short 9.Ya Ya Toure’s foot went in to a hole caused by the squirrel just as he was about to shoot 10.Jesus thought it was Easter and as he rose from a corner he didn’t come back down. SEE YA NEXT SEASON PEP!


  32. Steve Showcase says:

    If we can play like this with a second team then the cast is set for a glorious return to where we now truely belong.

    It’s written ..,and about time thks to Fosun.
    – and dare I say it Mendes…..

    Now back to the league and get out as
    quick as we can.


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      ….. get out as quick as we can…. It will be interesting to see if we can “secure” promotion with loads of games to spare. I wonder what has been the earliest confirmation for any club to secure promotion to the top flight. I will have to find some time and look that one up. Would be great to see our promotion confirmed before the last game of the season, so we can really celebrate in style at the Bloggers Ballbash.

      Talking about Bloggers Ballbash, I am interested in who is running with this one this season, and where the venue is going to be. Anyone know, or is it too early?


  33. Twixfix (5 for Clive who is 75..) says:

    Great performance from the boys and surely a precursor for next season … when we field our BIG GUNS …
    YES Pep… we only fielded our reserves..!!!!!
    Desperately sorry that Bright ..and Helder felt they should have done better with the one on ones… reality is the Citeh keeper (Bravo) played a blinder and was voted man of the match ..

    The biggest plus for me though is how we’ve shaped up to the best team in the Premier league .. we’ll be gracing that stage next season …no doubts …and that could herald a return to the BOGGIES Derbies.

    So it’s CfH’s birthday today … enjoy your golf this afternoon old timer …don’t lose your balls… and put the flag back in the hole when you’ve finished….

    Best wishes from Twixxo and Mrs Twixxo…


  34. Brompton Wolf says:

    Not wanting to put a damper on things, as my previous posts have been totally complimentary, but …….. I wonder how it would have finished had we had Neves and Jota on?


    • Old and Wise (JHP) says:

      I wasn’t too convinced about the team Nuno put out to start with, but it seems he trains them so well that they really play as a well drilled unit – not like the old days when a reserve team is a random assortment of Academy players, reserves and other odd players who don’t usually get a game.
      My thoughts were that this team could have beaten QPR and we could have put our first team out against Man City.
      In the end I was quite happy to see (well, hear) how well the team played and apart from the unbelievably crass Trevor Sinclair on Radio 5 Extra, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


  35. Brompton Wolf says:

    Happy Birthday Clive. Have a really great day mate.


  36. Johnok says:

    After waxing lyrical all day of last night’s fantastic performance ,what I saw last night only reinforces the fact that we are emerging into a formidable footballing club of like we haven’t seen for over 50 odd years.
    Nuno has given our squad of players belief in their selves to play the stylish football we have craved and yearned for many a year.
    He has inspired the second squad of players to play the same sort of quality football as the first teamers do ,as we saw last night against a far superior team (on paper) we gave them a hell of a game and we was mighty unlucky not to have upset the balance and been in the draw to the quarter finals.
    Bright was fantastic but for his lack of scoring which will come I’m sure with Nuno’s coaching.
    Everyone played their part in a great night as so did the fantastic support of 6000 +.
    Don’t want to get to carried away but its great to be a wolves fan at present,long may it last until we get to the promised land.UTW


  37. RickRack (We're still all with you Carl) Wolves says:

    Well I hear the match ball is going up for auction – but no Citeh players/manager will sign it!
    Also my smethwick town mate said – it was only a bore draw – What!
    Best 0:0 I’ve ever witnessed, respect to everyone representing WWFC in Manc yesterday.
    I truly hope Citeh get the correct ball on Saturday and they need an abacus to record the goals.
    Interestingly, NES plays attractive, attacking football – Pohless plays boring defensive football – let’s see how they fair in their back-yard playing “their” normal style on Sat
    Always been proud to be Wolves – but now simply put – Wolves Aye We


  38. StuWolf says:

    There’s the gutter press, then there’s that shitty rag the E&S.

    Seriously, this is a good read guys.


  39. Paul Doleman says:

    Hello Folks. Cards on the table – I’m a Manc and a big City fan who Just wants to leave some well deserved praise here.

    I could make a load of excuses – you know the sort of thing – we’d changed 9 players from our last Premier League game, our defence had never played together, we played some kids who weren’t ready, the ball was too light (that’s a laugh init) – those would be just that – excuses and besides Wolves had made a load of changes too!

    Fact is, no word of a lie, Wolves were the best team we’ve played this season – better than Chelsea, Liverpool and all the Champions League oponents we’ve faced and I’ve been to every game home and away. Wolves are better organised than Burnley, more aggressive than Napoli, Hall and Norris more heroic than Cortois and Cahill.

    Our fans and our team simply weren’t up for it last night and it showed – our attack misfired and when it did fire – Hall and Norris were right there bodies on the line. Wolves fans were brilliant backing their team throughout and the Wolves team were very hungry and really up for it.

    It took heroics of our own Bravo to keep the tie alive at times. In my book, you’re a dead cert for promotion and will make an impact when you do – because you got real pace up front, height, strength and determination at the back. I wish you all the best for the season and look forward to our encounters in the Premier League next year – definitely time to believe boys – Wolves are going places.


    • RickRack (We're still all with you Carl) Wolves says:

      Hey Paul, thanks for those comments! Great to see that even when the press don’t see it, the genuine fans do.
      We’ve been saying for a few weeks now that this is the best football, players & management we’ve seen in Ode Gold & Black (most of us have been going to the Mol for 30, 40, 50 and more years..)
      Just hope we can emulate yourselves and look forward to playing at the Etihad each year going forward.
      Bestest regards
      PS, do everyone on the Blog a favour and knock fek out of “them strippy twats from down the road” next Saturday!


    • Very kind of you to say. Just be glad we didn’t put our best team out. 🙂
      Always had a soft spot for City. Moreso now I find their fans are so genuine.


    • theDOOGooder says:

      Good man yerself Paul!

      Nice to get some recognition from someone who’s opinion really matters.

      A fan.

      Yep, we’re pretty proud of our new team here at Molineux. We’re starting off on a journey that your club began a few years back.

      Hopefully see you when we get there.

      “Morrisey, Joy Division, Oasis, Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, ‘St’ Anthony H Wilson, Buzzcocks, Charlatans….. Your boys NEARLY took a hell of a beating!”


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Thanks Paul,

      I am liking Man City fans more and more now as you are the second fan to come on here with a positive and pleasant attitude, seeing it as it is and not “gloating” over the final result.

      Welcome to our blog and good luck for the future, and yes, I too believe we will be playing each other again next season, and the next season after that and ……….

      All the best


    • robin says:

      HI Paul and thanks.
      I think you mean Hause, rather than Hall; whom like Ronan, was congratulated for his play by his opposite number in your team, after the game. I thought it was classy, how KDB sought out Ronan to swap shirts with him, as did your defender with Hause who played magnificently.
      Look forward to playing you next year….
      Think you might be European Champions this year.


      • Paul Doleman says:

        You’re right I did mean Hause sorry – he was excellent as were the whole team – Costa impressed me too.


  40. StuWolf says:

    This has made my Milennium, what a feckin player this guy is and he does this to an up and coming starlet like Conor. Kudos Kev.


    Guardiola probably had no intentions of playing De Bruyne in Tuesday’s Carabao Cup match against Wolves but, with the score at 0-0 and full-time approaching, he felt compelled to bring him on.

    De Bruyne wasn’t able to make a difference in the remaining minutes, nor did he help Man City score in extra-time, but he did net their first penalty as Guardiola’s side won the shootout 4-1.

    And De Bruyne proved his class after the match by asking Wolves’ 19-year-old midfielder Connor Ronan for his shirt.

    Watch the incident at the 13:45 mark in the video below. It seems that De Bruyne had already agreed to give Ronan his shirt – but the youngster looked taken aback when the Belgium international wanted his in return.


  41. StuWolf says:

    Oh my Days, what an accolade……



      “YOU WANT TO SWAP SHIRTS WITH ME ? Great gesture by a great player and humble man to a young exciting prospect who will never forget it, along with a lot of wolves fans. RESPECT.


  42. StuWolf says:

    It’s on twitter, but I couldn’t get it to open. But here’s the picture above.

    Look at Conor’s face, I feckin got a genuine tear in my eye, because if you watch the game again when Conor broke through with seconds left, it was the great man himself that ran Ike a feckin gazelle to put the ball out for a corner, such was Conor’s turn of speed against the City defence.


    • robin says:

      Man City have a tunnel camera of the match on their website, it’s on that. Also, the same gesture is made to Hause, whose reaction matches Ronan’s. Great for two young lads who have the potential to be as good as those who swapped shirts with them.


  43. theDOOGooder says:

    Congratulations are most definitely in order to the England Under 17s who have reached yet another World Cup Final.

    Beating Brazil as well!

    And a special mention to our own Morgan Gibbs-White who was part of the victorious team.

    Well done lads and VERY well done mate!


  44. RickRack (We're still all with you Carl) Wolves says:

    I’m getting worried?
    Being a Wolves fan in the now:
    – grateful of having an owner that doesn’t force themselves on WWFC but puts up whats req’d
    – being part of this journey that has put bums on seats home & away (kids Season Tickets and Norwich away travel
    – grateful to have a Chairman that has become a Wulfrunian
    – completely changed my views on J Mendes and his influence
    – in raptures over our head coach and his team of backroom
    – beside myself with our current squad – not first or second team – the overall squad
    – seeing the squad announced for each game & seeing what we still have on the bench
    – seeing the average age of this team & the fact they can get even better
    – excited at the prospects for this year, next year and beyond
    – no broken promises or excuses from our club overall
    – being top of the league & exceeded 2 x points per game
    – game run in League Cup and not losing to Citeh over 120 mins
    – having the likes of Morgan G-W playing in a World Cup final and what that will do for his progression
    – Man C fans (& others fans & managers) extolling the virtues of WWFC in the now
    What’s not to like?
    I’m really only concerned that I’ve been transported to a parallel universe!
    Wolves Aye We


  45. Paulcooksleftpeg says:

    I watched the game in a pub on Tuesday back home where I’m from on espn with about 20 people I was proud of my club even though we got beat
    Everyone one in there bar 1 wanted us to win cheering us on it was brilliant
    They were saying to me how decent we looked little did they know two of our best players wernt in the side, most of them were saying they surley will go up playing like that, I hope there bloody right
    Next up qpr


  46. London wolves loyal says:

    Amongst other massive positive s , when I look at that team that man city couldn’t beat …..
    ( possibly because of the ball ) I see the next good England keeper
    What a keeper !!


  47. Larry Talbot says:

    I’m at a loss to add anything to these post match blogs because it’s all been said; even from a couple of incredibly magnanimous City fans who’ve waxed lyrical over our performance on their own muck-heap and without resorting to moaning about the colour of the ball or tactics employed by Nuno.

    It’s taken a long time for Karma to avenge what Gary Pierce did to them in the final of the same cup, but fair play to Bravo, or should that be bravo! to Bravo, because he certainly deserved his MOTM award with those last-ditch stops.

    I’m trying to stay level headed here, but I said to a mate of mine after watching the pre-season game v Leicester that this team had a good solid feel to it… I didn’t realise we had twenty-odd players all able to gel into a single formidable unit that would stretch even the premier leaders.

    Drink this in guys and girls, cos this is only the beginning…only the beginning…



  48. Larry Talbot says:

    On a more sombre note, because we all loved Sir Jack, but isn’t it interesting that yes, we’ve thrown a few bob at a few players, but Fosun have a plan in place, the point-man of which being super agent Jorge Mendes.

    Contrast that and the purchases of (players?) Mark Atkins, Steve Corica, Simon Osborn…the list goes on.

    As far as I’m concerned Jack was robbed. It’s a horrible shame that the great man was served so poorly.


  49. StuWolf says:

    Here’s that video of Kevin de Bruyne, watch him looking for Conor coming up the stairs.

    What a moment for the lad…..



    Sir Jack would never have appointed Nuno as manager. He isn’t British.


  51. Bedford Wolf (glass half full - bottle half empty!) says:

    Tomorrow BOG gets married. Best wishes mate. Poor Amalia – I hope she knows what’s she’s letting herself in for!

    Looking forward to the big day. I will be wearing my best drinking trousers!

    I still have one surprise up my sleeve but can’t divulge what it is yet. It’s a cracker!

    Have a great day Mike.



    • Twixfix says:

      Hiya Bedford …please pass on our best wishes to Mike and Amalia.

      As you say …she’s a gutsy woman to take on the BOG.

      HAVE A GREAT DAY BOTH OF YOU …from Mike and Lilian ..xx


      • StuWolf says:


        Have a great day, make an honest woman of her and for Dog’s sake get her along to more matches, asthey say, “the family that plays together, stays together”.

        Enjoy the day, Honeymoon in London, somewhere around Loftus Road.

        Stuart & Jenny Alves xx


  52. The WitleyWanderer says:

    Have a great day Bog, and you Bedders, go easy on him ??????


  53. The WitleyWanderer says:

    Sorry about the question marks they should have been smiley faces.


  54. spikeyboy says:

    How anyone cannot see that we are not the real deal is plain stupid.
    What Nuno and his team have achieved in such a short period of time is quite simply incredible.
    Steve Bruce who now sees his efforts falling apart in comparison is spewing out sour grapes by the gallon. His shortcomings and those of others becoming blatantly obvious.
    Our wolves set up is lightyears ahead .
    We have a squad not a first eleven …an entire squad.
    We have a modern up to date game plan and the players to execute that plan.
    How many of the rest can honestly say that … we have proved it .. beyond doubt.
    The wheels are not coming off this wagon and veeela fans no bubble is going to burst over Wolverhampton.
    Eat your hearts out championship because after the crap we have had to put up with for years i for one am like a pig rolling around in shit and i am not going to stop ramming it down your throats FOREVER.


  55. theDOOGooder says:

    Dear Amalia

    There’s still (just) time to change your mind.

    But you won’t because he’s a loveable old soul and needs looking after.

    All the best to you both.

    Love from Mark & Sue xxx


  56. When I think about it, we would still be a top Championship team without the expensive signings.
    Yesterday’s squad, aside from Costa, was very inexpensive and would probably be in a playoff position.


  57. Brompton Wolf says:

    BOG and Amalia,

    Have a great day. I send my best wishes to you both for tomorrow and for the future.



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