Carl Ikeme

There’s not a lot I can add that hasn’t already been said since Friday’s announcement.

But I do want to say that the whole Wolves Blog community is right behind you Carl.


Please leave your best wishes below in the comment section and I’ll make sure they’re forwarded onto the club. Apologies if you’ve listed these in a previous thread already, but I’d appreciate them being copied over.


  1. BARDWolf says:

    All the best Carl, getter better soon ready for the premier and champions league.


  2. Sevlow says:

    Fight the fight big man. We are all pulling for you and knowing how strong you are you will come through this.


  3. pauluswolf says:

    To Carl,
    All the Wolves fanbase will be rooting for you and wishing you a speedy recovery.
    In our thoughts,
    Get well soon.



  4. Thomas says:

    We’re all thinking of you Carl and sending our best wishes.


  5. Chris (Cyprus) says:

    Get well soon carl your the best Chris Cyprus


  6. David Koppe says:

    As you fight the fight Carl, know that you have thousands of people around the world wishing you the best for a full recovery.

    Dave in Connecticut, USA


  7. StuWolf (we're all with you, Carl) says:


    This is a horrible time for you and your lovely family, if thoughts and prayers count for anything you have nailed it. The whole Wolves fanbase across the World are on your side.

    You always took the time to share your kindness with our fans and my 8 year old Grandson is your No1 fan, my whole family wish you a speedy recovery and quick return to the game you love.

    Carl Ikeme,
    Big man, big hands, big heart.


  8. Mike Oldfield says:

    Our thoughts and best wishes are sent to you Carl together with your family.

    You are an athlete my friend, a true gentleman and that can only be to your advantage to overcome this disease.

    The road will be long and tough but rest assured that myself and 28000 other Wolves fans will be rooting for you in facing what lies ahead.

    Your are in professional hands and in the best place possible to take this on and beat it.

    Lots of love …Mike and Lilian xx


  9. Steppenwolfe says:

    My thoughts are with you big fella. You’ll come through this and be even stronger than before.


  10. Rob Kelley says:

    Like so many other less fortunate supporters ……I have never met you and I know very little about you beyond your exploits for our club. But you’ve been our rock for so long and it’s now our turn to be yours. Keep your chin up as best you can, Carl.


  11. theDOOGooder (Ikeme, I saw, I conquered!) says:

    Dear Carl

    In common with a fair few regular Wolves bloggers, I know what it’s like to receive the sort of news that you have just had.

    The World you know is turned upside down and things that, only recently, seemed important are put firmly into perspective.

    There is now only one priority – your complete recovery and your family’s well being.

    The road back to full health seems endless and the light at the end of the tunnel appears dim and so far away.

    But you are a fine, strong man with the support of a loving family, thousands of fellow Wolves around the World and highly skilled and caring medical professionals.

    And you WILL beat this.

    Love and good vibes from Mark and Sue.


  12. ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

    Hi Carl

    You’ve had to fight all your career to get to be the Wolves No. 1. This will be another battle but the Wolves faithful – and the wider non-footballling world – are all behind you.

    Looking forward to you getting back between the sticks.

    Best wishes

    Dougie and Barbara


  13. mike says:

    Hi Carl

    There are many of far less quality than you who have gone down this road and beaten this dreadful disease. You can do it Big Man. We`re all rooting for you. When you get it done, there will be no better keeper in the Premiership than you.

    God bless you. If He is on your side, then nothing is impossible.


  14. London wolves loyal ( Ikeme ay we ) says:

    Hey , Carl We stand behind you every Saturday , in our thousands … now we ll stand with you every day of the week until we ve seen this thing gone !

    Carl Ikeme ay we !


  15. I can only echo the heartfelt good wishes expressed above.
    Carl, your strength in body and mind is your greatest weapon. We all know you have both in abundance.


  16. Mike says:

    You are an amazing rock, and will continue to be

    such a big man with a humble sense of humour


  17. Clive from Houston says:

    Carl, me boy, this setback is minor compared to winning over several million worldwide Wolves fans.
    If you can do that, and you have superbly, then winning this battle of the blood cells will be easy for a man of your courage and calibre.
    All the best from all of us here in Texas, and around the rest of the world.


  18. Paul watkins says:

    Hi Karl so sorry u have had some bad news everyone is right behind u this is another one u have to beat we all no u can do this big man my son who is 7 he was upset when he was told every fan will be there by your side and the club will we have got a good fan base


  19. Tipton Exile ( Keep the faith for Carl) says:

    Carl we are all with you in this fight.

    You have been a great servant to the club and a shining example to all players on how to conduct themselves both on and off the field. We wish you a speedy recovery and a return between the sticks at the Mol in the future



    Carl. Never has the club motto felt so meaningful at a time like this. The road ahead will undoubtedly bring anxiety but you will beat this. OUT OF DARKNESS COMETH LIGHT.


  21. Robert says:

    Wishing you all the Best Carl, all wolves are with you big man


  22. Wolf in Devon says:

    Wishing you all the strength in the world and a speedy recovery.
    All the best big man.


  23. admant says:

    Out of darkness cometh light … get well soon Big Man


  24. says:

    Like many others you will overcome it and return. Remember we need you.


  25. andy says:

    All the best Carl … you can do this … loads of PMA carl …. we are all behind you …. wolves at we !!!


  26. RickRack (We're with you Carl) Wolves says:

    Following the news about our No.1 Keeper…. maybe a good time for everyone to contemplate the true meaning of the WWFC family and our DNA.
    My thoughts and massive positive best wishes go out to you Carl and to all your family and everyone at our club.
    Hoping this has been caught early and I’m know you’ll get the best possible support from everyone at the club but you also need to know how much you mean to us all.
    Stay strong and fight strong with a positive attitude and just like when you’re down at the Mol, there’s literally 1,000’s of us behind you.


  27. Carl (or should I say big man)
    I enjoyed listening to you on the live commentary over the last few matches of the season and I can tell not only from your displays on the pitch but from those commentaries on the radio that nobody or nothing will mess with you and I know you will not only beat this hands down but you will come out of it with a full head of hair !!!!! (But shave it off later cos your look tougher bald) look forward to seeing you on the pitch next season


  28. GoWolves says:

    Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.
    Go Carl!
    Go Wolves!


  29. StuWolf (we're all with you, Carl) says:

    Posted by Carl Ikeme via twitter.


  30. TWoolf says:

    TWoolf says:-
    Imagine every save you have made & will make is killing of a cancer cell. You are a fighter, you can & will beat this. All Wolves fans are with you.


  31. RogerA says:

    I was stunned when i heard the news while sunning myself on holiday. Brought everything into perspective in an instant. Kemes you are a guy i have long admired for your work ethic, great personality and friendliness. Our whole family send you and yours good wishes for a full recovery.
    Just beat it big man if anyone can you can.


  32. vicsmith says:

    Living in Melbourne, one doesn’t get much of an opportunity to the the Wolves live, So my brother and I jumped on a plane to Perth when they came out here for their pre-season just before we went PL. We attended the training sessions and the game of course and wchatted with most of the players. But it was Carl that stayed the longest with us, not only answering our 1001 questions, but taking great interest in us and other fans. I treasure the photo with him and wish him speedy recovery and get back where you belong, in the Wolves goals.


  33. Larry Talbot says:

    Some people will do anything to get out of playing in goal!!!
    Seriously though mate, we all send our best wishes and hope you make a speedy and full recovery from this horrible and frightening condition.
    So kep your chin up Carl, and hurry up back to between them sticks, where you belong.


  34. Border Wolf (we’re all with you Carl) says:

    Carl, my thoughts are with you and your family. If anyone can beat this thing it’s you, stay strong and keep fighting big guy!

    We are Wolves and we’re with you every step of the way!


  35. Newark Wolves (There's only one Carl Ikeme) says:

    Our thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time Carl. I have a lot of friends and family who follow Forest and like us were shocked at the news and wish you a speedy recovery. Come the 5th of August I think your name will be sung the loudest from the stands.
    Best wishes
    Ian & Sue


  36. wolfman jack says:

    Carl, you will be aware that Wolves fans are spread across the globe, in (almost) every continent. Each day, each and every one of us will be looking out for news of your recovery – because you ARE going to win this one.


  37. Oliver Goldblack says:

    Hi Carl,

    You’re part of the Wolves family, you’ve been here so long your part of the furniture. Your one of our own, part of the wolf pack, we know you bleed gold and black which makes it more devastating for the fans when we heard your news. We know your a fighter and a warrior and will have all the support in the world from everyone associated with Wolves FC to beat this. Good luck mate. We’re with you. Your’e the Wolves number one.


  38. Chris says:

    Best wishes to Carl. A club favourite who will only come back stronger!


  39. Brompton Wolf says:

    Stay strong big man. You can beat this.

    Our thoughts are with you.


  40. MadBandit says:

    All the best wishes to Carl, stay strong and keep fighting!

    My thoughts are with you, & we are wishing a speedy recovery from Western Canada.


  41. Paulcooksleftpeg says:

    Get well soon big man


  42. Tess Woodward says:

    Thinking of you Carl and wishing you strength courage and love.
    Keep positive!
    God bless you X


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