Sheffield United 2 Wolves 0

We were never in this one.

Even before Conor Coady was sent off for hauling down Leon Clarke the home side were well on top.

They were quicker to the ball, snappier in the tackle and effervescent in their efforts to stop Wolves playing out.

That enthusiasm forced the mistake and from that point on it was one way traffic until they made the breakthrough.

For all their intricate build up play, the goals that won it were meat and drink, with Clarke inevitably there to connect with the crosses.

It’s disappointing in that sense they didn’t have to play through us to win the day. It all felt too easy.

Ruben Neves should have made life significantly more uncomfortable by tying things up from the spot, but truthfully he never looked like scoring.

It was one of those jittery half-baked run ups that rarely inspires confidence and the contact was then less than perfect.

Had Helder Costa still been on the pitch he might well have taken responsibility but on a night of disappointment he was hooked in the tactical reshuffle after Coady headed for the shower.

Still, it’s good that he’s now considered fit enough to feature and you would think he’ll get a relaunch on Saturday.

Beyond that crumb of positive news you’re hard pressed to find anything else.

The lesson to learn is start faster.

Teams will press high and try to force mistakes. Wolves have to show more tenacity, more imagination and a greater appetite to establish a foothold so they can play their game.

This was a blip but it was a blip you could see coming.

Take the medicine and go again.


  1. The Witley Wanderer says:

    No Problem we can’t win them all , win most of the rest will do nicely . Roll on Saturday.


  2. someblokeontinterweb says:

    STRIKER, STRIKER, STRIKER, AND on we go. I’m on my hols and I promised to wear my shirt whatever the result. So wear that shirt I will.


  3. Bedford Wolf (THE competition winner) says:

    Just about everything that could go wrong went wrong. Coady sent off after 15 minutes, Costa’s return cut short after 20 minutes as a consequence and then Neves misses a penalty. To only lose 2-0 to a high-flying Sheff United therefore wasn’t too bad in the circumstances.

    Never mind. We will finish above them and everybody else. We will be Champions.

    20 points from 10 games = 92 for the season = promotion.

    On to Burton and three points.



  4. nige3367 says:

    Performances have been getting worse … Not Better…
    How can a league one striker single handidly destroy millions of pounds worth of Talent..
    15 million for a bloke who cannot take a penalty.. He is nowhere near worth that..
    We have fell lucky up to now.. Still all to play for but big inprovements are needed..


  5. Johnok says:

    As you said Thomas,we must start quicker and press from the whistle.
    For once I thought Nino was tactically inept in hauling Costa off so soon after Coady’s red card.
    We tried to defend instead of attack and so lost the game.
    I hope he learns from it,this isn’t a knock because he like the players need to learn from it.
    It’s a blip but we must get over it and win at Burton then it’ll ball be all forgotten .


  6. Yes a very disappointing night at Bramall Lane! We were not at the races, Coady not only missed 75% of this game he’ll be out for the next 3 or is it 5 games?

    If we had put them under pressure more & played a more attacking game their defence did look a bit suspect. For me only Miranda & Jota plus Ruddy came through this one with credit.

    Good to see we are not far off the top, but it’s key now how we respond to this defeat & the loss of Coady.

    They look a good side indeed & they killed us down the right side. Hope Nino knows how to get us back to winning ways.
    knows what the answer to this


  7. StuWolf says:


    It was not violent conduct, Coady will miss 1 game only.


  8. Sheffieldwolf says:

    I have to disagree, it was disappointing but it was understandable given the red card.

    For 15 mins we dominated possession, bonatoni even managed his now customary scuffed Miss when through.

    But seriously did wolves not see Clarke’s first on Sunday. The sending off was a carbon copy. Long looping hit and hope ball which Clarke bustles past last man. Coady was stupid 11 men and a goal down is better than 10 with 75 minutes to play.

    The way we we had kept Utd chasing the ball for that first 15 it was only a matter of time before we forced an error or an opening.

    Their first was the result of sustained pressure as a result of wolves having no out ball. Bonatonis one touch link up play can be sublime, but as a lone striker today I’d have preferred a front man with strength like Clarke.

    Nunos second half changes made a positive difference but you can’t legislate for missing a pen. Even one as hard hit as neves, in pretty sure that post is still vibrating.

    The second as a result of poor zonal marking was well taken and killed the game and we were spared further pain by some great last ditch tackles.

    The result is gone. We just need to pick ourselves up and beat villa and all will be forgiven.


    • DebenhamWolf ( thinking of Kemes ) says:

      Spot on; totally agree. Have just watched the first 15 minutes on Wolves TV and have to say we were playing well, while under great closing down pressure by SU. Coady reacted instinctively, sadly and SU are a good team and benefited as they should have. Shame about the penalty miss, as it would have lifted us more when we were playing much better in the second half; that’s football…


  9. Sheffieldwolf says:

    Also just to point out that Clarke may not be a fashionable striker but his strike rate of four in 7 appearances with two assists marks him out as a very useful player at this level.

    He deserved to be the difference between the two teams. He was constantly a threat and but for some good keeping and defending could have finished with the match ball.

    Wolves biggest problem is that we didn’t sign an out and out striker. Someone who can hold the ball up and give us a breather when we’re on the back foot. Someone who can turn a mistake or a half chance into a scruffy goal. I’m not saying that man is clark, but certainly an afobe or even a dicko would have been more of a problem for Utd than bonatoni once we had gone down to 10.


    • Landburgher Gessler 'the amburger guzzler' says:

      I think we should buy that Leon Clarke


    • RickRack wolves says:

      Hiya Sheffield, I guess you went to the game and thanks for your summation. Based on the 2 points per game we’re still on Target. We still have to play Colin & his sheep-shaggers so this is still completely, totally & utterly in our own hands.
      Costa’s back, Coady gets a rest for 1 game only & Nuno ain’t going to change his style or formation!
      10 men after 15 mins & a missed penalty ain’t going to change things one jot.
      Bring on Burton and then the vile…
      And Clarke, really – I think not….
      FOwb, av, cc & Colin, su & Leona


  10. Clive from Houston says:

    Here we go again, didnt sign a striker, gonna get relegated, woe is us, typical Wolves, blah, blah, blah
    Fuckin’ get over it!!
    We were beaten by one man who bossed their midfield, him with the Ryan Shawcross haircut. We gave him far too much space and time on the ball and he had a blinder.
    Fair play to them, they fought harder and despite their blatant time wasting tactics, deserved to win.
    It is now a big challenge for Nuno to pick the team up and get them ready to stuff Burton With The Bad Second Name.
    We are in the top four, on course for promotion, and still there are the moaners and groaners.
    If you want something to bitch about, go down the road and wear blue and white.


    • sevlow says:

      Yeh, what Clive said..


    • Rob in Leighton Buzzard says:

      You forget that we were poor against Forest, Bristol Rovers and Barnsley. Our under-par performance against Sheffield United isn’t a one-off. That said, I take your point that we’re in the top four and on course for promotion.


  11. Predictable I am afraid .Let us be honest they have been lucky to win in recent games and there must bea worry now that the league is finding them out .Neves not the right penalty taker they need tofind a better one before the next one we get .Clarke had to score of course .Almost amusing that he did twice after his disastrous time at Wolves .


  12. ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

    It was a bad day at the office but the next game will be here before we know it. And so we move on.

    At least Worcestershire secured promotion to Division 1


  13. Man for man we are better then most. Press from the front and play in the same vein opposing teams play vs us and we’ll win. Mental strength is key. Ability wise we have it but being strong is the true test of champions.


  14. JackoMac says:

    Easy division this is, all other managers are Muppets and any one who beats us are cheating fouling time wasters. Anyone who questions our divine right to success and promotion is a yellow bellied traitor. Can we get real now? We are attempting to break the mould of this division with young players of amazing potential
    Cardiff Leeds Ipswich Preston and Sheffield Utd could never survive more than one division in the Prem, but right now they seem better set up for s Street fight than we are. Time for a realistic re-think based on a little less hype and a little more humility. We will earn our promotion if it happens. Now we go again


  15. As soon as we went down to 10 after 14mins, the writing was on the wall. Whether this was a bad day at the office or a symptom of a greater malaise, only time will tell, but for sure there has been a drop off from the stellar performances of the early games. This could well be because other teams have learned how to counteract our style and maybe we are lacking a plan B at the moment.
    Far be it for me to diagnose the problems though when we have a manager with NES’s credentials holding the reins. He’ll sort it, I’m sure.
    Onwards to the brewers. I could do with a drink myself.


  16. Wolfman Jack says:

    ‘Teams will press high and try to force mistakes. Wolves have to show more tenacity, more imagination and a greater appetite to establish a foothold so they can play their game.’

    Teams have worked out that if they give us the slightest bit of room/time we can destroy them. The Blades only did what Cardiff, Forest and Barnsley before them have done. If you play away, (at a form team challenging you at the top of the table), for 75 minutes with 10 men and also miss a penalty you can’t expect to come away with a point.
    The bigger concern is the nature of the goals we conceded – both very simple. A cross into the ‘corridor of uncertainty’ and a free header. I guess they are down to us using an unfamiliar back 4, or possibly that only 1 of our starting back 3 was on the pitch or simply that Coady wasn’t there to organise. Whatever – a night to forget – lets move on.


  17. Twixfix says:

    It’s easy to be critical after that result BUT …. 20 points from 10 games is … ‘P’ material.
    I confess to stomping around when Coady got dispatched and then, who else, Clarke bags a couple .. so last night at the Twix’s was a bit fraught.
    But hey today’s a new day, and having watched Nunos press conference… it’s time to kick some ass.. because I believe that footballers become sterile and blasé about their ambitions and roles. The majority need bringing back down to earth, either gently or with a good rocket up their bottoms.
    If I’m honest ..this result was always on the cards ….it’s how we bounce back will form my judgement as to how good we are.

    As mentioned above I’ve no doubt that we will finish higher than Sheffield Utd but for me we have to be looking at a strategy that counteracts the high pressing from the opposition.

    Let’s take another view on Saturday at 5pm.

    Onwards but not Downwards…


  18. StuWolf says:

    I know at times I come across as a bit of “a happy clapper” but to be fair on the team, I didn’t see that much wrong last night.

    1, Sheffield put forwards a heavenly ball which lobbed Douglas and left Coady stranded with Clarke off on a run towards goal. The lad chose to pull him back, albeit, enough to definitely 100% warrant the red card.
    2, WTF was Neves doing taking the penalty, for Dog’s sake, we have better more confident playes in there that would have taken out half a dozen fans behind the goal.
    3, costa makes his long anticipated comeback, and fate kicks him in the Gonads, but Nuno saw exactly what I saw, which was, on his first run down the right he had to leap 3ft into the air, to prevent losing both lower limbs from a tackle that was unpunished, so drag the lad off please Nuno.

    So three pivotal moments ended my dream of a 3-1 last night, that’s feckin life, it’s feckin disappointing but hey, someone got bowled over by a car on the crossing in Sheffield last night. Thats more important in life, but it doesn’t make us feel any better today.

    What a kick up the arse for those boys against a team we should turn over on Saturday at Burton, so maybe all the holes in the Swiss cheese are lining up in a celestial manner to make next weekend a special one, but hey life goes on, we weren’t as bad as some think last night.

    Up to the point of the red card last night, we were up for it, we started better than we have for ages, but it wasn’t to be, we were down to 10 men and it was going to be a struggle against a high flying team of the moment. They took full advantage and punished us well, but we certainly didn’t roll over and let them have it all their own way. Nuno knows his problems, we can see it staring us in the face. Our possession is amazing, right up until we should be releasing the ball to a striker capable of Clarkes efforts last night, but we get right up the pitch, there’s no one there, so we turn right round and play it back again.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the new footy but the end product is still eluding us, Nuno has his style he wants to play but he’s learning fast, those cloggers and time wasters in this division won’t let it happen. We are linked with another Right Back according to the E&S, we are chasing 2 strikers, one of which we think was there Saturday. We are not the finished article yet, but Nuno knows and he’s trying to put it right.

    But, there’s almost 1/4 of the season gone, we’re sitting 4th, if we get a great result on Saturday, if the footy Dogs that shit on us last night take pity at the weekend, we could be top of the league on Sunday. I don’t think that’s half bad for an unfinished team.


    • You ole happy clapper Stu. 🙂 I agree with most of that. Just a couple of quibbles.
      I don’t think Coady, or anyone else in that situation, chose to pull him back. It’s largely an instinctive reaction to a desperate situation. If he chose to pull him back, and thus get sent off in the 14th minute, then he deserves a smack on his botty. Naughty boy! The secret is to not get in that situation in the first place.
      Also, if NES subs Helder every time some lummox with size 11’s tries to hack him to pieces, we’ll not be seeing a lot of him this season. Which would be a shame.
      Otherwise my friend, as ever, you speak a lot of sense.


  19. theDOOGooder says:

    I suppose, in hindsight, the way this match panned out was about as predictable as a plot line in The Archers.

    Wolves, flying high, playing against a team with a forward who couldn’t hit the proverbial when he was in the Old Gold, in front of a couple of thousand pumped up travelling fans expecting the win.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Adam and Ian wanting a surrogate baby with the ever flaky Helen, that’s what.

    And Josh having that piece of equipment nicked when it wasn’t insured was BOUND to happen.

    And Leon Clarke getting two goals against us was a nailed on certainty.

    And our best defender getting sent off and banned for………

    Well, I won’t go on.

    I certainly don’t think Nuno was ‘tactically inept’ in taking Costa off. He’s not a defender and he would either have knackered himself chasing shadows or injured himself trying to get stuck in.

    The worrying thing is that performances are sliding and Nuno HAS to get them starting more positively.

    We started the season on the front foot, dominating possession and dictating the pace of the game.

    We are not doing that now and haven’t been for a few games.

    This HAS to change or it’ll be the same old story of countryfolk.

    And that scoundrel Matt and the wife abuser Rob will be coming back to haunt us.


    • Brompto' says:

      Adam, Ian and Helen? You have lost me mate.

      Not commenting on the game as it has all been said. Took me yonks to find a space to park so left 10 mins early to avoid a fine.

      Was great to meet Blake AKA LA Wolf and Stu and Jen. I hope Jen is feeling better.

      See you all sometime soon bloggers.


  20. spikeyboy says:

    thats the last time i comment before a game .
    leon clarke … donkey. ( not)
    wheels wont fall off our wagon. (did).
    shit happens in nuno we trust .
    watch out burton i smell revenge.
    said it again havent i.


  21. Clive from Houston says:

    What is really sad about this whole evening is that Doogle actually admits to listening to the Archers, an everyday story of country folk. Or at least it used to be, back when I was forced to listen to it, before the War.
    How is Doris?


    • theDOOGooder says:

      “Arr! She been gone these thirty seven years young marster. Things haven’t been the same up Pratt’s Bottom since.”


  22. Wolfman says:

    What a rubbish performance. It’s been coming for a while. We have flattered to deceive recently and have ridden our luck. The team’s football is getting worse. They seem lost at the moment. They want to play football but opponents are too strong and powerful for them. It has to be noted that it was raining yesterday too. Did poor Weather conditions play a part in our poor performance? Can the foreigners can’t hack it? Does Nuno know what he’s doing? Are we being found out. Will the cynics have their day and been right after all? The next match will be telling.


  23. Newark Wolves (There's only one Carl Ikeme) says:

    13 games played, nearly in to October and we have only lost twice. I would have taken that at the start of the season, come on me babbies – this IS the year.


    • Brompto' says:

      Are you staying at Novotel on the 25th Nov. If so I may join you.


      • Newark Wolves (There's only one Carl Ikeme) says:

        Hi mate, as it is a special occasion we have splashed out on The Mount so we can spend a bit of time with Mr & Mrs Bedders.


  24. Mark G Davies says:

    Like my fellow wolves fans, I didn`t enjoy last night, and it was clear there was only going to be one winner after the sending off.
    Got back to Chesterfield last night and my missus says – oh the goals are on in a minute dear, after the local news – don`t women know just how to say the right things.
    Strange how the two lads who have signed four year contracts were the villains of the piece for me. Saw Coady`s foul from a different angle on the TV highlights which I did watch and clearly the decision was right. About the first mistake he`s made this season, so lets move on.
    Docherty was having real problems with his winger right from the off, and could not cut out the cross for the first goal, maybe one of the central defenders should have done that anyway before the ball reached Clarke..
    One of the chaps who works at the hotel and sat in the home end said the locals were saying we were a good passing side and looked ok until we went down to 10 men., and like Stuwolf says, our second half efforts kept the home fans quiet for long spells. Bad day but not a disaster, so long as we bounce back on Saturday.


    • theDOOGooder says:

      I’ve just seen the highlights and you’re quite right about the central defenders being at fault for the first goal in particular.

      It happens time and time again that balls into the box either in the air or on the deck are not dealt with.

      Sort it Nuno please.

      On a slightly lighter note, I don’t normally indulge but I’ve just read the tweet of the day from a certain Mr. Liam Page who, according to his twitter profile, is a Psychology graduate.

      It says:- “Withdraw Coady’s new contract”.

      I assume he’s got his tongue firmly in his cheek but if not – Great psychology mate!


  25. Bedford Wolf (THE competition winner) says:

    I deliberately posted a positive and upbeat comment as soon as I could as I was worried that there would be loads of negative comments so typical of the Black Country glass-permanently-half-empty mentality in general and Wolves fans in particular.

    I was right.

    Come on people what’s the matter with you?

    Players who were great a few weeks ago are not suddenly rubbish.

    Neves isn’t suddenly crap because he missed a penalty.

    The defence isn’t suddenly apalling because Leon scored twice.

    So we lost. Big deal.

    We are 4th and still averaging 2 points a game. Which as I keep saying gets you automatic promotion. Smile people for goodness sake.

    As a Wolves fan now for 57 years it really pisses me off the way Wolves fans are so miserable and whining and whinging, always fearing the worse, seemingly never happy unless they have something to moan and worry about – or in fact worrying that there is nothing to worry about.

    Much more of this and I’ll go and support Arsenal!



    • Brompto' says:

      Hear, hear. If you look at some of the moaning bloggers you may see that the only time they post on here is when we lose. Sad isn’t it.


    • sevlow says:

      Yeh, what Beders said. (saves me time typing it)
      Anyway, I’m drinking Tuborg Gold before I start the gin and tonics….


    • DebenhamWolf ( thinking of Kemes ) says:

      I so agree; and to not appreciate how hard any game in this league can, can, be on the day is not to know it very well. Burton on Saturday is not a foregone conclusion. We have a really good team and will do the job required but not without the usual ups and downs. It is the nature of the game. COYW…


  26. The Cullis Dome says:

    Listened on WM last night….always like Mike Taylor. But was interested in one of Mel Eves’ observations….in attack, he said, and he was not referring to this game alone, there is not nearly enough movement off the ball, pulling defenders out of position and creating space. Is it this, as much as the lack of a blunderbuss striker, which has been responsible for our problems in scoring?
    If so, it’s strange given how ‘give and go’ has always been a hallmark of the many successful Iberian teams.
    Like Nuno’s attitude…onwards to the next game and 3 points!


  27. Clive from Houston says:

    You’re a sad bastid, Bedders. Threatening to support a team with a foreign manager.
    Oh wait, Nuno IS English, isn’t he?


    • Bedford Wolf (my wife's a quarter Portuguse y'know) says:

      Not had an English manager for 11 years since Glenda Hoddle and boy was he dire! Anyway according to Laurence Llewellyn up-himself Bowen today if you are English then you are automatically racist apparently. Who knew?

      Not sure I want to support a team who can’t score goals, are terrible at defending, do nothing in midfield, who failed to sign a striker, are going nowhere, are struggling at the wrong end of the table, have useless disinterested owners, a crap manager, too many foreigners and have only managed 20 points from 10 games and lost 3 out of 13 matches.

      p.s. Nuno was born in Dudley I believe. Sorry that should be spelt Dood-lie.

      p.p.s. On Sunday I am going to Arsenal v Brighton with one of my many sons so unless we stuff Burton 17-0 on Saturday whilst playing like the Brazil team who won the World Cup in 1970 mixed with a touch of the Dutch side of 1974 and Neves plays like a blend of Messi/Ronaldo/Pele/Cruyff/Best all rolled into one then that’s it – I’m off!


      • Bedford Wolf (my wife's a quarter Portuguse y'know) says:

        Just realised that should be ‘lost 2 out of 13 matches’ (thank you Newark) which of course is even worse – bloody disgusting. We’ve only won just under 70% of our games this season. What’s going on?


      • Brompto' says:

        You are English and you aren’t racist. I mean, you talk to me.


  28. sutton coldfield wolf says:

    So far this season, I’ve seen Cardiff, Millwall, Bristol C, Barnsley at home and Sheffield Utd away. i’m also going to Burton on Saturday. So, my observations are based purely on these 5 out of the 13 games under Nuno:
    – 20 points from 10 league games and through to the last 16 of the Cup is a very good achievement thus far. is there any right minded Wolves fan that would not have taken that at the start of the season?
    – Is the team firing on all cylinders? No, i don’t think so yet. Costa has literally just returned and particularly defensively, Boly, who impressed me has recently been injured and Hause has not been available. However, there are far more pluses than minuses in the playing squad assembled thus far. We are in as strong a position to compete for promotion this year than we have been at anytime since MM took us up in 2009 (in fact probably the squad is as strong as the 2003 promotion winning team)
    – Will the team get better? With the acquisition of a striker in January and more playing time together as a squad, almost certainly.
    – Are there any nagging doubts? Yes, it is still far too early to tell whether early season progress will be maintained, plateau or even reverse. In the games I’ve seen I’d say we’ve plateaued of late and three fundamentals do worry me 1) we have a clear weakness at set pieces (particularly corners and giving away needless free kicks in around our final third ) 2) we do not seem to have a plan b when teams press us high and are physically strong – this is more common than not in the championship 3) our biggest weapon is currently our attacking talent and yet we never seem to put teams under the cosh from the first whistle to see if they buckle instead preferring to try and take progressive control of the game and almost suffocate the opposition through maintaining possession.

    My message to all our fans is have faith, stay patient until we have played each team once and see where we are. I have a feeling that if we are there or thereabouts at the half way point you may see a very different Wolves in the second half of the season – remember when we were promoted in 2003, we were languishing in mid table at Christmas. You can’t win the league in the first 2 months of the season but you can make it difficult for yourself to win it. Nuno has definitely not pus in that position, so well done so far


  29. Paul Feathetstone AD67 says:

    This result has been on the cards for a couple of weeks. We managed to get over the line against Burnley but this seems like a game to for for some.

    Saturday Tuesday is me thinks taking its toil on some, so why no changes we are supposed to have quality now in every position to come in and do a job.

    I’m afraid taking Costa off was a mistake Nuno the best form of defence is attack.

    If we are going down we may as well go down fighting. Bad tactical mistake Nuno I’m.


  30. Mmmmm. Must have missed the Burnley game.



    The summer just gone marked the first phase of bringing in better quality players than what we had. I think most folk would agree with that. There will be further evolution as we go along. There is no need to panic because we have lost one game. Had the penalty been converted we could have been looking at a different outcome. A heroic backs to the wall point perhaps.I can see Bedford is frustrated by the negativity.I think you have to put that in to the perspective of several new dawns, large injections of cash on players, particularly over the last twenty odd years and essentially 4 seasons in the top flight since 1980 and all of these relegation battles. I think fans are just worried in case it all goes ‘tits up’ again. I don’t think it will. My view is that Fosun are entirely focused on achieving EPL status and it will come. We just have to have patience and faith in the meantime.


    • Twixfix says:

      Well put Cheesey … my slant as to the negativity is that we are all so desperate to get this Champioship monkey off our backs and to reach the promised land …. that any blip promotes the desperation factor ….

      (I think I know what I’m trying to say)

      Nurse …can I have my Horlicks now…


  32. StuWolf says:

    Man City tickets on sale from :-
    Saturday to Away STH’s
    Tuesday for STH’s with 1030loyalty points.

    Don’t all panic, we’re getting 5,500.


  33. The Newt says:

    This result has been coming after some under par performances but we still have more points than I thought we would at this stage.

    Newcastle and Brighton lost 10 and 9 matches each last year so no need to panic just yet.

    Some things need sorting on the training ground – defending set pieces – and time will tell if our new look squad can cope with a gruelling season.

    Beat Burton and things will look much better.


  34. Lowves says:

    Tickets for Man city only £10 concessions a fiver, not bad to see our team give champions elect a damn good thrashing, I’ll get ours on Saturday on the way to Burton!


    • StuWolf says:

      Are you both Away ticket holders. I thought you were just STH’s like us……..


      • Lowves says:

        We took out AST’s a few weeks ago because under the new regime, its going to get harder to get tickets, the more we win,and even harder next season in the premier!! Probably see you at Burton.



    Twix – yep I totally agree. We are sick of dining out on the 1950’s and 60’s.We just want to be up there again. Blimey, the best season I can remember was 1979/80 when we finished top six in the top flight, won the league cup and got in to Europe.



    Just a blip in the grand scheme of things hopefully


  37. Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

    Blimey another ex Wolves “player” nets against us – we must have the highest ratio of ex players scoring against their previous club than any other. Clarke could not hit a cows arse with a banjo when at Molineux.

    Nevertheless I was not at Bramall Lane simply because ‘er indoors went ape shit when I considered paying out over £100 for a corporate place plus £40 fuel for the 270 miles round trip. Especially on top of the £100 or more we spent at Forest. Credit to the 2,200 sell out away support on a Wednesday evening. Superb following.

    However let’s face it no club wins every game. Not Real Madrid, not Barcelona, not Bayern Munich, not Manchester City and not our beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers.

    I have a firm belief that the owners, this manager and the squad he has put together, will work the oracle come May. Nobody has remotely suggested it will be easy. It is broadly recognised that the Championship is so bloody difficult to get promoted from as we all well know having spent the best part of the last 33 years in the self styled “division from hell”.

    Look at the teams squashed into the top 10 already. Every team rightly thinks it has the credentials to jump into the holy grail. I am a firm believer we have the best squad – yes I am a little biased but this is based on what I have seen so far both at Molineux and on Sky – and cream will always rise to the top.

    So hang on in there guys – in May you can breath a sigh of relief and then take an even bigger intake as we prepare for the Etihad – “new” White Hart Lane”, Anfield, Stamford Bridge etc etc etc.

    Yes performances over the last couple of weeks or do have caused some supporters to question matters on the pitch and everyone is entitled to their views but we are just three points off the summit a position I would have taken on 5th August.

    Nuno will get it right and Fosun will make bloody sure by hook or by crook the gold and black army will be logging on for tickets with “English Premier League” plastered all over them.

    In five years time Wolves will be contesting the Champions League Final. Remember you read it here first!

    Ok I have consumed a few sherbets but you get my gist.

    All the best fellow bloggers – keep the faith.


  38. Clive from Houston says:

    Yeah, Boggers, I seem to remember suggesting a Champions League final in three years a few weeks ago, so dont come the “I sed it first” bollocks.
    And I’ve been on the Alamo IPA, brewed in San Antonio, Texas, for a few hours, and on a empty stummick, I aint feeling no pain!!
    Far Cough wb


  39. kiwiwolf says:

    Sad to say I predicted this one 0-2. Dont get to see many live games even with Wolves TV 3.00 am starts are not good for the system but watch all the mid week games. I think we have been riding our luck of late and just felt we were due for this one. Hopefully with Costa making his way back slowly we will start to improve again. I still think we are desperate for a goal scorer, Bonatini has his qualities but I never feel confident we are going to score enough goals. The other forwards are doing there bit but we can not expect them to keep scoring on a regular basis. Just hope we perform better at Burton on Sat.


  40. Steve Showcase says:

    I’m so distraught at how we played and the result that I can’t think about it.. best forget.
    Shows that we can be tactically taken on.

    The penalty Miss quite disgusting for title contenders..Cardiff being regemented too Ipshit now ominous ..

    Are we good enough?


  41. Paulcooksleftpeg says:

    Just a bad day at office move on beat burton next everybody will be happy


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