Wolves 0 Brighton & Hove Albion 2

At least the ‘supporter experience’ away from the pitch is slowly changing for the better, with a master-blaster missile launcher sending T-shirts high into the stands for fans to clamber over empty seats for.

Meanwhile, a couple of wolves (or huskies of some description) were paraded as the teams entered the pitch, in a precursor for the intimidating levels of menace that would surely follow.

The seagulls, supposedly crushed under their ravenous jaws as our bloodthirsty pack runs wild at Molineux.

Sadly, the script went to pot as soon as our eyes were averted from the canines and across to Steve Sidwell and Dale Stephens in the middle of the park, who made Romain Saiss and Dave Edwards – in particular – look like docile little pugs.

If the t-shirt operator could have just loaded his torpedo with half a dozen white tops for some of these woeful failures to wear instead of their gold shirts, we might not have endured such misery.

As it was, we were easy meat for Brighton, who possess every single virtue that no-amount of football coaches can ever instil into our bunch of hapless losers.

On this point, think on Paul Lambert. They cost Kenny Jackett and Walter Zenga their jobs, and if you don’t make remedial changes to this squad as a matter of absolute urgency, then you’ll be losing yours too.

They are lethal and scary in equal measure, but only in making you wonder how such levels of inconsistency can blight professional footballers of supposed Championship level.

Take Kortney Hause as an example, who has been regularly resolute and occasionally majestic at the back, yet puts in a performance which is quite incomprehensible. To watch him get bounced beneath a high ball for the first goal was the stuff of Brown Westhead Park and typified a performance that cannot be rationalised.

Andy Lonergan’s limp wristed effort to keep out Knockaert’s shot thereafter was pathetic, while his attempt to stop his second was little better.

Then there was Matt Doherty, who has looked so easy-on-the-eye as a converted left back at times this season, but was so bad, and so lacking in the basic prerequisites, that you wonder if it were the same player. His body language certainly suggested that he couldn’t give a toss.

And as for that midfield axis of Dave Edwards and Romain Saiss…

…It was the stuff of nightmares, as the undroppable Welshman consigns the Moroccan to the same scrap heap that Price, Evans, Prince, Saville and co have all been tossed onto, while he continues to blacken a Wolves shirt with no accountability and no-shows like this. Go figure.

To watch Dale Stephens cruise around in second gear – while his mind remained light years ahead of our Welshman’s flailing arms and feeble gesticulations – made it clearer than ever that Wolves will never reach the levels required to challenge for promotion while he is anywhere near the starting XI.

It’s not like we’re hankering after past glories with him either. He was a squad player purchased from Luton Town 10 years ago and has never been entrusted to mount a promotion challenge under McCarthy or Jackett (League One) because he is so painfully limited. (see Henry / Jones and McDonald / Price). Who said nice guys never win?

As the PA system weeped before kick-off: ‘You’ve got to get yourself together, you’ve got stuck in a moment, and now you can’t get out of it.’

We didn’t really need Bono’s reminder, but there was never a truer word said yesterday.

Unless we bring in seven new players – having circumnavigated Financial Fair Play rules which are seemingly applicable to only us – we’ll be stuck in the same moment alright, watching the next Brighton & Hove Albion breeze into Molineux to celebrate promotion next year as we all watch on in stoic lethargy.

Not so much the vision of feverish wolves that the club will want us to feast over next season…

…Just more of the same old tails, wagging the same old dog.


  1. Sevlow says:

    Yep ? that sums up the display served up yesterday.


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      – Indeed. Our attacking efforts were as bad as the defensive ones. Our central lines have been very weak. If this continue I’m not what the summer will bring.


  2. Thomas spot on espeacilly regards Ewdwards he appitimises everything that is average about Wolves.

    He try’s god does he try and it’s painful to watch game after game as he is shown up by other teams and what’s worth brings other players Sais in this case down to his level. Never in a millions years is he a genuine midfielder or a Number 10 for that matter.

    We have a poor squad and manager who cannot see the DEAD wood for the trees and owners who have bee suduced my Mendez and Therwell and in my option if they sell Costa no better tha Morgan.

    Any hope I had last June or whenever Fosun took over has totally be extinguished.


    • admant says:

      I agree with your sentiment if not your spelling mr Feather. Though I dont know if Fosun will have much choice if Costa decides he wants to go (surely part of his contract)

      For me, what epitomises our failings is that even after we’ve spunked 30 million quid it is still Kennys Donkeys on display every week, in just about every position.

      How the fuck is that even possible.

      It’s like some kind of optical illusion … you know there’s 30 mil in there somewhere but for the life of you cant see where.

      Ive responded to Paul Feather the actual reason I logged on today, that we give Mr Lambert his wish of a full pre-season he has made it quite clear that this is necessary for success. We give him his full transfer window too and we give him a large kitty to recruit.

      If we are then cut adrift of top 6 by December he should be sent packing. end of.

      Its funny that Ben mentions 7 new players, as 7-8 is the number i’ve been bandying about online and amongst friends …

      Ikeme and Costa the only certs, followed possibly by Weimann, Marshall and Haus. (Haus as he is still young and may yet amount to a good player) We have a good crop of youngsters coming through but i dont think any of them should be shouldering the responsibility of getting us promoted.

      The rest – kumbaya !

      Over to you Lambert.


  3. Clive from Houston says:

    I spent a fruitless hour before kick off yesterday attempting to “buy” a tv subscription for the channel about to show the match.
    Thank fuck for fruitlessness!
    I enjoyed a quiet lunch with Mrs CFH, downed a couple of Captain’s Hurricanes, and came home feeling no pain, even knowing the inevitable final score.
    My only question is how bad were the opposition recently, to allow us to win five on the bounce?
    In all honesty, I reckon there are only five players on our books who deserve to be kept during the summer, and four of them were not on the pitch yesterday.
    Dismall, abysmal, useless, crap, shit…… the adjectives list is endless.

    But we will all be there next season, wont we??

    On a sad note, my good friend of many, many years, and ex Beacon Radio DJ, Pete Clements, passed away yesterday.
    He aired on Beacon in their early days, doing the overnight shift, and was well known around the area doing his mobile DJ stuff.
    He was my friend and I shall miss him.
    RIP Pete.


  4. The Fair Play Rules are just an excuse not to invest in my opinion , Morgan tryed to use that as an excuse.
    The board are trying to make us believe this.

    Bournmouth, Man City flouted the the rules and were fined a pittance compared to the rewards gained by promotion to the Premier League and by Fosun billions.

    It’s just the same excuse reworked to say to the fans ” our hands are tied ” bull shit heard to many times before. That’s why we had to sell Costa to re invest in the team…Bull…….Shit

    Season ticket are up but this time next year they’ll be down when the false promises and excuses are rolled out again.


  5. Exiledwolf says:

    I am so glad that was on the telly. Absolute proof that wholesale changes need to be made over the season. I’m not going to go into who should go and stay as we most of of us are on the same page. The problem will be trying to move people on.

    Let’s see what happens in the summer but I’m not convinced PL is the man to put together a top 2 Championship team.


    • admant says:

      Im not convinced either EW ! I guess PL deserves a full pre-season and transfer window to show us what he’s really about.. but if we’re midtable come December he needs moving on.


  6. James says:

    Absolutely unacceptable! Bad management and nothing else has plunged the Wolves into despair. Had KJ had the thirty million we would have had a better outfit had MM had it we would be in contention for promotion. PL has sent little that was not already committed but is is imperative that he culls the swarm of hangers on – I mean at least twelve must leave this summer and no less.
    Three good midfielders (not wingers) and one forward and we will be in business again!


  7. robin says:

    Good write up Ben.
    We need a very good, experienced, centre back, one who could be Captain.
    Definitely a visionary midfielder or two…
    A striker who can score and make things happen.
    Not sure about the sentimentality for previous managers.
    Give Lambert a chance.
    Think he is much better than both McCarthy and Jackett.


  8. Do they not get it, I’m not bothered about pre: match entertainment or fireworks and cheerleaders and god knows what else they can think of to get us in the ground earlier to spend more money…….get the Fucking product right on the pitch, then ill turn up early spend money…….for Christ sake it not rocket science.

    Jeff, Fosun the ONlY match day experience the fans want is a WINNING TEAM…….that’s WINING TEAM !


  9. Clive from Houston says:

    I agree Robin, but those two are not really much to compare him to, are they?


  10. Mike Pope says:

    Brilliant assessment of yesterdays painful and spineless surrender. The guy next to me in the South Bank wondered why Lambert could not settle on his best XI. Simple answer to that one my friend, he has not got one. Put plainly we cannot muster eleven players that can consistently make themselves fixtures in the team, they are not good enough to do so. Yesterday was an opportunity to measure ourselves against what are clearly the best side in the Championship. Well God help us we are miles away from where we need to be. On the showing in our last two gutless capitulations (Brighton and Bristol) I cannot think of a single player in either game that I would wish to keep. Putting that into context we need major rebuilding in the summer. Lambert thinks four players should do it, well all I can say is that they will have to be some players to turn this lot around.
    My advice to PL would be to be brutal, to clear out all of our dead wood and to sign players that know how to manage a game and ditch the ones who cannot do so. Its time to be proactive rather than reactive. Fail in this and you will be toast by Christmas.


  11. Honleywolf says:

    I think some of the above comments above are a little over the top. I didn’t hear too many complaints when we went on a 5 match winning streak beating some decent teams in the process. At times we can look a decent side, the problem is consistency and a lack of confidence, particularly playing at home.
    I accept we have major problems. At the back we need a commanding centre half. Central midfield is a definite problem, as is a lack of a 20 goal a season centre forward.
    I would not write PL off yet. The 2 players he has brought in Weimann and Marshall have the right attributes and Lambert knows he needs fighters with Championship experience. There is no point chopping and changing managers and l would give him at least another full season in charge.
    It is alright saying get rid of the ‘deadwood’ but who is going to want many of them? If they are on long term contracts they will not fancy dropping down a division and taking a pay cut. It is going to be difficult shipping some of them out.
    It has been a painful season but it is not all ‘doom and gloom’. We have some talented youngsters to come back like Connor Ronan and Jordan Graham. At least Lambert is prepared to give youth an opportunity.
    Paul Lambert may not prove to be the answer, but lets at least give him a chance!


    • It just so happened a certain Costa played in those five games……and I’ve been saying what I’ve said since December.

      No Costa NO creativity……….and guess what NO win……and yes we are a ONE man team.


    • Just because no one else wants them doesn’t mean Lambertt has to pick them does it…!


    • You mention Weimann as being the right material. But where is the evidence of this ? He adds nothing when played wide. He is as ineffective as the useless Dicko when played up front. What he does do is run around like a blue arsed fly. In other words he perfectly fits Thelwell`s specification for a new signing. Total mediocrity. This surely cannot be the quality we need from newcomers if we have serious promotional ambition


  12. RickRack Wolves says:

    Another grey day at the Mol
    In fairness Brighton weren’t “amazing”. They don’t have any individuals of note. But based on:

    Chris H is a great manager that does (as proven) get the best out of his players.
    Strong in defence.
    Capable in midfield
    Forward play
    They’re able to convert a number of their chances in most games.
    Overall assessment
    They are top on merit over their seasons CONSISTENCY – but they will need cash to survive in the Prem.

    Based on the above assessment of Brighton & Hoe Sandwell (out of respect they should have been forced to wear their second kit! I fekin hate blue/white stripes) we can draw similar conclusions with our season!

    Jury is still out on PL due to square/round pegs, ability to get the team to play to instructions – front foot football – and the debacle of February….
    Inconsistent – DB captain invincible (Cardiff) captain invisible (Bristol) and only 7 days apart
    not singling out DB but many other examples across the back four all season
    Inconsistent – throughout season, change after change after change (not knowing the best starting 11 means more inconsistency)
    Consistent – the only part of the team to be consistent! Consistently bad – 12 goals in ALL games League & Cup

    My personnel assessment, we are where we should be 15th in the table or in other words INCONSISTENCY – in a season that should/could have been blessed with the news of Fosun, the removal of M&M and the ability to spend unheard of sums. Instead, this will one of the seasons that will be forgotten quickly other than 2 highlights:

    1) and top for me – Liverpool away – where’s the famous atmosphere – 2nd best away day ever and 8,800 of the faithful enjoying every minute

    2) Costa’s sublime goal against Cardiff

    There’s also still a number of twists & turns before the August – we at least know we’ll be in the Chump next season, does he stay or does he go (Costa)?, who will go (many permutations) & who will come in (From senior management to the sh1te house cleaner).

    But above all – Wolves Ay We


  13. Steve-o-Wolves says:

    That was utter trash!
    No pattern of play, no intensity, players with no football intelligence, and a delusional manager incapable of in-game management. At least Zenga excelled at timely substitutions, but Lambert seems clueless, like Jackett used to be.
    We need to buy at least 4 top- class players just to ensure a mid-table finish next season.
    Forget promotion, as Lambert is too cautious to win enough home games.
    We needed Marco Silva, but have missed out big-time. Can’t see Lambert lasting till Christmas, might even be gone in May.


  14. theDOOGooder says:

    A poor performance after a promising first fifteen minutes.

    Was it us not able to sustain the front foot high pressing game or was it Brighton, who looked a pretty savvy outfit, sussing us out and finding a way to nullify our Plan A.

    Either way, there is an important lesson to be learned there.

    I still find it amusing how there are so many differing perceptions of players from so many fans.

    Is Dave Edwards a headless chicken who runs about for ninety minutes to no effect or is he a midfielder instructed to chase and close down the opposition and usually ends up second or third highest scorer at the end of the season?

    Is Saiss a highly skillful creative player who protects the back four or is he a liability as he seems to want to pass the ball to the opposition at least once a game in very dangerous situations and his head drops when we are up against it.

    If Stearman gave the ball away as often as he does he’d be crucified by most fans.

    I think one thing we all agree on though is that we are simply not good enough on a regular basis to get anywhere near a play off place.

    And, with all that money spent and three managers down the line, we have gone backwards as a team. (But maybe, just maybe, forwards as a club).

    Let’s say good riddance to this season over a few friendly pints in a couple of weeks time and hope that our ‘Huge Summer’ turns out to be just that.

    On a much more serious note there is an important addition to the Bloggers’ Ball Video which everyone attending, or thinking of attending, should see. Please follow the link.




    Aimless hoofball. Slow.Ponderous. Lack of invention.Lack of intensity. Lack of ability to pass the ball to a Wolves player. Get a grip PL I was expecting better than this. Yes a huge summer ahead. 30 million so far on players and we have got worse . Only at Wolves!


  16. The Newt says:

    A bright first 15 minutes then oh dear….

    If I remember rightly about 3 or 4 seasons ago Brighton were in a similar position to us struggling down the bottom of the table and then they appointed Hughton who has taken all that time to turn things around. And I also recall that it took both Jones and McCarthy until their third season to get us promoted.

    We’ve been on a downward slope ever since Morgan sacked McCarthy with no plan what to do next and apart from two good years under Jackett there hasn’t been much to cheer about since.

    It’s going to take longer than “one summer and give him till Xmas” for anyone to sort this out. What happens this summer will only be the start of a three or four year process to keep the best, weed out the rest and bring in better players to create a squad capable of challenging at the top. We need a long term plan and stability and it’s just such a shame Fosun have wasted this season as well as £30m (plus wages…).

    Roll on the end of the season.


  17. Bedford Wolf says:

    At half time the chap behind me launched into a torrent of abuse against a particular Wolves player, insisting he be replaced at the break as he was effing useless. Midway through the second half he unleashed more abuse but this time against the whole team culminating with “the only one who’s any good is………” – yes you’ve guessed it, the self-same player he’d been insisting be replaced less than half an hour earlier.

    In many ways that sums up our season. Jekyll and Hyde.

    Brighton deserved to win for sure but I feel if they are the league leaders then the standard is low and God help them next season in the Money League where they will surely be so much cannon fodder and instantly return to the Championship. Maybe we’ll pass them on our way up?

    For us I saw confirmation that Lonergan is hopeless – not being able to kick or catch a ball and having decidedly floppy hands (I was going to say limp wristed but given the opposition I didn’t want to come across as homophobic) are surely serious failings for a goalkeeper?

    Equally confirmation that Danny Batth is awful, Matt Doherty is not a left back, Dave Edwards is a headless chicken incapable of playing in any recognised position (he reminds me of a boy I was at school with, he was hopeless at football but in playground at break time he would run around all over the place getting in every else’s way), Weimann is not a wide player but neither is he a striker and Bodvarsson, whilst being an excellent target man and willing runner, will be lucky to ever score more than 5 goals in a season.

    Worryingly though others who I rate were also poor. Coady, Hause and Cavaleiro all fall into that category.

    The only two who for me emerged with even a smidgeon of credit were Marshall and Saiss though both suffered by being surrounded by dross and mediocrity. Saiss in particular – who at least showed some quality and can pass the ball – had the look of someone thinking “I’m a footballer – get me out of here!”.

    I also am left wondering whether Paul Lambert is the man to lead us to the promised land. He appears hell bent on setting out a team of grafters, triers, workers and runners but, like many before him, doesn’t seem to be able to see the bigger, more beautiful and more expansive, picture. I can see him dropping Cavaleiro and Saiss against Leeds and bringing in Evans and Saville which would just about sum him up. Is he the right man? I personally doubt it but feel he will be tasked with the job. For now at least.

    Lonergan 5
    Coady 5, Batth 5, Hause 5.5, Doherty 5
    Saiss 6.5
    Marshall 6, Edwards 4, Cavaleiro 5, Weimann 4.5
    Bodvarsson 5.5



  18. theDOOGooder says:

    It was a catalyst of errors.

    Mr Lambert said so… several times.


  19. For those who say that we have the core of a very good team and that with the addition of a few quality players we will become a threat to any team next season, I would say that this showing proves that you are talking out of your rear ends.

    Ours is a side comprised of massive mediocrity. If guru Thelwell`s plan was to assemble a full team of low quality non entities, he has absolutely succeeded. We are sub par just about everywhere.

    What is now needed is nothing less than a massive cull of these inconsistent, over paid under performers. If we have any real ambition for next season the influx of quality, right through the team is just plain essential.


  20. StuWolf says:

    I for one cannot wait for the Bloggers bash, because that means there is only one more piece of garbbage to sit through at that point which is the game against Preston. More of the same next season will bring a change of coach so perhaps we may see the likes of Wenger at the Golden Palace, at least Iv’e heard of him before.

    Shit season, shit football, shit.

    By the way, if your’e still unsure about the blogges bash, get your bum in gear, get your name to Steve aka Brompton. It’s the only consistent thing to come out of this club of ours. Steve Daley, Willie Carr and Phil Parkes will be there so at least we shall see some talent at last, and Daley is an amazing after dinner speaker so sore ribs should be on the menu.

    Leeds on Monday so no time to sulk, 20,000 + Yorkshire twats will be taking the piss, so let’s get at em.



  21. Totally agree with all the angst, I think we’ve lost 50 per cent of our home games. Yesterday’s no show was Groundhog Day at the Golden Palace.

    Cardinal errors from keeper & defenders for both their goals. At 1-0 to them Jon Dadi had a great & brave run nearly resulting in a goal. Marshall then had a rasping effort well saved by Stockdale.

    But then Lambert takes both players off. 2:0 Brighton & no way back!

    I’d attenuate my criticism of Edwards because he’s not the worst culprit.Hause & Lonergan were abject yesterday. They should’ve been roasted for the 1st Brighton goal.

    I think a keeper of the quality of Stockdale is required if the side has any chance of progressing next season.

    Brighton are an aged side 30 pluses litter their team! We need that type of player. I can’t see us progressing unless a big change of personnel is undertaken.

    They were cock of the walk yesterday, their fans basking in their team’s success. We can only fantasise at present to be where they are.

    Manager of the month! I have hope for next season, Fosun will hopefully show their ambition. But what a wasted & frustrating season it has been. The Seagulls well & truly shat on those toothless Wolves!


  22. Steve Showcase says:

    Bit of a swipe at the current regime Ben but I’m with you all the way other than you not criticising our uncorordinated unbalanced useless no 5 who over this season makes Hause look like Bobby Moore..
    If ever there was rot from the inside then it starts from the back and we are terminally infected starting with a Div 1 no5 and captain who incidentally should drive the team on the pitch.
    As for PL most of us hard balls have said that he needs at least 6 players and in his reign so far he seems to be blighted by inconsistency of either the current players over performing or the true talent showing and we easily loose as in this match.
    We look out of our depth and we need game changing players ( Sako McDonald Afobe Benteke types) and not average ones that want the season to finish .
    As much as this is a record playing yet again I just hope that PL Shi Mendes faces reality.


    • The sad thing about the continued biased selection of DB is that his abject performances affect the confidence of all around him. Hause, when paired with an experienced no nonsense reliable partner such as Williamson, ups his game considerably, demonstrating his potential to become a top class central defender. When paired with an error prone DB, who turns with the grace and speed of a barnacled ship, is it any wonder that occasionally he puts in a sub standard performance ? When you compound the problem by continuing to select Doherty, probably the worst left back in the Division whose positional sense is non existent, the inevitable result is team deprived of any real defense.


  23. WABFK says:

    Watched it on Sky as on holiday.

    Two game changers for me:

    Lonegran was awful.

    Weiman should have been up front. JDB is a poor man’s Kevin Doyle.

    With a decent keeper and CF we could have won that game.


    • basherbaz says:

      Totally agree, lonegran should have saved both goals and his kicking is crap, but I did say before that Burgoyne be playing. Hause missed the ball but did really well to get back goalside but knockart was just to good but the goalie should have saved both goals. Docherty anyone notice one point in the game no one around him and he heads the ball to nowhere when he had loads of time to chest down and pass ?. For some reason the lads did not peform think weimann/Dicko should be upfront with costa (marshall when not fit)/cav on wings and gibe JDB a rest (we keep getting told he has not stopped for 2 years) Also cav must do more for £7mill yet to see him head a ball, rarely goes into tackles, cannot beat a man and if you watch off the ball he seems disinterested ?


  24. wolfman jack says:

    Well, there was no shortage of effort but the sheer mind-blowing mediocrity of our squad was the outstanding feature of our performance yesterday. Hardly a single player emerged with any credit from that. Our passing was utterly predictable and picked off by the BHA midfield and defence with alarming regularity. I was expecting a change of playing style when Dicko and Wilson came on given that neither is tall and both are pacy but no, we continued to pump up high, long balls.
    I have my doubts if Saiss knows what is expected of him given his tendency to drop in and join the two centre-halves rather than ‘sit’ in front of them. Likewise, Cavaleiro clearly has ability but seems to be on a different mental wavelength to his team-mates who rarely read his intentions.
    How does PL, with his pronounced Scottish accent, communicate with these players ?
    Where to from here ? Well on Monday we have Blues v Burton and B’burn v Bristol C so the picture should be a lot clearer after that but failing two draws in those matches we could be starting to get nervous again…don’t expect Leeds to do us any favours.


  25. Danny Velinski says:

    There is the old joke about the man driving around the countryside and getting lost so he asks a local the way back and is told: ” If I were you I wouldn’t start from here”. An unbiased observer watching our home games this season would be hard pressed (certainly harder pressed than an opposition team) to discern the development of a football team. Wolves have a large well paid squad, a large well paid backroom staff, excellent training facilities and are producing at best mediocre football.
    If only Lambert’s ability to pick a team was as good as his ability to pick positives from a game as dire as yesterday’s.
    Next season as U2 almost sang he still may not found what he’s looking for.


  26. DancesWithWolves says:

    Great summary Ben. Who’s to blame in particular? Were do I start? Andy-Cap Lonergan and Hause for starters. Batth was again looking like Dodgy Danny. Dangerous Dave was looking over-used and burnt-out. I remain a big fan of Dangerous but he badly needs a rest. He can’t play every game for us and also play for Wales, year after year.

    OK, we can’t do anything right now about the gulf in class between the two sides but why the f**k couldn’t we match Brighton for energy and tenacity? How many of us have seen classy teams come unstuck against lower-league terrier-like opposition? Quite frankly it looked like the team thinks we’re safe from the drop and already have the summer holiday brochures out. Maybe they get a massive discount as Club-Med is a Fosun company?

    I’ll tell you something. We looked like Club-Med yesterday. Club-Mediocre.


  27. Bilstonian says:

    A lot of the talk on here is about our need for a commanding centre half and an incisive midfield player, amongst others. I think Phil Jagielka and Fabian Delph would be ideal for us.

    I believe Jagielka is 34 but if Everton decide to let him go (they are rumoured to be interested in Michael Keane) he could still do a good job for us for at least a couple of years.

    I’m sure the Mancs would consider offers for Delph but goodness knows what wages he’s on there. Also, how does he get on with Paul Lambert?

    The problem is that these days Premier League players rarely consider dropping down a division, but prefer to earn a few quid in some nondescript league abroad.

    I’m desperately casting around for answers, as I’m sure you all are. I feel that players like the above could bring others in our squad up to their level.

    Of course I’ve renewed my season ticket but can’t face another season of disappointment!


    • robin says:

      Spot on.
      Exactly the type of player we need.
      Surely Fosun, if they are serious, will pay good wages!


  28. Larry Talbot says:

    Am I the only one to think the only Costa we’ll see at Molineux next season will be a franchise?


  29. Declan says:


    Do whatever it takes to keep Costa & buy in another 4-5 players…build around Saiss, Costa, Cav & Marshall & we may be challengers next season.


  30. Steve Showcase says:

    PL I hope you read this blog and chew the pips out of it..conclusion – we need 5 KEY game changing players AND A NO 5!!!

    So spend.


  31. StuWolf says:

    Jamie O’Hara getting into bother with a young fan after the Billericay teams defeat.
    Silly boy, will never learn.



  32. kiwiwolf says:

    At last I get to see a game and the first thing that stands out for me is that I have never seen a more incompetent useless goalkeeper pull on a Wolves shirt, and I saw my first game in 1949, any one of the players on the bench could have done a better job. Take his lack of effort away and it was 0-0.
    As for the rest, Saiss stood out above all the rest and yes his head went down but who can blame him surrounded by such mediocrity, Cavaleiro and Marshall are both worth a mention but without anyone else to play off they are constantly swimming against the tide. Bodvarsen,s “nothing is a lost cause” attitude stands out a mile.
    As for Brighton they won by two glaring moments of goalkeeping ineptitude, nuff said!.


  33. Sheffieldwolf says:

    I’ve watched with some degree of horror, disbelief and general incredulity at the mess that has been the wolves this season.

    We spent £30million and arguably but for the Mercurial efforts of Costa we would be in league 1 by now.

    Fosun have to take a lot of the blame, their insistance on the zenga, experiment and transfer interference have left us with a frail squad. I doubt if jackett had been given £30million he could have spent it anymore recklessly. Yes we got Costa but saiss? Teixara? Oniangue? And last and by any means least Gladon (remember him).

    Lambert shows some signs of being better but I’m seriously worried that we’re heading crashing back to the bad old days of the golden tit generation. Well meaning rich chairman splurging money on players that are past it, never had it or simply are in it for the pay check.

    The best sides are hungry and show pride even in defeat. Wolves to often this season have been turned over without a whimper.


  34. Am I the only one who thought that wolves played well in the first half ? I thought we were pressing high up the pitch , the intensity was there , apart from a lack of finishing I thought we looked good and there wasn’t a lot between us considering that Brighton are top of this division
    It does seem to be true though, we do seem to be incapable of a win without Costa ,and our defensive woes are plain to see . I think the days of great big center halfs who wrestle and hoof the ball up the pitch are over . Even in this division , the ability to pick a clever pass out of defense is needed
    As for wholesale changes of 7 or so players.. absolute bollocks!
    Half the people calling for that this week are the ones that were critical of zenga for making too many changes and ignoring players that we already had .

    Sorry to hear about your friend Clive


    • StuWolf says:


      Totally agree with you and I said so on my previous post on the last thread, up until half time and a glaring Faux Pax by Hause we were value for money. But the second half I do feel we capitulated without a whimper.
      With the guys coming back from injury, who incidentally have got till August and the Nucleus of our current “team” we have a starting point.
      Well one thing’s for sure, it can’t get any worse than this season.


    • Bedford Wolf says:

      London – I’d agree that for about half an hour we held our own and like you say we were playing the league leaders so a bit of perspective is needed. I maintain that 4 quality additions are needed, not 7 or 8. A quality, experienced, ball playing centre back and leader, a quality left footed left back, a quality creative, attacking number 10 and a quality 20+ goal a season striker.


  35. Clive from Houston says:

    Thanks, London.

    For all the talk about old fashioned hoof ball from the back, an outdated style of play of yesteryear, may I remind everyone of a certain Mr. Frank Munro.
    A central defender, converted from a forward, who rarely punted the ball, but played his way out of trouble with skill and grace.
    Oh for one of your style today, Frank!


    • StuWolf says:

      WTF you doing up at tnat time of night, you sad old fart, get some beauty sleep, Dog nose you need it.

      Bet it’s the excitement of coming over to the bash. (For a few hours)

      How’s the daughter enjoying the trip, hope your’e spoiling her rotten.


      • Clive from Houston says:

        yes I are
        She gets to reciprocate the day after the Bloggers Bash!!


      • Stu,

        What’s date of Bloggers balls up, I mean ” knees up mother brown “ill see if I’m off or not……….or if I can book it off.

        One of my first matches I remember being carried half way down the South Bank to ” knees up mother brown ” don’t sing it anymore……….why……” Under the table you must go ee.i.ee.i.oh if I catch you bending ill sore your knees right off ”


        • StuWolf says:

          Saturday 6th of May the night before the last home game against Preston.

          Have a word with Brompton he’s doing a Sterling job this year. It, a great opportunity to see all these fellow bloggers to see how many of them are big Pussy cat’s. (Clive)

          Be great to see everyone there changing the World.


  36. Hertford says:

    I watched this in a near empty bar having requested that the barkeep put it on just for me. He did so but with no volume.
    So watching the game against a backdrop of The Cranberries, Queen and other assorted chart toppers…..the game took on a very different perspective.
    But my overriding memory of the game was how good we seemed at breaking up play….theirs and ours.


  37. Dave Vincent says:

    Can always rely on you for a bit of hyperbole, Ben!

    Enjoyable read, thanks.


  38. Clive from Houston says:

    Nice to see the shit lose at home, again
    If ever there was a team in a false position, they are it.


  39. Why don’t Wolves fans sing ” Knees up mother brown ” anymore it was great in the old South Bank the hole stand would jump up and down,

    Happy dayzzzzzzzzzzzz !


  40. RickRack wolves says:

    Clive I am sure we’ll be playing the shite in the next few years.
    When we do, we’ll beat them home & away (5:1 & 1:5 respectively) and there then manager will be sacked & will result in them dropped to 2nd Division within 3 yrs.
    We’ll in my dreams away.
    I fekin 8 stfc.


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