Wolves 1 Rotherham United 0

We won.

That’s the only positive.


I can’t think of anything else good to say about any individual player or the collective performance.

What was Paul Lambert thinking?

He somehow managed to pick the most defensive starting eleven anyone could possibly muster that still appeared to be wide open at the back.

Rotherham should have been two goals clear before Helder Costa wasted a penalty and Andi Weimann’s determination secured the ill-gotten points.

So limp were our attacking efforts throughout against a team who statistically can’t defend – averaging just under three goals conceded per game away from home – the contest was still up for grabs in the dying seconds when their center half mercifully shanked one over from right under the crossbar.


The result is of course crucial but it doesn’t justify the performance.

And the performance was a reflection of the ridiculous team selection – the blame for which lies squarely at one man’s feet.

To play two defensive midfielders at full back was ridiculous. They offered nothing going in either direction.

Matt Doherty has been one of our most consistent performers for two seasons and is arguably one of the best attacking full-backs in the league. Leaving him out at home, when we need to sort out the whipping boys is madness.

And where exactly was Dave Edwards supposed to be playing? He offered little to no support to Weimann and barely got a foot on the ball all game.

Surely if you’re going to play two holding midfielders, there has to be one attacking midfielder ahead of them?

I just don’t get it. What was the plan?

Of the three genuine attacking players we fielded, Marshall tried and showed moments of ability, Weimann did what he could from laughably little service and Costa continues to sit on his deckchair.

I’m sorry, if we’re going to lambast the workhorses for a lack of ability our £12 million winger needs a rocket up his rear end for the dross he’s been turning out lately.

Against Wigan, Blues and today again he was totally anonymous. And don’t tell me he was marked out of the game or surrounded because he wasn’t. It’s just not acceptable.

The biggest travesty of all though is that people will focus on the boos that deservedly accompanied the full time whistle when in fact the support was tremendous throughout considering what was served up.

It’s the crowd that deserve better.

Sort it out Wolves.


  1. Pathetic absolutely pathectic the team selection the team and the man responsible for picking the team.

    Fulham are on the up beat Newcastle today, Huddersfield won away today Blackburn are making a fight of it and due at Molinuex and yes as one blogger has already put we played crap but won

    Well if we play crap against Fulham, Huddersfield , Brentford and Blackburn we are certainly going to lose and lose big time.

    Lambert is now a big part of the problem and not the solution his limp wristed tactics and selections so he is out of his depth.

    If he currys on in the same vein today’s result will just be a stay of execution which will eventually end in relegation.

    Fosun and Jeff I hope your are drawing up a short list of candidates for the coaches job in case miracle of miracles happen and we survive.


  2. NavalWolf says:

    I defended Edwards after Tuesdays game, and lamberts team selection with a view for today. I wish I never. I’ll give my view of today a game as we all see the games so differently.

    Ikeme – did his job well when called upon. Distribution needs so much work. To hear the south bank cheer him for realising it quickly should be the rocket he needs to launch our counters. Coutner attacks are best launched from the keepers throw in my opinion.

    Saville – very good today. Offered nothing at all going forward though. Tackled and tracked the wingers with ease. Needs to start swinging in crosses though.

    Coady – sturdy. That’s it. Like Sav nothing going forward and a few stray passes. A game like today was crying out for Iorfa in my eyes.

    Hause and Williamson – headered every ball as Rotherham preferred to keep the ball airbourne more often than not. Both lack a turn of pace though that twice saw Ikeme called upon at 0-0.

    Marshall – very tidy. I don’t actually know what his position is though. Seems to be like lamberts version of Kevin Foley, with a great set piece delivery.

    Price. Kept things ticking. As usual. Controlled midfield when the ball was on the deck. Was voided when the ball was above 6ft in the air though.

    Saiss – some good passing. However gave the ball away sloppily to provide Rotherham with a great chance. Seemed to drop in centre back a lot, and then pushed up to price aerial work with Rotherham hoofing it and keeping it in the air.

    Edwards – defended this man vigorously on Tuesday. He looks tired. Offered little going either way, rarely closing down and not getting into the box for his trademark runs. I think we need to rest him, because like it or not, he’s a massive part of the team when on form.

    Costa – shadow of his former self since Liverpool game. Did well to earn the pen then squander the chance. Thoroughly believe that when Cavaleiro is starting games, he’ll be back to normal. They have a chemistry between them, and less teams will double up on Costa if Cavs lurking.

    Weiman – still not struck on him and not sure I’ll change. But he deserved that goal today for his perseverance and fight. Muscled off a guy much stronger and showed great desire to get up the pitch when countering.

    Today was a must win, which I don’t understand Lamberts selection. It was essentially a GK, 2xCB, and 8 midfielders.

    We need 2 up top, or a 3 of costa cav and bod/nouha. Today was poor against a team that’s conceded 85ish league goals.

    Hopefully soon we will stop putting square pegs in round holes, and slowly creep away from the bottom 3.

    But I’ll take that win today for my journey back to Pompey. About time too.



    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      Tired key players is one possible explanation of the poor performance. Another reason may be the players positions to each other in attacking play, as pointed out.

      Not a good match, and the stats support the reports:
      Home 61%
      Away 39%
      Home 9
      Away 12

      Shots on Target
      Home 5
      Away 2


  3. Bedford Wolf says:

    Thomas – couldn’t have summed it up better myself.

    The starting line up beggared belief. Dicko left out AGAIN after a goal and an assist versus Blues and Reading he hasn’t been seen since. Cavaleiro must be fit otherwise he wouldn’t be on the bench surely so why not play him? Saville at left back again when the only left back associated with this one paced plodder should be left back in the dressing room. Enobakhare? Not even on the bench as presumably he has too much flair for plodder Lambert.

    The system? Was it 3511? 343? Saiss in the back three with Williamson and Hause? Don’t think the players knew what was going on either.

    Today has convinced me Lambert will keep us up but he must then be dispensed with in May in favour of a manager with vision who wants to play football.

    Ikeme 7 , crucial saves to keep us in it at 0-0

    Williamson 5 , poor, rarely won a header
    Saiss. 7 , class and must play but in central midfield
    Hause 7 , another good performance, adios Batth and Stearman

    Coady 6 , ok nothing fancy
    Price 4 , appalling and embarrassing, nowhere near good enough
    Edwards 5 , headless chicken
    Saville 5 , comedy value only

    Marslhall 6 , did ok but tired badly
    Weimann 6 , scored, that’s it
    Costa 5 , poor, won and missed the penalty but did little else

    Highlight of the day was pre-match in the APV and a lovely half hour chat with a charming, intelligent and friendly Cyrille Regis who, he informed me, is now a football agent with Morgan Gibbs-White one of his clients. Oh and some bloggers were there too.


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      Weimann scored, and that’s why we won. Finally a striker that scores. I’m just saying…


    • Bedford Wolf says:

      Forgot to add my score for the manager so here it is;

      Lambert P 45


    • I absolutely agree with your overall assessment. But I think you are very over generous with your ratings. In my opinion no-one, apart for Ikeme deserved a rating above 4 — almost to a man we were total rubbish throughout the team.

      Maybe we should just rate the team as unit. My description would be ” a group of grossly substandard, demotivated individuals, better suited to a Sunday league football, who look like they met for the first time in the pub one hour before the game ” Rating: 1

      Oh. On reflection I`m wrong. That description does a dis-service to many a Sunday league team


  4. Lucky Wolves.

    Thats all we’ve got. LUCK


  5. Johnok says:

    Look this so called coach is gonna take us down, unless Fosun bites the bullet and fucks him off now.
    I ask you we played the worst club in the league and they where better than us
    That must say something to the owners That pL is taking the piss.
    Do it before it’s to late.Get Rowett until the end of the season and if he does ok give him a contract.
    The side today PL put out was the worst combination players I’ve ever seen on a team sheet for a long time.Get him out now before it’s to late.


  6. I was there .. and it was poor but
    4 points from 2 games and 2 clean sheets
    The two best Wolves players on th pitch were The two players lambert gas bought in
    Wiseman and Marshall
    I don’t give a fuck
    We need to stay up to get more players to replace the seven or so that need to go
    I wish we could play our remaining games away so the wolves fans don’t suck ever ounce of confidence out of the players that need to keep us in this division
    Up the wolves and nice to have a couple with witley and son ,
    Top blokes !


  7. Brompton Wolf says:

    Well, what the feck do I know then. I said to a couple of bloggers after the match that I thought we played okay. I also said that I thought Saville had a strong game and that Weimann was chasing everything and was imo MOTM.

    I must have been at a different game. Well, I think I’ll just shut up and relish the fact that we got 3 points, even though we are still in a very perilous position.

    Good to see the usual bloggers at the usual venue, and was honoured to sit with 3 pogles in the Billy Quiet. Thanks for providing the ticket Big Steve.


  8. BobbaWolf says:

    If the Wolves board have any desire for us to be successful, Lambert needs to go now otherwise we are going down.

    He sounds more and more deluded after each match (just like Dean Saunders did).

    He talked a very good game when he came in and the players raised their game in the cup, but the league performances have been generally dreadful and his team selections, especially recently, bizarre.

    Rotherham are woeful and they could have easily beaten us today.

    Make the change now – there are better (available) managers out there. Even if it only sparks a couple of wins, it could save us from going down. Fuck sticking with him and seeing how the summer pans out.


  9. Dealwolf says:

    Well that was a worthwhile 500mile round trip. Just getting home now. It was a victory so why do I feel so deflated? Maybe it’s because I know Rotherham should of won if it wasn’t for the profligacy of their striker. I also know, if we carry on playing with so little organisation, insipidness, lack of inciveness, lack of anything, then we will get ‘thrashed’ by the teams to come. We are now at the point of no return I think , to get rid of Paul lambert, who hasn’t gelled. It is now to late. However, if you think anything will change then you are mistaken. Hold on guys…. this is going to be a white knuckle ride and one point between staying up and going down… I think.


  10. StuWolf says:

    All I can say is I’m really pleased I took my Brentford and Fulham tickets back during the week, because PL confirmed my worst fears, he is feckin bonkers, without question he’s bonkers.
    What a loser, what a piss take, he really shirked his responsibility as a manager on this one. He that was calling for players to be brave and then threw the towel in. Where is his attractive football, the going forward at teams and pressing into the oppositions half.
    Pure bullshit, lies and deception.

    What we suffered today was really poor football, we cannot be subjected to that crap and be expected to cough up hard earned money each week. The regular STH’s around me are leaving in their droves.

    Someone within the club sent me the teamsheet after midnight and I posted it because I could not believe it, I was there today and still can’t believe it, what a bloody rubbish team.

    Fuck him off Fosun.

    1-0 up against Rotherham and they don’t want to take a corner, instead they want to hold it in the corner, they even fecked that up.
    What a crock of Shite.


  11. LedburyLupus says:

    Just a few weeks ago, Chelsea were putting us under pressure in our box; we all expected and accepted that but not the same from Rotherham…. and at home too.
    There were no feelings of exhilaration at the end of the game, strangely it felt like another loss…… or was it that many were actually disappointed as it meant PL had saved his job, – well, until the next game that is!


  12. KWolf says:

    KWolf here. Haven’t posted in a long time.
    Good to see the site still going strong.
    Just really popped up to say Lambert Out!
    As you were……


  13. We played Rotherham. At home. Rotherham. Nothing more than a comedy Sunday league team, who have earned just a single point away from home all season while conceding an average of some 3 goals a game in the process. So, Mr Lambert, aware that we need wins if we are to survive, sets the team up as if we are about to play Barcelona at the Nou Camp. And, truth be told, Rotherham did not deserve to lose.

    The team selection is bizarre : the tactics non existent. Favorite sons Savile and Edwards, somehow always squeezed into the team to get a game somewhere, irrespective of form or ability. Two useless midfielders selected as full backs. A deplorably inadequate midfield unable to make barely a single constructive pass between them. A lethal strike force of just one, left in splendid isolation to play on his own. And no longer any semblance of an attempt to play decent on the ground football.

    A performance that was absolutely and totally pathetic. A complete disgrace to our beloved club. We are a joke.

    I was one of those who applauded the appointment of Mr Lambert. I now believe I was just plain wrong. For him to claim that in recent weeks we have been playing really well but losing, and then to imply that today`s disgusting effort — or rather lack of — was OK since we actually won, is just ridiculous. The man is delusional. What I wonder can he be sniffing ? With Mr Lambert at the helm, I would respectfully suggest that relegation is surely inevitable


  14. ferris says:

    Thank you Thomas for that review! I really can’t believe that lambert lined the team up like that. Saville and coady as full backs? That really was one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen as a wolves fan. We could have easily dropped points today and that would have been down to the team PL selected. It was like he was trying to lose the game, what’s the worst possible team I can select? The shape and personnel were wrong and after all that we won so I’m wrong? Absolutely abysmal! It felt like we’d lost walking back to the pub


  15. Steve Showcase says:

    This is serious stuff and the term 7 players needed is now prevalent on this blog…Costa is still brilliant but is being poisoned by current events.He is part of the 3 that needs to stay Doherty and Hause Bod imo the others..

    It is that serious ..rebuild needed for nxt season..

    But..if PL can get his balls on the line – if we can beat Liverpool then with what he’s got we can climb out if this..

    So unnecessary but our failings in the first half of the season where we have conceded so many goals is the reason why we are in this position I feel..

    Sako K mac Afobe …how would it be if they were still with us?


  16. Steve Showcase says:

    I’ll correct that …part of the 4 that needs to stay..


  17. Clive from Houston says:

    Old Gold.
    That is our shirt colour, Old Gold.
    Not fuckin’ yellow.
    Yellow, the colour of a coward.
    And that is exactly what we saw today, a stinking coward’s team selection, to try and avoid defeat, which very nearly didn’t.
    Are you still on Villa’s books, Lambert, with the remit of sinking us into the third division?
    If not, you are giving an excellent impression of being so.
    Resign now, you useless haggis.
    You fooled us all with your bullshit when you were appointed, but you have been found wanting, badly.
    So, we have already seen shit managers here, you join a long list.
    What we need now is someone who knows football, knows what his players can do, and has the best interests of the club at heart.
    In fact, any one of probably several million fans worldwide.
    Just not you.
    Fuck off now before we get really ugly, and repaint your car.

    Good job the shit got stuffed.



    Giv the bloke 3 more games. He said go on a run. Accept the fuckin outcry


  19. Exiledwolf says:

    Thanks Thomas, my sentiments exactly.

    My better half (zero interest in sport) joined me for this one and later complained that she couldn’t sleep because of all the critical comments around us to what was going on on the pitch. So much for the Billy Quiet!

    The first half was a bit unnerving and I hate to think what the atmosphere would have been like if their striker had put one, or god forbid both, of those one-on-ones away in the first half. There was a sense of having got away with it when Weimann scored (incidentally I thought he played quiet well, with minimal support). That last minute let-off was unbelievable.

    3 points gratefully accepted.


  20. RickRack Wolves says:

    What happened today?
    We really needed a win so mission acomplished
    but never seen so many mistakes than was served up today:
    1 team selection – not one you could say was “on the front foot”
    2 subs bench & subs used & timings
    3 shouldnt have won due purely to fact they shoUld have been 2 up before our shocking penalty miss
    4 their last effort too
    5 20k crown with family for four!
    6 we were shite but fortuneatly they were shitier
    7 never heard the south bank this quite
    8 after the game it felt like a loss
    Molineux is not a happy place
    Shkcking game
    Shocking team Selection
    no vision
    cOuntless changes to team selection
    square/round Pegs
    cant see another 4 wins
    our support is always the best, but today was woeful, being a refldction of the football served up
    this season in as far as games isnt over, the taxi however is already on route……..


  21. Telford Wolf says:

    It was tweeted to me, by a bluenose, that a Mr G Rowett, was at the Mol today.

    At the Mol, not spotted in Asda down the bread isle

    Just saying like


    • john Payne says:

      I’ve been wondering if PL knows something we don’t know – about his future. His mood and manner have changed completely since we were winning and he was boldly taking off a defender and putting on a striker – was it Bright, when we were one up against Liverpool.
      Maybe he’s realised that they aren’t good enough really to play that kind of joined up football, and believes he has to play ‘grafters’, his personal favourites, to keep us getting the points to stay up.
      If Fosun decide he’s not doing it, I would expect some foreign manager to come in, like the one at Rangers.


  22. Well needed points
    What I don’t understand is why continue to play dicko for months whithout scoring, then when he scores and assists, drop him ! I’m no football manager but if I was dicko , or Doherty , I’d be as confused as. Well as I am ?


  23. Honleywolf says:

    I was delighted when Lambert was appointed as he seemed the best candidate around at the time and there is no way l wanted Pearson to manage our club.
    However, he has been here long enough to know the strengths and weaknesses of his squad. If he set up the team this way playing away at Fulham l could understand it, but home to Rotherham?

    The first 15 minutes were embarrassing beyond belief why did Saiss drop into the middle of the back 4, He was playing like a 3rd centre half, Lambert must have told him to do this. Why? We managed to assist 2 clear cut chances for them and we should have been behind.

    He also has to stop chopping and changing the team, they are playing like strangers which is no surprise when often half the team is changed from game to game. As much as l liked Stearman before his Fulham move he does not seem the same player and Batth for all his effort is not good enough at this level. So stick with Hause and Williamson, the latter at least provides some leadership and experience.

    The central midfield is a real problem. Price, Saiss and Edwards were our 3 poorest players but the alternatives are not great either now Ronan is injured.

    Attacking wise what about moving Costa into the no 10 role and playing Marshall (who had a decent game) and Caveleiro wide? Up front l can’t choose between Bodvarrsson, Dicko and Weimann. They all have their strengths but the same weakness. None of them are regular goalscorers.

    We are in a mess and we probably have to find 3 wins from somewhere. On yesterdays evidence and with our remaining 10 games that looks a tall order! I can see us having to beat Preston at home in the final game to stay up. Not sure l fancy our chances to be honest!!


  24. Bedford Wolf says:

    Me and Cyrille Regis before the game – a lovely, intelligent and friendly man.


  25. Bedford Wolf says:

    The travelling Rotherham fans at Molineux.


    I counted them.


  26. Tipton Exile says:

    Boy am I glad I had to miss that, at least I had some joy in meeting my new grandson.

    When I saw the team I thought WTF, I obviously was not wrong.

    Time for PL to go? I don’t know this near to the end of the season, in fact I am glad I don’t have to make that decision.

    Have come to the conclusion that we are doomed to relegation anyway so it doesn’t matter


  27. Mossman says:

    An ugly win is considered all that matters for our current manager.
    For that reason alone he should get his p45 now. We are Wolves FFS and surely we need to have better values than that.


  28. Im down.
    This atmosphere reminds me of:
    1) Graham Turners last match.
    2) Graham Taylor’s (RIP) last match
    3) clipboard every game
    4) solbakken last match Luton
    5) Saunders (comedy manager) every match
    6) sorry to bring it up .. .. ..Chorley

    We need to get lucky.

    Is there light at the end of the season.


  29. admant says:

    well not quite the goalfest many were predicting.

    Clownbert boasted he will be getting rid of any players who shy away from the challenge and then he does just that with our most defensive line up yet, against the worst team in this division by some margin, at home.

    His job is to organise and get the best out of the players he has, he is doing the opposite, he has crippled a once creative attacking side turning them all into frightened little mice.

    Lamberk is behaving like an employee actively looking for the sack and I think Fosun should give him what he wants immediately.

    Thankfully the masses are starting to see it too.

    Your move Jeff.


  30. The Newt says:

    To borrow Nathan Judah’s summing up on the E&S post match review…

    “The good news – we won. The bad news – everything else.”

    That was a really shocking performance – possibly the worst all season and that’s saying something in a season of quite a few poor performances. I think the players are much better than what they showed yesterday so I reckon the problem must be a mental one. They just don’t have the toughness to cope with playing at the Molineux. Even Lambert now looks disillusioned with what he’s having to watch. He was yelling at Saiss and Bodvarsson who kept messing up simple passes and keeping possession. But at least we got the three points.

    Ikeme & Williamson – played well
    Coady, Saville & Hause – played okay but why are we played two central midfielders at full back?
    Saiss, Price & Edwards – all three really poor
    Costa – gone to pot since signing a permanent deal – if he can rediscover his mojo we’ve got a matchwinner who can keep us up – we need him back to his best
    Marshall & Weimann – our best two players – I’d stick with Weimann upfront as I don’t think either Dicko or Bodvarsson would have had the confidence or composure to take that chance.

    Not sure booing the players after they’ve won helps anything either no matter how poor a game it was. Need to stick together for the rest of the season.


  31. Bilstonian says:

    Brilliant summary, Thomas, as usual.

    For the first time this season I really feel we are going to be relegated. I can’t remember walking away from the Molineux, after a victory, feeling so despondent. We did win, didn’t we, or did I just dream it?

    At half-time the small screen showed highlights of the League 1 game in which we beat Rotherham 6-4. We’ll play them again next year but will we then be on our way to the League 1 title? I doubt it We certainly won’t win the game with cracking strikes from McDonald and Ricketts.

    I agree with the comment above that we won’t make progress until Lambert picks a settled back four and a settled central midfield pair. It’s too disruptive to keep changing. My back four would be Doherty, Hause, Williamson and Iorfa. Why pick Iorfa after several weeks out, then drop him again after one match, in which he apparently played very well? It doesn’t make sense. Coady works hard but I think Iorfa has a greater future as a right back.

    For central midfield I’d persist with Price and Saiss.

    By all means rotate the attacking players but please, please pick Cavaleiro and Enobakare.

    By the way I hated the time wasting at the end yesterday. After we’d spurned the chance to take two proper corners, Rotherham broke away and should have scored. It would have served us right if they had done.


  32. slider's dad says:

    They were better than us and deserved to win. Lambert should be sacked. We will be in the bottom 3 by next Saturday.


  33. gaveston says:

    It`s so evident that the players lack respect for the manager. Jeff take note. He`s surely on his way out.


  34. basherbaz says:

    Think we should play;
    Ikeme or Burgoyne
    Saiss/Price or Edwards – do not have a playmaker aka McDonald
    Costa/Weimann/Dicko/Marshall or Cav when fit
    Because we will need goals if we are to avoid the drop


  35. Olivergoldblack says:

    The thing is even tho we won we could have easily lost that. The team setup and tactics were a disgrace. Lambert needs to go in the summer if that’s how he thinks we’re gonna win games, i wouldnt trust him to spend money. We’ll end up with a team of savilles.

    Where was doc?, Why are we playing midfielders as full backs?, Midfielders as strikers? Price, Edwards and saisse at the same time, where’s the creativity?

    I think we’re desperate for a creative attacking midfielder, who can see a pass (i.e a MacDonald) i thought Tex might have been that solution with 2 holders behind him.

    Also what’s going on with crosses? all i ever see is crosses from deep i.e between the penalty box and half way line, so easy to defend. Can our wingers get to the goal line and bang in a cross?, difficult to defend and easier to attack. Whenever they get to the goal line they just try and work it into the box and the chance is begging.



  36. The thing which reverberated around the team yesterday more than anything was FEAR. Fear of making the pass that goes astray. Fear of losing possession in a dangerous area. We were, at times, like rabbits caught in the headlights. And this was against Rotherham, for chrissakes.
    It’s difficult to know exactly why we were so crap yesterday. I’m not one to point the finger at particular players and I felt personally that the players we all love to hate did easily as well as our perennial favourites. Saville had a good game and as Brompton said, I thought Weimann was easily our MOTM.
    What’s gone wrong? My theory. Too many changes. They play like a bunch of strangers. That’s down to the manager of course but I guess he’s suffering with the same affliction as his players. Fear.


  37. RickRack Wolves says:

    I’ve mulled over the win yesterday and still want to explore the reason why the whole of the Mol fan base was so down.
    The golden palace was ironically like a “library” yesterday.
    There was no atmosphere
    There was no “engagement” between fans and players
    Respect is a two way street and whilst I disagree with booing, the bemoaners of the booing need to understand the rationale for the booing – this was not aimed at the players – merely at the whole fans experience yesterday! That includes:
    the manager
    the management
    the set up – the team – the constant changes – the round & square pegs – the display – the lack of “on the front foot” – the most defensive side I’ve seen at the mol for some time – the fact that we (the masses) agree that this game should have been a loss 2:3
    Lets be honest we were absolutely fekin lucky
    Now for me, I really want to see us in the Champ next year
    However, I really only see 18K to 20K crowds if this continues and if we’re in league 1 drop this by 5K to 10K
    I’m sure we all listen to the rhetoric that comes out of the manager & players before and after the games due to our thirst for all things gold & black, but, I’m sick of hearing “we played well” “we should have won” “we had no luck” “we need a performance for the fans” and “we’re be on the front foot” FFS
    I was one of the fans that was pleased with the appointment of PL – his initial assessments and general actions at the start – I felt we were playing more attacking football – we were better organised – and we have expectations = now I’m sure the only hope we have is Championship for next year.
    I’m also convinced that Fosun had a much different game plan back in August – yes that are also culpable with the original recruitment.
    Going forward, we have to have a settled side. We need round pegs in round holes, please a balance of defensive & attacking players, but, we need a further 4 wins and possibly more… but cannot see where they will come from.
    Last point – the table doesn’t lie after 35 games….
    Disappointed of Wolverhampton


  38. Good things yesterday? It was Spring, Wolves won. But as for feeling good & full of the sap of Spring our current set up kills the new season’s optimism, & there’s no blossom on the trees at the Golden Palace.

    We woz shite. Like zombies we walked out of that ground wondering how we could play yet again at sub non league standard.

    Rotherham should have won that & Lambert would now be history. But I thought yesterday I saw two of the relegated teams in this league.

    I hope I’m wrong but I can see Blackburn & Bristol City getting safe & us atrophying, because we’re so practised at getting relegated!

    Weimann’s goal & effort were good to see. But that team that that manager picked was goddam awful. Price & Saiss inexcusably passing directly to them should have led to two goals. The fiasco in the corner trying to play out time, then presenting them with a gilt edged equaliser left me totally out of love with what Lambert represents as a coach. Caution.

    We have players who should be at the top of this division. Lambert leaves most of them on the bench. I’d love to know his thinking. It has to be he wants the sack! Madness I know but how other can you rationalise his team selections? Onwards & downwards.


  39. Border Wolf says:

    Ok we won, can’t see us winning again on current form. I’ve lost faith in the manager & his unreal team selections. Got feeling we’ve been here before!!!


  40. Franko says:

    I have wanted to support PL and give him a chance but I can’t remember ever seeing such bad management.There is no consistency of team selection, wholesale changes from match to match,midfielders playing in full back positions while good fullbacks are either left on the bench or left out of the squad altogether,no consideration for any players last performance,no sensible tactics or plan.

    Dicko and Iorfa played their best recent performances yet, but were then immediately removed from the team and in the case of Iorfa removed from the squad.Yet he consistently plays Saville who we all know is next to useless.Just what is going on!

    I do feel somewhat for the players because they must be totally confused,their is no consistency of style of play and the players are denied the opportunity of playing with regular personnel on a consistent basis. Against this background how can they hope to succeed.

    On tactics take yesterday as an example he plays a defensive line up with one Striker against Rotherham, the team at the bottom of the league, who have one point from 36 away from home

    From what I have seen anybody could do the job better than Lambert and in my view even to remove him now (so late) would be a good thing, as it is difficult to imagine how anyone could do any worse.

    Please Norwich come and get him to put us out of our misery.


    Read more at http://www.expressandstar.com/sport/wolverhampton-wanderers-fc/2017/03/11/paul-lambert-says-victory-was-all-that-mattered-after-wolves-scrape-past-rotherham/#i4igZ0jaPBs2P0Q2.99


    • Can I just point out Franko, that we don’t ‘all know’ that Saville is useless. That’s your opinion which I respect, but I have my own and can express it myself.


  41. Brompton Wolf says:

    I guess some of what Amanda Cape was saying, was not all that rubbish after all.


    • theDOOGooder says:

      A lot of what she said wasn’t rubbish.

      The way she said it and the attitude to fellow bloggers – that was rubbish!


  42. sevlow says:

    I don’t care that we played poorly, we have played a lot better and lost.
    I don’t care if we were lucky, we have been unlucky a lot this season.

    I only care that we won

    Yes, it needs sorting but I just want us to survive in this division then maybe sort it out when the season ends.


    • admant says:

      But who is going to sort it ? Lambert ? He’s had one transfer already and orchestrated this nosedive including our worst losing streak under Fosun.


      • sevlow says:

        I don’t know and I don’t care. It may be Lambert, as you said, or someone else. Seems we can’t get the right manager, whoever we seem to employ.


  43. basherbaz says:

    Marco silva if hull do not stop up or perhaps the Middlesborough manage Karanka ?


  44. Hey Bedford, my nephew came through the ranks at wolves , moving on to brentford , Watford etc but is now working with Regis , at least he was last time I was in blighty , had hoped he’d coach but I guess the smart money is with agents these days , I heard Regis is a nice fella though


  45. The Witley Wanderer says:

    What a great day I had yesterday. Got on the Liverpool train at Smethick to be greeted by forty or so beautiful ladys going to a big boobs covention in Liverpool and they were already lashed up with proseco, we got off the train at Wolvo’ only to be greeted the whole of the Rotherham Squad walking past the station like they didn’t have a care in the world.
    Got down the North Bank Bar had a good drink,one thirty came and went no cake and candles, come on Jeff get your act together. London Wolves Loyal came in and bought birthday drinks, thanks Matt, top bloke. Made our way up to the South Bank about ten to three. That’s when my day went down hill. If you want to know what I thought of the game you can click on the link below and see yours truly on video, I’m the young handsome guy in the blue jumper. Matt said it matched my blue eyes !!



  46. Johnok says:

    I always thought the Vile fans where a load of moaning bastards, but one thing their right about and that’s PL.
    What a whimp he is,he’s a yellow bellied bastard, and should be given the white feather and fucked off ASAP.


  47. Bedford Wolf says:

    Good luck to Millwall, my home town club, against Spurs, the club I hate more than any other – and that includes Sandwell Town.

    Millwall are 22-1 to win which in a two horse race must be worth a small flutter?


    • The Witley Wanderer says:

      Bedford. my dad surported Millwall and when I told him I supported Wolves he said “who The feck are they” I was only seven at the time. Come on Millwall !!


  48. Chester Wolf says:

    Quite the worst performance seen in a long long time.
    The most defensive set up he could have played – against the weakest away side in the division. No justification. Was hoping for an enjoyable afternoon, an easy 3 points and a few goals. But got total dross instead. Inexplicable and unforgivable.
    What’s wrong with picking your best players in their best positions, and fielding the best side each week?


  49. I’ve been a Wolves supporter since 1973 and a STH for a good number of those years and I can genuinely say that yesterday was the worst performance I have seen from Wolves in many many years. My husband and I simply couldn’t believe Lambert’s team selection it was such a negative defensive set up for what was supposed to be a must win match & as one of the previous posters has said George Saville should left back in the dressing room and should be nowhere near the position on the pitch.
    Yes we won, so why do I still feel so depressed (nearly 24 hours later), that pathetic performance that’s why, we were very very lucky not to have lost that match – against Rotherham for gods sake the division’s worst team by an absolute mile. I honestly can’t see us picking up any more points at all this season let alone the 4 wins minimum that we need not whilst that total idiot Lamberk is in charge of this club – he needs to go and go NOW whilst there is still time to try & rescue this season leave it much longer and we are doomed either way.


  50. theDOOGooder says:

    Most of what has to be said about yesterday’s performance has been said already, much better than I could say, so I’ll just mention that the highlight of the day was meeting up with bloggers new and old – and very old – in APV before the game.

    And having a chin wag with big Cyrille Regis, who looks in great shape. Do you think he fancies a game?

    Looking forward to seeing you all in May, when we can start to plan visits to places as glamorous as Swindon Scunthorpe and Southend.

    My lips are sealed on the absolutely desperate performance yesterday by a team frightened to, or unable to, pass the ball forwards to a team mate.

    So I’ll finish with a bit of literature.

    With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

    A sonnet to Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club:-

    How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
    I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
    My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
    For the ends of being and ideal grace.
    I love thee to the level of every day’s
    Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
    I love thee freely, as men strive for right.
    I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.
    I love thee with the passion put to use
    In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.
    I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
    With my lost saints. I love thee with the breath,
    Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose,
    I shall but love thee better after death.
    ….But bugger me backwards with a blunt goalpost! You don’t half make it hard!!!!!!


  51. The Witley Wanderer says:

    Doog ever thought of becoming a scolar. Lol !!


  52. Lowves says:

    Lose we moan, draw we moan, now we moan even when we win! I must add none more so than me. It has certainly been a rollercoaster this season, trouble is we have had more downs than ups. Mrs Lowves and I came away from molineux yesterday depressed as though we had lost. But is Sunday evening now with a belly full of sunday lunch and a bottle of cabernet sauvignon, a couple of lagers now and we will be looking forward to Tuesday and Griffin Park and Craven Cottage on Saturday as we will home and away for the rest of the season, because no matter how crap we are we will never turn our backs on our team. That’s the way it is!


    • spikeyboy says:

      What a terrible shame the players and the manager don’t have the dedication and love for wolves that you and such a lot of us others do .
      Those who are are earning a fortune from our football club should take a long hard look in the mirror and ask themselves some very serious questions as to where their loyalties truly lie….



    The art of being a Wolves fan is that there is always one more desperate performance around the corner. My thoughts on yesterday are that we got 1-0 up and most of the second half was dedicated to protecting that lead to the extent we made Rotherham look like fucking Brazil. And nearly paid for it in true Wolves fashion. Fear? Desperation? Surely we can do better than that? Any way here are a few lyrics from songs that can be attributed to the general mood around Mol yesterday. See if you can guess which band /song. “Help me if you can I’m feeling down’ ‘ when routine bites hard and ambition is low’ ‘down down deeper on down’ ‘rip it up and start again’ ‘you treat me like i’m dirt and i’m hurt’ ‘sending shivers down my spine bodies aching all the time’ ‘i can’t live i can’t give anymore’ ‘and now the end is near’ ‘i’m going underground’. Cheer up. 4 points from 2 games and we gonna smash that Villa supporting twat down Brentford Tuesday. No? Oh allright then. My latest predictions on points ratios – wigan 43, Bristol/Blackburn 49. WWFC 51.


    • Bedford Wolf says:

      I got Beatles, Joy Division, Quo, Orange Juice, Queen, Sinatra, The Jam, Nilsson – think I missed one though.

      51 points eh? I’m going for 57. Can hear Patsy Kline now, Crazy.


  54. StuWolf says:

    Cheesy, see if you can guess this one, it’s a recurring dream of mine…..

    Every time it’s Lambert’s way,
    Any evening, any day,
    You’ll find us all
    Watching the Lambert Walk.

    Every little Lambert gaff,
    With his little Lambeth prat,
    You’ll find us all
    Watching Lambert & Thelwell Walk.

    Everything’s free and easy,
    Thelwell is so damn Cheesy,
    Why don’t you make your way there
    Feck off & stay there.

    Once you get out of Lambert’s way
    Every evening, every day,
    You’ll find yourself
    Enjoying the LambertWalk.oi!


    • Bedford Wolf says:

      Nice one – brought back happy memories from my childhood of family gatherings and an Uncle on the piano with everyone singing along and a few tipsy Aunties doing the dance moves.

      Interesting fact – Hitler and his scumbag mates saw this song as being an example of Jewish decadence and ‘animalistic hopping’ and used it as part of Nazi propaganda. Morons.



    Nice one Stu! I am not sure Lambo will recover from this. Maybe 4 points from brentford fulham will help.



    Got em all bedford. Apart from Buzzcocks ‘ever fallen in love’.


  57. Bedford Wolf says:

    Whilst we are in a musical mood try this one

    I could fall or I could fly
    Here in your stadium
    I could live, I could die
    Hanging on the games you play
    I’ve been known to give my all
    And lie awake, every day
    Don’t know how much I can take!

    I could fly or I could fall
    Here in your stadium
    I could live, I could die
    Hanging on the games you play
    I’ve been known to give my all
    Sitting back, looking at
    Every mess you have made!

    (With apologies to a certain Mr E Sheeran)


  58. theDOOGooder says:

    Forgot to mention the lovely couple we met this morning leaving APV.

    John (I think) and Gloria (I know).

    They read the blog but haven’t commented yet.

    You know who you are. We’re all Wolves fans and we all have an opinion.

    Most of them are rubbish but worth voicing.

    Say hello!


  59. Sevlow says:

    Jordan Graham back in training. Good news indeed


    • RickRack Wolves says:

      Great news that Graham is back in training we could pick a good side now with Cal back too.
      Oh hold on, no we can’t pick that team it would mean going forward on a front foot.
      We prefer going backwards in a concrete boot.
      Plus he’ll never push Sav out of his rightful, LB, CH, RB, Ctr/L/R mid, No.10 or striker…. Bet even Ikeme is worried that Sav might take his place soon…..


    • It would feel like the return of Nouha. Let’s hope it works out better.


  60. admant says:

    Spot on RickRack … Lamberk has withdrawn to his safe space never to be seen again … I see Derby have a little less patience with their managers than we do … and yes they are doing much better than us. Hopefully Fosun are on the case


  61. DebenhamWolf says:

    Still not over that dreadful match! I really rated Paul Lambert highly and always allow that any manager will have his seemingly strange foibles for some to latch on to and use as a weapon to beat them with, but, oh boy! what was that about? I had also been at the Ipswich match where we were far more attacking. I understood the theory of Saiss dropping in to make a back three when the fullbacks shot forward, but neither full back hardly ventured out of their own half in this game. Defensively, Saville had a good game and dinked some useful ball forward. However the whole idea of a left footed player being there was, I take it, for him to get forward and cross outswinging balls; didn’t happen! Doherty and Iorfa, when on form, or Marshall are far better candidates for attacking full backs in my opinion. Neither can I understand why we cannot play two up front at home against Rotherham; lack of faith, perhaps? The body language of Dicko and Cavaleiro `warming up`, spoke volumes; staring unbelievingly with no movement at the nonsense on the pitch I suspect PL is in danger of losing the squads’ respect. A win at all costs was necessary but this was never the way to do it, and to think we were not extremely lucky to get even one point is delusional. Ward will not miss two like chances provided by our great through balls again this season, and how that chance was missed by them at the very end is unbelievable. For goodness sake stop trying to play everybody and overcomplicate what is basically a very simple game; Play the best eleven in the simplest positional roles regularly to allow familiarity with each other’ game. Yes, allow minor changes to meet the opposition’s main strengths, but this wholesale change from game to game is ridiculous, needless and counter productive. I still hope there is a decent manager in there somewhere but I feel he is at present vastly over thinking the game… I did like that wee fellow, Taylor was it, who terrorised our guys by just going at them; that’s what a home side should be doing.


    • JackoMac says:

      Debenham I agree absolutely with the post a very balanced assessment recognising that Saville actually did ok and highlighting very clearly the contradictions in Lamberts strategy. On one hand I can see his management track record [which is probably better than any candidate then or now] and I can see that the last two games have achieved the necessary outcome. Also the best two players on the park were clearly Lambert signings. On the downside I can see the way that confidence has drained from the team at home so that they have lost belief they can perform the most basic of tasks. I also see him really losing it at Bod towards the end of the game and I wonder if when the pressure builds he is actually still carrying the psychological scars from his time at Villa. Like you Debs I hope there is a manager in there and that the return of some better quality forward players will help the process. My suggestion for creating a few more chances is to try Marshall in the number ten role, the pass for the goal on Saturday is probably the best forward pass since MacDonald and Sako went.


  62. Cotswold Wolf says:

    Quote of Rotherham manager “we competed against a significantly better side than ours – but there wasn’t many of their team I would want in my dressing room.” We can only guess what point he was making. I think he thought Wolves players let Lambert down. In other words they weren’t trying.


  63. spikeyboy says:

    Looks like we wont be building next years team around Costa… according to the papers.
    And to be honest i would be gone if i was in his shoes having to put up with that pile of rubbish.
    It looks very suspiciously like he has had enough of trying to play with vastly sub standard colleagues who just make him look a prat and has sort of thrown the towel in knowing he is off .. bit like Afobe i suppose.
    lambert out


  64. Dealwolf says:

    Well Rowett has gone to Derby, we missed the window. We are stuck with the increasingly erratic PL, hold on there… it’ll get choppy


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