Wolves Vs Yeovil Town Preview

That was a big win on Saturday.

We’ve been burned before after impressive starts under Solbakken and more recently Zenga, so there’s an element of caution for sure but the Nuno revolution already feels more credible than those false dawns.

There’s decent depth in this squad, albeit with a few key performers out injured, so I’m fully expecting us to progress in this tie even though most of the weekend’s starting eleven will likely sit it out.

I enjoyed last season’s cup run and it would be nice if we could make it through a few rounds in at least one of the competitions again this season. I’m still yet to see us play at Wembley.


It’s worth remembering that as recent as 2014 we’d have been considered underdogs in this tie with Yeovil up in the Championship and Wolves in League One.

Fast forward to now and while we’re dreaming of the top flight, Yeovil are licking their wounds after a 20th place finish in League Two last season and an 8-2 drubbing at the hands of Luton on the opening day of this campaign.

Things couldn’t have gone much worse for the Glovers in recent times and after that disastrous start on Saturday, they’re unsurprisingly rock bottom of the Football League.

Refunds were issued to traveling supporters who suffered the carnage at Kenilworth Road and it doesn’t seem like a happy club judging by various message boards and social media groups.

With little to lose, this is a good opportunity for them to make a amends for that poor showing and given our recent record in the competition, it could be their lucky night.


I’m assuming we’ll see a completely different XI, but it’s difficult to know for sure until Nuno shows his hand for the first time in this type of contest. But here’s one possible combination.

That probably won’t be anything like the actual team in all honesty. I just got bored moving the pieces around trying to work who from the second string would slot into each position.

The above doesn’t include Michal Zyro or Joe Mason and if either don’t get a kick tomorrow, you would imagine their time is probably up. One or both might well start though.

Unless Nuno is going to be incredibly experimental, I think he’ll have to use at least a couple of the players who started at the weekend. But again, who knows? All guesswork.


Whichever players make it onto the pitch for Wolves tomorrow, you would hope they’d find a way to win – convincingly or otherwise.

I’ll carry on the good vibes from the weekend and hope for comfortable progress rather than the usual extra time dramas.


Up The Wolves!



  1. Richard says:

    No: Bennett for Coady; Deslandes for Bennett; Graham for Doherty; Zyro for Graham. Mason not included because, HOPEFULLY, he will be off elsewhere.


  2. Val hever says:

    Would love to think we could run up a cricket score but have been watching wolves for too many years so will go for a 2-0 win


  3. FRANKO says:

    I agree more or less with your line up Thomas, and I think the team you have picked looks pretty strong.Thats the difference this year, the depth in the squad looks far superior to anything we have seen since I can remember.

    Of course we are all itching for the game to start at Derby on Saturday, but we can’t overlook this game which if we win well(and I think we will ) will also build confidence within the club.We can now field a very good team for the league cup without overplaying the lads who played so well against Boro,and that’s great.



  4. RickRack Wolves says:

    Based on their colapse on sat may need an abacus to keep score
    whilst i’ll risk the egg on face, cannot see anything other than a big win
    and to second Clives expected scoreline

    5 : 1 to the mighy wanderers


  5. DancesWithWolves says:

    Anybody’s guess but I’d imagine Coady will be rested, he will be saved for Derby. Zyro surely can’t be off anywhere, so he should play. Batth will probably start, he’s lower down the first team pecking order now. Dicko, Graham and Mason are my front three. I hope a comfortable 3-0 or so win with no casualties.


  6. Bedford Wolf (We're all with you Carl) says:

    Recent history shows that we usually win these games 2-1 or occasionally lose them by the same score.

    Hopefully though now we are a different animal so a more assured and comfortable victory will occur.

    On the team I don’t think Doherty or Coady will play – Deslandes in the back three, Graham at right wing back and Zyro wide up front. That’s based on where people were tried by Nuno in pre-season and the belief that Nuno knows what’s he doing in everything he does.

    My prediction would be 3-0 to Wolves.

    The crowd will be interesting. Yeovil only took 258 to Luton on Saturday so for a midweek league cup game will they manage three figures? Good luck to their fans though, you have to admire their dedication.



  7. Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

    I believe Luton’s 8 goals was the highest score on the opening day of the football season since Wolves beat Manchester City 8-1 in August 1962 – Ted Farmer getting four.

    Thanks dad for taking me to that fixture as we had just arrived back from Weston Super Mare on “Black and White” coaches via Cheltenham coach station.

    Hope he is enjoying our new look squad etc from the North Bank in the sky.

    Wolves 3 Yeovil 0

    No injuries please.



    • Clive from Houston says:

      Do FA Cup scores not count?
      Hadley got 9, Morpeth got 15 and Berkhamsted 12
      Just saying.


      • Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

        Don’t believe the FA cup counts as it is start if the football league season.
        Different competitions.
        However locally Mowsbury Park Juniors won their opening league game 23-0 so I guess that must count.
        Just saying……


  8. StuWolf says:

    These guys all played a part in the pre-season, so no reason why they would play like they were brainwashed into playing the last couple of seasons.
    So whoever plays in whichever position, I hope to see slicker passing, better defending and a few goals. Sticking my neck out for a 4-0, hoping for more.
    Won’t be greedy, but these are different players due to a new mindset from NES.

    Wolves 4

    Yeovil 0

    Dicko hat trick please.


  9. Mark pritchard says:

    I think it would be silly to let Zyro go. He needs time to get back in the swing. Like Dicko before him, such a lengthy absence must cause you to almost start again. I think he will come good.

    2-0 wolves


  10. Raydewolf says:

    Such depth now, great to see. But will be needed in the dead of winter.
    Zyro us quality, half cgsncecrhe last day and hit the post.
    He has goals in him. I feel for Mason too. A good run and he’ll get his share.


  11. Raydewolf says:

    Should read : half chance the last day….
    I swear predictive text has gone backward on the iPhone


  12. vicsmith says:

    How far have we come. That team you suggested would have been my first choice last season (well mostly). Exciting times indeed. Time to give Dicko, Zyro and Graham a perfect opportunity to fill their boots and gain confidence. Should be at least 5 goals for Wolves.


  13. Hong Kong wolf says:

    If Dicko puts his boots on the right way around, 6~0 to Wolves.


  14. Wolves will score no more than 2 goals. Yeovil Town will score on a penalty shot.

    Is this game on WolvesTV? Shouldn’t it be WolvesTele? I would complain if I were you guys.


  15. Sharmwolf says:

    Anyone for penalties again?
    Seriously a 2 – 0 win for the boys with 11 changes from Saturday. Norris Batth Bennett Edwards Ronan Price Graham Zyro Mason Deschlandes Gibbs White.


  16. Paulcooksleftpeg says:

    Don’t think we will change it like most people are saying we have to keep a nucleus of the team going
    Consistently is key, def want graham, gibbs white ronan and zyro to start
    Up the wolves


  17. GoWolves says:

    Wolves 4-1 Yeovil
    Feeling optimistic ?


  18. The kind of banana skin that would have sent us flying over the last few seasons, but as has been pointed out, our back up players would have made the first team until this extraordinary summer window.
    So I can see eleven changes, but a comfortable victory notwithstanding.

    Wolves 4 v 0 Yeovil


  19. Twixfix says:

    Never underestimate the opposition…. Yeovil might still be having nightmares about Sat but tonight is another day…( so to speak).
    I’ll be there tonight to run the rule over the team so I’m expecting a few to stand up and be counted …. 1….2…3….1
    The last a consolation for the Glovers.
    Wolves 3-1 Yeovil


  20. Paulcooksleftpeg says:

    Forgot my score 3 0 wolves attendance 8,791


    • StuWolf says:

      That’s rather specific Paul, crystal balls spring to mind. Lol.
      Personally, I don’t think it will be anywhere near that, I think about 8,790 at best.


      • Bedford Wolf (my wife's a quarter Portuguese y'know) says:



        That’s just crazy talk.



        • StuWolf says:

          Perhaps Paul and I were overreacting a little, you know you may well be right.

          I shall check tonight at the game,


  21. Idiot in Croydon says:

    I’d love to see us do a cup run but typically we’ll draw Man City away in the third round and that will be that ?

    Wolves to go through on penalties.



  22. Tipton Exile ( Keep the faith for Carl) says:

    If we can’t beat Yeovil by a big margin, forget the PL.

    Wolves 5 -0


  23. Dave Porton says:

    Would expect to see many changes and i think we have addequate cover in most areas so convincing win today

    3-0 Wolves


  24. sevlow (Carl we are behind you) says:

    Always good to have a cup run and we have a large squad so may as well use it. Think Leo may play to get some game time in. This is a chance for other squad members to get a run out and impress Nuno.
    Would expect to win this so going for Wolves to win 3-0


  25. basherbaz says:

    Great to see the squad has depth now, feel that we really do have a half decent reserve squad. Sorry for Burgoyne who I think should be our number 2, bur perhaps a good loan deal will suit him better and really think that one day he will be a top quality goalkeeper. Ruddy played very well on Sat though (goalkeeper who comes for crosses) Norris will have to improve his kicking and distribution IMO.


  26. basherbaz says:

    Thank you to Fosun (Imagine Morgan and Moxey still in charge – we would be so far back to be out of sight) and due to the transfer fees escalating this year think Ruben could be worth £20 mill + now , Costa £30 mill, and hopefully some of the loan deals have a buy clause in as well, so Fosun can expect a good return WHEN we get to the prem.

    Redrow signs still up get them DOWN now, Moneyshop sponsors pay em out NOW and get Thomas Cook as sponsors and play the Liquidator.


    • Cotswold Wolf (stay strong Carl) says:

      Yes please Liquidator: I’ve hated Hi Ho from when It always signalled the end of discos back in the sixties


  27. Wolfman Jack says:

    I can see a Yeovil-coloured bus being parked in front of the nets tonight – they won’t want another humiliating defeat. Still, we have enough quality to see them off.


  28. Paulcooksleftpeg says:

    Be interesting to see out of the fringe players that are left out cause they will be the ones who will be moved on I reckon also they will be cup tied we will see!


  29. JackoMac says:

    I would like to see Ronan at the centre of tonight’s team and maybe some more game time for Samuels. I wouldn’t expect to see Mason involved but I am expecting Zyro and Graham to feature significantly. Cameo appearances from Goncalves and Viniager Joe. My prediction an ultimate 4 – 2. Having gone 2-0 up we try to give it away for old times sake. But at 2-2 and having cleared one off the line Nuno reminds them they are under new management now and Danny boy scores the 4th.


  30. Brompton Wolf says:

    If Batth plays as suggested then we wont see a clean sheet. So………

    Wolves 9 Yeovil 1


  31. Cotswold Wolf (stay strong Carl) says:

    Expecting a regulation win 3-0 or better hopefully.

    Wolves have explained “double sale” of my seat on Saturday. Other guy not supposed to use his season ticket as I had purchased first and he was supposed to sit elsewhere for first game. Pity the officious steward did n’ t check with the office as he was required to.


  32. Uno, dos, one, two, tres, quatro
    Matty told Hatty about a thing she saw.
    Had two big balls and a gigantic dong.
    Willy Boly, Willy Boly.


    PS. I have no way of knowing about Willy’s willy, nor do I care.


  33. Bognor Wolf says:

    Same thing seems to happen ever year at this time, tight game, frustration etc However this year feels different…

    Wolves 3 Yeovil 0


  34. StuWolf says:

    For anyone who missed it or didn’t pay for it, the FULL Middlesborough match is now available to watch on Wolves website.
    And it’s worth watching.


  35. Bedford Wolf (my wife's a quarter Portuguese y'know) says:

    The Great APV Debacle – an update for StuWolf, Newark Wolves, Twixfix, DOOGooder etc.

    Not heard a dicky bird from APV this week. Sat said that she’d be back at work on Monday (yesterday) and ‘sort it out’. Didn’t hear anything yesterday. First thing this morning I emailed her for an update but currently it is 4pm and not had a reply.

    Give it till Wednesday lunchtime I feel – then I will start “smashing some bottom” as Basil Fawlty once said.

    Assuming the APV is off (well and truly!) then Jeff Shi’s usual Chinese hang-out seems pretty good and after all if its good enough for Newark Wolves then maybe that would be a decent shout for the Saturday night meal – maybe Jeff will pay? Its called The Queens Cantonese Restaurant in Queen Street.

    Accommodation wise – The Novotel is being mentioned which is fine though might treat Mrs BW to The Mount Hotel, a bit further out and a bit dearer but then she’s worth it.

    Well she says she is.

    Well she’d better be!

    Further updates to follow.

    p.s. any sightings of the lesser spotted Prince Oniangue by the way? Seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth.


    • StuWolf says:

      You would be in excellent company in the Mount. That is the Official hotel of all the new Wolves players, soon to be Wolves players and Wolves anybodies.

      Get in there lad, gleen some info out of them.

      Cantonese is good by me, I bet it’s cheaper and more food for sure.

      Count me in, or we could eat with the Wolves boys at the Mount..


    • Newark Wolves (There's only one Carl Ikeme) says:

      Agree with Clive about The Goldthorn, me and Sue used to stay there and it is dire. But, with a capital B, it is nowhere near as bad as The Brittania. We only stayed there once and there was blood on the carpet – I kid you not. We love The Novotel but keep us informed as we would gladly stay in the same place as you Dave. As for The Queens Cantonese, me and Sue are not going in there anymore as people keep interrupting our meal and asking for selfies ! Seriously though, check out my review of the place on TripAdvisor, love the place. On to tonight, I have seen Wolves at Wembley twice and they won both times and I would love to make it three. Correct me if I am wrong but when the final of tonights competition is played next year it will be 30 years since we last played at Wembley ? We have strength in depth these days and surely some of the lads tonight will be playing for their Wolves futures. Hopefully Yeovil are still in shock from Saturday.
      Wolves 4
      Yeovil 0


  36. Clive from Houston says:

    Whatever you do, dont go to the Goldthorn Hotel, or whatever its called now, its a dump.


    • Bedford Wolf (my wife's a quarter Portuguese y'know) says:

      Its still called the Goldthorn – noted. It’s not highly rated on TripAdvisor. I am what is called a ‘senior contributor’ on TripAdvisor? Nothing to do with age but its dependent on the number and variety of reviews you post. Been doing it for donkey’s years. Have previously had two free return visits to London hotels after posting less than favourable reviews plus a meal for 6 in a London restaurant all free of charge. Its amazing how powerful TripAdvisor can be.

      Wonder if I have ever mentioned this to the APV?


  37. basherbaz says:

    Can the Wolves please sort out the stock position on the away 2nd strip came out and was sold out most sizes straight away, still only showing Med a Large as in stock and these were only sizes available in the shop on Middlesbrough game. Surely the Chinese can get there own supplies quicker ? (LOL)


  38. StuWolf says:

    Sorry but just had to do this…….


  39. john Payne says:

    Wolves to win 3-0


  40. portuguese men of wolves says:


    forgot to put in a score been busy today its still 0-0 at 19.56

    will go for 4-0


  41. john Payne says:

    HT and we haven’t had a shot on target !

    the EFL curse strikes again – obviously we’re concentrating on the league !

    seriously though, I’m expecting a deluge in the second half – of goals .



  42. The Witley Wanderer says:

    Had a fantastic weekend, getting “Rat Arsed” with my fellow Bloggers in the North Bank Bar, great selfie Bedders, and repro shirt. Then the footy, out of this world and only just starting out.
    Just listened to to nights game and think we have got strenth in depth at last. Had all the ball and came through one nil, just like Leeds when they last won the League one nil. Roll on Cardiff Bloggers, see you there. COYW.


  43. Clive from Houston says:

    Since the start of the season:
    100% record
    No goals conceded
    Won both games 1-0
    If all our remaining games end with the same result, we will be Champions with a record number of points, in a record short time, we will be League and FA Cup winners, and I will be one happy bunny!
    And why not aim for this?
    I have said it before, there is no point going out to play if you dont intend to win, and winning one nil every game will suit me just fine.
    Bollocks to pretty pretty football, I want those three points, and next round of the cup wins, in the bag.
    Very happy to be in the draw for the next round, bring on the Prem boys, I fancy our guys against anyone, home or away.


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