Wolves 3 Bristol City 3

While the passing and moving formula continues to look good on the eye, there is one potentially lethal equation at work to undermine it and consign this season to the dustbin before it has properly got started…

…Missed chances and cheating referees.

Yes, Wolves created enough chances to have won this match three times over, but that doesn’t then give referees carte blanche to give every big decision to the opposition for another week – the perpetrator of which will never be held accountable. And because referee Steve Martin’s unfathomable decisions won’t ever be deemed incompetent by his bosses, he can only be labelled a cheat.

Firstly, he gave Bristol City a penalty with the score at 2-1 when a cross hit Vinagre on the arm roughly 2yds from the boot of the winger. Not one appeal from their bench or supporters. Then, when Danny Batth was assaulted in the penalty area with the ball nowhere in sight minutes later, the same referee gleefully waved away the appeal.

Bad enough decisions in their own right, but even worse when the linesman was way better placed for the first one before the official then went all WWE referee on the crowd in theatrics. It was as if he genuinely enjoyed giving it.

I make that five shocking decisions given against us (1. Ludicrous Hull City penalty, 2. Cardiff City Damour elbow in Saiss face – yellow 3. Millwall Aiden O’Brien two footed lunge on Jota – yellow, and 4 & 5 last night) compared to precisely zero given in our favour. It’s not as if we want decisions in our favour anyway. We just want fairness, which we are clearly not getting.

If there is not a conspiracy behind the scenes then there’s an uncanny coincidence amongst the men we are ordered to respect, and the club needs to wise up and kick up as big a fuss as possible like most other clubs do, who no longer have to suffer it. So bad – and dare I say corrupt are the officials – that you no longer fear the worst before kick-off, but ruefully accept it as being par for the course as you make your way to your seat.

For all the millions being splashed by FOSUN, they should throw a bit more loose change at the Football League / FA and kick up a stink about these abhorrent decisions before we become a laughing stock amongst referees, if we’re not already which I suspect we are.

As the Secret Footballer states in his Access all Areas book, for the sake of a few quid, it is worth it in the league points you get in return.

‘Picture this: a few times a season the same disciplinary meeting room will be box office. An Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourinho will rock up, completely unrepentant. The referee was wrong, they’ll say, and furthermore he is a cheat and all you people are trying to cheat our club out of the rewards it works so hard for. Everybody will shake their heads and a £25,000 fine will be imposed.

Guess what? Best bargain ever. Nobody is going to jail. Nobody is getting points on their licence. You have just bought three points for £25,000.’

Jeff Shi, Laurie and co take note. After last night’s disgusting levels of officiating, something has to be done.

As for the game itself, Wolves were excellent. Their only crime was not bringing in a striker in the window, which no amount of wailing or gnashing of teeth can rectify any time soon. That and their slack defending off set pieces, where Cavaleiro was actually marking Aiden Flint at one corner at the South Bank end. That’s just not right.

Bonatini, who did score the opener, missed three gilt edged chances. It is a habit we can well do without, after similarly bad misses at Griffin Park and Pride Park, where he actually missed an open goal from 6 yards.

Jota also should have scored when a clever chest down from Bonatini was smashed against the bar. Cavaleiro was guilty, too, but atoned for a one-on-one miss with the corner that led to our second goal to go 2-1 up.

Sadly, referee Martin couldn’t level the scoreline quickly enough afterwards with that penalty decision which barely a Bristol City player or supporter appealed for. In cricketing terms, it was an LBW review that was pitching outside leg.

Then our suspect defending at set plays threatened to seal the most unjust result since…Referee Scott Duncan and Cardiff City rolled into town on the same team coach.

Thankfully, Danny Batth rescued a point with a set play goal of our own and the spoils were shared.

Overall, we played brilliantly, with Cavaleiro enjoying what had to be his best game in a Wolves shirt, while Doherty and N’Diaye were terrific. Jota was typically impressive as well.

But it can only be seen as two points dropped amid such circumstances, with hard work still needed on the Compton pitches to eradicate such basic errors at both ends of the pitch.

Away from there, Jeff Shi and Laurie Dalrymple need to make a beeline to St George’s Park, Soho Square or wherever the bosses of these spineless referees reside and take one for the team.

For the sake of a relative pittance, it would be the best money ever spent.


  1. theDOOGooder says:

    With a Jackson in the crowd I suppose it just had to be a thriller.

    Highlights looked great but didn’t see the assault on Danny. Was the ref really that bad? Answers on a poison pen letter addressed to the ref please.

    I’ve always thought that zonal marking would end up biting us in the backside and it certainly did here.

    Never mind, the entertainment value is sky high and we haven’t been able to say that much recently.


  2. Idiot in Croydon says:

    good blog.

    We still conceded two crap goals though. Ruddy needs to boss the defence more, can’t have Cav marking a lanky 8ft tall sod on his own.


  3. Thomas says:

    While I’m not quite at conspiracy levels yet matey, there’s no disputing that we’ve been on the rough end of decisions so far. The refs aren’t protecting our players and to compound matters are punishing every minor transgression from anyone in old gold.

    I must admit I do like that our bench are up for every decision and not afraid to mix it up in the technical area. We should be making Molineux a difficult environment for opponents to try and get a result. We’ve been too nice for too long.

    On the football itself, we were easily the better team and should have won with comfort, even allowing for the debatable officiating.

    I agree that it was Cav’s best game for the club. He was always moving forward and playing at pace. He was the one who really put City on the back foot early in the second half when we should have been out of sight.

    N’Diaye played well too I thought. He’s certainly a more dynamic performer than Saiss and covers more yards. Whether he works as well alongside Neves is another matter, but he’s definitely a good option.

    Special mention too for the wingbacks who were both excellent.

    Bonatini’s all round game is very good in my opinion, but I do agree too many good chances have gone begging. Still, I wouldn’t bet against him ending up with 20+ goals if he’s in the team all season.

    And we did score 3, so maybe we should be more critical of our defending?

    The failure to clear the ball for their first goal and ongoing frailty from defending set pieces for their third. We could and should have done better with both. If we do that, the rest becomes redundant.


    • pauluswolf says:

      Hi Thomas,

      Away for the remainder of the month.
      Please add my predictions on the comments section of your preview for the Bristol City game.
      As for the game itself inept, incompetent refereeing (rather than blatant cheating), defensive frailties at set pieces, as already commented zonal marking is suspect. Often there were 2 huge central defenders left pretty unmarked at the back post.
      A poser is Bonatini the finished article???
      Otherwise some excellent football and an superb game for any neutral.
      Make sure we win when I’m away!


  4. spikeyboy says:

    It seems they have all learned from grand master Warnock and now know that fouling off the ball will rarely be punished and is the way to stifle runs from better players.
    Jota thought he would give it a try last night ,once, and got booked. They did it all night continually, admittedly getting a few bookings, but not for the stealth stuff .
    Super football shite defending. Zonal marking total crap ditch it now before its too late.
    Two points lost but we will hammer forest to make up for it.
    At least we are leaving the brummies behind.


  5. Clive from Houston says:

    Totally agree, Ben, but we should go one further, and play a giant clogger, who could wait and watch, see who has been designated to crunch Jota, then take one for the team, and break his leg.
    Absolute disgrace of a ref, and spineless, ballless linesmen, or whatever the fuck p.c. name they call themselves now.
    Once more, flowing fluid seamless football, marred by poolisnock anti football.
    Thou shalt be stopped, pulled, crunched, clogged, butted at all costs.
    We pay to be entertained, and a very small part of that entertainment is the ringmaster in black, who should be in charge, but incognito at the same time.
    ‘Er indoors over here has a pet beef about anyone doing a job, and that is at a minimum, do the job you are being paid to do, at a minimum.
    On that diabolical showing last night, minimum wage is vastly overpaying that jerk.
    Of course, the more the crowd got on his back, the more he loved it, knowing he could piss off more people at one time than Hillary Clinton at a Trump rally!
    Nuno is not stupid, and will learn from this.
    Some of our football was excellent, but credit to Bristol, they tried to play, at times.

    Gotta refer you guys again to Southbank Resistance, another crackingly funny read today.


  6. Sea Pigeon says:

    A fantastic game and the sort we could only dream about when Lambert was in charge just a few months ago. I disagree entirely with Ben’s assessment of refs in general but fully agree in relation to last night’s official who was the most incompetent I’ve witnessed since a certain Keith Walker who sent off the Doog for questioning a linesman’s parentage.
    Top performances from Caveleiro and both full backs and we can take solace from the fact that we’ll play much much worse and take home 3 points.


  7. Paulcooksleftpeg says:

    These decisions through the season normally level up at the end so we should have some penalties coming our way fairly soon
    Agree some of the decisions have been awful against us but we have to get on with it and on to the next one.
    We are still on course 2 points a game, Cardiff will drop off soon I think I’m a little surprised by Leeds with new manager how well they are doing but still early days, I’m positive
    Up the wolves


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      – Yes, I don’t believe we can change our fortunes by complaining. The only thing working would be to get better referees or a panel with video referees which could compliment the referee with input in critical situations like free kicks and penalities. A case for FIFA to look at.

      – Some players in premier league places their hands behind their back, similar to skaters, to decrease the chance for a handball to occur.



    Crap refs, terrible defending aside, what an absolute pleasure it is to watch magnificent football like we are now playing and especially second half last night. We ripped a decent side to pieces and we could and maybe should have scored 8 goals. Sooner or later we are gonna give someone an absolute thrashing. The good thing is we are only going to get better. My message to the red last night “FUCK OFF YOU WANKER”!



    The ref not the red.


  10. The Newt says:

    I’m sorry but to say officials are cheating and corrupt is utter tosh. They may be poor, inept, illegitimate or a combination of all three but I don’t for one minute think that they deliberately go out to cheat. We (and Nuno for that matter) need to stop moaning and get on with it. Moaning won’t help, in fact it will probably just make us more of a target for more poor decisions.

    For me the reason why we lost last nights game was simply poor defending at set pieces. I’ve never been a fan of zonal marking and set pieces have been a problem all season. This needs to be addressed. Other than that the football was really excellent although lacking in bit of urgency at times.

    Speaking of defending I though Batth has been really good these last two games, easily outperforming Miranda and if he carries on like this he will be hard done by to lose his place once Boly returns to fitness.

    Does anybody know what happened to Ronan last night? Was he injured? Bit confused why one of our best players can’t even get in the squad?


    • vexrob says:

      RE: Ronan. I get the impression Ronan doesn’t fit Nuno’s system in the way we’d all love him to. Technically gifted player yes, but Nuno doesn’t seem to know where to play him and right now, who to drop. Tough for Conor, he’s got a great career ahead but needs to play, somewhere.


  11. JaackoMac says:

    Just feels like the very nature of the football we are playing is creating situations that refs at this level don’t have the capability to deal with effectively. But I am trying not to get paranoid or too precious about our talented little darlings. I try to remind myself that I was perfectly happy for the ref to apply discretion when Bully and Iwan Roberts were ripping the throats out of a long line of goalies. I see Cardiff got a taste of the Warnock medicine last night, what goes around comes around. We have the class to win this division but you have to earn the right to play and I think our lads have got the bottle. We’ll be alright if we keep at it, regardless of referee limitations.


  12. Dave Vincent says:

    The refereeing was dreadful, but I think accusing them of corruption is pushing it way too far (and maybe libelous?). Ivan was immense and fantastic to see Danny B nailing his place down, totally valuable player! This is gonna be an exciting season, but I think the hype around us is overblown, we can’t keep conceding like we did and squandering chances.


  13. No offense, mate, but you’ve definitely got the old gold blinkers on. I’d only agree with you on a couple of those so called “shocking” refereeing decisions.

    There’s no conspiracy against us, so we should stop crying wolf. We’ll get some decisions go our way over the course of the season…hopefully starting Saturday.


  14. Steve Showcase says:

    Although in the last blog I said it was another 2 points lost ..having not been to the game I can now see we were hard done by here…

    But we still can’t put away chances and we still concede from set plays..if there ever was a manager who could train this problem away it should be Nuno and Co surely so let’s do that..

    My 9 points from 12 looks dodgy unless we stuff Forest away which I quiver about..- bogey side like Derby..Then there is Sheffield…though..

    So..flamboyant are we – definitely..division savvy we are not yet and it seems we are playing against the referee too but what a ride it’s going to be …

    Where’s Costa?


    • Brompto' says:

      Hear hear Steve. We need to be more clinical, even though we scored 3, as, as you said earlier it could have been 5. And dead ball situations too. Having now seen the game, I am happy to see us push right to the end and gain a point. Feking refs lol.


  15. Red in Peace says:

    Just thought I should mention if this isn’t handball then I don’t know what is


  16. Mark G Davies says:

    Great entertainment last night, and what a difference a highly motivated Cavaleiro made, and as for that new midfielder – wow. He can play, great energy and must be a shoe horn in for every game for the rest of the season.
    I don`t think I`ve ever seen any wolves side make so many chances, and yes we should have been out of sight and taken the three points, but wasn`t to be.
    You have to say if these referees are so consistently awful, they must be as bad officiating other games in our division, so surely there will be a balancing out, however frustrating events on the night. The only way to stick two fingers up to poor officials, and `dirty sides` are by beating them by playing football, and while we were excellent last night it was our own defensive frailties that cost us the points.
    Playing Coady at centre back doesn`t help at set pieces against big opponents, this does need sorting out, otherwise can`t fault the football we played last night. Now please lets stuff Forest on Saturday, living in Notts I need the bragging rights.


    • Cav in now demonstrating just why we forked out the cash. An absolutely outstanding talent. Creative, fast, great ball control, and always aware of others around him. Can `t wait to see Cav and Costa in the same side. When this occurs, some opponent is is for a kings size shellacking


  17. Sea Pigeon says:

    Well Mr Peace, just because a ball hits a hand doesn’t mean it’s hand ball. It has to be deliberate and if you are telling me that any player can deliberately handle the ball when it is smashed from such a short distance away then such a player has better reactions than Buffon, Banks and Yashin combined and needs to start a new career as a goalie!


    • hanhcocks53 says:

      His outstretched hand stopped the ball being played into dangerous position, I cant get too upset over this being given as a penalty


  18. HershamWolf says:

    Never mind whether or not Vinagre handled the ball, what about the free kick given against Batth for a seemingly good tackle? This free kick robbed us of attacking midfield possession and led directly to the penalty…all at a time when we were 2-1 up and running the show.


  19. Wolfman Jack says:

    Some game, eh ? First off, kudos to Bristol who tried to play football when they had possession and were prepared to dig in and battle when they didn’t. I was a bit concerned that we didn’t start out at our usual high-tempo, but we nonetheless controlled the first half. But the second half showed what we could be capable of. Having said that, once again we got into great positions only for the final ball to be often over/under hit or the wrong option taken. An exception to this was Vinagre’s slide-rule pass to put Cav in 1 v 1 – this should be the standard we aspire to.
    At 2-1 I thought we were playing so well we would go on to win by 3 or 4, but the fulcrum moment came when Steve Martin decided he hadn’t been getting enough attention. The stream didn’t show a replay so I’ve no idea if it was a penalty, but the refusal of the referee to even consult his linesman (who had a far clearer view) was only ever going to lead to heightened emotions. Personally I don’t go with this biased/corrupt interpretation, but I do think that referees are probably told not to be swayed by the crowd, meaning that we are likely to get far more raw deals at Molineux than on the road. (Martin was poor, but nowhere near as bad as S. Duncan v Cardiff).
    Finally, this was a chance to compare Bonatini with Diedhou who we were linked with in the summer. Personally I think we got the better deal.


  20. Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

    No doubt about it all West Midland football fans should make a bee line to Molineux for entertainment. There is nowt else about

    Blouses – crap
    Vile – utter crap
    Smethwick Town – downright garbage (par for the course at the Handsworth Hovel)..

    Last night was a tremendous spectacle played out in driving rain and a howling gale which added to the occasion. Some of Wolves play was simply terrific and combined with some equally good play from Bristol City this was a humdinger.

    Yes – our marking was questionable to say the least and that first goal was comedy of errors but this is light years away from the turgid dross of recent seasons. Nuno has identified the errors in the rearguard and doubtless will out matters right.

    As covered by earlier articles he who must be obeyed (and his two sidekicks) were head shakingly poor with those key decisions but I do not think he is corrupt or a cheat – just totally inefficient and out of his depth. Questions must be asked of yet another inept prick being put in charge of fixtures involving Wolves.

    I Made Cavaleiro MOTM – yes he missed a “sitter” when put through to – but boy what a revelation he was last night..

    So onto Forest and our vantage point in the Trent End. We have been warned by this email received today………

    “Does Your Party Include ‘Away Supporters’?
    Please remember that you and your guests will be in a predominantly ‘home’ supporting area. Therefore, if you have any guests who are ‘away’ supporters, they should be warned to avoid any kind of confrontational behaviour that could incite a reaction which could lead to a disturbance. Please note that we DO NOT allow any ‘away’ colours”.

    Blimey – anybody would think we are going to a football match………….!

    Have a great day

    Oh nearly forgot – for those who question the mental and physical ability of our overseas contingent (notably from the Iberian Peninsula) to deal with “English winter conditions” then last night should have dispelled that nonsense. The autumnal chill and January type downpour made no difference whatsoever. It was the night when the ghost of golden spirits past (the Grand Master and Sir Bill for example) watched contentedly from the Molineux above and licked their lips in anticipation. “This team” I could almost hear the Grand Master saying “is going somewhere”. Who am I to argue?


    • Newark Wolves (There's only one Carl Ikeme) says:

      BOG, really looking forward to meeting you for the first time with Bedders on Saturday. Sue and I are Block X10 Row T Seats 0144 & 0145 if that is anywhere near you ? I know lots of Forest fans who go in there and you don’t get any hassle unless you take the piss. As for away fans, we were in there a couple of seasons back and when Wolves scored loads of Wolves fans in there cheered. I will speak to Dave in the next couple of days but me and Sue are looking to get there for 12:00pm and have some food and a pint or 6.


      • Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

        Hello Newark.
        Thank you for your message.
        Likewise looking forward to meeting up on Saturday with you and Sue.
        The train from Bedford arrives in Nottingham about 11.20.
        Our seats are block X10 row U seats 151 to 153 so I guess we must be close by.
        We have been in the hospitality areas a number of times at various grounds over the years when unable to obtain tickets with the Wolves fans.
        The most notable was at Old Trafford a few years back when 4 of us leaped up when Ebanks-Blake equalised. The stewards moved in en masse……!
        My round on Saturday – doubles if/when we win!
        All the best


  21. Dan Smith says:

    As a City fan i can accept that we got the better rub of the green last night. Yes you were the better side – but then you were at home and we did not come for a point that was clear and it led to quite an enthralling game. I can assure you – not so much so far this season but last season we had some appalling refs and again talk of conspiracy abounded – as another poster said if all the refs are make similar mistakes then it will balance out over the season. Wolves will be in the top 2 I am sure and have a really good team. Very experienced but with one concern — far too ready to go down clutching heads to stop, slow or wrest back control of the game. Enjoy the season — sure it will be fun for you — and think ours will be better than last year for sure.


    • Jackomac says:

      Thanks Dan, a balanced view. Ion the basis of last nights showing I think your Brissle team may be on the verge of something impressive. Hope you enjoyed the game. Surely every supporter would be happy with that result when both sides are playing real football.


    • Brompto' says:

      I was not at the game last night but I heard that you were probably one of the best teams we have played so far. So, well done and good luck.


  22. Fortunately, we dodged the IRMA hurricane bullet. Prayers answered. Thank you guys for your good wishes.

    Living on the western edge of the storm our area suffered only tropical storm winds and rain, resulting in downed trees and a lot of flying debris, but no real damage. What a huge relief when you finally realize that you are safe.

    So if I reckon that if I can cope with the IRMA drama, I can certainly manage the disappointment resulting from downright biased and inadequate refereeing. My optimism remains at an all time high.

    Yes, the referee cost us the win. But what a joy to be able to appreciate the absolute top quality football we are now consistently playing. There will be some disappointments along the way, but if we stay true to the principles Nuno has put in place, and correct the obvious defensive marking flaws that have become apparent, we will certainly enjoy a very successful season.

    Premiership here we come. Absolutely nailed on.


  23. Cracking. Cracking game. The ref? It’s tough clearly we’re all one eyed, but looking at the Danny Bath assault on replay it looked a penalty.

    I sit in the Billy Wright nearer the North than South Bank & thought Enobakhare had a good shout for a penalty as well, but the ref clearly thought he dived.

    Bonatini to me was the weak link last night he should have had a hat trick, his first half miss was gilt edged. Also I think the ball comes back off him too easily, maybe I’m too critical. I’d also prefer Saiss & Neves in centre midfield, N’Diyae didn’t convince me last night.

    Got pretty hairy between both sets of coaching staff over the Danny Bath penalty shout. One of their assistants stated on the BBC website that it was poor from Wolves , screaming for a penalty when their player, who’d won the header, was on the floor! But so was Batth on the floor injured.

    On the bright side this side is a joy to watch, they’re bloody brilliant. Doherty & Cavaleiro were just awesome last night. And great to see Danny Batth play well & save us with a typical Batth special. But it should’ve been 3 points. Nuno seemed angry on the post match interview. Let’s hope we play as well at Forest, & convert more chances. As long as we’re in the top 6 I’m a believer, despite having Albion fans as refs.


  24. Twixfix refereeing School says:

    Great summary mate … and your balls of steel approach in labelling the referee a cheat are fully justified.
    This official (wanker) gave us nothing …. he even gave City a throw in just because Lee Johnson waved his hand in the air when clearly the ball last touched a City player.

    Regards the joke penalty… how can the referee see from the blind side of the incident and give a pen (heavily influenced by the nagging City player in his ear hole) and not take the judgement of his linesman who saw no penalty infringement?

    Clearly it was a blind judgement ..and a bad one at that.

    Minutes later when Batth is mugged …nothing….I mean ref ..come on.

    Football matters then … and this was by the best match seen in many a year …and Cavaleiro …well I’m still drooling.

    I didn’t think much broke for us and we were out of luck with loose balls across the box etc.

    The media are putting the result down to defensive mistakes …I prefer to put it down to missed chances … we should really have scored at least 3 more than we did.

    Still never easy with a bent ref … and as for Aiden Flint telling Nuno to F Off a couple of times in front of the 4th official during a touchline spat merely endorses the bottom of the barrel standards officials are.


  25. As someone mentioned, the ball WAS somewhere near Danny Baath as the other player headed it during the incident.
    Secondly, I have been stating for months that Shi and the team have to start lobbying the league to referee the games in the Championship the same as they are refereeing games in the Premier League. Same country, same sport. Otherwise, maybe we should sign Elokobi, if he is available.
    Thirdly, even during preseason games, Wolves were poor on set pieces. Not sure why Nuno hasn’t addressed the issue yet.


  26. Bedford Wolf (We're all with you Carl) says:

    Well said Ben – you tell it like it is as always.

    Wasn’t there last night as still in Croatia but followed it online and BOG sent me texts. The stats were so much in our favour I wasn’t surprised when BOG referred to the 2-3 score line on 82 minutes as a ‘travesty’.

    Still 2 points a game is promotion form and one defeat in 9 is damned good.

    Visited Dubrovnik yesterday and saw Roman Abramovich’s yacht moored there. Has two heli-pads, 2 pools, 3 motor launches, a ball room, a mini submarine, an anti-missile defence system, 24 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms and a crew of 70. Cost £300m and allegedly worth £500m. Who says crime doesn’t pay?



  27. DancesWithWolves says:

    Six of one and half a dozen of the other? I was at Stamford Bridge last night watching a 6-0 walkover. Well, we also had six goals at Molineux last night, but not distributed the way we wanted. From the sound of things it should have been a Clive of Houston 5-1 type of six goal match…

    Thomas, I have to take issue with you. Unless you can justify your comments in court (if need be), it is a potential libel to make those comments about the referee. I know these things are said in the heat of the disappointment of the moment, but things can get legal, even in football. The Blackpool owners sued a number of fans a few years ago for, I think, libel and slander, and won significant damages. Myself, I’d probably want to give the referee a real piece of my mind, but I won’t go further than that in print.


    • StuWolf says:

      Sorry buddy Thomas didn’t write this article.

      I think you may well be hearing from Thomas’s legal team very soon.



    • theDOOGooder says:

      I hope nobody tries to sue Thomas.

      I think it was someone else (who shall remain nameless) who wrote this particular blog.

      Whenever I call someone a cheat I normally include the word ‘Allegedly’ in very small writing.

      Always better to be safe than sorry.


      • DancesWithWolves says:

        Apologies to Thomas. It wasn’t him.

        I wonder if the best way to deal with outrageous refereeing decisions is to have a firm but quiet word at EFL level?
        Mourinho, when at Chelsea, had his methods, which generally involved calling referees corrupt. Understandable. But, in his last season at Chelsea the refs were definitely out for revenge, and Chelsea suffered. I think they were nearer the bottom three than top six when he got sacked.

        We all know corruption exists in the game. A Parliamentary committee heard evidence that the gobshite Warnock demanded payments from QPR players a few years ago if they wanted to be picked.


    • Clive from Houston ( We are all with you, Carl) says:

      Fuck ’em.
      I live in a caravan in a stinking flood ridden swamp, and that was before the storm, so let them come find me!!
      The referee and linesmen cheated Wolverhampton Wanderers, with malice aforethought, out of three points last evening at Molineux Stadium, Wolverhampton, WV1
      Said it.
      Damn the fuckin’ torpedoes!
      Actually, it has just struck me how Brompto feels, now I am living like him.
      Only difference is I don’t have a motorway in my back yard.


      • Brompto' says:

        hee hee. You should be so lucky mate. I am under canvas according to you, at least you have something solid over your head.


  28. The footbal being played and the entertainment given fantastic .Alll credit to Nuno and Fosun for that .
    However zonal marking has never been the right way and needs to be changed but it will not be .Nuno is not a manager to change .He has his way and will Iam afraid stick to it whatever happens .This is obviously a flaw but there it is .
    The striker issue is well rehearsed and will plague us until at least January and will be the reason we are not promoted if we don’t make it .Fosun still learning it seems .


  29. Mark G Davies says:

    While enjoying my mid morning cuppa, and reading the BBC sport championship match reports on the web, (yes another busy day for me!!)I thought I`d take a look at the surprise Preston result over Cardiff – can`t believe anyone saw that coming.
    Seems Cardiff were bullied by an aggressive and physical home side, well what goes round etc, Shame for Warnock who then complains he got lots of stick on the bench. Tough shit you prick, one of the most ungracious managers ever. Come uppance and all that.
    Well done Sheff Utd as well, it will be a cracker at Bramall Lane in a weeks time. Could I be lucky and see my gold and black heroes get six points from the trips over to the East Midlands & South Yorkshire. Or am I getting greedy?


  30. I wasn’t at the game I was following it as best as I could on line I’ve spoken to my brother who was and he pretty much said the same terrible ref and terrible basic mistakes at set pieces and terrible finishing by us…..in fact just a terrible game in the true Wolves traditions of great highs and yes you’ve got it TERRIBLE lows.

    I agree the club and Nuno need to kick up a massive fuss otherwise these so called refs will carry on CHEATING as yes Wolves you need to use that word to make the F.A stand up and take notice fine or no fine.


  31. Larry Talbot says:

    I don’t think the ref cheated. I just think that the standard of officials as with much of what we see and experience from officialdom from top to bottom in this country; is just piss-poor.

    Our lives in general these days are presided over by petty-minded, arrogant, self important toss-bags, specially selected by other like-minded types who just love to fcuk with the minds and morals of the rank and file that keep everything (somehow) working.

    I’ve seen it for years and nobody stands against these creeps because it’s too much like hard work to fill out complaint forms that get lost or ignored by public servants that don’t possess a dictionary but KNOW that they are in control. So just live with it, cos frankly, they don’t give a monkey’s what we think, or how passionately we might believe in something. Just watch TV and shaddap.

    Forest next. Let’s sort those defensive frailties out and hammer them hollow.




    Better off with that bloke from The Jackson 5 refereeing last night. He hadn’t got a clue either. Next big star to come out as a Wolves fan? I reckon David Hasselhoff might be next to sample the delights of Whitmore Reins. Probably.


  33. GoWolves says:

    While it is true that Wolves seem to have been robbed by referees suffering from tiny penis syndrome a few times already this season, and from tactics deployed by managers with neanderthal brains who still haven’t got over the happenings in Cardiff on May 26, 2003, I surmise that our recent “disappointing” results can be largely attributed to 3 main points:
    1. Needing to be more clinical and taking our chances to end games when we can.
    2. Defending set pieces.
    3. Our opposition now realizing we’re top cheese and preparing harder to face us, and stepping up their game.

    Good thing about all this is that it is totally in Wolves’ power to address these issues. In the case of #1, I don’t buy the “desperately need a striker” excuse all the time. I mean, yes, we do, but we already have one in Bonatini, so until the window opens to find another one (for competition, in case of injury, etc.) focus just needs to be on getting him better. I think he’ll be very good for us given some time. He’s already scored 3. Let’s support him.

    In the case of #2, we should not be letting in 3 goals at home. Period. In fact, we scored 3 goals, and that should be plenty to win most home games. So to me this is the bigger crisis. Nuno needs to (and I am sure will) address.

    In the case of #3, that’s how the cookie crumbles. Just prepare more and better than the opposition and beat them regardless.

    So picture is still positive for me. Main ingredients still there. Fosun’s ambition and investment, talented and committed players and management, and fantastic football to watch.

    Stay with it guys … this is still work in progress on the way to something big. I am sure Nuno is working hard to address these issues and continue to refine the team. Let’s hope for some visible progress in the next few games.

    Go Wolves!


  34. John Davies says:

    Great write up, I agree with everything you have said and the points raised,I have been saying for a few seasons now that these referee’s are corrupt,cast your mind back to the season we were relegated from the premiership and the number of points lost to bad refereeing decisions cost us,last season the same.
    I truly believe that matches between WWFC and ? are far to big for these inept officials.
    Someone on another link said that he was a villa fan? if so that explains it, either way it wouldn’t surprise me if Bristol City’s officials hadn’t got a limo waiting outside the ground to wisk the ref and his officials off to a posh hotel and slap up meal for a job well done.
    So far this season they have cost us 5 points from two home matches, could be the difference between top two or top six!


  35. John Davies says:

    You should forward this to Laurie Dalrymple Ben, expresses my feelings exactly, refs in two home matches so far this season have cost us five points, send it on, they might take notice.


  36. What a performance from Cavaleiro explosive. On this form he will be terrifying for defenders. Everything we did went through him so it was a shame to see him taken off at 2-2 which I felt took the sting out of us a little.

    You get the feeling if we keep playing like that we will win more games than that.


  37. 3-3 to the referee. League looks good to me fancied teams ailing but not us. Those just above not worried one Jota.


  38. Just back home after a long weekend away which incorporated both the Millwall and Brizzle games and a few days camping in the Cotswolds in between. No wi-fi so I haven’t been able to comment on either game before and haven’t yet watched any video replays.
    Millwall was a totally dominating performance. The Millwall 11, then 10, spent their Saturday afternoon chasing shadows in much the way a toddler chases butterflies in a sun-kissed meadow. The highlight, of course, was the absolute stunner from Diogo Jota, but we were unable to stretch our lead and there were one or two hairy moments towards the end as Millwall threatened like any team losing 1-0 does with a few minutes to go. I thought new boy N’Daiye made an impressive contribution off the bench but Ben Marshall looked rusty, to say the least. Good to have him back on the pitch though.

    The Brizzle game was a classic in every sense of the word. A blood and guts affair with incidents, goals and passion in equal measure. A pleasure to have witnessed it. It seems I’m in the minority, but even though I was down the other end, I thought the penalty decision was indeed handball as it appeared to me that Ruben’s hand was way out to the side and I would certainly have been aggrieved if that decision had not been given had it been in our favour. The Danny Batth appeal soon after was also a stonewaller however and I had to scratch my head in disbelief at that one.
    Overall, two excellent teams went at it hammer and tongs. Brizzle surprised me with the quality they offered, especially with Leko, who often lead our defenders a merry dance, and I was quite relieved to see him subbed in the second half. Standout man for us was Cavaleiro who I’ve never been totally convinced by, but certainly convinced me in this one. An altogether brilliant performance. N’Daiye likewise is a great addition in midfield and with terrific showings from Jota and the wing backs, we made an impressive looking unit, despite the wet n’ windy conditions which were hardly ideal for ‘tippy-tappy’ football.
    A feast of football and a magnificent Balti Pie at half time made for the perfect evening out. Only the dropping of two valuable points soured the taste a little.

    Onward and upward.


  39. ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

    I struggled to listen to the Bristol game travelling back to Wales from the East Midlands in filthy conditions (not Tim Spiers’ use of the word). Depression turned to elation when Danny Batth equalised just as we’d got off the M5 and on to the M50.

    Nice to see the support of some of the Bristol City guys for Carl http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/how-bristol-city-showed-support-471843


    • Clive from Houston ( We are all with you, Carl) says:

      You should be able to subscribe to Wolves tv, seeing as you live in a foreign country!!


      • ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

        I wish Clive. Been in Wales for nearly 30 years but still can’t get my head around the language.





  41. Scooped says:

    Wasn’t able to go on Tuesday ‘cos I haven’t been feeling too good but listened to the commentary and refused to move from my ‘lucky spot on the sofa or alter my posture beyond certain arbitrary movements developed and refined over many years of devotion to the superstitions of the armchair supporter.
    You all seem to have summarised the match perfectly. Some sublime Wolves attacking football not fully capitalised on due to missed chances and, of course, the customary anti WWFC bias by the match officials.
    Forum, Jeff Shi and everyone else involved in this ‘project’ need to wake up to the threat to our ambitions that such continued ineptitude (or bare faced cheating) represents.
    It’s nothing new. It’s been going on for donkeys years. And it’s cost us big time. I could write a book on such incidents but will give just one example trght now – John McGinley flattening David Kelly right in front of the ref in the play off semi-final at Burnden Park. The ref booked McGinley who went on to score the winning goal.
    As a club we’ve always been far too passive in the face of such blatant ineptitude. Its almost certainly cost us both promotions and contributed to some relegations while WWFC stoically turn the other cheek.
    Forum and Jeff are playing a blinder. They’re doing all they can to restore the club to the top flight – sourcing a coach, a completely new backroom team and top class players. The whole infrastructure of the club is receiving the investment required to prepare the club for the future. Significant money is being ploughed into the club and no stone is being unturned in their ambitions for WWFC.
    I would imagine that the planning, strategy and budget for all of this has been meticulously planned. Nothing, absolutely nothing will be allowed to thwart our ambitions.
    And yet, unless the club start to manage the effects of inequitable (biased, partisan, unjust, loaded etc) officials all our dreams could shattered.
    What to do;-
    A spokesman for the club should be at pains to call out such officials at every opportunity. They should compile video evidence to support injustices and name and shame officials as incompetent whenever crass decisions go against us.
    We should welcome being called to disciplinary hearings ad nauseum and every time we are we should be shouting from the rooftops about it and demanding accountability from the referee.
    OFFICIALS AT WOLVES GAMES MUST UNDERSTAND THEIR DECISIONS WILL BE UNDER PUBLIC SCRUTINY as they were throughout Ferguson’s managerial career and still are under Mourinho’s. Their approach in this respect is no coincidence when every point is precious.
    This situation needs to be managed. The club need to get to grips with it urgently. I’d hate inaction to be Fosun’s one fatal flaw in yet another oh so near yet oh so far season.


  42. marin wolf says:

    Just catching up… a couple of thoughts

    1 referees don’t cheat…they are occasionally crap…and it levels out over season

    2 reading Clive’s comment about our lack of an ‘enforcer’ reminded me of dear old Joe Wilson..a full back who according to Wikipedia made 58 appearances for the Wolves between 64 -67.
    The entry says he scored 0 goals,,,but I think I remember at least 3-4 a season…in our own net…and yet that was always forgiven.

    Because Joe was the enforcer..a nasty early tackle would lead to an immediate assignment of Joe to follow the offending player around the pitch until eventually they were kicked 6 feet in the air, possibly losing a leg in the process…and everyone at Molineux knew what was coming, which made the intervening minutes all the more fun.

    Oh happy days…


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