Three at the back

The most interesting thing about yesterday’s pre-season win wasn’t the 343 formation, but the personnel of that rejigged backline.

Most notably Conor Coady – the only man to complete 90 minutes in Nuno Espirito Santo’s first game in charge.

What an endorsement that is for a player who probably wondered whether he’d even get a look in this season when reporting for duty at Compton Park a fortnight ago.

But there he is, right in the heart of the back three and suddenly looking integral to the head coach’s plans for Championship domination.

Perhaps Wolves were a little fortunate to escape with a cleansheet given that Bremen struck the bar twice with excellent free kicks, but even so I’m delighted to see Nuno trying something different.

I’ve long been an advocate of the 343 and felt it would have suited us perfectly last season had either Zenga or Lambert been prepared to give it a go.

Matt Doherty is a perfect wing-back and partially freed from the shackles of defensive responsibility could be a very potent weapon. He demonstrated this repeatedly yesterday.

Early indications are that Barry Douglas could be just as effective down the opposite flank, so all bodes well in those wide positions.

I might be in the minority, but I’d be keen to see Dominic Iorfa given a go in this new shape, either marauding down the right or playing on the outside of the defensive trio. His pace and physicality would be well suited.

And pace is the key ingredient for those two defensive positions outside the middle man in a 343, so Kortney Hause might also fancy his chances, although Willy Bony seems certain to be a guaranteed starter in one of those slots come August.

But Coady is the intriguing element of this equation and how his role develops in the games leading up to Middlesbrough will have a significant influence on the other center halves vying for a spot.

Willy Bony hasn’t come from Porto to sit on the bench so if Coady is to be used at the back, that only leaves one place for the other four center halves competing – five if you include Dominic Iorfa.

For what it’s worth, I hope the experiment proves successful. Coady is a good character, a vocal presence and a strong competitor.

It’s a flattering comparison but Pep Guardiola successfully converted Javier Mascherano to play at the back during his time at Barcelona and Coady is a similar type of player (albeit nowhere near as good).

What always irked me during the Stale Solbakken era was his constant desire to play out from the back but never using a ball playing center half.

At the very least, this at least shows some sort of connected thinking.

A pleasing start.


  1. Bedford Wolf (We're all with you Carl) says:

    Thomas – from what I can see and have heard I think we are looking at 343 not 352. No-one (or at least very very few) plays with two up front any more. We haven’t since 2008/09 (apart from a half season failed experiment in League 1 which thankfully was changed that Christmas once Doyle and Griffiths departed and New-hah (DOOGooder, is that how you spell it?) came in.

    343 I think suits us well.

    Ruddy in goal with Naylor and Burgoyne as cover.

    Miranda, Hause and Boly would be my back three with cover by Batth, Bennett and Coady.

    Ofusu-Ayeh and Douglas as wing backs covered by Iorfa and Doherty.

    Central two – Neves and Ronan covered by Saiss and Oniangue (with Edwards kept on for experience and the occasional use as a sub introduced late on for tired legs).

    The front three would be Costa, someone new and Graham covered by Marshall, Dicko and Cavaleiro (with Enobakhare and Zyro as ‘wild cards’).

    So for me there’s no room for Deslandes or Evans or Price or Mason.

    Striker urgently required. I’d take Afobe – Aboubakar I’d take even more.

    Then again what do I know?


    • Thomas says:

      You’re right about 343 mate. I’ve corrected the article.

      The points remain about the three at the back though. I’m a big advocate and think it can work well. Hull got up playing it a few years back and seemed very effective.


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Naylor? I thought we had a Norris? I was wondering what you were on about when you were talking 352, as I only read this after Thomas changed it lol.

      You going up for the Boro game mate, I am coming down. If so I will see you around.


      • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

        It’s a pity the 3-4-3 formation don’t fits Enobakhare as a player. In my opinion he lacks a bit of pace and explosivity and won’t in reality be considered as an alternative when the season starts and the new strikers have arrived. He’s more of an attacking midfielder than striker, and the coach will probably hesitate playing him in a deep midfielder role (perhaps he could become a contender if he strengthened his defensive game).


  2. StuWolf (we're all with you, Carl) says:

    Might Mick from Ipswich may not get his wish…..

    Reading may have a say in it.

    Anyone fancy a great Midfielder.?

    Anyone fancy a great Striker. ?

    No 9 & 10


  3. StuWolf (we're all with you, Carl) says:


    It’s notable that of all the names bandied about by fans wanting players to leave, Coady very rarely cropped up, on loads of sites there are long lists of names put up for slaughter but Coady was not very often in there.

    I think, the Midfield and the Striker situation will be resolved soon (very soon) and Coady appears to have found a commanding voice out there.


    A bloody funny old game.


    • basherbaz says:

      Hi Stu,

      Last paragraph says it all, think we have suprises along the way with who leaves/stays, still JDB got the rest he deserved and wish him all the best.
      3 at the back, sounds as if the players are buying in to it, who will the new forward(s) be ?
      as you say “A bloody funny old game”


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      Indeed. And his versatility, his ability to cover the right fullback, his performances last season, has raised his value as a squad member.


  4. London wolves loyal ( Ikeme ay we ) says:

    Absolutely gutted Jon dadi bodvarsson is on his way out . What a terrific connection he is between us and the players . Loved him ! I know he’s got more goals in him , timing was not on his side
    If it’s true and you’re going then good luck mate , you were loved and a cult hero too !!!


  5. Think we will come to regret Bodvarsson sale


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      No regrets. I do not want him to go, but if/when he does, we just buy a better one …. simples lol


  6. vicsmith says:

    Yep Thomas, I also think that Iorfa could play a big part in a 343 formation. He has the speed and energy for a wing back, which feels like one of the most important positions in that formation. The other advantage I see with our players is their versatility. Doc plays full back on both sides as well as moving forward, Marshall also has vast experience in both back and midfield and I do believe Saiss plays full back for his country. Certainly a season to look forward too.


  7. Clive from Houston says:

    I really dont care what formation we play, ten at the back or in the middle or up front, or all three together, as long as we win every game!!
    Would love to see a lot of 5-1s, but I dont care how many we score as long as its more than the oppositon, every match.
    Fuck me, Leeds used to go one up, shut up shop and win 1-0 loads of times, and win trophies.
    Boring but effective.
    Goal difference of 46 next season, with none conceded, maximum points, promoted as champions.
    Wouldnt we all take that??
    Good start
    No goals conceded


  8. Hong Kong wolf says:

    I’m so looking forward to this season. Any fellow Wolves fans in Hong Kong?


  9. basherbaz says:

    Can I apply for the Judah and Spiers Jobs ?


  10. basherbaz says:

    Nice idea that the club gets J Craddock to design the programme covers,
    Now please No money Shop as sponsors – buy them out of the contract.
    Redrow signs down (disgusting dirty red things) and replace both with Fosun companies.


  11. Nick says:

    A fresh style of play and plenty of fresh players makes for some optimism although we all had that last year so we will have to wait and see .A new 20 goal striker still vitally needed .Sorry to see JDB going .I will wager he scores against us this season .He will certainly score more having rested up properly .I only hope the club increases the pitch size for this season .


  12. Steve Showcase says:’s playing out from the back….
    what more can I say? Took us 4 seasons but I’m sure it stops the conceding bit give or take DB who is hanging in there I must say..
    The weakest link without Q… it could be that he exposes us again unless he is covered..Bedford Stu and I have been putting pins in his doll..surprised he’s not gone..

    One or 2 strikers to go although I see that Dicko’s arse is def in the air after that goal..
    This has got to be our season surely..and worthy of the big big bet ?


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      I believe it is our season mate. I have bet £100.00 on us to be champions at 14-1 lol.

      Can you get me a DB doll too, I have loads of pins. I am unsure of where he fits in now though, so I hope to see him gone soon. May be that he fecks up badly in Austria, and he is left off the plane when we return.


  13. admant says:

    So far so very very good … mega signings defensively and with Graham and Zyro returning we have class in the wings … once again the only thing missing is the target man up front…

    Think we should have given Jon Dadi a chance when rested or at least loaned him out so I can only hope that it’s not long now before one – preferably two – strikers are are signed … probably one proven perm and one premier loanee

    COYW !


  14. Nippy Lobo says:

    Great contributions, Thomas and Bedford, but I’m not as down on five in the middle as you two. Last season it was noticeable that Wolves occasionally set off on a good run of form which screeched to a grinding halt whenever we came across five in the middle. If we play with only four in the middle, they will all have to be damn good.
    Right on about Matt Doherty. When I first heard that Nuno liked three at the back, my first thought was, ‘wow, that will suit Matt!’ He seems taylor-made for one of those wide middle positions, and he can play on either side. There is a rumour that he may leave, but that seems fuelled by Leeds’s desire to buy him. I will be very surprised if we sell him. Even if he doesn’t grab a starting position, he would be an invaluable back-up for both sides.
    Totally agree that, if we play three forwards, then we need to get at least one new striker.


  15. Obviously it will take time for Nuno to find the combination of players which can play his preferred system most effectively. That’s what these pre-season games are all about. But it was interesting that our some of our ‘old guard’ proved to be amongst the most effective against Bremen.
    Doherty, Price and Coady all showed there is a place for them in the squad this season and with the return of Costa and Graham we have incredible depth for this level. Ronan and Dicko also laid down big markers that they can do a good job for us.
    The friendlies to come will be fascinating as NES hones his squad and we see how things develop. I shall certainly be tuning in on the live stream from the club. What an improvement this is from the rather feeble efforts of the previous owners at customer relations. Just so optimistic this morning.


  16. Agree that us playing 343 looks promising.

    Regarding the personnel of the back 3…

    Re Iorfa – yes, he has energy but, Thomas, are you saying that you would like to see him selected over Doherty as the right wing back or over the others vying for the right-sided CB position?

    Yes, Iorfa has got an abundance of athletic ability that one would have thought could be utilised in a starting eleven in some way shape or form – but the reality is that he’s not good enough with a football at his feet.

    Re Boly – I agree that he wouldn’t have joined us on loan from Porto to sit on the bench – and, given his strengths, I would use him in the middle of the three.

    However, likewise, Miranda has not joined us on a permanent transfer from Porto to not be a regular starter. Furthermore, given that of all our options at the back, he is probably the most comfortable with the ball, I can see him being a nailed on starter with Boly, Bennett, Batth etc vying for the other two places.


    • Thomas says:

      To answers your Q on Iorfa Steve, probably as the right-sided CB and as cover for Doherty who would always be my first choice right wing back.

      I think Iorfa suffered playing in an unsettled team last season and crumbled when his confidence went. Still feel he could be useful.

      Miranda didn’t come from Porto. He came from Rio Ave. Not quite the same pedigree, but I agree he’ll be expecting to get a regular game.

      Shaping up to be a good contest back there though.


    • Wolfman Jack says:

      ‘ Iorfa has got an abundance of athletic ability … but the reality is that he’s not good enough with a football at his feet.’

      I tend to agree with you but with Iorfa I always think of Des Walker who had exactly the same problem – no skill, but plenty of pace. And in modern football you can’t have too much pace.


  17. sevlow (Carl we are behind you) says:

    Another for the 3-4-3. When it works it works well. However playing friendlies is a lot different from competitive games. We may start out our campaign 3-4-3 but it may not work, I hope it does work.
    As I mentioned in another thread, Coady looked very good at the centre of the defence and apparently was very vocal throughout the game, he could be a big surprise this season.

    Nuno has a lot to sort out and not a lot of time to do it. However from what I have seen since he arrived he does fill me with confidence that he knows what he is doing.

    With reference to Dadi. I am also disappointed that he is leaving. The lack of service to our front men last season was awful. He will thrive at Reading, I have no doubt about that.

    Another on the injury list is Ben Marshall, has a thigh strain apparently and could be out for a number of weeks. Not good news.

    Seems the official Wolves site is going (to attempt anyway) to stream both games on Saturday and Tuesday, at 5pm here. Let’s hope they get it right as I had to watch the last match via a Croatian tv channel and my Croat is not up to speed, still I did see the match so can’t complain.

    Onwards & Upwards

    P.S. EEL has gone to MK Dons on a season long loan. Wish him all the best.


  18. The Newt says:

    I’ve always quite liked the three at the back formation and think it could work well although I’d prefer to line up 352 rather than 343. A lot of Championship team play with three in the centre of midfield and I’d worry that a two man combination from Saiss, Price, Neves, Edwards etc would lack a bit of pace and physicality and get overrun. We seem to have played better with three in the middle of the park for quite some time now.

    I also like Coady but would be surprised to see him play at the back all season in preference to the likes of Hause, Boly, Miranda or Bennett. Fair play to him if he can be a regular though. I remember McGhee converting Mark Atkins from a useless midfielder to a very handy sweeper so it could work.

    Disappointed to see Bodvarsson leave as he offers us a different option to our other strikers and feel he would be a better squad player when fully refreshed than Mason who I would rather sell out of the two. Also expect to see Iorfa (shame), Lonergan, Evans, Oniangue & EEL to depart over the coming weeks.

    Onwards and hopefully upwards.


    • Really good point and completely agree with you re the problem of being overrun in midfield by just having two in there, particularly as – apart from Prince perhaps (who I can’t see featuring in Nuno’s plans) – we haven’t got anyone in that position who’s particularly mobile.

      I actually think it this could be a real problem for us as the season progresses. The only alternative I can think of that would address this if Nuno wants to stick to 3 up front, is for us to play 433 – with the fullbacks being given the license to get forward and provide us with the required width?

      I also agree that I can’t see Coady being the preferred choice at CB as things progress – good squad player, though.


    • Or 352, as you say.


  19. StuWolf (we're all with you, Carl) says:

    Just heard EBL is off to MK Dons on season loan, no gripes there, it will do the guy good as it did at Sheff Utd, he will get regular games. Good luck fella.

    To calm loads of fears, we are looking at a top Striker and we are progressing well, most I think will be pleased with the choice, that will take us to 9 new players this year, and strangely enough I’m not seeing too many folk on any site complaining, so on the whole most are satisfied with the calibre coming in.

    My mate called last night, so we are expecting to see another Midfielder sooner rather than later.

    With Bod and EBL that’s more out than in I believe, FFP ok.


  20. Graham from Horsham says:

    So much been going on but what about the, as yet to my knowledge, the undiscussed topic of 2017/18 Captain?

    Is Coady being groomed?

    Quotes from our bloggers such as ‘appearing integral to the head coaches plans’, ‘looking good in central defence’, ‘vocal’, ‘Coady appears to have found a commanding voice out there’ – aren’t these the qualities of a potential captain in waiting (or already there?)

    Vey interesting and exciting times in the Wolves camp.


    • StuWolf (we're all with you, Carl) says:

      I do like your thinking, anyone but Danny, tale the pressure off him and maybe just maybe he would play well for Leeds.:-)


      • Brompton Wolf says:

        What I like most about the 343 is as there will be 3 at the back, there is less chance that a spot will be free for DB lol


    • DancesWithWolves says:

      Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s Captain Coady as club captain, and I’d also prefer him as team captain to Miranda, to allow Miranda to settle in.

      I had a chat with Coady just before the Fulham game in London. He came across very well, and even asked ME questions. He’s astute as well. He tipped Huddersfield to go up with Brighton and Newcastle. I said Fulham. Shows what I know.


  21. theDOOGooder (Ikeme, I saw, I conquered!) says:

    Coady has the enthusiasm, chat and positivity to make a great captain.

    His character reminds me very much of a young Emlyn Hughes.

    There’s only one possible problem here…

    Does he have the ability to hold a place down in the new look Wolves?

    I’d like to think that he has. And I reckon that Nuno thinks so too.

    As far as formations are concerned, 3-4-3 is interesting and seems to be the latest ‘thing’ but, the most important ability of a manager and team is to be able to adapt, on the hoof, to 5 across the middle if we look like getting over run.

    Intelligence in on, and off field game management is something that we have lacked for a long time.


  22. JaackoMac says:

    I think the point being made about a midfield two being overrun is a fair one and something that has occurred to me. My wish would be to see Neves and Ronin in the middle and I think with forward options available that set up would find goals against any team. Does it need a third midfielder? Well maybe not with a back three who are all mobile and can be organised to cover if one has to step forward. So overall my vote goes to 343.


  23. john Payne says:

    It’s good to see that some of our previous squad are being given a chance despite all the new faces. I remember Coady was MOM when he first came, and he’s always played his heart out, but as with many, he was messed around, in and out of the team and playing left back etc.
    I always thought JDB was given a tough ask, would have liked to see him up front with Dicko; now he’ll come back to bite us, that’s for sure.


  24. Cotswold Wolf (stay strong Carl) says:

    I think JDB style too old fashioned for what NES is trying to create. Loved the guy: very honest and great rapport with the fans. Could come back to haunt us.


  25. Lowves says:

    On a purely selfish note, who is going to instigate the clap when Dadi has gone? I used to love it after a win and it brought all the fans together, especially after beating tough opposition like Stoke and Liverpool! Agree about Coady I really rate the guy, even when he was getting skinned as a full back he never let his head drop and never hid like some do. We really should persevere with him I think he has the makings of a fine player.
    Best wishes to Carl, another swerving ball to kick into touch, good luck and come back soon.


  26. StuWolf (we're all with you, Carl) says:

    That’s Iorfa gone to Ipswich on a year long loan and Bod dadi signed for Reading. I will miss Bodvarsson purely based on his total 100% commitment every game.
    Good luck fella,
    I genuinely wish you the best.

    Iorfa, he’s not right in the head still, needs to sort out his personal issues, good luck Mick on that one.


  27. From rumour site: Nelson Oliveira is a Wolves player, fee accepted of £8m rising to £10m.


  28. If you are worked up about Bod leaving, what do you think will happen when Wolves get to the Premiership? Do you think Fosun will keep everyone you like?
    There will be as big a sellout next year if we get there then.
    We want progress so we have to expect many fan favourites to be moved on.


  29. StuWolf (we're all with you, Carl) says:

    Have to agree and said as much prior to the latest venture into the transfer market. The staff we had throughout the club are second rate compared to the Premier big boys.

    We have had 14 players leave to date, then we had 8 come in so 6 lighter than before. But it will continue I am certain, it will be the norm for our club in the future.

    If we want the big time to return we have to update and get real. This 2 weeks are mothing compared to what I’m hoping for in the future.

    Bring it on.


  30. Newark Wolves (There's only one Carl Ikeme) says:

    On a serious note folks there is ONLY 22 sleeps until the Middlesbrough game. I have noticed on the blog that quite a few bloggers will be attending. Me and Susan will be there so are we having a bit of a reunion ?


  31. The day Aberdeen and Wolves played for the US football championship



    Agree stu -looks like we have a progressive unit in charge. Exciting times ahead.


  33. It was 50 years ago today…


  34. RickRack (We're with you Carl) Wolves says:

    With the latest changes and there’s obv’s gonna be some more before 5th Aug, we can only be positive with the level of change.
    Fans favorites and certain individuals will always divide opinion.but for me:
    Iorfa out – no big miss – yes pace, but needed to carry a ball
    EEL – will only prosper with that loan deal and can come back
    Bodvarson – to me a big miss maybe for different reasons to being a proven striker – for one he was 6ft sumut but couldn’t jump and head a ball! but he had the ability to hold the ball, run it across the park or into the corner and you cannot blame him for the lack of goals when there is little or no service.
    Doc – has to stay, in a 3,5,2 or 3,4,3 there’s a place for him and he prefers attacking to defending plus LH or RH side for versatility
    Ronan – I think will be a big player for us this year, we only saw glimpses last and was really impressed
    Club captain will be DB or Super Dave – although isn’t Neves the youngest recorded captain in a Champions League side?
    And don’t really mind who gets the regular arm-band but please – NOT the keeper and NOT a striker – must be CH or CM
    Wish list continued – 1 x proven striker and I’d be happy – 2 & I’ll be ex’bloody’static
    Can’t really comment on the new ones as only seen highlights, but honestly believe this closed season to be immeasurably better that last season or any others that I can remember….


    • It’s always an interesting discussion on our ‘old guard’ and who should stay and who should play. Like everyone else, I have my opinions on which of our players can do the biz for us into the future and who we need to improve upon. I don’t yet feel qualified however to say that, for instance, Miranda should play ahead of Hause. I’ve never seen Miranda play. I don’t know what he’s capable of or what we can expect from him. Likewise pretty much all of our new signings.
      So, I don’t feel I can consign Batth/Coady/Mason et al to the dustbin of history until I know we have more able replacements. That’s what NES gets payed for.
      Also, some players who can seem pretty inept in one system can improve greatly in another. Certainly from Jack Price’s showing against Bremen, he comes into that category.
      I’m sure NES is making all these judgements as pre-season progresses and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more departures quite late in the window. They won’t necessarily be those many of us would expect or desire.


  35. Dadi has left the building a bit of a surprise if I’m honest, to me anyway never really used properly in my option by Walt and Lambertt up front on his own most the time with balls leathered up to him around his head and neck.

    He tryed his best in every game never gave up and that effort at Liverpool what a goal that would have been.
    I can see Stamp getting the best out of him unlike Walt and Lambertt and no doubt he will score against us.


  36. sevlow (Carl we are behind you) says:

    The kick off time for today’s match is 4pm UK time now. Live stream via – hopefully


  37. StuWolf (we're all with you, Carl) says:

    Look up Kenneth Omeruo 23 year old defender from Chelsea, made his first team debut against Crawley the other day, now reported to be driving up to Compton for a medical and £3 move.

    Only one report on this but is would be tasty.

    But, just a tasty rumour at the moment, Thelwell was at Molineux this morning when we went to buy tickets so who knows?

    Boro selling well, lower quadrant in the North Bank sold out now opened the upper quadrant and it’s going well too.

    Club shop was chokka, loads still buying the away shirt.

    The Fosun factor.


    • theDOOGooder (Ikeme, I saw, I conquered!) says:

      He can’t be much cop if he’s going for £3 can he?

      Sorry about that but I’m very quick to spot mistakes made by other people.

      Its’ mein thattt i nevur kann c.


    • Did Thelwell sell you the tickets?


      • StuWolf (we're all with you, Carl) says:

        But he did offer me a rusty 1978 Ford Cortina with bald rear tyres.

        Greasy bathplug.

        I wouldn’t trust him if he told my my arse was on fire.


      • StuWolf (we're all with you, Carl) says:

        I was there picking up tickets at 10 am and my mate said he was talking to him. So he must have been on his way to B/ham airport en-route to Austria. I saw the picture of him too.


    • Thelwell is reportedly in Austria. Maybe you saw his brother.


  38. DancesWithWolves says:

    WolvesTV not working yet and our friendly brought forward to 4pm kick-off our time. Any alternatives?

    The England Under 19s final today is on Eurosport at 6pm.

    Sad to see the big Icelander go but he didn’t quite cut the mustard. Mind you, even Messi would have struggled to score more last season, alone up front. Iorfa is only out on loan and might yet have a great future at Wolves. If that fails, there’s always Pantomime, Bambi on Ice.


    • It was on Youtube Wednesday. Or you can install Mobdro and see if the game is shown on one of the streams it allows you to watch. It was on Sport Klub 3 Wednesday. Haven’t checked yet. Just got up.


  39. BARDWolf (Like Cream - Always rises to the top says:

    It’s like being at university again, what can we do without the clap!!


  40. StuWolf (we're all with you, Carl) says:

    The game IS on the Wolves site as we speak…


  41. StuWolf (we're all with you, Carl) says:

    1-0 Dicko get in there


  42. StuWolf (we're all with you, Carl) says:

    Great quality picture for free.

    2-0 Doherty


  43. Twixfix says:

    Very impressed with that …especially as it was a freebie…
    Cavaleiro …. he’s going to be a tricky customer this season… plenty to be excited about….


  44. Still 100% record in Europe this season. Pretty competent performance overall and good to see Zyro get the ball in the net, even though he was blown for offside.
    There’s a saying in football about if you’re good enough, you’re old enough. Connor Ronan is definitely good enough.
    Thanks to the club for the free viewing. Excellent.


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      Stunning goal. And it was a really good setup by Enobakhare. Showed incredible dribbling skills in another occasion also. We need a plan b which includes Enobakhare in an attacking midfielder position. Nice to see Connor feature in Nuno’s plans.


  45. theDOOGooder (Ikeme, I saw, I conquered!) says:

    Just finished watching the game. A pretty decent win.

    Two points though.

    We are still horribly open to set piece high balls into the box. For their goal, how many defenders did we have lined up and how effective were they?

    Answer:- loads and totally INeffective..

    The other thing is that they have obviously been told by Nuno that if the ball leaves the floor when playing out of defence they will get their legs slapped.

    This is all very well but sometimes it can get you into trouble if you’re not used to it.

    But very commendable and hopefully, in time, the players will be comfortable playing that way.

    Overall though, I’m pretty happy.


    • Just a thought. Maybe they are working on getting the ball out of their end on the ground and haven’t been focusing as much on defending set pieces yet.
      Not sure, just a theory.


    • DancesWithWolves says:

      I think Solbakken tried in vain to get us passing the ball along the floor from defence. I think we have a far better team now than that relegated PL side.


  46. ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

    Good quality picture – and it was free. Thanks Wolves.

    Results don’t matter at this stage but it is still good to get a win, and against decent opposition. Interesting also to hear Nuno shouting out instructions in different languages.

    Finally, so good to Zyro on a football pitch again.


  47. BARDWolf (Like Cream - Always rises to the top) says:

    Thanks Wolves for the free broadcast.

    At several points I had to check I was watching Wolves, no hopefully hoofing the ball forwards, passing at the back without giving the ball away and multiple passing moves.

    Very impressed with all the players but together Miranda and Boly stood out for me at the back.
    I can’t see many strikers in the Championship pushing Boly out of the way.


    • I don’t get this idea that Boly is that big and strong. He is 80 Kg, which is about 176 lbs.
      I weigh that and I’m not that fat nor that tall.


  48. Olivergoldblack says:

    Don’t get the love affair with Price. He’s always sideways and backwards for me, and is always too quick to get rid of the ball. Don’t get me wrong I like the guy and he’s neat and tidy and everything but you never see him make a killer assist or have a shot. If I was looking to get promoted I think we need a more front footed player than him, If we were a team trying to stay up he’d probably be ideal. On the flip side there probably is space in a 3-4-3 formation for that sort of player, although can’t see him getting ahead of neves’ and saiss in the middle of the 4. Anyone agree?


  49. The Witley Wanderer says:

    Thanks Jeff for the free video this afternoon. thought everybody was great. we need to keep this win in prospective they are only the Czech Champions and in the Champions League this season !!! Unbelievable Jeff !! more of the same please, long over due. C O U M W.


  50. As others have said, it’s so different seeing our team playing patiently out from the back and not afraid to go backwards in trying to find a route forwards.
    I do have some concerns though about how this will be received at an expectant Molineux, especially if we happen to be a goal down at the time. Will they be able to resist pressure from the crowd to ‘Gerrit forward’ despite their instructions from the coach?
    Interesting times ahead


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      I think a good pre-season earns Nuno and the team extra time. If the team performs terrible and we’re positioned below a mid table position by christmas, I’d imagine the fans to sour. The defensive organization has been mentioned a lot. Judging by the way we’ve played in the first games we also have an attacking plan. I haven’t analyzed it in detail, but I think it is a bit similar to Van Gaals approach. Keeping the ball, playing it sideways, look for openings, stretch the oppositions defense with long accurate passes out wide.


  51. JackoMac says:

    So any suggestions on the front three starting against Boro. Guess Dicko is nailed on for one position and Zyro is slowly getting back to fitness, but will he have enough reent competitive match experience to start remember how long it’s taken Dicko and Graham to get up to speed. Then what about Graham, classic to pick up another knock when coming back from long term layoff. So are Bright and Mason going to be considered or will it be a midfielder putting in a shift such as Ronan or Edwards? Is it going to be a new signing but somehow doubt we will play two strikers. Food for thought.


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      – Cavaleiro and Dicko.
      – My favorite for the third spot, if he returns in time for the next 3 matches against Shrew, Peterbrough and Leicester is Ben Marshall or a new player. Zyro and Graham are also capable of doing a splendid job. Since it’s not ideal playing lefties out right I don’t think it’s going to happen. The club is far too wealthy for that I’m afraid :=)))
      – We’re already picking up a strayed one from Chelsea, a defender: Kenneth Omeru.


  52. Clive from Houston says:

    Still 100% in Europe!!


  53. Hong Kong John says:

    Been a fan since the 70s. Went to the sad Mol when crowds were barely 3000 as they cascaded down the divisions in the 80s. The Hayward years promised much but were mostly frustrating. The Morgan era too could have been so much more and ultimately ended with disappointment. I hope with Fosun, after a poor start last year, we finally become a decent football Team and get back to where we belong.
    The two friendlies are promising. Possession football and some very good performances. Neves is class. Cav has been outstanding. Boly looks solid and is comfortable on the ball. But my biggest surprise is Miranda who looks so smooth and can spray the ball around with ease from the back and never looks flustered.
    The test will be with English opponents who will not give the team time to do what they’ve been doing up till now. How will the foreigner players and the new style cope with the more physical English style of constant harassment, tackling and aerial bombardments in the box that is part and parcel of the English game.
    Definitely interesting times ahead and I am so excited. I am praying that this is the real deal – finally after all the false dawns


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