Brentford 1 Wolves 2

Performance and result – finally.

We’ve had both in recent weeks but not together since winning at Barnsley at the back end of January.

The latter remains the most important of course, but the former was a stark reminder about what this group of players can produce when they all turn up.

Paul Lambert’s more balanced team selection helped, returning to the side that secured victory at Anfield save for Danny Batth replacing Richard Stearman.

But this wasn’t a backs-to-the-wall defensive masterclass. It was Wolves on the front foot attacking throughout. 24 shots on goal in total, which must be a season high.

Perhaps the only worrying aspect of the night is that despite controlling much of the play, we came within five minutes of losing.

In fairness, Brentford’s goal was well-worked and ruthlessly dispatched. But Wolves should have been ahead long before and level much sooner.

That familiar wastefulness in the final third oh so nearly cost us again, with Nouha Dicko and George Saville the main culprits after some excellent build up play.

But credit Wolves and the manager who continued to throw everything at Brentford until they eventually buckled under the onslaught.

Ben Marshall’s influence in the last two games has been clear. Two pivotal assists, one on Saturday for Andi Weimann to profit and last night the teasing ball that allowed Matt Doherty to crash home the equaliser.

That’s what we’ve desperately lacking of late, our key match winning players making those killer final passes for others to latch onto.

Once Marshall and Cavaleiro were on, it also freed up Helder Costa to ghost in and thunder home the winning goal.

I’ve been critical of our star man of late, but only because he seemed to be operating on the periphery. Last night he stepped back in and looked up for the scrap.

You could see his visible frustration as team mates squandered chance after chance and then the release after netting the winner.

We need more of that in the remaining games, not just from Costa but everyone else.

The standard has been set.

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  1. sevlow says:

    A great result from our beloved jekyll and hyde team. I am as surprised as a surprised man at a surprise birthday party.

    Up the Wolves!


  2. StuWolf says:

    No apologies for copy and paste on this one, I had only just finished it so it is still relevant.

    Credit where credit’s due.
    I am one of Lamberts critics and still will be until I see performances like that on a regular basis. To take up on David Garlands point (and I completely agree with him) getting on someone’s back is non productive and won’t bring out the best of anyone. But, If I performed as some of those players had in the last 7 games I would have been sacked long ago. If I had picked a squad like PL had I would have been sacked.

    But, as I said, Credit where credit’s due, absolutely outstanding performance last night, all the holes in the Swiss cheese lined up and we played for 95 minutes FFS, the second half was better than the brilliant first half performance FFS and Dean Smith said, “they were rubbish and we totally deserved this game”

    The stats are incredible for our team of late, 24 (twenty four) shots on goal to Brentfords 8, Lee Evans got 8/10, Saville got 7/10, Costa got 8/10, Edwards got 8/10 Weinmann got 8/10 Cavalerio 7/10 for 30 minutes work. Pretty potent stuff in there.

    If I’m a twat I will say so, (I’m a twat) I lost faith in them and in true Wolves style they stunned us alll, only one change from the team that played Liverpool and Stoke says PL. what does that tell us, come on PL stop tinkering lets put a run together and I will get off your back. Everyone I talk to says “your’e a good manager” prove me wrong, there will be no-one happier if you do. I’m here to be entertained by good flowing football not the dross youv’e served up these last couple of weeks.

    I was wrong and I admit it, please keep me that way and I will be delighted, 1 swallow don’t make a happy marriage, but it’s a bloody good sign.

    Let’s see if we can replicate that again on Saturday, run yer feckin legs off youv’e got two weeks off after that.

    Oh yes, Sako has hinted he wants to come back to Wolverhampton Wanderers today. (Stevie Showcase) Iv’e even warmed to that idea after the last few games.



    • wwwebs says:

      StuWolf, I agree 100% with this post. For those who weren’t there, this was the polar opposite to the absolute dross thar has been served up since (and to some extent including) the flattering Barnsley win against 10 men. As comprehensive a victory I’ve seen from Wolves in a very long time. The type of performance that had the local press proclaiming that a Brentford victory would have been ‘a travesty’ and the Brentford fans and manager universally admitting that the best team won. We were on top throughout but things went up a gear when Cavaleiro was introduced in place of Saville. Don’t get me wrong Saville and Evans both played their part in an excellent team performance, as did Weimann, who was full of energy and urgency but what a pleasure it was to see Costa and Cav on the pitch together again and to see us attacking. Lambert has been saying we’ve been playing well and losing. We haven’t. This was a completely different story. For the sake of our collective sanity Let’s hope our head coach now sticks to this formula.


      • StuWolf says:

        Barnsley was really painful to watch on that really bitterly cold heavy mist night, how we won 3-1 is beyond me. Those Barnsley fans moaned the whole 90 minutes, I was almost in tears for them. lol.
        They don’t understand how much we suffer supporting the Old Gold & Black. When ar wer a lad…….


    • I’m not sure how player ratings are considered stats.


    • Occasionally brilliant games have happened all season. It is consistency that is needed.


  3. Yong Lim Singapore says:

    Yes indeed. We may have off days but let’s continue with the standard for the Brentford game and we will see more good days instead of off. Up the Wolves.


  4. basherbaz says:

    gr8 result now we have to keep the standard up, as stuwolf says got time off after Saturday so they should give their all on Sat UTW


  5. Paul cooks left peg says:

    Great win good display apart from missing both wolves goals but I don’t care we won!


    • StuWolf says:

      2-0 down at West Ham in the 70’s , said to my mate, ” stuff this lets make our way back to the coaches”
      Got back, then everyone else got back on whooping and dancing, we’d only gone and pulled it back to 2-2 last 15 minutes. Never again…..


      • I used to watch Torquay play every now and again when I lived there. Late eightes, Last minutes of the match, last game of the season, the gulls need something, anything to stay in the football league.
        One of the players slides after a ball going out and is bitten by a police dog while the handler is watching the crowd.
        Lots of kerfuffle and injury time and the gulls put one in on about the 99th minute and stay up by goal difference.
        I know it’s not a wolves story but I’d never leave any match before the final whistle.


  6. Lowves says:

    Shows what we can do with a midfield that goes forward instead of passing back to Ikemi all the time. Never been a big fan of Saville and Evans but on this and the cup showings they should be first on the team sheet for the rest of the season. Price should not get a look in. A great display by a team with guts and a determination to succeed.
    Downside of the night? M40 closed at junction 15 meaning a detour round Coventry, then M6 closed at junction 7 meaning a detour round Walsall, still who’s moaning?


  7. Steve Showcase says:

    Sako back …I would be in dreamland it’s just plain logic and the crowd would go wild..

    As It’s been said we need game changers that would mean Costa Sako Graham Saiss Cav leaving someone to replace Dicko (has to be said) with Bod a back up..

    Pl should be congratulated on this result he’s taken shite loads of flack ..he’s flamboyant in someways and seems in the end to do the obvious ..his rotation is inconsistent though to me..

    I think now we’ll stay up and for nxt season there will be NO excuses not to buy to strengthen..I did hear that Benteke was watching with interest PLs career path at the moment..
    But …the no5 spot imo is the big one..

    Fantastic result but shows what we are able to do with our backs against the wall…


  8. robin says:

    Still think Edwards is the weak link.
    Costa certainly silenced his critics.
    Cav is essential to relieve the pressure on him.
    Must say, was pleasantly surprised.


  9. DancesWithWolves says:

    As I’ve already smugly reported I forecast 2-1 to us last night. I even felt confident enough that consistency was returning so I forecast 2-2 for us against Fulham on Saturday. About time too. We have been in a false position for so long.

    The ugly draw against Ipswich and the even uglier win against Rotherham were just the green shoots of Spring I was looking for. These precious four points were like manna from heaven. They must have given the players a tremendous boost. Now we have 7 from 3 games, that’s 2.33 points a game, translating (ironically) into automatic promotion form!

    Well done to Wolves and well done to Leicester. I’ll never forget that PL game when we were 3-0 down at half time home to Leicester and yet we came back and won 4-3.



    I also smugly predicted a 2-1 win and pointed to our away record which is up there witn the top 7 or 8 teams. I think we should play all our games away as we do not seem to be able to do it at Molineux where most of our woeful performances have been served up. So I am confident of getting something at Fulham. We certainly do better against open footballing sides. And we are away ! So two more wins and a couple of draws should do it. A strong finish to the season should give PL the green light to build again in the summer. A few more signings like Marshall would be fine.


  11. spikeyboy says:

    Credit where its due Mr Lambert .
    Now please dont mess with this side and think your clever at tactics and change it all for Fulham .
    you have ltd talent at your disposal they dont in the majority understand tactics but they do understand hard graft.
    when you have a team of brilliantly skilled and intelligent players that you will sign for next season you can ask them to do different things, but most of what you have at the moment are just honest average grafters.
    play them as you did last night in their best positions and let the opposition worry about us.
    maybe two changes and that would be cav. and marshall from the off but what do i know.
    Thanks for last night as today i am a very very happy bunny……..utw


  12. Clive from Houston says:

    Watching that annoying little shit Nasri getting sent off against Leicester was almost as much fun as watching the Live Score App from Brentford.
    Let’s be honest, with all our blog bluster aside, most of us thought we would get stuffed down there, even though we dare not write it.
    I remember creaming them when we were in the third division a few years back, when they thought they might get promoted.
    Well, Brentford, you aint won anything in your entire 100 history, and with a performance like last night’s, against ” inferior” opposition like us, it will be another 100 years before you do.
    Havent seen the goals yet, Stu’s link wont open over here, something about him getting his computer clogged up with humble pie, so will go on e&s site.
    Fabulous win, as they all are, watch out Fulham.
    You might have gone to geordieland and got three points, but you couldnt beat Blackburn!!


  13. pauluswolf says:

    The fickleness of fans:
    Please re-read ALL your comments on the W v Brentford predictions.
    Lambert is a pratt – out/out/out.
    Now all is rosy Lambert is great.
    Same with Mick McC same with Kenny Jackett – both treated wrongly by Wolves.
    Oh to keep a level head and look at the bigger picture.
    This manager could get us to a better place given your support.


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      His track record shows that he’s capable, yes. Leicesters previous manager, Ranieri, won them the title last season. ‘This season he got fired. A solid track record tells only of the past, not future. Injuries, signings and players form, tactical decisions are only a few of the variables which decides a manager’s future. The players which are at the club were mainly inherited from Zenga’s regime, so if he can produce a strong finish I certainly agree that he deserves to stay at the helm.


    • wwwebs says:

      I don’t think it’s fickle to complain when a manager picks a team full of limited ability players and criticise when they perform badly and then heap praise on the same manager when he picks a balanced team and they actually play well. I can only assume you weren’t at the Wigan and Rotherham games (to name but 2) that were inconceivably awful (honestly, if you weren’t there it is impossible to imagine). Last night, at the opposite end of the scale, was a pleasure to behold. Why would a fan not react differently two those two extremes?


    • So Lamberts a great manager now is he………have you been to any games since he took over were you, like Wigan and Rotherham….?


      • pauluswolf says:

        Dear Fellow Paul…..I repeat the last 2 lines of my post:
        Oh to keep a level head and look at the bigger picture.
        This manager could (not will) get us to a better place given your support.

        Your first text doesn’t make any sense at all, and in reply to your second I have never said that he is suddenly a great manager, but I am prepared to give him time to prove himself one way or another. If it helps I am a season ticket holder and I was there at both of the games you mention appalled at the team selections and the tactics employed.
        BUT, a knee jerk reaction gets us nowhere – Karanka for heavens sake!

        I hope you see the logic in this, if not I cannot help you, though the 17 likes the last time I looked at this post seem to concur with me.


  14. Bedford Wolf says:

    Somewhere between Bedford and Brentford I must have slipped into a parallel universe. A universe where Wolves are good, play well and win.

    However just to put your minds at rest in this universe some things are still exactly the same. Paul Lambert isn’t suddenly a tactical genius but is still a fairly limited and overly cautious thinker and Saville and Edwards haven’t suddenly become Messi and Ronaldo. But no matter as we won!

    Here’s how the game panned out;

    1 – 30 minutes
    Wolves on top, we have a shot, then another, a header just over, a shot blocked, a corner, another corner, another shot just wide, a shot blocked, a header saved, a shot saved, a corner, a shot blocked, a shot wide, a corner.

    31 minutes
    Brentford score, 0-1

    32 – 45 minutes
    Wolves on top, we have a shot, then another, a header just over, a shot blocked, a corner, another corner, another shot just wide, a shot blocked, a header saved, a shot saved, a corner, a shot blocked, a shot wide, a corner.


    46 – 85 minutes
    Wolves on top, we have a shot, then another, we hit the bar, a header just over, a shot blocked, a corner, another corner, another shot just wide, a shot blocked, a header saved, a shot cleared off the line, a corner, a shot blocked, a shot wide, a corner.

    86 minutes
    Doherty sneaks in round the back and it’s 1-1, cue euphoria mixed with relief.

    89 minutes
    Costa scores, 2-1 to us – its pandemonium and bedlam all rolled into one, we are invincible, we are the greatest, we are titans, we are Gods, hell we are God himself!


    A happy journey home ends at around half past midnight after which I inexplicably decide to stay up for another hour reading the reports and watching the goals.

    I sincerely hope that Mr Lambert learns some valuable lessons from this game.

    For a start never to play Saville at left back again when there is Matt Doherty sitting there primed and ready.

    Secondly a midfield three comprised entirely of runners, workers and grafters but lacking any flair or creativity does not work. Up until the 60th minute we were playing 433 with a central three of Saville, Edwards and Evans. We were playing well and on top but our attempts at scoring were a bit like someone trying to get into a locked house by hammering away at the front door with a bloody big lump of wood. On the hour Cavaleiro replaced Saville, we went 4231 and with the extra creative player on the pitch we were suddenly nipping round the back to find an open window or going round the side and unpicking the lock on the side door. Brain over brawn. Skill over effort.

    On to Fulham on Saturday for my 5th consecutive Wolves match – a new record for me – when hopefully the volume of alcohol consumed at lunchtime is matched by the volume of the Wolves fans as we make it an unlikely hat-trick of wins. If Mr Lambert is any good then he will play 4231 from the start replacing Saville and Edwards with Saiss and Cavaleiro and with Weimann (or Marshall) in the number 10 role behind Dicko. He might also think about Iorfa for Coady at right back in order to nullify the threat of Ryan Sessegnon.

    Ikeme 7;
    Coady 7, Batth 7, Hause 7, Doherty 8;
    Evans 7, Edwards 6, Saville 5.5;
    Costa 7, Dicko 7, Weimann 7;
    Subs: Cavaleiro 8, Marshall 6, Gibbs-White n/a


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      I watched the game after and saw some hope. We looked a solid unit who pressed and pressed. I am still not a fan of Saville though, and in my opinion he was at fault for us going 1-0 down when he failed to track the runner.

      We started to get even better and more forceful and clinical when he was replaced and Cav came on. I feel Cav should start as Saville, imo, was not doing the business.

      Bet you glad you went and I bet the atmosphere was amazing.

      Chuffed to bits with these 3 points. I predicted a loss, but am thrilled to be wrong. That said, we have Fulham away on Saturday ………….. will we, can we? Who knows what Wolves team will turn up. We are certainly not the finished article yet and I am still concerned about our consistency.

      As for talk about Sako – Not for me thank you very much.


      • Bedford Wolf says:

        Brompto – I would have Sako back in a heart-beat though to be honest with Cavaleiro and Graham (and maybe even Zyro) am not sure that is a key area we should be looking to strengthen. We need a centre half, left back, creative midfielder and striker all much more than another left sided attacker. Shame though as I really rated Bakary and under different circumstances would welcome him back with open arms.

        As for Fulham they are just a bunch of poncey-ne’er do wells and we will beat them on Saturday you mark my words. In fact here’s a tip for you for the Prediction League, put us down to win 3-2. Go on I dares ya! lol


  15. The Newt says:

    Glad to see Costa having a good game and Cavaleiro getting back into the swing of things. £20m spent on these two so no secret that they will need to be big players for us in the last 10 games.

    During our awful February we were playing much better than the results we were getting so finally a match where we played well and won even it we did leave it a little too late for comfort. Some good performances all round.

    I don’t think Lambert knows his best side yet and the players inconsistent performances aren’t helping – look at both Saiss and Evans – great one week and then poor the next. I still believe PL can go on to do well for us given the time and tools to do the job and on the performances of both Marshall and Weimann over the last few games I would suggest he has a better eye for a player than a certain director of football I could mention.


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      The end product is often the difference between star players and good players. Yesterday it meant 3 pts. It’s also good to know that we have a manager which isn’t afraid to ring changes. When Costa plays good football – wolves play good football also. When he doesn’t – wolves struggle, at least when we’re without Cavaleiro. And now we also have Marshall, and very soon also Graham. .

      Lambert also mentioned in the interview that he used Cavaleiro in the middle, which is interesting.


  16. theDOOGooder says:

    Brilliant result.

    My man Cav can make a hell of a difference when he’s fit.

    And Paul Lambert is a tactical genius and has been lulling all the other teams in the division into a false sense of security by getting us to play like a load of fairies for the past few games.

    It seems to have worked!

    I’ve had my entire backroom staff on the case all night and, apparently, it IS still possible to make the play offs.

    If we win all our matches, all the other teams are docked points for being too clever and smug and Brompton does his usual trick we could even end up champions!

    Only joking Steve, even you couldn’t do that.

    But promotion’s there for the taking.

    Get on the front foot with our noses to the grindstone and our backs against the wall and we can do this! (But it could be quite painful).

    Oh Dear!

    I think I need a quick dose of Amanda to calm me down.

    I’ve come over all delusional again.


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Lol. I bemoaned like crazy PLs team selection before the game. That is why he is the manager and I never will be – what the feck do I know.

      I am so looking forward to next season where we go out all guns blazing and kick ass. I see us buying well in the Summer (but not Sako as there are far far better players who can give us 90+ minutes and not just 15 each game) , and winning the league easily with once more another points record for our history.

      I believe, that next season will be OUR season.

      Bring it on.

      Ooops, nearly forgot, this one aint over yet.


      • Steve Showcase says:

        Re Sako as you said mate what the feck do you know
        anyway lol
        15 mins of carnage I’ll take anyway..


        • Brompton Wolf says:

          I wouldn’t. Anyway we don’t need him. Besides I was saying what the feck do I know about team selection, not sako……..and I was talking to Mark not you lol.

          Joking aside, how is the pub going Steve?


          • Steve Showcase says:

            The pub development is going fine thx ..will be a shrine to Sako and you are banned..Oh and I’m currently talking to Stu not you lol


            • Brompton Wolf says:

              How can you be talking to Stu when you replied to my message?

              Damn, banned from a pub. That certainly brings back memories. Hope to see you soon buddy. Take care.


  17. Chester Wolf says:

    great performance and result. More of the same please with less tinkering.
    makes you wonder about how this team, with this intent, would have fared against lowly Rotherham.
    I guess that the great Rotherham Team Selection Mystery will remain up there with Lord Lucan and the Loch Ness Monster.


  18. Tipton Exile says:

    Supporting Wolves as we all know takes you through the whole range of feelings from disappoint to elation via frustration. I have supported them since 1953 and experienced the bloody lot over the years.

    Today I am totally frustrated. Why when they can play like they did last night have we been served up such dross as we have seen this season. It does not make any sense at all.

    I admit I have been on a complete downer the last few weeks convinced we were heading for relegation and that PL was an utter prat.

    What do I know he picks a team that goes out and mullers Brentford when 99% expected the opposite.

    Credit where credit is due, great performance, even better result. Maybe Costa has found his mojo again at last.

    Please for god’s sake keep giving us performances like last night for the rest of the season and who knows what might happen.

    To PL if you must tinker please leave Saville at Compton.

    Onwards and Upwards.



    • Wokingham Welsh Wolf says:

      Good summary Tipton reflects exactly how I have felt all season, but particularly more recently with some of Lambert’s bizarre team selections.

      I was convinced that Brentford would turn us over, but fair play the lads played out of their skins and really positively.

      The atmosphere was amazing and I thought Cav made a real difference with his skill and quality when he came on and seemed to give Costa a new lease of life.

      When Costa’s winner went in the whole place went mental, as the release of pressure kicked in.

      So bemused as to how we were still behind 10 mins from time when we had completely dominated the game and feared the worst and yet another hard luck story.

      As I think Stu said earlier 1 swallow doesn’t make a summer, but more positive performances like last night should be enough to keep us up, with one major caveat – this is Wolves and they never make it easy for us!



  19. Johnok says:

    I meant to put wolves 2 Brentford 1 honest, joking apart didn’t expect to win tonight after the show on Saturday, but we did and much deserved and very welcome 3 points.
    It just goes to show that quality counts in the end when that are allowed to play together,I hope PL sticks with the nucleus of this side and hope we get the luck we deserve and finally move up the table, I know we’re still in religation fight but after tonight’s performance hope it gives the squad a lift and make them believe in them selves again.
    Roll on Saturday to Fulham hoping for the same again, We will be there, and here’s me talking about taking my tickets back this time last week (fickle).UTW


  20. StuWolf says:


    I took my tickets back last week on the stregnth of PL’s crazy selections, but after last nights surprise I have them back in my sweaty mitts, Fickle fan indeed Davis Garland.

    I did predict a win last night, but not the 2-1, If, if we can play as well on Saturday, then who knows what joys we shall see, three more points would be a Brucie bonus after the previous few games.
    Saville was caught out last night by their striker who went passed him like Shergar and on to score totally against the run of play. So, please, Lambert, no more Saville. Behave yourself.


  21. Dave Vincent says:

    Away games always much more fun…. To be fair we played very well against reading and were v unlucky to lose.
    First priority is staying up, and if it takes some ugly performances with ugly teamsheets with ugly home crowd reactions then so be it.
    I think PL might be on his way out in the summer anyway.


  22. admant says:

    Well. Done. Wolves.

    What a wonderful feeling… even when they went ahead it was just so good to see them showing the spirit and quality we know they possess …

    Of course there was a worry that the sucker punch goal would deflate them, but it didnt, and some effective substitutions for a change meant we always looked like we were going to score.

    Well done Wolves, and well done Lambert. Please write down your team selection and tactics on a piece of paper and keep it somewhere safe …

    Keep this up and we might wheel away the guillotine !



  23. Mark G Davies says:

    Just back from 2 weeks holiday and have enjoyed catching up with the blogs. Its interesting that our best players recently (according to the E&Star) have been Marshall and Wiemann, both players happy to follow our manager to the Mol. Maybe PL is making a couple of points to the owners by creating a relegation scare to frighten the owners and their investment.
    Firstly for the team to progress and go for it next season we must splash some cash and buy those four players Lambert wants to sign in the summer, and he`s shown he knows a player. Marshall was always going to come good, and Weimann just gets better and better.
    They are the only 2 players Lambert has brought in, he`s lucky to have the Portugese wingers, who were already here, but his credibility and judgment on players for me seems spot on. Team selection is another matter, but we have a nucleus of a what could be a very good side with some more astute acquisitions. A proven striker, and a big domineering centre half would be a good start for me.


    • Steppenwolfe says:

      Yes, I agree. Despite criticisms of the majority of players over the course of the season I think we have the makings of an excellent squad. The youngsters will have had another years experience and we’ve some more coming through.Three or four decent players in and a few out and we could be challenging next season.


  24. wolfman jack says:

    Only one thing to say – ‘thank f**k for that’ !
    In my over 50 years of following this club I have become used to, but not immune to, the total lack of consistency. The ability to beat the best yet lose to the worst. But this season has taken that inconsistency to whole new levels – or should that be depths ? Ths same squad that was able to beat convincingly Newcastle, Stoke and even Liverpool all away from home could only take 1 point from 12 agaainst the footballing powers that are Burton and Wigan. How can that be ? Its enough to drive a sane man crazy.
    Just one other thought. An old saying in football is that you know you have a good side when you get consistent performances. On that basis, even after 50 years, this club still has some work to do.


  25. StuWolf says:

    When I was at the ticket office this morning, the guy said sales were going well for Saturday after the win, he had about 500 tickets piled up to go out in the post. I said, “I thought we only had 1611 tickets as per allocation” he said’ ” we were around 2000 sold”
    Just read on Wolves websie we are on 2161 Feckin Hell I’m impressed with the fans resolve to follow their team in spite of some poor performances.

    Looking forward to my spot right behind the goals and right behind the team if they gel again.

    Onwards and who knows in this crazy Wolves World of ours.


    • Bedford Wolf says:

      Stu – me, BOG, Rhys Lightning and my Spurs supporting (cue spits on the floor in disgust action) son in law Ben are in block P6, row T. Probably be in the Eight Bells by Putney Bridge about 2pm. Might see you somewhere?


      • StuWolf says:

        This sounds like a Village people quote, “eight bells it is then” (In the Navy)

        Coach times permitting I will try my best, last time I drank with your lot I was on double Vodkas and missed most of the Charlton game through vision impairment.
        That was some pub that was, wall to wall Wolves fans.


  26. It was really annoying to read posts earlier today from bloggers bragging about getting the right score prediction. How smug. Annoying because I had the right score too and wanted to be first to point it out.
    Interesting that we still managed to beat Brentford with our four worst players on the pitch. Imagine what we could do if we replaced Eddo, Sav, Evans and Danny with guys who could actually kick a ball. We’d be world beaters. Not long ago it was the Doc who had his head in the same noose, but he seems to have been given a reprieve. For a while. Interesting too to look back at the reception Lambo’s team selection received on here last night.
    Either way, a fantastic performance away from home again. A repeat performance at Flum and the atmosphere at the next game at the Mol should be completely different. Even though I only had the audio commentary to go on, it was an encounter which was both frustrating and exhilarating in equal measure. The introduction of Cav and Marshall certainly gave us a spark, but fresh pace bought on against tiring defenders often reaps big rewards and our starting players had worked Brentford’s defenders unceasingly for the first hour.
    Overall, superb team selection from Lambo and a magnificent demonstration of effort, application and technique from the entire team. Well done to all concerned.


    • theDOOGooder says:

      As ever, Wolfstroker, you speak a deal of sense.

      And your use of irony is faultless.


      • Thanks DG. I’ve picked up some useful tips from yourself since I’ve been on here.

        As for irony. Jayney agrees with you. She says all I need now is a decent ironying board. Ouch!


  27. David Garland says:

    Great win for the Wolves

    Hopefully some of PL and the teams critics lay off and get behind them instead.

    Continued Criticism in any form rarely improves anyone’s work performance so lay off. How would you feel at work booed or slagged off on social media the night before.

    Accept we’re in one of the toughest leagues in the world chasing the premiership dream and riches and get behind the team.

    Teams or more importantly clubs are not built by switching managers frequently.


  28. Oddly enough , my old mob gets together for one game a season and this year it’s Fulham
    Paths may cross but I’m not meeting anyone as I dont want to be judged on anything that may happen
    ( know what I mean Colin ? )
    Any way … he’s not pulling up trees but I think Saville s done ok lately. Confidence is ok away from home . I played a bit of football when I was younger . The biggest crowd I played in front of however , was a couple of hundred people .
    One thing I do know about football is that if you ve got a couple of thousand people telling you that you are shit , then you are not going to play very well !
    Up the wolves . Bring on the Fulham !!


  29. Border Wolf says:

    Never been so happy to be proved wrong on my prediction. Why can’t we play like that more often.

    More of the same please Wolves!


  30. StuWolf says:


    • As soon as I heard that Karanka had gone, that was the first thing that sprang into my mind. Not that I’m wanting Lambert to go. He deserves at least the summer window and half a season to get it right in my book.


      • StuWolf says:

        Me too, that’s why I posted it.

        With the rumours they were searching for a foreign manager with Chumpionshit experience, nothing would not surprise me this season.

        Let’s see what happens Saturday, it’s either a blip or a run.

        If Wienmann and Marshall keep getting better we should one hell of a run in.


    • Bedford Wolf says:

      I sincerely hope not as (a) his style of football is ultra-defensive and dull as ditch-water and (b) I can never understand a word he says. Anyway as we all now realise Mr Lambert is a genius.


  31. The Witley Wanderer says:

    There are a few bloggers on here who only show there face when our beloved Wolves win a match or two, I have only seen the mighty Wolves win five times this season. I go to most home games at the weekend and been to Huddersfield and Reading away, should have won both away games I have seen. I have never called for PL to be sacked just said his team selection was crap om Saturday against Rotherham. He’s a Tinker man and you Know what happens to tinker men. He will be on his way shortly. It dosn’t matter what he does between now and the end of the season our owners have all ready sorted the future of our club and I will be very surprised if PL is included. Managers only get one chance and then move on, us fans have to hang in there for life, its in the blood. COYW.


    • Obviously,Witley, our recent sticky patch will have given Fosun food for thought, but I’ve always believed a manager deserves the chance to build and mold the squad as he wants. Although I couldn’t see the logic behind Walt’s appointment, and things appeared to be going pear shaped, I wasn’t in favour of sacking him so soon.
      In short, if you’re not going to give your appointee time to develop the team as he wants, it’s pointless appointing him/her in the first place.



    Is Karanka any better than Lambert? 4 wins in 27, 19 goals in 27 , 22 points in 27. Lambert never took vile down. Karanka got boro promoted. Lambert took Norwich up and comfortably kept them in the prem.


  33. marin wolf says:

    well knock me down with a feather…that was a nailed on drubbing and instead we have a masterclass….well not quite masterclass but at least the hope is back

    I realize I may be boring, even wrong, but I believe that PL is a good manager…nio brilliant but good and good enough to be given an extended run of three yes three years ..not three weeks ..when we lose again and look hapless and he plays Saville in goal and everyone says he’s a plonker ( PL that is) and he needs firing, Does anyone remember how long Alex Ferguson was at Manure and they won nothing? No I’m not saying that we have another AF…but we have someone who is good and with a less frenetic chucking of money onto the roulette table this summer but good money spent on genuine pace and skill and character plus the return of the stricken talents like Jordan and Zyro ,,well why not have a lot of winning football ahead>??

    Or is it that we all like this yo-yoing between bliss and shite so we can blog the crap out of each other ( sorry Amanda)?

    Me I’d take an average of 2 boring points a game and see what happens when we get back to the big leagues….


  34. David Garland says:

    Look up the word supporter in the dictionary Paul Feather…..of…the…….stone AD.1967


  35. Jackomac says:

    The age old debate, does a kick up the pants generate a positive response to under performance or further the cycle of demise. I think the answer is it depends on the circumstances. For instance is the reason for the performance a lack of effort confidence energy quality or some other factor. And is the kick accompanied by some guidance on how to improve. For me the recent problems have been created mostly by a lack of quality which in turn has affected confidence and sapped energy. It is no surprise that the return of Cav with a build up of fitness in Marshall and confidence in Dicko has sparked a bit of life back in Costa. The real challenge was stopping that negative spiral when we were lacking some creative spark. The results away at Ipswich and home to Rotherham were ugly but probably the most important in the season and credit should go to PL for getting those results. So what about the impact of fans response. We can inspire and we can provide the kick but we can’t kick constructively. Personally I don’t like criticism and I know it doesn’t often help players. But I do it sometimes because I can’t help it and I love em the s**tbags. But maybe its not just about them its also about me needing something else in my life to escape into to praise and shout at. Just not sure what that says about me.


    • Excellent post Jackomac. Although the Rotherham game bordered on the farcical, as I left the ground the three points gained seemed to be worth the 90mins of utter boredom I’d endured.
      ‘By jove, we needed that’.


  36. colin says:

    If we start climbing the League i have not got a problem with PL. Anyway the backing of the fans is not as important as it used to be the owners are far more trigger happy these days. If we have a strong finish to the season and things are gelling i would start with him next season for sure.


  37. robin says:

    A manager needs a chance.
    If PL keeps us up I have no doubt he will stay.
    I’m ok with that.


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