Nottingham Forest 1 Wolves 2

Nuno’s time under the tutelage of the current Manchester United manager may have been brief, but it could prove telling come the end of the season.

This game bore all the hallmarks of a Josè Mourinho side, with titillating football hard to come by for much of the game but no less crucial when it did occur.

Diogo Jota will deservedly get the plaudits for his match winning brace, but in truth it was a characterful team display that earned us the three points.

Wolves struggled to impose their usual style of play against a Forest side that more than played their part in this fixture, and yet found a way to claim the spoils come full time.

Early days it may be, but that is promotion winning form.

After the madcap outing against Bristol City, this game stood out as a real test of our credentials.

Forest have improved greatly under the shrewd management of Mark Warburton and were unsurprisngly in no mood to play for a point.

This culminated in a poor first half in which both sides were limited to half chances, with neither keeper overly exerted.

That soon changed after half time, with Jota converting a sumptuous cross from the otherwise ineffective Ivan Cavaleiro.

Much has been made of John Ruddy’s culpability for the Forest equaliser which followed, but I’m of the mind to excuse a player that has otherwise been in imperious form for us this campaign.

Not many keepers would expect Mustapha Carayol to hit it from where he did, let alone anticipate it being on target.

The home supporters stirred and as was the case on Tuesday, one couldn’t help but get flashbacks to the previous two seasons in which Wolves would so often crumble under such resistance.

But this team is a different beast altogether, and Leo Bonatini (who also endured a quiet game) took one hell of a bump to tee up the effervescent Jota for the winner.

On current form, the diminutive inside forward is set to write himself into club folklore. I certainly can’t recall seeing a player of his calibre don old gold in my decade of following the club, Helder Costa included.

Given the influx of wildly talented foreign imports, you can forgive opposition supporters for anointing us as the most reviled team in the league.

But in my eyes, and most likely those of the similarly delirious away support yesterday, that makes our success all the more fun.

Long may it continue.


  1. Fantastic promotion form .Long may it continue .I only hope there were no serious injuries .Going to the Bristol Rovers and Barnsley games next week ,Very exciting time for us at last !


  2. JackoMac says:

    So pleased with the level of grit shown to get us over the line yesterday. The respective results achieved by Millwall and Bristol confirm that there has been no real dip in achievement since the Cardiff game. Although Bonatini’s contribution was less obvious it was still significant and I would definitely have him starting in a full strength team between the magnificent talents of Costa and Jota with Cav starting on the bench. Finally a word for Danny Boy. His reincarnation reminds me of the Mata has forced Mourinho to reconsider his value. Others may bring the quality and Neves may set the tempo but Danny is the heart of this very impressive outfit.


    • Franko says:

      I agree with your comments on Bonatini and also on Bartt. Bonatini is a good footballer who links up well and makes a significant contribution whether he scores goals or not.He has proved to be a good signing and I just hope he’s OK after the Matt Mills tackle

      Likewise with Bartt he’s always had good natural ability and I for one didn’t wish him to go ( as was rumoured in the Summer).Sometimes players need to be left out of the side for a while.When they do get back in the side they play with much more determination and often realise their full potential, I think this is the case with Danny, who is playing very well at the moment.



      • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

        – There’s surely more to come from Bonatini. He had a flying shot which dipped just over the bar beside the assist also – what a goal that would have been.


  3. RickRack wolves says:

    The best season thus far that I can ever remember!
    Optimistic & confident that we can find the holy grail & at the same time playing the best football I’ve seen since ages.
    Still think we need a goal poacher/proven striker as we’re exposed in that position only.
    Thank you Fosun, Jeff & a great big thanks for the entertainment thus far & for the remainder of this season to NUNO.
    Can’t wait for Costa to come back & let’s see us go to the next level.
    Properly fekin happy, great crowds, a united Wanderers & we’re defo going in the right direction.
    COYW. FOwb.


  4. Idiot in Croydon says:

    Leeds got spanked by Milwall yesterday which shows that any team can be beaten. Now it’s up to us to go on a run and open a gulf between us and the rest of the pack. I really do believe we can do it if we keep taking points.

    I’d love to see Jota play for us in the top flight – it will make watching Matt Jarvis back in the day seem shit by comparison. Make it happen boys!


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      – Jota made havoc – had a good laugh when he accelerated, stopped, accelerated, stopped, accelerated past Nottingham’s fullback :=))) What a player! The cups are up for grabs.


  5. Bedford Wolf (We're all with you Carl) says:

    The difference for me was summed up in the second half. I sat there totally confident and convinced we would win throughout. Even when Forest huffed and puffed at 1-1 and BOG was biting his finger nails and fearing the worst I wasn’t at all worried and knew we would win. Gone are the days of a late collapse or of conceding to turn a draw into a defeat. We just exude class and style and confidence.

    Throughout the side we look like Champions. Jota is something special and when Costa is back the two of them will rip sides apart. I miss Boly even though Batth is doing well as his replacement. Bonatini is growing on me, a clever player rather than an out and out goal scorer. Neves and Saiss rule the centre of the pitch and our wing backs create danger every time they get forward.

    Glass half full? Yes but I have a feeling it could be glass overflowing with celebratory Champagne come May 2018. The NES express is hurtling forward down the tracks and we should all prepare for a very bright and (old) golden future. Get it on, as the late great Marc Bolan once sang.



  6. Newark Wolves (There's only one Carl Ikeme) says:

    If you love the Wolves stand up, which is exactly what I did in with the Forest fans in The Trent End when we scored – although Sue did tug my arm and give me that “sit down you twat” look ! The day started with a short bus trip up the A46 to NOTTS arriving at The City Ground at 12:15pm. A quick pint and then we were joined by Bedders, BOG and their Forest supporting mate – called Darby. We had a few drinks, a nice meal, a few drinks and then a drink before heading to our nice posh seats. First half wasn’t great but 0-0 at halftime was fine. Back to the bar for drinks, then missed the bloody first goal as I was on my way to my seat. Have to apologise for Forest’s equaliser as I was saying to Sue that they hadn’t had a shot on target just as it hit the back of the net. I still didn’t for one minute think we would lose though. The second goal went in and the rest is history. Went back to the bar for – drinks afterwards, can you believe ? It summed up my thoughts on Forest when I went to the toilet after the game. I bumped into an old school friend who I hadn’t seen for a long time. No handshake, how you doing Ian ? or any other pleasantries just “f**k off Wingy” ! They really do love me in these parts. Said goodbye to the Bedfordshire contingent who I have to say were fantastic company and Sue and I headed to The Trent Bridge Inn – for drinks, which was full of Forest fans crying in their beer because they didn’t deserve to lose. Oh dear, how sad, never mind. Short bus trip home and an early night as we were just a little bit tipsy. Overall a brilliant day with brilliant company and a brilliant result. Roll on next Saturday.
    One last thing, I picked up quite a few spare programmes so if you couldn’t get one send me a message and I will sort one.


  7. Newark Wolves (There's only one Carl Ikeme) says:

    Forgot to add this picture to my original post. As Stu said earlier the fantastic Wolves fans just didn’t want to go home. Pity we couldn’t hear the atmosphere behind glass.


  8. Norsk Wolf says:

    What a season so far and all this ‘live’ for overseas fans…..John Ruddy has won us points this season without a doubt and will win us more and for ANYONE slating him for that freak goal then I presume the profession that they are in would be at a loss to lose such experts. We all make errors it’s called being human, you hold your hands up (pardon the pun) and move on. It could be argued Ruddy was un-sighted and that Saiss should not have ducked out of the way and got stuck in or Jota (who is simply breathtaking to watch, he skinned that defence time and time again) should not have given the ball away in the first place but that is all irrelevant. What is relevant is that we have a team that is galvanised, playing lovely football and winning when playing below par and away. We are in dreamland at the minute so lets enjoy it. Before we know it we will be a quarter of the way through the season and perhaps a bit of rotation in a couple of positions just to keep things fresh…….whatever happens we have hope in abundance and long may it continue….and a big thank you to all the fans that regularly travel away in numbers. For us overseas if we could we would but you guys and girls are a credit to the club and town….here’s to reaching the promised land….


    • Nippy Lobo says:

      Watching from overseas, virtually every away game our supporters seem noisier than the home fans! Just non-stop they are. Must be nearly exhausted at the end of the games! Yes, our guys and gals are a credit to the club and town.


  9. This was far short of being our most impressive display of the season. But is was surely our most impressive and important result to date.

    We certainly have quality players throughout our side, but what this game showed was that we are not just a collection of hugely talented individuals. We are a team. A solid, determined unit with a common purpose. We have a steel about us that has been absent for far too long, and how god is this to see.

    I have no doubt that during this season we will on many an occasion revel in trouncing inferior opposition at the Mol through our superior football. But I for one will just as much cherish grinding out those mid winter results played in adverse weather conditions on small grounds and in front of hostile crowds. Without such performances promotion would remain just a dream. Nuno has created a team that will do just that.


  10. StuWolf says:

    Mike spot on buddy,

    Feckin A.
    We are indeed now a solid team, a complete unit, for Dogs sake I was cheering the performance of Danny Batth on Saturday, that hasn’t happened for a couple of years.
    Dog willing, if results from Molineux and Elland road go our way next Saturday then we could be sitting top of the league after just one Month. Who in their wildest dreams could have dared for that in August at our first game.


  11. I sat above the Wolves fans as season ticketers snapped up the away end and have to agree we didn’t look like losing even when they scored, they had been restricted to half chances and hopeful shots invariably straight at Ruddy who pulled off a great save later to make up for the freak goal. Jota is starting to give me that relaxed confident feeling I used to get watching Bully chasing on to a through ball when you just knew he would score 9 times out of 10…. Cav fell over a lot and then produced a cross of insane quality for the first … I’d love to see him running at players more away from home … when Willy is fit it’s bye bye Rodders because Danny Batth is playing his best football in a while right now …. it just seems the team is so well drilled there is a mechanical response to kerping the shape and again Matt Doherty second half was doing his own impression of Jota at times … exciting times


  12. Paulcooksleftpeg says:

    Yep 3 more points 2 points a game record keeps going, it will be interesting when Costa is fit caus I can’t see him dropping bon if he gets to anywhere like he played last season we should rip the league to spreads with the counter attacking football and fast forward play let’s hope ay


  13. Paulcooksleftpeg says:

    Sorry shreads I was ment to type


  14. Wolfman Jack says:

    That wasn’t Championship football as we know it. Two teams playing in a structured, constructive way, both focused on attacking, no hoof-ball, no buses parked – a real pleasure to watch, and that despite us being well below our best. Cav remains an enigma – a real athlete with loads of talent but soooo inconsistent. I don’t think Marshall is suited to the right-side attacking slot; he’s surely a better option for wing-back when fully fit. We struggled to feed Vinagre first half which restricted our game, but second half we looked much more like the real deal. Fair play to Forest, they never tried to kick us off the pitch altho’ there were some meaty challenges flying in all afternoon. Any comments on Jota have already been made – simply superb, as was Leo. Coady continues to impress and quite honestly you can’t fault anybody in what was quite simply a solid, no-frills, team performance.


  15. Steve Showcase says:

    Almost seismic statistical result and claiming the 2 points we lost recently at home but more so as I’ve said before this time of the season historically shows where we should end up and incidentally where are we?!!

    Yep to be a Wolves fan is as good as it might get give or take a super striker.. Nuno I forgot has a Mourino influence and my dreams now venture forward into the PL..
    Too soon ? I don’t think so..

    I can see Fosun and Mendes (we’ll never shake him off now) genuinely spending £200 million to keep us there but we prob now have 5/6 players who we carry there too..

    If we can stay strong at home and bank 3 points every game I’ll be happier we still seem to play as well if not better away from home..
    To see us at the top is just fantastic..
    This game ( and I got the score right! ) belongs to Jota ..if we have Costa back soon then God help everyone..


  16. Only listened to the commentary and seen the brief highlights on tele’ last night but I’m looking forward to seeing the match on WolvesTV as soon as it’s on.
    It seems that this game was won with a healthy dose of grit and determination rather than the sparkling skills and high possession stats we’ve become more used to. With every game, our heroes seem to gel into an ever stronger unit where teamwork and cohesion supplement the outrageous skills we’ve seen from day one.
    We’ve had no news on the condition of Vinagre and Bonatini and, I guess, we’re not likely to, but Boly’s out for a while and, I believe, Douglas likewise, so the injuries are beginning to mount up and our squad strength will be vital in the next few weeks.
    Winnable games coming up. By ‘winnable games’, I mean ‘games’ ’cause playing like this, they’re all winnable. I’ve already been to more live games this season than the whole of last, and many more to come methinks. So excited for the future.



    We need to win about 20/21 of the 38 remaining and 9 or 10 draws. This should be enough for auto promotion. Here is a tribute to NES (to the tune of Robin Hood): NES NES RIDING THROUGH THE LEAGUE. NES NES NEVER SHOWS FATIGUE. DIOGO JOTA IS BETTER THAN DARREN POTTER. NES. NES. NES. Oh and a big congratulations to Smethwick Town on achieving a first shot on goal in the 89th minute yesterday. It must be worse than watching fuckin paint dry watching that shower of shite.


  18. DancesWithWolves says:

    Sounds like a great result, and against a team and a manager I love to beat. There’s no doubt that we are building a team of sublime talent and quality the like of which has never graced this division before. The January window will see the finishing touches made to this masterpiece of a team. I had my reservations about selling Dicko without a replacement but it’s looking a good decision now. The transformation of Danny Batth has been amazing. He also makes a decent makeshift centre forward when the need is there and for those of us who can’t live without one!


  19. theDOOGooder says:

    The sign of a good team is winning.

    The sign of a very good team is winning when they’re not at their best.

    The signs are good then.

    Grit, determination and character shown by each and every Wolves player.

    How many times in recent years have we been able to say that?

    I can now start to hold my head up at the gym on a Monday. Usually, when all the tattooed oafs go on about ManUnited or Citeh or Chelski, I keep schtum but recently, they’ve been grudgingly growling “Your lot did OK” at me in between injecting themselves with copious quantities of steroids, biting the heads off live chickens and dead lifting ridiculous amounts of weights.

    I’m so pleased that Danny Batth is starting to play like the defender we all thought he was going to become three seasons ago. I remember filming Sleachy at the first Bloggers’ Ball saying he hoped that DB would become England captain in time and nobody laughed.

    There’s been a lot of water sloshing under a load of bridges since then but he is now showing us his potential. (That’s Danny, not Sleachy).

    We have a lot of things to be grateful to Nuno for but that, and recognising Coady’s best position, deserve two of the biggest thank you’s.

    I wonder if becoming a Vegan has anything to do with it?

    If so, perhaps I ought to consider it.

    I’ll give it some thought over a steaming plate of spag bog and a couple of cans of 6x tonight.


  20. Why do they roll around and hug each other after a goal? Seem like a little too much, if you ask me.
    I can see Ronaldo doing it, however.


  21. StuWolf says:

    If you count from the minute the ball hits the onion bag, until the time the ball is kicked off to restart………

    Probably 3-4 minutes, times that by two, plus add on Jota’s little lie down at the end of the game, hey Presto that’s magic 10 minutes less to play, just like all the teams that ever worked us over in the past. Nuno’s a quick learner.


    • I just don’t like their danger zones mushing against each other while they are doing it. Doing it standing up is a little more acceptable.


      • StuWolf says:

        That’s “Johnny Foreigner” for you.

        Blokes kissing blokes is an every day occurrence.

        They even put toilet tissue in a bin instead of flushing it down the loo.


  22. Twixfix says:

    Just received pictures from Houston Towers…. glad to see that Towers responds to FaceTime and that FOWB welcome from you always gives me the chuckle.
    Some good ideas floated about the End of Show Show mate …speak to Stuey.

    Look after self and Marla …love from smiling Twixxo…x


  23. Clive from Houston says:

    Had some fabulous news today, best for a long time in fact.
    Nothing to do with my situation, nor anything Molineux related.
    It turns out my good buddy Twixfix had a serious hospital visit this week.
    They inserted a very small camera into him, via his willie I am reliably informed, so it had to be small, and meandered up to his arterial ateries, and inserted two stents.
    The operation was a complete sucess, and he is now feeling so good, Mrs Twixfix is scared!!
    He’s gonna change his name to Woody.
    They also went further upstairs into his head, but despite a long search were unable to locate a brain.
    He threatened me not to mention that last part, or he would send me an albion ticket, but I am 4000 miles away, what the fuck is he gonna do??!!
    Great news, Mike, couldnt happen to a nicer bloke, except me, or Scooped, or Doogooder, or Stu, or Cheeseburger, or Bedders, or BOG, or really anyone!!!
    Twixxo’s hospital visit puts all other stuff way into second place.
    So glad you are ok, you old fart, I will text Stu with that idea we discussed.
    As to the game, only two words to describe the mega shit eating grin wandering around Houston: Fuckin’ A!!!


    • Twixfix says:

      When I told you that the voluptuous nurse said …’it’s only a little prick’.. she wasn’t talking to the surgeon, she was telling me that it won’t hurt much.

      Anyway cheers for that mate …

      Great to see and listen to that mega sense of humour, and dignity I might add, when you showed me around your (soon to be restored) home.

      None of us could really imagine what’s in front of you, but as Clive is , we’ll Clive, you seem to take it and look on the brighter side of life.

      Me and Lilian send all our best wishes to you, Marla and the dogs ,and you never know …hope to see you sooner ..


      • Bedford Wolf (my wife's a quarter Portuguese y'know) says:

        Mike (Twixfix) – fantastic news mate, really delighted for you. I realise the treatment was less than pleasant but at least you are now fighting fit again. Just don’t fight me ok?

        We were away on holiday in Croatia – that’s the Costa Brava to you – so was hard to message effectively but I knew the date and was thinking of you as I slugged a G&T on the beach honest.

        Are you still ok for 25th November? Now that you are fully repaired maybe you should stop being such a miserly old git and live a little and book The Mount like me and Mrs BW and the Newark Wolves?

        See you soon – Villa on 14th October is my next home game.



      • ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

        Sorry Mike, I didn’t know you were in the wars. Good to see that things are looking up again.

        I don’t know if you will be up to doing Saturday v Barnsley. If so, it would be good to see you and Lillian.


      • Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

        Didn’t know you had been in the wars Twix.

        Glad you are on the mend. Wolves’s promotion push must be the best pick me up ever.

        All the best



        • Twixfix says:

          Cheers Mike …hope the heads a bit clearer after sat… great to feel better plus didn’t miss a home match …result..


    • Bedford Wolf (my wife's a quarter Portuguese y'know) says:

      Looking at that picture I think you ought to change your name to Clive The Houston Pikey or maybe Clive The Houston Diddy-Coy.

      p.s. I hope neither of those terms are unpolitically correct (or is it politically incorrect?) and haven’t offended anyone – especially Brompton who I understand is quite partial to the life of a roadside traveller.


  24. Larry Talbot says:

    28 posts on a Monday morning after a great win…

    This is how you know life is good as a Wolves fan…Nobody is moaning and the only discussion is idle, listless gossip (although the camera invasion had me clenching me cheeks a bit)

    Good innit. Bring on the next victim, nurse.



  25. StuWolf says:

    Knowing the problems in getting tickets for the Notts Forest game, if we get a good run in the future then away tickets are going to be like Rockin Horse Shit to find. So me and Jen de Wolf are away in Crete for the QPR game, if anyone wants the tickets fir the QPR game on Saturday the 28th November, you are welcome. They will be at face value and really cheap as we are both seniors. First come first served.
    As much as I like Clive, No…. we ain’t paying airfare, before you ask.

    Anyone interested contact me through the blog.


  26. Mark G Davies says:

    We were fortunate on Sunday morning to enjoy beautiful weather in Nottingham, good job mind as I`d booked my darling wife and her mother on a three hour river cruise on the Trent with Sunday lunch included.
    After a very pleasant hour of wine for the ladies and a couple of pints of Thatchers cider for me, we drifted slowly in the sunshine past the Forest stadium, at which point my wife told me to behave and not start singing, though I can confirm that there were no wolves fans left in the ground at that point.
    Brought back the very fresh memories of the afternoon before, with a scruffy first half, but better second, with a fantastic result against a dogged home side.
    Referees – thought we had a good one on Saturday, allowed an advantage when Mills scythed down Banotini, which lead to our second goal. Some of the trigger happy refs we`ve seen this season would have blown for that appalling foul, so credit where credit due.
    My eldest lad took my nearly five year old granddaughter for her first ever football game, they sat in the Forest family enclosure at the side of the pitch near the away fans. Hope she does`t recall any of the football language she may have heard, but for me, three Davies generations of wolves fans in the ground to see the win, so thanks to my black & gold heroes for the three points and the memories, football and life doesn`t get much better than this – can we play you every week, can we play you every week!!
    Oh boy did I enjoy this weekend or what.


  27. Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

    View from the Trent End
    Lightning – as they say – never strikes twice. Read on guys…………!

    Around 9.45 met up with Bedford Wolf at Bedford railway station along with Rob, a client of his – a Nottingham Forest supporter. Rob proved to be smashing company with a brilliant sense of humour which set the tone for the day.

    En route we discussed in depth such high- brow topics such as the wonderful taste created by simultaneously consuming giant chocolate buttons (Cadbury of course) and red wine. On the return journey we put this to the test.

    Arriving in Nottingham about 11.20 we headed for a pub on the Waterfront and promptly bumped into some old mates from Wolvo who were busily consuming early liveners. It was wonderful to see some old faces and share stories.

    After a pint it was onto the stadium to meet up with Ian and Sue from Newark. A smashing couple to behold and we had some terrific laughs with them.
    We sank another three or four pints with some pre-match grub and about 2.55 went down a flight of stairs to our allocated seats.
    Our hospitality seats (no choice but to purchase these as the Wolves pathetic ticket allocation of 2,000 had long since sold out) at the City Ground were situated in the Trent End behind glass. This shut out the worst of any weather, although it was a beautiful afternoon, and the best of any atmosphere. We paid £66 each for the privilege of sitting in a sauna and food was extra!

    The first half was best summed up by a Forest supporter behind us who remarked to his buddy “well that was a non-event”. Our passing was pretty poor for long spells in the first 45 and we were having difficulty feeding the wide men (especially Vinagre). However Bonatini had a good chance just before the break and his shot was net bound before being deflected over for a corner – right in front of us.

    At half time more beer (thanks Ian) and as the teams were appearing for the second half on the TV screen above the bar we made a move. You remember lightning does not strike twice…….well two seasons ago at this very same fixture we missed Wolves opening goal a few seconds into the second half (Afobe) as were busy emptying our pint mugs in the Robin Hood suite. Ditto Saturday – we were glugging down the dregs when Jota scored – 46 minutes. Fortunately we did see the goal on the screen, excellent cross by Cavaleiro and there was Jota – BINGO, this was a real case of déjà vu.

    Not sure what Nuno said at half time but Wolves were a different team and dealt with Forest powder puff attack quite easily and looked the business moving the ball forward through midfield and could quite easily have increased their lead. Then out of the blue Forest equalised when Ruddy was caught out of position – probably expecting a cross – and a shot from 25 yards whistled past him. He never even moved frankly.

    For a short time I feared the worst but then Bonatini created a bit of magic by beating a defender and slipping it perfectly to Jota who drove it past the keeper to send the 2,000 Wolves fans at the other end into mass hysteria. Until I saw the brief highlights on Channel 5 I did not realise that Bonatini had been taken right out by that arsehole Mills.

    There was still time for Ruddy to make a superb stop as my heart was racing but the whistle blew and we were home and dry. Get in me babbies. Get IN!

    (Yet) another pint of beer or two in the hospitality area, before we headed to the station and a very happy journey home to Bedford whereupon we bought a bottle of red and 3 packs of giant chocolate buttons and scoffed the lot. Heaven must have sent you (The Elgins 1965 – Tamla Classic). I was a little pissed by this time which is nowt to be proud of but hey who cares.
    Rob had us (and the carriage full of passengers) in stiches on the way home.

    It was a smashing day out, really enjoyable. SOOO happy yesterday.

    Have a great week bloggers and see you next Saturday – although we are thinking about driving to Wolvo tomorrow night.



    • I think you might have a drinking problem.


    • Newark Wolves (There's only one Carl Ikeme) says:

      I would just like to say that Sue and I usually drink tea at away games. Seeing though that we were in such excellent company, we decided to partake in an alcoholic beverage or 2 or 3 or…………………………………I think we actually ended up in double figures ! I have to say that we both went to sleep on the bus home – not because we were pi**ed but we were tired after such an exhausting day watching me babbies beat the s**t in NOTTS. A fab day all round made even better by the company. Upwards and onwards to next Saturday. Usual hotel booked and looking forward to meeting up with some bloggers again. One last thing, is it just me or do you have to be a mastermind to navigate round the Wolves ticket website ?


  28. Excellent BOG. I’m sure a day that will live long in your memory, if you still have a memory after supping all that ale. 🙂


  29. theDOOGooder says:

    ‘Ere! Twix!

    I thought you were keeping your visit to Dr Frankenstein’s lair a secret.

    As it’s public news and gone viral I will add mine and the PMDG’er’s hearty congratulations to you having pulled through.

    Just like Steve Bull latching onto a through ball and flying at the defence at a squillion miles an hour, the result was never in doubt.

    Live long and prosper!


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