In goal, number one

‘In goal, number one, Carl MyKeme!’ (hooray!)

‘Number two, Matt Doherty (hooray!). Number three, Scott Goldfish (hooray!).’

And so my little boy would go on, broadcasting the rest of the Wolves side from 2013/14 with fanatical enthusiasm, making those lovable little literals as he’d go.

I never corrected his blissful innocence as he merrily announced his heroes (nor his favourite touring car driver Jason Play-Doh or cricketer Moeing Ali, come to think of it).

But it always started with Carl MyKeme. Number one.

While Fosun’s toing and froing over the summer months has demanded more than a story or two from me, my sabbatical could only end with a note about the Big Man.

Yes, my cup runneth over with every passing Portuguese, but the fact Carl Ikeme won’t be there leaves me a little bit preoccupied.

He won’t be striding towards the South Bank with towel over his shoulder, in what my mind paints as a jet-black strip with neon tinge.

He won’t be clapping the hordes of shirt sleeved fans behind the goal in dependable, reassuring gait, in the exact same manner he did at Chesterfield in 2013 where my son frantically scurried to keep up.

He had an unquantifiable aura, did Carl. A quiet authority that commanded attention. So polite to me, my boy and Dad, and a smile to bely his stature.

From that day forth, Carl Ikeme belonged to my son in his innocent little mind. A player he imitated with some gusto after a penalty save away at Colchester, when the usually stone-faced stopper went absolutely mental. The rendition made me laugh like Carl’s histrionics on the day!

That he won’t be around is tough. Telling my son why he’s not there tougher still, and thinking of where Carl will be at 3pm the toughest of the lot.

Watching Gillette Soccer Saturday from home? Listening to Mikey Burrows on the radio? Or sipping a cup of tea with his family and forgetting about the day job.

Wherever he is, I’ll be thinking of him. Every corner we defend, every back pass we place and hopefully, every goal we score.

Not so much a keeper to me and Arthur, but an absolute bloody hero.

Number One. Carl MyKeme.

* If you want to support the guys raising money for Cure Leukemia today doing the 24 penalty shootout. Text: CARL24 £5 to 70070 to donate £5.



  1. Thomas says:

    Lovely post Ben. We rarely do anything between the preview and the match report but I do feel this is poignant under the circumstances. He’ll be in our thoughts tomorrow.



  2. Bagsy says:

    Fantastic words mate. Brilliantly put.


  3. BARDWolf (Like Cream - Always rises to the top) says:

    Nice post, there are somethings more important that football.


  4. Absolutely brilliant post, which puts everything in perspective. Thank you


  5. Wolf in Devon says:

    Enjoyed reading that. Nice words Ben


  6. Chris in Newcastle says:

    Beautiful piece. I think there’s something in my eye.


  7. I can only echo the sentiment in your piece, Ben, and those of the comments that follow. Lovely stuff.


  8. DebenhamWolf ( all the best, Kemes ) says:

    A quality, heartfelt post showing the valuable relationship between the decent guys who play the game and the genuine fan who is a real part of the club in a positive sense; what it’s all about for those that love the game and its camaraderie.


  9. Basherbaz says:

    Donate your name for cure leukaemia – see on Wolves homepage – for Carl Ikeme


  10. Tipton Exile ( Keep the faith for Carl) says:

    Well said Ben. He is in all our thoughts.


  11. ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

    Nice post Ben.

    Carl will most definitely be in all our thoughts over the next 24 hours.


  12. GoWolves says:

    Very touching post. Good on you Ben. Best wishes and great thoughts going Carl’s way.
    Go Carl!
    Go Wolves!


  13. Newark Wolves (There's only one Carl Ikeme) says:

    I just wanted to mention a game that made Carl a legend to me. Coventry City away, League 1 at Northampton’s ground. Sue and I couldn’t get tickets in the Wolves end so we registered as CCFC members and got seats in their end behind the goal. We were amongst their boys – and that somes them up “boys”. They gave Carl abuse all game and I have to admit that some of it was racist. What did he do ? he turned around and smiled. You wouldn’t have blamed him if he had jumped over the hoardings and twatted a few people but no, he was more dignified than that. Also, Punjabi Wolves displayed a banner supporting the Coventry fans on trying to get their club back to The Ricoh Arena so why the racism. When the match finished I did go down to pitchside to try and have a word with Carl but he had moved away from the muppets. A top man, a big man and a man that will end up in our hall of fame. Looking forward to singing his name tomorrow.


  14. Border Wolf (We're with you Carl) says:

    You’ve said it all there, nothing more to say.


  15. RickRack wolves says:

    Great post Ben, we’ll all be thinking of you Carl & we’re all behind you. Tomorrow you’ll see the genuine love of the Mol family too.
    Get well soon kemes 🙂


  16. Brompton Wolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

    Nice and poignant post mate.

    I am now in Wolvo. Anyone up for a beer?


  17. Beautiful post. Can’t say anything else, that was wonderfully written.



    Not trying to be difficult but reading the article looks like Carl is no longer with us. Which he most certainly is and fighting like our number 1 does and will do again. Feel free to give me a smack if you disagree. Just my take on it.


  19. Bedford Wolf (We're all with you Carl) says:

    Well said young Ben. Well written and in the best possible way like all the very best literary offerings – straight from the heart. Good luck Carl. The Wolves family are all with you.


  20. sevlow (Carl we are behind you) says:

    Lovely post Ben. It restores my faith in humanity when I see the response from people all over the world in the amazing support Carl has.


  21. JaackoMac says:

    Perfect timing for this piece and thankyou. I am certain that despite the adventures in the season ahead there will be many thousands of fans who keep a weather eye on Keme’s progress. In my minds eye I can see him lifting the championship trophy at the end of the season. But one step at a time.


  22. BennyWolves says:

    Great read.
    Ikeme rightly in everyone’s thoughts
    Wishing him all the strength to battle through and recover.
    At Wolves we have always been blessed having amazing goalkeepers with Ikeme being right up there


  23. colin says:

    What a great gesture from Agbonglahor ! What can i say Carl had to wait so long for his chance at Wolves. Well done Ben and everyone on the blog.


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