Wolves 1 Millwall 0

First things first – what a goal.

I’ve been frequenting the North Bank for well over two decades and let me tell you, we don’t get many of those.

The tenacity to emerge with the ball, the control, the pace and then the zero backlift finish were all sublime.

Diogo Jota’s outstanding effort will be the only thing this game is remembered for in a week and that’s no bad thing.

Today though, we’re left reflecting on a narrow one nil that could easily have slipped through our grasp had it not been for the steady hands of John Ruddy.

You wouldn’t have begrudged Millwall a late equaliser either after they’d spent most of the game chasing shadows, while Wolves ping ponged the ball around the pitch.

But despite enjoying over two thirds of the possession and controlling large swathes of the contest, Nuno’s boys never really hammered home their superiority.

Once Jota had struck, it was obvious any second goal in the remaining 80 minutes would have been more than enough to put the visitors to bed.

The fact they didn’t meant that even with an extra player it was always heading for a tense finale when Millwall began lobbing it forward.

It would be easy to repeat the standard ‘we need a striker’ line here, but I’m not convinced if you inserted a Jordan Rhodes or a Nelson Oliviera into that team today it would have made a difference.

Bonatini looked sharp, did a lot of good things and came as close as anyone, other than Jota, to finding the net with a fine first half strike.

I felt when we got the ball in the final third, there wasn’t enough urgency or incision to break through their back four.

Millwall were happy to drop very deep and that invited our midfielders to get forward to shoot from just outside the box.

Saiss and Neves both had several pot shots, which on another day could have been more profitable.

But too often players were content to turn back and slow the attack down, when taking a few more risks may have opened a few more doors.

These are details of course.

Wolves are doing well. The system is clear. The players are good. We shouldn’t grumble.

Bring on Bristol City.


  1. Sheffieldwolf says:

    Last year this was a 0-0 or a defeat. the great thing about this wolves side is that we do have those players like Jota, cav and neves who can pull the spectacular to turn 1 point into 3. With Costa set to return we really do have plenty of special goals in the locker to draw on.

    My worry is that without, Rhodes, afobe or even Edwards who is going to score those dull of a shin scuffs that turn games like today’s into comfy home bankers rather than tight games. I still feel without the spearhead 20 goal striker we look a little vulnerable.


  2. Twixfix says:

    It’s a good summary Thomas of a game we should have put to bed well before the last nervous knocking.
    It’s true imo that, having taken control certain players decided against the obvious “better” ball for the have a shot from 20 odd plus yards out with 7 defensive bodies in front. (Doughty with acres of space wide right on the edge of the box springs at least 3 times to mind.)
    Nevertheless 3 points, a clean sheet with sound defending and a very controlled performance is not to be criticised….
    I do have a concern regards the striker we didn’t get … and that’s there is no or little alternative to Bonatini … not that he didn’t play well ..it’s just that he’s just not our 20 goal a season guy and boy do we need one of those over 46 championship matches.
    As Tim Spiers comments … we could have ended up drawing following Millwall late lump it forward Plan.

    So it’s move onto Tuesday and hopefully Nuno will try to tactically strengthen the cutting edge performance in the final third by using the space created by the 3:4:3 formation.

    Man of the match …Diogo Jota for a very gifted and technical performance closely followed by Vinagres for a very polished wing back contribution.

    Happy days …


    • ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

      In the absence of a shiny new striker I was wondering if Donovan Wilson might do a job upfront. What do you reckon Twixfix?


      • Twixfix says:

        At least he’d be an alternative … no one on the bench today to replace Bonatini as another option ..great result though …see you soon mate.


  3. London wolves loyal says:

    Yep … its all been said except for…what a class act Matt Doherty has become !
    Why he isnt first choice for the republic is beyond me
    I watched them the other night and they were shit


    • RogerA says:

      Er sorry to disagree with you over Doherty he does not have the engine for a wing back, he holds up play instead of using the momentum.Yes he doe get into good positions but on the whole his final ball was either poor or not incisive,
      Sorry but that is what I saw


  4. ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

    Thanks for the write up Thomas. Totally agree with you that a new striker today would not necessarily have made a difference.

    Another goal and I would have secured my first correct prediction. It would have also saved my nails. Millwall were never going to roll over for us but at least we got over the winning line. We also safely navigated the curse of the returning player.

    Pity I didn’t get to see Jota’s fabulous strike in person but I’ll take anything remotely as good when I come over for the Barnsley game. I also hope to catch up with a fair few fellow bloggers then.


    • Nippy Lobo says:

      Totally with you, Thomas (thanks a lot) and ExiledWolf. I like the fact that Thomas didn’t drool about us playing super football. Yes, we played attractive stuff, but we played it too slowly.
      I also agree with you about the striker. In the last analysis goals are scored by teams!
      It’s of some concern that our basically good team is taking so long to become really sharp and penetrative. Let’s hope they develop that soon as they get to know each other better.
      On the striker: I like Bonatini, but we shouldn’t forget that Jota is one alternative to Leo, with Cavaleiro or Costa taking Jota’s place. We can hope that until January we can afford to see how things develop. That’s the big question: can this team keep us in touch in the promotion battle until January? So far, so good!


      • john Payne says:

        taking so long Nippy ? I just counted the months on my fingers and reckon 8 more months till the end of the season. we’re not doing too bad after 6 matches. agree about the striker; when you buy a Rhodes there’s no guarantee of 20 goals, but we do have lots of goalscorers in the team. I’d bet that injury free our very own Brazilian striker will score 20 goals, let alone all the goals to come from Jota and Costa and others.
        As you say, goals are scored by teams !


  5. Clive from Houston says:

    We were on top so much we should change our name to Wolverhampton Missionary Positioners.
    What a stonker of a goal.
    That lad is something special, and I, like many others no doubt, feared the worst when that pratt double footed him.
    Jota methinks is made of stern stuff which will bode him well in the coming months.
    Thought all played exceptionally well, especially Danny B and Vinegar.
    We finally had a decent ref, who only missed a blatent penalty and should have sent the aforesaid pratt off earlier.
    Very good three points.
    Shit eating grin back, for the first time in two weeks.
    And, I never thought I would be pleased to see an Albion victory!!!!!


  6. wolf 40 says:

    New striker or not, we bossed possession, left them chasing shadows n picked up 3 points…what’s not to be positive about ?


  7. Mark G Davies says:

    On the spot summary Thomas, and listening to some Millwall fans on the train to Birmingham after the game, they felt they gave us too much respect. They didn`t have a lot of choice I felt with our passing and movement excellent, it was super to view.
    The only real problem today was the lack of a new striker in the window, oh not that one again, my mistake, I went into the ticket office at 2.30pm on the off chance of a ticket for Burton, and yippee they had some left, had to be cash though as the credit card machines weren`t working.
    Lucky I had a spare £20 note otherwise I wouldn`t be going to that game. Card machines not working on a match day…….madness.
    Another 3 points on Tuesday please wolves.


    • Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

      You shared a railway carriage with Millwall supporters? And lived to tell the tale? “Peaceful” Millwall fans?
      Well wonders will never cease. You must be the Incredible Hulk.
      Maybe there is hope for Kim Jon Yung and Donald Trump after all.
      Last time we were cocooned in a carriage with Millwall louts when both sets of fans were returning from Lancashire fixtures all hell broke out.


  8. Need to be able to win 1-0 sometimes
    and we did. This is just phase 1 – the cocoon – goals and strikers will come. Good to see players we have sometimes written off growing into the new system. Anybody know how the blouses and villans are getting on ?


  9. I`ve been a Wolves fanatic for almost 70 years. The most exciting time of my every week during the season, was always Saturday when another great victory was eagerly anticipated — though frequently not delivered.

    But today my priorities were very different,

    Now I am living permanently in my North Florida home in the US pan handle . Today for me and my family the only consideration has been the movement and projected path of that horrendous beast of a hurricane, Irma. This is the biggest storm ever to hit the US At over 400 miles wide, it is wider than the whole state. It`s eye is over 50 miles wide. Everyone is hugely afraid. A major catastrophe is inevitable. The roads are now jam packed as desperate people attempt to flee north, but not really knowing where to go. Limited gasoline supplies is causing further chaos on the roads. Unless the path of Irma suddenly changes sharply to the west, hopefully we will be safe in Panama City Beach. Our plan is I to hunker down and see it out — we are well stocked with bottled water, food supplies and loads of candles.

    So today footie did not really matter too much for me. But then, I saw just how well we played in beating Millwall. My very miserable day here at last received a much needed boost. There is nothing better than being a fanatical Wolves fan. Premiership here we come


    • ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

      All the best Mike. I can’t even begin to imagine the nightmare currently going on over there. I’m sure many on this site will echo Clive’s sentiments.


    • Kiwiwolf says:

      Mike, hope you and your family remain safe.


  10. Clive from Houston says:

    Many sympathies to you, before that bitch hits.
    I lived through a few Florida hurricanes, and have just been through Houston Harvey and its not fun.
    What kept me sane was knowing the love and support of Worldwide Wolves fans.
    My American wife cannot grasp the cameraderie, its not an American thing, but we are with you in spirit, and I would offer you our guest room for refuge, but we dont have any rooms!
    Keep your family safe, everything else is replaceable stuff.
    And remember, anything that happens is still better than being an albion fan!!!


  11. Steve Showcase says:

    Re 4 games from today I wanted 9 points out of 12 this being the first 3 points ..pressure for points big time..
    This reminds me of KJs time ..the start then,and getting out of the fist div..slight points margin all the way to the end..

    We must take the next 3 points Tuesday and then sort Forest away ..what a pivotal match that will be..
    The point I’m making is that if we mean biz this time then how we play will not be the be all and end all -it’s the bloody points …where we stand in the league after these 4 games if we keep going seems to dictate historically where we should end up..- a theory I know..

    The big Q imo are we good enough for that top 2?..A. I just about think so..

    This match not convincing for me other than the fantastic goal and possession ..on a bad day Ruddy could of slipped up at the end..
    With the new striker I thought we could of
    run away with the league particularly with Costa back but I reckon now it’s going to be a long and fretful season..
    I get very nervous at times like this at the start of the season to Xmas as it will show to me what sort of season we are going to have..

    Ipshit slipping up (weak squad) Leeds look strong, Cardiff tactically & strong defensively and shock leaders,Derby, Boro,favourites for the play offs – I don’t rate Sheffield.. def watch Norwich creep back in..
    US..should be worth 2nd place ..we need that striker January ..

    If we don’t beat Bristol nxt match – my reckoning in the bin ..must must win and a 3-0 plus would do nicely…
    My valluim on order soon and edgy times for me because …as we know we really really have a chance here to get back into that promised land…


  12. Clive from Houston says:

    For all the eloquence on this blog, you guys have got to check out the website Southbank Resistance
    Absolutely fuckin’ brilliant


    • The Witley Wanderer says:

      Clive, that was a very funny read. Laughed my socks off, will have to keep an eye on that web site, Cheers for the laugh and FOWB.


  13. StuWolf says:

    Well done Clive,
    Half an Amanda in there me thinks, Funny as Feck.

    But, oh so bloody true in many parts.

    We’ve got to take risks, because we’ve gone through about 5 managerless’s who wouldn’t



  14. Marney says:

    Job done , three points Tuesday and we will have a little breathing space for the odd defeat which is inevitable in this league, anybody know when costa is likely to make the bench!
    Clive, ‘Southbank resistance ‘ is brilliant, I sent ‘the ballad of Colin wanker’to some mates of mine , fans of derby , hibs, Everton etc and they all raved about it Great read
    Utw. Top of the table by October


  15. Norsk Wolf says:

    As usual a good blog and now that us overseas fans can watch the games (yesterday’s was the best for the feed so far just 3 outages of less than a minute) live, this season is shaping up to be pretty special. For the game itself I am finding it so unusual to not be nail biting 25 minutes from the end. In fact it was only that last effort that was fantastically dealt with by Ruddy (could be our best addition of the season over the long run) that caused concern on the defensive side. Fair play to Millwall for sticking at it and not doing a Cardiff and just trying to kick us off the ball, yes the two footer was reckless but tackles like that are part of the game and an instantaneous decision in the heat of battle, not a pre-mediated plan by an arsehole called Warnock. As with every game there are so many different angles to look at it from. The possession based football may seem a bit over the top at times on the tippy tappy bit, but for the opposition you can’t score if you haven’t got the ball. There are a couple who I still think will never gel into that system and Danny B I think is one of them. The guy doesn’t have the passing ability or the vision to help the team evolve. I like the guy but if we want to be serious contenders and by this I don’t just mean getting out of this competitive division but pushing on to be the best team in the Midlands and then further, then there must be no room for sentimentality. Millwall played like a team lacking in ideas but they played fairly. Other teams that are technically a lot better than them will cause us different problems but will also offer more space for our guys to get in behind so it will be horses for courses. What needs to be addressed though is the lack of incisive action in that final third. We are lacking a ruthlessness that teams like Leeds seem to be showing. That could cost us on the GD front come the business end of the season. One more thing, please can we have one guy who can put in a free-kick or corner of real quality on a consistent basis, I feel this could possibly provide us with the extra goals that could make the difference. Connor Ronan will do for starters. All the above not meant to be hyper critical just a few observations from a Wolves fan that cannot remember this much optimism awash in the club I have supported since the late 60’s…….Wim a big club we am


  16. a1wolf says:

    Its great to be able to watch all the Wolves matches now….nothing much to add to what everyone said…I feel Wolves are strong , confident and hard to beat. Yet, all that possession and the fact that Millwall spent the last 25 minutes with ten men I think we should have scored. It is no use having 70 per cent possession…playing mostly in their own half …that would count for nothing…as it is they nearly scored at the very end. It had to be a super goal to win the game….other than that mostly half chances. Still……….we have to be positive …the team is getting there ….we are strong………and a joy to watch …come on ye Wolves…..from Malta


  17. Franko says:

    Agree with much of whats been said.However,I doubt that we have the cutting edge and firepower to fire us into the top two.You only have to take a look at the likes of Leeds to note the difference.We will rue the day we failed to sign a proven striker and I cant see us ever scoring five goals in a match.

    On yesterdays performance we played some good football but never looked very dangerous in the final third.A wins a win so I’m grateful for that and Jotas goal was great.

    What I cant understand is why, in the absence of firepower,do we not play the players that can provide it.For example Cav would have been the first player on the team sheet for me.I like Marshall but not in the position he was played,we need goalscorers.Also Bright is not the man for the first team yet in my opinion,he is far too wasteful and rarely provides anything.He is very raw and needs time to develop. Cav should have been the first choice substitute given he was not afforded a starting spot.

    Anyway onward and upward UTW


  18. basherbaz says:

    Was a game that in previous years we would have conceded the draw but seems we are building towards the promised land, Roll on Tues, team spirit seems good and Costa still to come back in the future. Good feeling COUW


  19. Steve Showcase says:

    ‘ South bank resistance ‘ written brilliantly the guy writes better than Doogooder…I wonder who he really is?…..very funny..


  20. spikeyboy says:

    South bank resistance.. a cracking read, the man is a genius.
    Superb football game with every player now becoming confident with the ball at their feet.
    What a difference to the last few seasons when they couldn’t get rid of it quick enough.
    Even Danny b should get it eventually.. ( maybe ).
    Slightly disagree about Bonatini , not sharp enough or aggressive enough in the box for me at the moment. But he does bring other things to the game.
    Did you see bods miss for reading . jesus christ !!! worth a watch.
    But , after all it is points we want no matter how we get them.
    That said, the absolute trust i have in Nuno and his staff is total, best management team in the championship by a country mile.
    They will not change their vision of the way the game should be played for anyone and i am pretty sure some of the other managers we have had would have liked to play the same way but simply didn’t know how to do it, didnt have the players to do it , and wouldn’t have signed the correct ones even if they could have.
    “Putting a shift in” is no longer the great cliche it was , in fact its total shite, watch where Ipswich end up.
    This football we play will only get better.
    We will probably never steam roller other teams goal wise but i firmly believe we will demorolize them to death as they just wont be given the ball.
    SAMBA FOOTY IS HERE ( even at barnsley on a freezing february night.. don ).


  21. Vladimir says:

    During the years I’ve seen my fair share of those 1-0 wins in which the one team completely batters the other, those things happen. Same as the last minute scare when the ball is hoofed endlessly in the penalty area – thanks for that save, Ruddy. Would have loved a second goal and Wolves were pretty close anyway. A peach by Jota too!

    3 points in the bag, good passing football – count me a happy camper. And as stated above by various bloggers – with Costa back more skill will be added. UTW!


  22. admant says:

    quickly logged on to leave my two penneth and just spent the last half hour unproductively chortling to myself on southbank resistance’s page … that grass is never getting cut today

    anyhooo after my whinge about strikers las time out it is once again time to congratulate the boys on another good performance. With Jota, Neves and Costa we already have a decent looking premiership midfield, free signing Ruddy however my yet turn out to be our best signing to date as he saved our arses yet again. Defence is looking ok too.

    We need to capitalise on our dominance however and despite all their PR spin you just know Jeff and Nez are scouring the market for a big hitter up front.

    nevrtheless It truly is wonderful watching the Wolves these days !


  23. Really good summary of the game, Thomas.

    Furthermore, while I agree with your overall assessment of Bonatini’s game, I disagree that us having a more recognised goalscorer in the team wouldn’t have made a difference yesterday: Bonatini had at least two good goalscoring chances yesterday that he should have, yet couldn’t, convert.


  24. Wolfman Jack says:

    A comfortable win which seemingly left a lot of us feeling nervous for the last few minutes. It seems the entire team is on the same wavelength until we get 20 metres from goal when suddenly we start taking wrong options or over/underhitting our passes. I’m sure Nuno is working on it and one day some poor club is going to be in for a real hammering.
    Surprised that so many people saw Vinagre as MoM. I thought he had a good game but was out-muscled defensively a couple of times and too often chose to go down blind alleys attack-wise. Having said that, his composure on the ball is fantastic for one so young and inexperienced.
    Strangely, Miranda looked more composed on the left than he has on the right – might be worth persevering with. And finally, another crap referee – nowhere near as bad as Cardiff, but still not protecting players who are trying to play the ball and allowing far to much off-the-ball pushing and shoving. O’Brien on Jota – straight red.


  25. Idiot in Croydon says:

    Milwall could certainly dish out rough tackles, but they weren’t so good at taking it back! it was good to see us stand our ground, and that Jota wasn’t phased by his rough treatment.

    Batth, Vinagre, and Saiss performed very well I thought. Marshall looked a bit blunt in the first half but improved.

    Enobakhare was underwhelming. I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes but perhaps it would have been better to loan Bright out to Fulham and let Graham stay and compete for a place…

    All in all a great win against a very well organised and defensive Milwall team.



    First half just before the goal a sumptuous pass out to Doc by the corner flag a first time ball across the floor to Bonatini on the edge of the box a shot on target a save and a corner. This sort of football makes you want to keep coming back for more. I remarked at the time ‘are we watching Chelsea?’. The hush in the stadium as our team of artisans went about there business making the ball do the work. Millwall players on their knees at the end having spent 95 minutes chasing shadows. Sure we need to be more ruthless in the final third but Nuno said as much after the game. It will come. The roller coaster is now heading in one direction. It is just a matter of time. I fucking love it.


  27. sevlow says:

    …and we march on.
    We should get used to these 1 nil’s as it’s a trademark of Nuno’s, well in the past it has.
    I listened to the match but the commentary team of Mikey Burrows and Andy Thompson spend more time reading out people’s tweets and generally crap chat, with the odd detail about the match. Frustrating and annoying!
    Jota was touted as being better than Costa, which I found hard to believe, not anymore. I am looking forward to seeing both on the pitch. It will be magical.

    Happy with the team, the manager, the staff and the management.

    Onwards & Upwards


  28. Clive from Houston says:

    Watching live on Wolves tv is brillo, coz you get the sounds of the game, but no annoying commentary, and even more annoying infill commentary by so called experts.
    If they are so expert, why do we need commentators?
    If the commentators know their stuff, as they should, being a prerequesite of their job, why do we need the so called experts?
    Answers on a fifty pound note to……….
    No, much better with no commentary at all.
    Its easy to identify the players, they got their names on their backs!!
    Almost as good as being at the match, in some ways better, I dont have to buy Brompto, Witters, Bedders, Boggers, Stu or Matters a beer!!


    • sevlow says:

      Yeh, they just talk shite all the time. I can watch the games, in full, usually 24hours later (the Millwall match is available now). Some of the games have commentary , some don’t. I prefer the ones that don’t!


  29. Bedford Wolf (We're all with you Carl) says:

    My only comments are;

    1. P8, W6, D1, L1, F11, A4

    2. 3rd in the table

    3. Averaging more than 2 points a game

    4. 6 clean sheets from 8 games

    5. See below.


    • Twixfix says:

      Your legs look nice Bedders …
      What colour are those lovely toe nails..?


    • Newark Wolves (There's only one Carl Ikeme) says:

      Dave, Like Mike says, your toe nails look lovely but please cover them up when we meet up at The Shitty Ground on Saturday.


  30. Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

    Moving in the right direction – enjoyed the game on Saturday although it got a bit nervy towards the end. Some of passing and movement really was a joy to behold – we just need to be a bit more clinical to convert superiority into goals. That one 60 yarder by Coady was sheer brilliance and what a revelation he has become with Nuno in charge. Then what a goal that was guys!

    I have only one gripe – and I rarely if ever moan about anything because I simply have nowt to moan about compared to others around the globe.

    However to whom it may concern at Molineux…………….

    Please turn down the bloody PA system and stop playing such banal “music”..! The decibel level was right up there with a road drill or a 747 on take off duties. Ridiculous.

    Christ we could barely hear ourselves think never mind talk between ourselves. Yes its fine for “Hi Ho” or maybe one day “The Liquidator” (wishful thinking) but not for 20 minutes before the bloody kick off.

    In November 1975 I had the dubious pleasure of talking my then wench to see Black Sabbath at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester. The speakers rose 40′ into the ceiling. I can assure you that on Saturday the PA was louder than anything Osbourne and Co could belt out.

    Gripe over – see you all on Tuesday. (Please M1 and M6 – behave no late night road closures this time).



  31. Please, for the love of god, stop complaining about not getting more strikers during the window.
    I beg of you.


  32. StuWolf says:

    Just when we thought spending time at Molineux couldn’t get any better………


  33. StuWolf says:

    Then along came a master of the art of footy…..

    By the way, what an absolute gent too.


    • The Witley Wanderer says:

      Look like brothers Stu’, did he have his ’66 world cup medal in his pocket ?
      Best of luck Tuesday night, off to Mederia today worst luck !! COUW.


    • BARDWolf (Like Cream - Always rises to the top) says:

      Had he emigrated to Australia?


  34. Bedford Wolf (We're all with you Carl) says:

    Stu – Ron Flowers was my first footballing hero from when I was 5. I met him for the very first time about 2 years ago when me and BOG went to the Former Players Association Annual dinner and am not ashamed to say that when I spoke with him, told him what a hero he was (and is) to me and got his autograph I had tears rolling down my cheeks like a baby.


    • StuWolf says:

      As I said Bedders, a true Gentleman, I asked if I could have the photo and actually told him I was honoured to be in a photo with him. Everything about the man is professionalism and class.



    Just having a laugh at Tony Clueless (Smethwick Town manager). After the 3-1 defeat he was keen to say that Brighton deserved to win and wasn’t going to make excuses. I then counted 10 paragraphs where he moaned about lack of preparation time, players coming back from Venezuela and Uganda, an away game, He concluded with “I don’t want to be making excuses and taking anything away from Brighton”….



    Bloody he’ll Stu. Mixing with Royalty ay ya. Fair play.



    You could morph Pulis and Warnock together and create a sort of throwback Loch Ness monster. It has tentacles that tug shirts and about six elbows which discreetly maim innocent victims. The monster has a tendency to bully and kick. Luckily when it comes up against more advanced opponents it is left bewildered and without any answers. The monster is from now on called the PUNOCK. it must be resisted and defeated. One day it will come up against the Wolf Pack where it will be devoured and spat aside. That day may be soon in the reckoning.


    • Nippy Lobo says:

      What a brilliant idea, Cheeseburger: morphing Pulis and Warnock together to make a monster like an octopus with elbows. Pure genius!


  38. Clive from Houston says:

    Nah, Cheesy, we’ll pass them going the other way come May.
    But I like the name.



    Cheers Clive hope all is well over there chap.


  40. Clive from Houston says:

    We gonna survive, Cheesy, it’s them poor buggers getting creamed in Florida who deserve our thoughts and sympathy.
    We only got rain, none of the destruction from 150mph winds.
    Life goes on, and while the lads keep winning and the shit keep losing, alls well with the world!!


  41. Bedford Wolf (We're all with you Carl) says:

    In answer to Twixfix and Newark enquiring about the nail polish in my holiday picture – it is a vintage shade called Steppe. Only recently rediscovered it was very popular in the Art Deco period of the 1930’s. Back then – and I confess didn’t know this – they had colours specifically for either finger nails or toe nails. Who knew? The most popular finger nail colour was English Rose which was thus known as English Rose finger or English Rose hand.

    So what this means is that what you have in my picture of me and Mrs BW enjoying the Croatian sunshine is – wait for it, wait for it – Steppe toe and sun.



  42. Good result BUT, we should have and could have scored more and this is my only worry. The defence seems solid in times gone by we would have let this game slip through our hands but for Ruddy it might have been a late equaliser and posiblally a winner for Millwall BUT this is not a Wolves team of old.

    My only concern and has been all summer is the lack of fire power ie a striker who could be the difference between winning 1. 0 or winning 3.0. When rode our luck a bit thank good we have Ruddy on form, BUT we cannot rely on luck to get us promoted alone yes you need a bit along the way.

    If I was Wolves and they may well be in the process of doing this I’d be looking a the free transfer market for a striker shouldn’t cost a fortune only wages and there is a decent one out there just need to look hard enough to get us through to January………..there’s no harm in looking…!


    • Oliver Goldblack says:

      Don’t worry too much, we’ll have Costa back soon. Him and Jota will be ripping it up.


    • BARDWolf (Like Cream - Always rises to the top) says:

      Haven’t given it much thought but you may be correct about WWFC requiring a striker!


  43. Brompto' says:

    Well done Clive,

    I see John Richards is looking after you, and Wolves are giving you a free match ticket. Mind you, I was hoping they would also pay for your air fare lol.



  44. Mark G Davies says:

    In response to Bedfordsliveoldgold`s comment on my train journey from W`ton to B`ham, I did sit opposite three middle aged skinhead Millwall fans, but decided not to engage them in banter on the match given the score and gulf in class during the game. They spent the entire journey bemoaning they had little or no money to spend in the summer – ooops I though I`d better not go there either!!
    I don`t mind the walk to the station, but these away fans must have left around the same time as me to catch the 5.10pm train to New Street, so they were clearly not expecting much from the last twenty minutes or so either. Decided to leave my colours at home, washed and ironed for Tuesday – filling the car with the wonderful aroma of Lenor as I drive over from the East Midlands. Wo`nt have so far to travel on Saturday though, its a home game for me, thankfully no more train journeys for a while.


  45. jerryd says:

    Happy with the result and very happy with the quality of passing. I am not so concerned about the “20 goal striker”. The PSV Boole was a striker/winger. We don’t need a target forward as such, we have the talent and ability to score goals.

    As long as we stick to our system and keep the ball on the floor, the results should come. Yes, we should have scored more than once, but IMO, creating the chances and playing to our strengths is what matters. Goals will come if we continue to play well.

    1-0 or 4-0 is the same points value; our goals conceded stat is awesome. A little more urgency in the final 3rd is all that’s needed. Nuno knows what to do I reckon, this team is still embryonic. I feel ungeatful saying “only 1-0”. I say “thanks for Jota, Vinagre, Neves…” We could really get promoted, just chill and enjoy.

    I am really looking forward to matches these days, long may it continue. I’ll be buying a bigger glass ‘cos mine is almost overflowing.


  46. jerryd says:

    I don’t know where Boole came from, I wanted to write “bloke”. Apologies


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