Man City Vs Wolves Preview

As someone who dreams of Wembley this isn’t ideal.

The problem with Man City compared to some of the other top brass is their reserves are better than most Premier League sides.

Even if Nuno fields our best eleven, which I don’t think he will, they’re going to find the going tough.

We’ve got nothing to lose and all the jazz, but hopefully we make a game of it and push them at least some of the way.

Man City

I don’t need to tell you that Pep’s boys are steamrollering everyone. Saturday’s 3-0 win over Burnley was their 11th consecutive victory.

They’ve netted 32 goals in just 9 league matches and are yet to lose a single game in any competition.

Definitely due a defeat then. Splendid.

Sergio Aguero is working his way back to fitness so he may well play, looking for the goal that will make him their all time top scorer.

Some others who didn’t start at the weekend include Yaya Toure, Raheem Sterling, Ilkay Gündogan, Brazilian wonder-kid Gabriel Jesus and two time Champions League winner Danilo.

They needed a late Leroy Sane goal to overcome our stripey friends down the round in the previous round but will feel confident of easier progression on their own patch.


Over to you Nuno. If it were me I’d play our strongest team as I couldn’t resist seeing what they could do against the very best. If he wanted to change a couple around, maybe this is a compromise:

I’ve got nothing against our reserve players by the way. Quite the opposite actually, I rate almost every one of them. It just comes down to consistency and giving us the best chance of being competitive.

All the summer recruits will be desperate to play. They didn’t jet in from Porto and Atletico Madrid to turn it on at Burton I imagine so they’ll want the spotlight.

That’s what I’m hoping anyway, as it increases the chances of the best players taking part. If they don’t though, at least they’ll be nice and rested for Saturday I suppose.


Call me a dreamer if you like but I reckon we’ll…get totally smashed.

That’s no slight on our excellent team. I think the lads have got every chance of going there and acquitting themselves very well. I just think Man City are playing on another level to everyone else and you’ve got to back them for a comfortable victory.

Wolves have got to do what they’ve done very well already this season, look after the ball. City will likely dominate possession, but when we do get it, we’ve got to keep it and use it effectively.

Have a right good go lads.

Up The Wolves!


  1. spikeyboy says:

    Well my mate who knows kevin de bruyner ( or however you spell it ) says he is going out with him to kfc on tuesday night so we will win 9-0 as long as he doesnt change his mind


  2. The Witley Wanderer says:

    Big chance for the rest of the Squad to put pressure on Nuno. COUW.


  3. mark Pritchard says:

    I reckon we will give them a good go, but they will win. 3-1.


  4. Basherbaz says:

    Shot to nothing and I think we will give it a real good go, hope neves gets a chance to show his passing skills. Coyw





  6. Chris in Newcastle says:

    I can see our reserves beating theirs 2-1 if there an early Fernendinho red card. Otherwise, hard to see us do anything other than get heavily beaten. They’re just that good.


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      – Difficult match indeed. The City players Thomas named as possible players are world class players and everyone rates them as big favorites. When that is said I also rate our players highly. Marshall, Zyro, Enobakhare, N’diaye, Price, Costa, our defense and keeper are all quality players. We don’t have world class strikers. That’s the major difference between the sides tomorrow. I rate Enobakhare as one of the biggest talents in the world, but compared to Aguero and Jesus he’s just beginning to learn the trade. Zyro and Costa were class acts before their injuries and aren’t the players they were – yet. Still, we have the quality to cause an upset. And perhaps our players wants it more?….

      1-3 Wolves


  7. Wight Wolf says:

    Yes. Interesting game to watch. So long as our boys give a good account of themselves I’ll be happy. However I couldn’t resist a little bet at 18 – 1. after all its a 2 horse race and we are a little bit special when it all clicks.


  8. Didn’t we beat an unbeaten ManU not too long ago?

    Wolves 3-2. (Yeah, I know.)



    I like Wight Wolf’s 18-1. Yeah that will be fuckin great. Bright quadruple hat trick. Plus six from Connor Ronan (only joking Wight). Look at it this way. If the shit can hold them to 2-1 we can at least not make complete twats of ourselves. I hope???


  10. SOIAW says:

    I think we’ll give a good account, a bit like Watford on Saturday, we could be leading but they will come back, City 4 Wolves 2


  11. Vladimir says:

    Both teams have a bigger fish to fry so I’m simply hoping for a great game of footy.

    Quite like your starting line up, Thomas and also your call on how those players would love to play in the spotlights.

    1-1, Wolves to win on penalties.


  12. RickRack (We're still all with you Carl) Wolves says:

    I agree with most of you blog Thomas but would change Miranda for Hause the rest as is – we have to give them a game and last year wasn’t everyone writing us off against L’pool?
    For me I think we’ll have a great run-out and if Pep only puts outs a complete second string do I think we have a chance – but heart will always overrule my yed!
    Wolves to win from 1 x early goal then another early in second half and a late consolation from Aguero in 90 mins…..
    6,000 + Wolves fans WILL make a difference – come on mi babies
    Citee 1 : Wolves 2


  13. Molly Knew says:

    3-1 City, not sure Nuno will risk all our big match players when the league is our PRIORITY!


  14. Twixfix says:

    It’s a game of football between 11 players on each side … anything can happen.
    Of course everyone will be expecting a rout for Citeh BUT their style of football will suit us to tee.

    I’m dreaming of another Stoke and Liverpool here…. Man C 1-2 Wolves…..

    Wemberlee, Wemberleeee…..


  15. Johnok says:

    I don’t care what team we put ,but i know we’ll give it our best.
    That’s if city don’t turn up,don’t forget we beat them in the past when they where favourites.
    Remember 1974.?


  16. sean hughes says:

    Just give it your best the league us more important


  17. London. Wolves loyal says:

    Everyone hates us … the best team in the championship v the best in the Prem
    Why isn’t it on the TV ?


  18. sevlow says:

    Nothing to loose and everything to gain.
    We have a decent squad of players so whoever Nuno picks will do us proud.
    Can we win? Yes
    Will we win? Yes

    2-1 to the Wolves


  19. Newark Wolves (There's only one Carl Ikeme) says:

    Remember this League Cup game against Manchester City anyone ? Just like tomorrow night, all they had to do was to turn up to win – and look what happened. Will history repeat itself ? Yes, because this IS the year !


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      See you there mate. I honestly see us getting a bit of a slapping, but as long as we play our hearts out I will be content.

      Hope to be there around 7.30 ish.


  20. Sea Pigeon says:

    We are up against a team of deities don’t you know because those insulting bookie chappies are going as long as 20/1 for a Wolves victory. I know that they’ve just got 22 legs and 11 dicks the same as our lads (remember that Bristol City chant of Dicks out?) so Ive gone in with £50 at Bet365. Come on my bebes!!!


  21. I see the argument about Ruben, Diogo et al not coming here to play Burton, but the fact is, if we get promotion they’ll be playing Prem teams every week. That is more important and I’m sure they’ll understand if Nuno gives ’em the night off. Anyway, our reserves did the biz at St Marys and need the playing time. And our first eleven have momentum and don’t need their confidence denting by one of the best teams in Europe.
    However, having said that, we marmalised the Saints first team(pretty much) with our reserves so hope springs eternal. And any complacency in the Citeh ranks will be suitably punished.

    Citeh 1 v 2 Our Golden Heroes


  22. Bedford Wolf (glass half full - bottle half empty!) says:

    Obviously I want us to win every game we play and win every competition we are in but, with no disrespect to any Bloggers who are going to Manchester’s Arab sheikh-dom tomorrow night, I don’t want us to play our first team. Given a choice between a stirring victory in the kareoke cup followed by a defeat at Loftus Road or going out of the cup and winning at QPR I know what I prefer. Promotion is everything. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, else matters.

    Here is the team I hope Nuno puts out;

    Hause Bennett Boly
    Marshall N’Diaye Price Vinagre
    Costa Enobakhare Zyro

    Subs: Burgoyne, Coady, Ronan, Deslandes, , Cavaleiro, Jota & Wilson



    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      – Strong team. Not much weaker than our first team if they all can fire on all cylinders.
      In Enobakhare we trust. Impressed saturday with his ability to hold on to the ball.


  23. Bedford Wolf (glass half full - bottle half empty!) says:

    P.S. I got odds of 22-1 with Bet365 for a Wolves win!


  24. theDOOGooder says:

    Our entire squad will be playing scissors paper stone or arm wrestling to see who starts tomorrow.

    If it’s the latter, my money’s on Big Willy and Alf to be the first two names on the team sheet.

    Talking about my money – I’ve got a bet on for a draw at 9-1 and a bet on for us to win at 25-1.

    Ridiculous odds in a two horse race no matter what the state of the nags.

    I’m still dining out on my winnings from the Liverpool game so I don’t mind if a few quid goes down the pan.

    COYW! Show them what can be done on a (comparative) shoestring.


  25. Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

    – If we only had a pair of Neveses. Perhaps the biggest difference – with and without.


  26. Clive from Houston says:

    Any team that has Jesus playing for them is cheating.
    We don’t like cheats, be it refs, pressed on, card if, or wernuck.
    You can only beat what is put in front of you, so watch out City, we are destined for a treble this season.
    They put their trousers on one leg at a time, same as us.
    Their shit don’t stink any less than ours, so why can’t we look forward to a victory?
    If we go out with the mindset we cannot win, we’ll get creamed.
    We go out with the mindset of wanting to take their place at the top of the prem soon, we’ll have a better chance.
    Add in the human nature factor of theirs, playing a “lesser” team and all that, and Bobs yer Auntie, a Wolves win.
    There is no preddo league entry for this match, so I will change my usual score.
    Don’t think a 5-1 is realistic, so I’ll plump for 5-0


  27. Wolf40 says:

    It’s going to be a barnstormer but I think they will have too much fire power for us.
    So im gonna say 5-3 to the Mancs .


  28. Old and Wise (JHP) says:

    I only got 16 – 1 with Paddy Power, but also couldn’t risk my 3-0 coming up (at 500-1 !) so had a quid on that result too.

    More importantly next Saturday we’ll have another league match, against QPR, where our boys can have some fun. Another 3 points ……….


  29. The Cullis Dome says:

    Norris to be Man of Match in historic Wolves win. I think he will turn out to be one of the best keepers we’ve ever had.

    I was there in ’74 when reserve keeper, Gary Pierce played a blinder. I will be there tomorrow to see Norris do the same.

    And the same score…2-1.

    Safest to collect your winnings in a an old carrier bag (not Tescos of course).


  30. nige3367 says:

    Really Cant Understand all the Fuss…
    Lets get out of this Godforsaken league and we can play them twice a season with our best 11…
    This game doesn’t matter…


  31. Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

    Half time 2-2

    Full time 3-3

    Extra time 4-4

    Penalties 10-9 to Wolves.

    Without a doubt I would have travelled to Piccadilly on the Virgin train service from Milton Keynes and stayed over but domestic circumstances this week dictated otherwise……

    For those Bloggers going to the game – have a great evening along with the 6,000 travelling army. We are having a wonderful season folks – excitement after excitement. Bloody marvellous.



  32. Hertford says:

    I went to the bookies to go 1-0 to Wolves.
    But 16-1 was the best I could find in the High Street
    Jeez…..they ain’t exactly throwing money away, are they ?
    So I didn’t bother…


  33. DancesWithWolves says:

    This game doesn’t matter in the whole scheme of things this season but on the other hand we don’t want a demoralising defeat. Nuno is a proud and dignified man, he will put a good team out. Did someone say 25-1 ? I’ll have some of that. I might even take a bit of 16-1 which seems to be the worst odds mentioned by my learned friends above. We have a chance and it ain’t as bad as the aforementioned odds suggest, m’lud.

    I’d rather not have this match at this moment in time (cliche alert) but it is what it is and I think we will give a good account of ourselves. 1-0 to Nuno’s wolf cubs.


  34. Clive from Houston says:

    Man City invite super-agent Jorge Mendes to Wolves Carabao Cup tie


  35. StuWolf says:

    I said a while back, “we’ve got more to give and we can step up a gear” so why not tomorrow.

    We are a team on the up, they are a team at the top of the tree we want to climb next year, Pep what’s his face O’hara is shitting himself the same as Nuno, he want’s 101 points as well in May 2018. So why not the fairy tale, why not the next level, why not we turn em over again.

    We should be the one’s with Feck all to lose and everything on the table to gain.

    So boys, give it your best shot, win lose or draw 6100 fans will be cheering on you every move, kick and challenge. This will be one of those occasions when your’e allowed to play good football without running the risk of losing a limb.

    Hey, who the feck is gonna moan if you get stuffed against the Numbero uno team of the moment.

    It’s the Win win situation of your professional careers, what a shop window to ply your undoubted talents in, whether your’e the first team or the stand in second stream.

    So, get out there, give it 100%, try your best, enjoy the moment, and bring home the bacon.

    The wonderous team to scale the Wonder-wall and ascend from Poundland into Wonderland,

    Mansoor Ceethy 0 – 2 Wolves

    Why not, just why not.?

    Oh yes. Someone please take that curly headed tit Tim Spiers to Specsavers on the way up there, he watches a different game to me each week, Although, like the rest of the idiot press, of late he’s developing a sense of belief in our Wolves new found Golden Era.

    Come on me Bambinos.

    I may be in Crete but I’ll be tuned into wolvestv, or whatever channel is showing the game, my lad in Inverness will find one for me.





  37. Sharmwolf says:

    Bring on QPR.
    Just give it a good go guys. Hopefully 11 changes.


  38. Larry Talbot says:

    Crikey, I’m glad I wasn’t with some of you lot at Agincourt….?

    Listen, if Nuno puts Never in to supply the arrow passes, we’ve got a chance, I kid you not.

    This game’s all about mentality and having the right leadership. This ain’t McGee putting Robbie Slater and clarridge out instead of Bull and Keane. This is Nuno Espiritu Santo…and he likes to win.

    18 to 1 therefore is a steal!

    UTW…and into the next round!!!


  39. Clive from Houston says:

    Didn’t know you were that old, Larry.
    Now Bedders, on the other hand………


    • Bedford Wolf says:

      As soon as I get past puberty and develop some muscles even though you are older than Methusalah I am gonna smash your face in!


  40. When I saw the headline on the article below, I thought ‘here we go again’. More crap about ‘cheating’ Wolves. But it’s actually quite a good balanced read.


  41. Idiot in Croydon says:

    Man City press high and do what Barca did under Pep – which is to always try and regain the ball within a few seconds of losing it. It worked a treat when they beat Chelsea but I have doubts whether they can sustain this over a season, let’s see.

    To be honest, if our patient build up play stuttered against high pressing Preston we’re going to have a nightmare tonight if we try the same. I hope Nuno realises this and has a backup plan or else it will be a long night.

    I’ll be looking for a stream tonight since a mid week trip to the north was sadly off the cards from day one. My respect to all our 6,000 travelling fans – incredible support.


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Idiot, I am an idiot, as I am one of the travelling fans. Mind you I am only travelling from North Yorkshire lol.


  42. Dalmatian Wolf says:

    It has been said that some City players will be upping their game in the hope of forcing a first team chance. Well, same can be said for our boys. Having said that, a good performance and maybe a goal would do me tonight. The league’s the thing, but a good FA Cup run would be great too.


  43. Sleachy says:

    Discussing the game last night, someone said “we’ve got as much chance against them as Huddersfield did against Man Poo”

    Obviously Man Shitty are a class above their noisy neighbours, but I don’t know, I just feel the hand of fate on my shoulder today.

    Nuno is definitely a disciple of the Pep Guardiola school of being much better than everybody else, and I’m sure there will be great respect between them.

    Last season Man Shitty had a tendency towards being overly complacent, and although they look a different side this year, they are still all the same players. Hopefully hubris will give us a platform in the game.

    If De Bruyne plays, all bets are off. That lad is playing football as good as anyone has in this country for a long old while. When we take the lead I’ll expect him to be subbed on to try and rescue the game, so my game plan would be to keep it 0-0 till about 85 minutes, then score a quick brace. Easy as that.



  44. RickRack (We're still all with you Carl) Wolves says:

    Hi there Bloggers,
    I have 10 tickets that are available for tonight Live Bounce back of Man Citeh to the Mol in WV1
    4 tickets together and 6 tickets together – last minute plans have changed for the family.
    Then let me know ASAP and I can forward by email as they are “print at home” – but can only provide by forwarding to an email as I’m not at home to allow for collection!
    Tickets are £2.50 each (as face value) and I’ll send the proceeds to Thomas’s charity event!
    PLEASE NOTE! These are strictly on a first come first served basis via email request to


  45. Portuguese Men of Wolves says:

    MCFC 4-2 WWFC
    lots of goals, we will hold them up till the 85th minute then they will score 2


  46. Oliver Goldblack says:

    I think if Pep fielded the under 11’s it’d probably be still tough for us compared to their quality. Despite that think we will win 4-0 tho.


  47. Sg wolf says:

    We will get trounced if we play Nunos usual patient build up play tonight. Watched the napoli city game on a stream and the best form of defense against city is to catch their backline off guard and attack attack attack with beautiful pings of passes.

    Whatever the team selection tonight, I hope Nuno fights fire with fire. Although I hope we give it a good go with our first team plus fringe players. I agree with Thomas starting lineup


  48. Cannock wolf says:

    Setting out now so that we can get into the city centre for a few pints and then on the tram to the game. We travel more in hope than expectation BUT – miracles do happen occasionally!!

    Just checked the weather forecast – typical Manchester – it’s going to piss down.


  49. DancesWithWolves says:

    Call me optimistic or gullible but I have £25 at 18-1 on a Wolves win and £25 at 10-1 on a draw, both bets at 90 minutes, laid with BetVictor. I’m not joking.

    BTW. Here is a real joke.
    Is a Harvey Wallbanger named after Harvey Weinstein?
    Sounds like it should be, they’re both cock tales…
    Harvey Weinstein is innocent! That mess on the casting couch? It’s only a wine-stain..


  50. Old and Wise (JHP) says:

    Apparently traffic chaos round the Ethiad due to a massive fire… so check latest advice.


  51. Steve Showcase says:

    A simple case of a side fixture and run about
    Nice to see the Mancs in a fixture again and let’s surprise a few pundits..

    I hope we don’t pick up any injuries
    MC 1 wolves3


  52. Game is on ESPN3 today at 3:00 PM Eastern time.

    I would advise people with Android devices to download and install Mobdro from its website.
    The quality of the stream is inconsistent and sometimes laughable but it’s free.
    Don’t forget to practice safe streaming using a VPN. They are very inexpensive if you plan on doing this kind of thing often.


  53. London wolves loyal says:

    Just seen your post tim
    Got android but havent got mobdro on it .. is it as complicated as stuff like cartoon hd
    When idownloaded those things i just got piles of pop ups
    Then the lads who knew what they were doing said …oh you need download the real one .
    Ill give mobdro a go ,but i can see bow the rest of my eveni gs going to pan out
    Also what is a vpm ?
    Sorry to ask you this stuff


    • I actually do not see ESPN3 so I don’t know if it will be seen on this. I am investigating.
      might as well try to install it because it gets a LOT of channels.


  54. VPN is a virtual private network. What you do is sign up with a provider and it allows you to sign into their servers in all countries around the world. From there, you are allowed access to the internet. (If the company does not keep logs, it cannot help the police track down who did what because there is no historical record of what anyone did.)
    By doing that, the thought police cannot tell who you are and cannot come knocking on your door for downloading or watching things illegally, assuming it is illegal to do what you are doing.
    It also allows me to log into a server in the UK and then appear to the website as if I am there and therefore bypass country restrictions for viewing highlights, for example


  55. Peculiar team selection for tonights game. I can’t work out who will be playing where at the back and in midfield. Still, Nuno will have a plan, I’m sure.


  56. London wolves loyal says:

    Thanks tim … i am trying , prob listen to it on the radio while i spend hours doing somdthing wrong while all the time i should just give the tablet to my eldest son and say “mobdro please ”


  57. Found a stream. Spanish or Portuguese.


  58. London wolves loyal says:

    I ve got it on the radio , i want wolves to score so it helps trevor sinclair to climb out of man citys arseholes
    Such a cocksucker
    Come on wolves


    • theDOOGooder says:

      You’re dead right about Sinclair.

      What a tosspot!

      In fact the standard of commentary altogether is pretty appalling.


      • JackoMac says:

        Appalling bias from Sinclair, and absolutely no credit for what we achieved in the first half. Every comment seems to begrudge wolves efforts. Why won’t we just let them score seven.


      • Jazzwolf says:

        Listening to 5live extra I thought the commentary was being done by the chairman and secretary of Man City Supporters Club ….. every City player was named in the action while all too often we heard “The ball is cleared by a Wolves defender”. Not very professional really, but completely overshadowed by Trevor Sinclair’s many different – all wrong – attempts to get Nuno’s name right …. typical was “Nuno Santo Espurto” …. surely that just shows a complete lack of the preparation expected from broadcasters.

        For me the result was quite acceptable …. we showed very clearly what we are made of while avoiding distractions later in the season.


  59. Jim (good luck Carl) says:

    Bnbnbnbnbnb BeinSports on mobdro nmnnnnnnnnnnnn. Commentary changed to Arabic tho.

    Man city masterclass mostly but we getting a few breaks. Good defending. Bright must learn the “Dink”.

    0:0 half time


  60. StuWolf says:

    Google that, it’s crystal clear woth brilliant commentary.


  61. It’s on Bein1. Wish I knew that earlier but I didn’t see it when I looked.
    Oh well, half a game is better than nothing.


  62. theDOOGooder says:

    How many times can Sinclair get Nuno’s name wrong?


  63. DancesWithWolves says:

    Strewth. Looks like one of my two bets came up. £25 on a draw at 10-1. The score at 90 minutes is what counts I think. The other bet was a win at 18-1 for £25. £250 winnings and my £25 back. Thank you Wolves and Nuno!

    Come on you Wolves. Let’s win this one now!


    • Old and Wise (JHP) says:

      well done, so near for the win too. it is 90 mins, I’m pretty sure, what a performance !

      Radio 5 Extra commentators thought it was all over from the start, finally some grudging admiration now……


  64. Can’t believe you ain’t all listening on WolvesTV.


  65. theDOOGooder says:

    I’m bloody shattered, I don’t know about the lads.

    Shattered, but SO proud.

    And, rather richer too.


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      Enobakhare and Bravo players of the match. A good performance by the lads. We don’t need to buy another striker in january. If we end up buying another striker we’ll have to loan out Enobakhare to another club to give him match training. And if we end up buying another striker he’ll better be good. What player Enobakhare is! Fantastic link-up play, he was almost an attacking force alone. If he improves his finishing skills he’s already a player of highest calibre in my view. And Arse-nal better keep their fingers away from Vinagre. Kept Sterling in check when he was out wide.



    Heroic. Absolutely fuckin heroic.


  67. We did ourselves proud. We announced ourselves to the rest of the country.
    We bowed out gracefully.
    Now we can concentrate on the league.
    What’s not to be happy about?
    Disappointed? Sure. But we still put on a defensive show.
    And Leo scored!


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      – Leo scored and his allround game has improved greatly since he arrived to Wolverhampton. After the first matches I asked myself if he was for real, if he was a brazilian, because his control was way under par the Brazilian standard. He was of course not in the best shape then but now there’s know doubt of his Brazilian origin. Showed off his technical skills again against Man City with excellent ball control.


  68. StuWolf says:

    Feckin wow.
    That’s shut a few tossers up.
    Well done boy’s, you gave all you could and came away with heads high and a few more admirers.

    Travelling fans were amazing, never shut up throughout, well done all concerned.
    What a game.


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      – Vinagre’s dribble deserved a better end-product. Eye opener for many so late in the game.


  69. Bedford Wolf (glass half full - bottle half empty!) says:

    To put tonight’s performance and result into perspective – our starting line up cost £17m (with £13m of that on Costa). Man City’s starting line up cost £276.8m. We put out an essentially second string line up whilst they had big hitters like Aguero, Sterling, Jesus, Silva etc.

    They may be through to the next round but there was only one winner tonight. Wolverhampton Wanderers and their amazing fans.

    Next season in the PL we are going to be amazing and shove it right up so many of the so-called elite.

    Ian Holloway – be afraid, be VERY afraid.



  70. Clive from Houston says:

    Once again, you guys, read Southbank Resistance on tonights game.
    One fabulous turn of phrase.
    “Making their $50,000,000.00 players look like snot on a bus seat”
    Shit eating grin still in place, very proud to be a Wolves fan.






    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      – Yes, I’m sure they couldn’t believe their eyes when Bright brushed Mangala off the pitch twice. EA have to adjust his strength up on Fifa 18 after this game.


  72. Sleachy says:

    Fabulous night for the lads, proud to be a Wolves fan, and what a leader we have in Nuno!

    Listened on the radio in my parents’ caravan in St Ives, and was on tenterhooks all night! Agree Sinclair’s butchering of Nuno Espirito Santo’s name was cringeworthy!!

    Disappointing to hear Guardiola blaming the ball for their troubles rather than crediting the lads for their efforts, but pleased some dissenting voices from Wolves fans when the teams were announced have been knocked down several pegs.

    Roll on the rest of the season, and look forward to playing Man Shitty again next year with our first team and taking soke points off the smug northern gets.



  73. StuWolf says:

    It’s 3-28am in Crete and I’m the saddo sitting at the iPad cause I can’t feckin sleep after that game.

    Pep Guardiola the best manager in Britain after Nuno Espirito Santos, see’s his side stifled by a second string Wolves side and the best he can do is…..

    Blame the fuckin Ball.

    Speaks absolute volumns.

    Conor Ronan, you were magnificent.


  74. Brompton Wolf says:

    Full respect to the lads. They played their hearts out. I felt so proud of them.


  75. Brompton Wolf says:

    Great to meet up with the Newarks too


  76. spikeyboy says:

    I started on 5 live while lounging in the sauna but it was that total thick twat sinclair who got my blood boiling not the sauna.
    Is he for real or what ? who the hell hired him the one eyed totally biased knob .
    It was so annoying i had to get up and put wm on and although the commentary was more balanced old mel eves didnt seem to be able to remember what he was talking about half the time.
    Still it was better than 5 live or man citeh radio as we should call it.
    Wolves were brilliant and have now showed the rest of the prem how to stifle the citeh.
    Lets hope we get a round ball on saturday so that it doesnt make our players keep falling over in the box like theirs did.


  77. Cotswold Wolf (stay strong Carl) says:

    5live a disgrace. Sinclair shotuld be sacked. OK got that of my chest. Well done the “second XI” and well done NES. Different tactics for different situations.


  78. StuWolf says:

    Smoke & mirrors Pep, smoke and mirrors.

    It was the wrong ball?

    Not the fact that you had to field 4 substitutes in an attempt to beat the Wolves second string, albeit illegally, you put 2 of them on in extra time which you are not allowed to do. If Wolves chose to contest it, there may have to be a replay, just what you don’t need right now eh.

    So let’s blame the feckin ball.

    Arrogant and tit are two words that spring to mind.


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